Blue Nile Return Policy & How It Compares to Its Competitors'

Blue Nile is the world’s leading jewelry provider. The company has excelled since it originated in 1999. Once known as Internet Diamonds, Inc, the founder, Mark Vadon, has revolutionized the jewelry industry’s online business model.

What happens if a customer is not satisfied with their jewelry purchase? We will discuss the Blue Nile return policy and compare it to competitors’ return policies.⚖️

Analyzing the said return policies between Blue Nile and competitors will show clients the credibility, vast selection options, and quality that Blue Nile offers as the world’s leading jewelry provider.💪🏻

Blue Nile Return Policy

Key takeaways of Blue Nile's return policy

Here are the highlights of the Blue Nile return policy:

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.
  • Free jewelry returns within those 30 days of original purchase.
  • Most items are acceptable returns.
  • Engraved rings or diamonds from the Blue Nile Diamond Upgrade program are non-returnable.
  • Include the diamond grading report in the return package to avoid the $150 fee.  

What items may not be returned or are non-refundable?

The following items cannot be returned or refunded:

  • Diamonds from the Blue Nile Diamond Upgrade Program. Exchange them within 30 days of original purchase.
  • Special custom orders.
  • Shipping fees are non-refundable.
  • Every item needs a Blue Nile Return Merchandise Authorization. A rejected refund request will occur without one.💡
  • Engraved rings if you are in the US or EU.

Is it free to return my jewelry?

As long as your petition to return your jewelry within 30 days of original purchase, you can return your jewelry for free.

For items costing $2,000 and under, you can initiate a free return online as long as the item:

  • Was paid for using US dollars.
  • Was shipped less than 30 days ago.
  • Has not been damaged post-delivery.
  • Is not returned from an international address.
  • Is not an engraved ring.

How to return my jewelry to Blue Nile

Blue Nile has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee where you can return most items for free to the company as long as they meet specific mandates as explained in the above section. You are allowed only two complimentary returns per year. Other instances will require a store credit or an exchange to occur.

Diamonds make up 70% of Blue Nile’s sales. It’s imperative to return rings in the best condition so another person can enjoy that style instead.

Include a Return Merchandise Authorization slip filled out entirely to process your return request. The item cannot be damaged and must be in its original condition.📦

If you are not within the original 30-day window to petition for a return, you can participate in the diamond buyback program as an alternative.

How to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Request an RMA by following these steps:

  • Log on to the Blue Nile website and start the refund process.
  • Select the return carrier you want.
    • If within 30 days, you will get a fully insured FedEx shipping label sent to your email for you to print out.
    • If outside of the 30-day window, you can select the return carrier you desire.
  • Package the item with a diamond grading report or you will have a $150 fee charged to you.⚠️
  • Reassure your package is insured in case anything happens to it during shipment. If utilizing the free FedEx label, the package is fully insured. If you are not using the free FedEx label, you are responsible for purchasing shipping insurance for the full original purchase value of your item.

Refund Tips

For items under $2,000, initiate the return online following the steps above. For items over $2,000, you must call Blue Nile, send an email, or start a live chat to begin the return process.

How long does it take for a return credit to process?

If the refund transfers to your bank account, it can take three business days to credit.

Depending on your bank or credit card holder, it can take ten business days for a credit to post to the account.

A returned wire transfer of $1,000 or more can take one week to 10 days to post to your bank account.

If the return amount is under $1,000, you will receive a check in the mail instead. You can expect the returned check to hit your mailbox within one week of return initiation.

If sending an item during a holiday week, processing times could be double the amount mentioned because Blue Nile is processing more return requests than usual.

The qauality of Blue Nile diamonds

Blue Nile’s diamonds cost less than many other diamond retailers that operate more storefronts because the company focuses on online operations more than brick-and-mortar showrooms.

Despite the lesser cost, some people may not think they are legit. DO NOT discount Blue Nile’s diamond quality because of its low prices. Their overhead costs are lower than that of their competitors. Lower overhead means they can sell a quality diamond for an even more affordable price than other jewelry retailers.

The company started as an online-only jewelry provider and has since graduated to an omnichannel business. You can purchase jewelry online or from one of the 17 showrooms available.

Fifty more showrooms will open soon. While this may increase prices as more operations transition to in-person experiences, it will balance the jewelry buying experience for the company and its clients.

How Blue Nile has performed in sales

Blue Nile increased their sales from $14 million made in 1999 to $125 million made in 2003. Their sales continued to match the growth of e-commerce within the first five years of starting the business. Revenue grew 180% in 2003 compared to the 2000’s sales of $44.4 million.

What is the Blue Nile warranty?

The Blue Nile warranty is a lifetime manufacturer warranty. When Blue Nile customs your jewelry piece, they guarantee that the product will not have any defects.

If you suspect that the product has a defect, you can return it to the company for a thorough inspection. If there is a defect, you will be refunded if the item is not in the company’s inventory anymore.

If the product has a manufacturing defect and is still available in inventory, it can be replaced. There is also the option of free repair.  

If the damage is not related to a defect, the company will notify you if you have to pay for repair or replacement.

Warranty comes with complimentary inspections and cleanings

Your Blue Nile recommends that your jewelry receives professional cleaning every six months. If exposed to damaging elements, seek professional cleaning even outside the 6-month window.

Have your piece inspected whenever you desire with no charge for inspection.

Conditions of the warranty

Only Blue Nile can inspect, clean, repair, and maintain your jewelry pieces. If another jewelry provider does this for you, it will void our lifetime warranty.

The person that originally bought the jewelry piece can seek complimentary warranty services. Another person affiliated with this individual cannot seek these services. Hence, if your spouse got you a Blue Nile ring, he or she would have to handle requesting warranty services on your behalf.😊

What would not be considered manufacturing defects?

The following conditions on a jewelry piece would not be considered manufacturing defects:

  • If the material becomes discolored from makeup, swimming chemicals, or other elements.
  • Normal wear and tear of the jewelry piece.
  • If the stone falls out from the ring or the jewelry piece gets caught on something.
  • If the stone is chipped or damaged.

Blue Nile return policy vs. James Allen return policy

Blue Nile and James Allen both offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like the product for whatever reason, you can petition for a free return within 30 days of the original purchase date. FedEx is the carrier that handles the free returns for both Blue Nile and James Allen.

If the diamond grading report is not included in the return package, both Blue Nile and James Allen will charge a $150 fee.

The United States and Canadian customers can receive up to 3 free returns per year whereas Blue Nile only offers 2 free returns every 365 days. While Blue Nile offers 2 free returns which are one less than what James Allen offers, this helps customers to select items that they will love.

James Allen incurs a flat fee of $50 shipping if receiving returns from an international address. Blue Nile will charge the shipping fee to the international client based on what the return carrier charges at the time of the return’s delivery back to the company.

Blue Nile return policy vs. Brilliant Earth return policy

Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth both offer free 30-day returns. However, Brilliant Earth only offers free 30-day returns on rings and loose gems or diamonds.

Brilliant Earth allows one complimentary resizing for a ring within 60 days after the original purchase. This is a service valid for clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. You can have the ring resized and/or repaired again after 60 days if you purchase the Extend Purchase Protection Plan.

For the free insured FedEx label to be valid, Brilliant Earth requires that you have the jewelry piece double boxed for extra protection. Blue Nile does not require this step to be done.

FAQs about Blue Nile's refund policy

You may still have some questions about Blue Nile’s refund policy. The answers to your frequently asked questions are noted below.

If the item was a gift, will the buyer know that I returned it?

Blue Nile will not notify the original buyer that you have returned the item.

How can I track the status of my return online?

Go to the Return Status page to track your return. Type in your email or phone number associated with your Blue Nile account. Then, type in the RMA number. Press the “Track Return” button to check the status.

If I receive a replacement, how long will that take?

Once Blue Nile receives the return package, they will have the replacement item to your door within 2-3 business days.

Final thoughts about the Blue Nile return policy

Blue Nile takes protective measures for you to return your jewelry without hassle and free of charge within 30 days of your original purchase.

The company leads the way in offering statement pieces, custom engraved jewelry such as engagement rings, and formal and informal jewelry pieces to fit any occasion.

Be sure to follow the return shipment instructions closely so you can have a hassle-free return.

Before purchasing a piece of jewelry, analyze your options to be sure that you truly like the piece to prevent the return hassles.

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