Monogram Earrings: Stylish and Playful (10+ Styles Discussed)

Earrings are one of the most stylish types of jewelry. There are different types of earrings and all of them can create a sense of personality for the wearer. But if you’re really looking to show off your individual style, you’ll want to choose customized earrings.

Customized earrings are ideal because you can add elements that define you as a person. These elements may include your birthstone, your name, and more.

Custom Monogram Earrings
CaitlynMinimalist / Etsy

If you’re not sure which personalized elements you want, monograms are becoming more popular. Monograms are stylized letters, usually your initials. You can easily create a monogram yourself or go through a jeweler.

Since monograms are becoming more popular, there are more monogram earring styles than ever.😊 If you’re not sure which earrings to choose from, we’re here to help.

In this post, we will cover:

  • More information about monograms and monogram earrings
  • Popular styles of monogram earrings
  • Advice for choosing and wearing monogram earrings
  • Places to find these earrings
  • And more

Let’s go!

Learning About Monograms: The Basics, Types of Monograms, and More

What is a monogram? A monogram is a motif made with stylized letters. They may overlap each other, expressed in different fonts, and may feature other fashionable elements such as frames and different colors.

Monograms are commonly one’s initials, though businesses also use monograms as their logo. You can make monograms with at least two letters, but most people use three letters.

There are different types of monograms, but some are more common than others. Here are some monograms you may come across.

Personal Monograms

The most common type of monograms is personal monograms. These usually consist of your initials. Most people choose their first, middle, and last initials, though you can also choose your first and last initials.

Married or Family Monograms

Many married couples of families create monograms as momentoes or even heirlooms.👫🏻

Married couples usually combine their initials to create one monogram. For example, both couples will use their first initial and the last name initial to create a combined monogram.

Monograms are also popular among families with hyphenated or double last names. For example, if someone’s last name is “St. Clair,” they may use the monogram “SC.”

Men’s and Women’s Monograms

There are monogram styles for both men and women. Specific fonts, colors, and styles can make a monogram masculine or feminine.

Monogram earrings: A playful custom jewelry category

What makes monogram earrings so special? 👉🏻First, let’s explain why earrings themselves are special.

Earrings are one of the most versatile types of jewelry. There are a variety of earring styles that can be paired with gemstones and more.

Some of the most common types of earrings include:

  • Stud
  • Drop
  • Dangle
  • Hoop
  • Chandelier
  • Clip-on

Other earring styles are modern and are gaining more traction. Examples include huggie, cluster, threader, climber, tassel, ball, jacket, and even mismatched earrings.

Earrings are also unique because you don’t have to only wear earrings on your lobes. Wearers commonly wear earrings on their upper lobe, tragus, and more. Basically, you can pierce practically anywhere on the outer and inner earlobe.

Overall, earrings are playful and you have many styles to choose from. There are also countless monogram styles, which we will discuss later, that can be used on different types of earrings. You can also choose monogram earrings in different materials and add other elements, such as gemstones.

What Do Monogram Earrings Look Like? 10 Popular Styles

What monogram earrings should you choose? Here are the 10 styles we recommend!

Classic Monogram Drop Earrings

Drop earrings hang from the earlobe. They stand out but are versatile enough for different earring styles. That’s why monograms are perfect for drop earrings. Just about any monogram can work on this earring type, making it the perfect option for all wearers.

Drop earrings are also available in different sizes. No matter how small or big your monogram is, it will look lovely as a drop earring.

Classic Monogram Drop Earrings
MyNameNecklace / Amazon

Drop earrings are perfect because you can add different stylistic elements, such as different colored gemstones. Depending on the earring, you can wear them to just about any occasion. Drop monogram earrings look great in different fonts, including script and block style.

The only thing to consider is the weight of the earring. Since the earrings will be hanging from your lobes, the earrings should be lightweight. Heavy drop earrings will feel very uncomfortable.

Classic Personalized Monogram Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are one of the most common earring styles you’ll see. They’re minimalist and work for just about all wearers.

This makes monogram stud earrings easily customizable. Your earrings can be made of different types of metal and feature various stylistic qualities.

Three-Letter Monogram Stud Earrings
LONAGO / Amazon

💡Keep in mind, stud earrings are meant to be small. If the front lines of the monogram letters are too wide, it may not fit as a stud earring.

Keep your monogram to three letters maximum. You should also avoid added elements such as frames that will make your earrings large.

Sometimes, you may also forget you’re wearing your stud earrings, so make sure you remember to take them off before showering or exercising.

Disc-Style Monogram Earrings

Disc-style monogram earrings look similar to the earrings we covered previously. The difference is the design—the monogram is carved into the disc, not formed from the metal.

Disc-style earrings are versatile. You can find disc-style earrings as stud and drop styles, and even more.

Disc-Style Monogram Drop Earrings
Poppfly / Amazon

Disc-style earrings are convenient because they’re comfortable to wear, any monogram can be carved into the disc, and they’re available in different types of metal.

The disc can also be different sizes, so be sure to do some research and find a disc that’s in your size preference. If you prefer larger discs, opt for a drop or hanging style. Stud disc earrings are typically smaller.

Monogram Pearl Earrings

Gemstones accentuate monograms, pearls are also a pretty option. Pearls add a classy touch to any monogram earring, making this the best option to wear to a special or formal event.

Most monogram pearl earrings feature a pearl gem as well as the monogram. You can also find pearl monogram earrings where the back part is a pearl.

Monogram Pearl Earrings With Pearl Backings
REMonogramJewelry / Etsy

Monogram pearl earrings are available in different styles, from stud to drop. Your initials can be carved into a disc, carved from metal, or more. Most jewelers let the wearer choose different personalized elements, such as the metal type and even the color.

Halo-Style Monogram Earrings

Halo is a popular setting style for earrings, rings, and more. On a halo-style pendant, the center pendant is surrounded by smaller gemstones, usually diamonds. For halo-style monogram earrings, the center pendant is the monogram and gemstones surround the monogram.

Since monogram jewelry is customizable, you can usually choose the type of metal you want for your halo earrings. Most halo-style monogram earrings are stud earrings.

Keep in mind, many colorless gemstones on halo-style monogram earrings are cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is a synthetic that’s commonly used as a more affordable substitute for diamonds. This way, you can buy cheap monogram earrings and they will still be stylish.

Monogrammed Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are very popular for their simplistic yet bold appearance.🤳🏻 The hoops look like circles or semi-circles and come in different sizes.

You can also add your monogram to hoop earrings. The monogram is usually carved into the metal, resulting in a unique look. For best results, find monogram hoop earrings with the monogram at the bottom of the hoop. This ensures your monogram will be visible.

While all jewelers are different, some let you personalize the sizes of the hoop as well as the monogram.

Keep in mind, you’ll want the hoop to be on the larger side. This ensures the monogram fits and is visible.

Acrylic Monogram Earrings

Don’t care for metal?🧐

You can get acrylic earrings. Acrylic is a type of plastic that’s available in different colors.

It’s becoming a popular jewelry material because of the benefits it offers. Acrylic is lightweight and won’t wear down your earlobes the same way that metal does. Acrylic earrings are also an ideal option for those who are allergic to metal.

Pink Disc-Style Acrylic Monogram Earrings
HACOOL / Amazon

Acrylic earrings are available in different styles. You can find them in stud, drop, hoop, and more. Acrylic is easily engravable and can be accurately engraved with the help of laser machines, which is why you’ll find acrylic earrings in different fancy shapes such as hearts.

Wooden Monogram Earrings

Wood appears to be a typical material type for antique jewelry, but it’s also becoming a popular option for modern jewelry. Wood jewelry offers a minimalist look and wood is easy to customize. Unlike metal, wood is lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.

Since wood is an easily customized material, you can find wood earrings in all different shapes, sizes, and types.

Lightweight Round Wooden Monogram Style Earrings
JohnsonHouseandMore / Etsy

Wood is a distinctive material, so your earrings will always stand out.💥 Since there are many different types of wood available, many jewelers let the buyer choose what type of wood they want during the checkout process.

They’re ideal for just about all occasions, but might be too casual-looking for formal events.

Fancy-Shaped Monogram Earrings

You can find monogram earrings in just about any shape. These may include:

  • Flower
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Octagon
  • And more

These earrings may be available in different materials and earring types. Depending on the shape and other elements, some are smaller and more minimalist than others. Some jewelers may let buyers customize the earrings in different ways, such as adding their birthstones.

14K Yellow Gold Flower Shaped Monogram Drops
Sonia Jewels / Amazon

When choosing monogram earrings in a unique shape, keep the occasion in mind. Some of these shapes, such as a diamond, are more elegant than others. Other shapes make more of a statement, which isn’t ideal for formal events.

Colorful Monogram Earrings

Who said your monogram style earrings have to be the color of the metal? Colorful monogram earrings add a bit of vividness and personality to your earrings.

Colorful Monogram Dangle Earrings With Push Backings
PishPoshPendants / Etsy

Some earrings are available in specific colors and the jeweler may let you choose your monogram colors. Other jewelers may even offer graphics and designs as opposed to specific colors.

Keep in mind, other materials may be used to create your earrings. These materials may include glass and enamel. Be sure to check what materials are used and keep safety and allergies in mind when choosing your earrings.

To ensure your earrings stay vibrant, don’t swim or bathe while wearing them.

Advice when choosing and wearing monogram earrings

The style of the monogram earrings isn’t the only factor you should consider. Here’s additional advice to follow when shopping for monogram earrings.


We mentioned this in a previous section, but it’s still integral that you pay attention to the material of the earrings. Metal allergies are common and can lead to itchiness and even skin discoloration.

If you know you have a metal allergy, try and find earrings made of hypoallergenic metal. Great examples are gold with a high purity level or 925 sterling silver monogram earrings. You can also opt for a non-metal material, such as acrylic or wood.


As stated previously, heavy earrings will weigh down the earlobe and will feel very uncomfortable.

If your monogram is large, opt for an earring in a lighter material so the earring won’t feel heavy. For example, acrylic is a more comfortable option compared to gold monogram earrings.


Your lifestyle may determine the jewelry you wear. For example, if you have an active lifestyle, you should opt for a minimalist piece such as monogram stud earrings as opposed to statement pieces such as hoop earrings.🚵🏼‍♀️

The shape of the earring will also make a difference. Earrings in specific shapes may scratch your face or ear. If you’re concerned about this, opt for earrings with circle frames or disc-shaped earrings.

Considering the Lifestyle When Choosing the Earring Style

Some materials may also require more maintenance, such as silver monogram earrings, as opposed to other materials such as acrylic. If you’re someone who’s really busy but enjoys wearing jewelry daily, be sure to keep that in mind.

Wearing Occasions

We mentioned specific wearing occasions throughout this post. That’s because they’re essential to finding the best earring. Know when you’ll want to wear the earrings and how often.

While fine jewels and metals are ideal for formal events, they’re not the only high-quality option. There are many quality earrings that you can wear daily. You’ll just have to take the durability, comfort, and other factors into consideration.


Last but not least, your monogram earrings should match your personality and your unique style. After all, these personalized earrings are a reflection of yourself!

There are many ways to personalize your monogram earrings. This includes the shape, font, color, metal type, and more. You should also shop around and find a piece you’ll truly love.

Where to buy monogram earrings

Are you ready to buy monogram earrings? You’ll want to look in the right place. We recommend shopping on Amazon and Etsy before looking elsewhere.

Amazon is ideal because you can find a variety of monogram earrings. They offer all styles, but you’ll find an abundance of classic styles. Monogram style earrings on Amazon are often high-quality, affordable, and ship quickly.

Amazon is also convenient because of the research available. You can read product reviews, specifications, FAQs, and more.

Etsy is also another resource where you’ll find high-quality jewelry. The jewelry pieces are often handmade and you’ll find unique pieces. Customizing your products on Etsy is also simple and you can conveniently contact the seller with any requests or questions that you have. Like Amazon, Etsy also offers product and shop reviews.

Learn more about custom earrings

Monogram earrings aren’t the only types of custom earrings. Click here and discover different personalized earrings and styles!

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