13 Personalized Infinity Necklace Designs to Express Your Endless Style

One of the most popular designs seen today is the infinity symbol: from tattoos to clothing and jewelry, the image permeates current culture. The symbol has been around for centuries, but what exactly does the design mean?  Although its use evolved over time, the underlying message remains unchanged. Let’s explore the meaning behind the symbol as well as the 13 best personalized infinity necklace options for your personal style.

Personalized Infinity Necklaces for Endless Styles

The infinite history of infinity

The meaning of infinity derives from the mathematical term “lemniscate”, and lemniscus means “ribbon”.  John Wallis used it in the 17th century to symbolize infinity, but he most likely drew his inspiration from the Roman numeral for 1,000 (cIↄ) used to imply “many” or “countless”.  Additionally, the name “infinity” is from the Latin “infinitas” meaning “unboundedness”.  To approach infinity is to experience something limitless that continues on forever.

Different Types of Infinity Symbol Designs

Later, cultures associated the infinity symbol with the Ouroboros: a snake devouring its tail in a round or figure eight shape that signifies the eternal, cyclical nature of life and the universe. Various religions—Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and more—have also adopted the infinity sign to symbolize their belief that life itself is infinite.

Today, the infinity symbol is a popular motif in jewelry and fashion. There is neither a beginning nor end to the design: it is seamless and enduring, constantly connected and secure. As such, it can signify everlasting love or the eternal bond between family or friends.

Infinity necklaces: a great medium for endless expression

Necklaces are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry for many reasons: ease of wearability, lower likelihood of getting in the way, difficult to lose during wear, and their front and center appeal. Necklaces provide flattering lines, as their chains sweep across one’s neck and accentuate or elongate features.

Since they are so flattering, necklaces are great for expressing one’s beliefs and individuality. When it comes to infinity jewelry, necklaces display the symbol perfectly for all to see.

Jewelry designers arrange infinity symbol necklaces in a few different ways. Typically, the designer fastens chains to the far end of each loop in a figure eight stance, which provides a tighter fit that can even be worn with high necked tops.

If wearers prefer something unique, the design can be rotated to resemble the number 8.  Rotating the symbol means a longer, pendant-like style that can be worn with lower cut tops or as a swing necklace on a longer chain with high necked tops.  The loops are typically symmetrical, signifying balance in life or shared love in a relationship. Or, the loops can be uneven, as shown in this Kohl’s infinity necklace.

Dana Buchman Twisted Infinity Pendant Necklace on Kohl's

While there are plenty of infinity symbol necklaces for purchase, the best way to ensure yours is unique is by personalizing it. A personalized infinity necklace typically allows the wearer to incorporate additional information into the design, such as the names of loved ones (children, couples’ names, etc.), a religious design, dates, or other symbols that hold significance for the wearer. Adding additional names or symbols to a personalized infinity necklace can completely change the meaning behind the original design.

Wearers can personalize infinity necklaces many different ways:

Use Lasers or Drills to Make Engraved Jewelry


Jewelers use lasers or drills to dig and scratch the surface of metal. By doing so, skilled hands are able to write names, symbols, and initials onto infinity necklaces.
Infinity Heart Symbol Used in Custom Jewelry


Marks or designs that provide additional meaning when added to jewelry. Such symbols include crosses, anchors, hearts, knots, and more.
Christmas Gift as a Charm Added to a Necklace


Lightweight, extra pieces of metal added to the chain of a necklace or bracelet. They may be engraved or in the shape of symbols, initials, dates, etc.
Add Gemstones as a Mean to Personalize Infinity Necklace


Colored stones added to jewelry. They give a splash of color to any design, and you can include your birthstone or those of loved ones to provide deeper meaning.

The 13 best personalized infinity necklace styles to wear for any occasion

Personalized infinity name necklace

After the standard design, the infinity name necklace is the most popular style.  As such, names are engraved onto the surface of the infinity symbol, or designers weave names into the design itself and create one seamless figure. Wearers can add their name or those of loved ones to their infinity necklaces, and designs fit 4–6 names at the most.

Soufeel Silver Infinity Name Necklace With 2 Names Weaved Into the Design
Anti-Oxidation Silver Infinity Name Necklace With Black Outfit

Photos: Soufeel

A love infinity necklace with 2 names is a great gift for a significant other, as nothing is more romantic than having both of your names engraved over a symbol that signifies eternity. Or, a mother-daughter infinity necklace with both names would also be a lovely gift. Additionally, a 3 name infinity necklace (or more) would be great for a mother or grandmother with many little loved ones. These infinity necklaces are perfect for daily wear, as sterling silver name necklaces look as good with a t-shirt and jeans as they do in a professional setting. Wearers may also opt for rose or yellow gold for a more luxurious or elegant look.

Heart infinity necklace

There are several variations of necklaces that combine hearts and infinity symbols. While metal and gemstones may vary, the style focuses on a heart and infinity symbol interwoven to signify love.

Heart Infinity Necklace: A Heart Added to the Center of an Infinity Symbol Base
Photo: KAY Jewelers
Soufeel Rose Gold Heart Infinity Necklace: Side Heart
Photo: Soufeel
White Gold Heart Infinity Necklace: Infinity Woven Around the Center of the Heart
Photo: KAY Jewelers
14K Gold Plated Infinity Necklace: Infinity Woven Around the Side of the Heart
Photo: Zales

Regarding heart placement, designers may add a heart to the center or side of an infinity symbol base, and simpler designs may also include engraved names. Or, the heart can be the base and the infinity symbol woven around the side or center of the heart.

No matter which variation you choose, the message is clear: your love is enduring and timeless. A heart infinity necklace in rose gold is perfect for a significant other, as the design and color radiate with romantic sentiment. The heart infinity necklace would also make a wonderful present for a mother or maternal figure, symbolizing the infinite nature of maternal love. Adding gemstones provides elegance for special occasions as well.

James Avery Infinity Necklace: Heart as a Lariat Pendant Dropping From the Infinity Loop
Photo: James Avery

This James Avery infinity necklace provides a unique take on the infinity heart combo, with the heart creating a lariat pendant dropping from the infinity loop.

Vertical infinity necklace

As previously stated, designers may invert the infinity symbol to create a vertical style, just like this Amazon infinity necklace. Inverting the design allows for an elongated necklace that looks flattering with all face shapes.  If a wearer is looking to add length or a unique spin to the popular infinity style, the vertical design is a great option.

Similar to the standard design, names, gemstones, and other symbols can be incorporated into the vertical style.  There is a refined, delicate look to the inverted design, making it perfect for special occasions and events.

Vertical Infinity Necklace With Names and Birthstone Sold on Amazon
Vertical Infinity Necklace With Names and Birthstone Sold on Amazon

Infinity circle necklace

Wearers seeking a more abstract style may prefer the circle infinity necklace.  This option includes two interconnected circles, mirroring the double circle design of the infinity symbol.  As the circles are intertwined, they are forever a part of each other.

Depending on the cut and material of the design, wearers can personalize the circle infinity necklace. Engraving of names, dates, and initials is possible, and this necklace is a beautiful way to perpetuate the meaning behind the infinity symbol in a subtle way for any occasion.

There are plenty of ways to portray the double circle of infinity. For example, this David Yurman infinity necklace intertwines the circles around a setting of diamonds.  An infinity circle necklace with two different metals, such as white and rose gold, is also a stunning gift for a romantic partner, signifying the uniting of two separate entities into one.

Infinity cross necklace

A cross added to an infinity symbol necklace provides a spiritual tone to the design. For this design, the infinity symbol drapes around the cross or drops in a lariat style. Or, the cross may be placed in front of or behind the infinity sign. Gemstones, engraving, and other personalization is possible for this design as well.

The cross infinity necklace evokes a message similar to the Ouroboros: life and death are forever connected in an endless cycle—to live is to die, and to die is to live. This design would be a meaningful gift to someone who may have recently lost a loved one as a reminder the deceased is still a large part of his or her life even in death.

Infinity Placement: Infinity Drops as a Lariat Style
Photo: Kohl's

Infinity knot necklace

Infinity knot necklaces take their meaning from the Celtic knot, which also has no beginning and no end. Celtic knots signify the infinite nature behind love, faith, and strong relationships in general. Because of the edgeless nature of the design, it can be worn longways or as a pendant.

Similar to other designs, personalization is possible with the infinity knot necklace: gemstones and engraving are popular additions to this style. For anyone looking for a non-traditional infinity symbol, the Celtic knot is full of history and meaning that mirrors the infinity symbol.

Infinity anchor necklace

Designers may weave an anchor into the design of an infinity necklace to provide a deeper meaning. The anchor is a symbol of steadfastness and stability, holding a ship in place in the turmoil of the sea. Alternatively, an anchor symbolizes new beginnings, as the captain of a ship lifts the anchor when it’s time to move on and start a new journey.

Typically, the anchor will be woven into one of the loops of the infinity symbol, but it can also be added as a charm or lariat. Consequently, the added drop can add length and elegance to the piece.

Custom Infinity Anchor Necklace: Anchor Woven Into One of the Infinity Loops
Personalized Infinity Knot Necklace: Anchor as a Lariat

Photo: Etsy

Finally, wearers can further personalize an anchor infinity necklace with gemstones, engraving, and different types of metal. The infinity anchor necklace is wearable for any occasion, but it looks best with casual wear.

Double infinity necklace

The double infinity symbol signifies the infinite nature of space and time, perfectly intertwined forever. Therefore, it can symbolize the infinite nature of any strong bond, such as a romantic relationship or family ties.

Comparable to the Celtic Knot in complexity, this design can be customized in a similar manner. Names, dates, and initials can be engraved on the design, and gemstones can be added for further sparkle.

A double infinity necklace makes a great present for a bride on her wedding day as she marries the love of her life. Similarly, they are a meaningful anniversary present for any loved one celebrating many happy years with a spouse.

Etsy Rose Gold Double Infinity Necklace: Infinities Intertwined With Each Other
Photo: AmouriaDesigns / Etsy

Malin arrow infinity necklace

Malin arrows are a unique design with origins in Swedish culture. While arrows generally symbolize following your path, sometimes our journey isn’t so direct. The design of Malin arrows reminds us that sometimes our path will have twists and turns, successes and failures, and we won’t always know which way to go. In this situation, the best thing anyone can do is push forward.

As the design is narrower than the traditional infinity symbol necklace, engraving is less common. However, charms, gemstones, and different metal colors can provide a level of customization above the original design. Wearers can don this design casually or formally due to its delicate nature.

Tiny infinity necklace

If you or your loved one prefers delicate, smaller statement jewelry, a tiny infinity symbol necklace might be a fun option.  Similar to the regular design in terms of meaning and shape, the tiny infinity symbol is just that...a miniature version of the original.

Due to the small size of this necklace, engraving is difficult. However, personalization can come from gemstones, small charms, and different metals. Because the necklace is so delicate, it can be worn in multiple scenarios. This necklace may even be a great option as a first gift of jewelry to a daughter or other family member.

Custom Miniature Version of Infinity Necklace: Sterling Silver
Tiny Infinity Pendant on Wooden Setting

Personalized infinity necklace with small charms

Craving personalization but don’t want to change the infinity symbol design? Wearers should consider adding a few charms to the chain of their personalized infinity necklace, or charms can be added to the infinity symbol itself as well. These charms can be engraved or stamped with initials, dates, or even names if they fit, and small colored gemstones can also be added to the chain or above the charm. The wearer may even add different colored charms to their personalized infinity necklace to set them apart from the main design, such as yellow gold charms on a silver chain.

Personalized Infinity With Small Charms: Birthstones, Initial Discs
Custom Infinity Pendant Necklace for Mothers: Initials of Their Children

Photos: JewelryBlues / Etsy

This design is ideal for a mother with multiple children, as a charm can be added for each child with a small gemstone above each charm to designate the child’s birthstone. It’s personal, sentimental, and some can even be added on in case more children join the family.

Infinity birthstone necklace

A gemstone of any color can be added to many infinity necklace designs, but birthstones are a way to make a personal statement in a subtle manner. Birthstones originated in the 5th century, where scholars identified 12 stones they then correlated with those found on the breastplate of the High Priest of the Israelites. Each gem brings good health, prosperity, and protection to its wearer.

Animation of Personalizing an Infinity Birthstone Necklace on KAY Jewelers

Birthstone designs for infinity necklaces can vary, with the stones laid within the infinity symbol or along the sides. Engraving can also be added to the design to further personalize the necklace.

A birthstone infinity necklace is a lovely idea for any loved one, particularly for a parent upon the birth of a child. Unsure of someone’s birthstone? You can refer to the American Gem Society for more information on each stone.

Diamond infinity necklace

Diamond infinity necklaces are truly exceptional, and diamonds themselves are such a unique way to personalize a necklace as no two stones are quite the same. This design may include one or two diamonds, or the whole design may be encrusted.

Personalized Infinity Diamond Pendant Necklace by Zales
Photo: Zales
14K Yellow Gold Custom Infinity Diamond-Encrusted Pendant Necklace
Photo: Etsy
Vertical Infinity Diamond-Accent Necklace in Sterling Silver
Photo: Zales

Similar to other styles, the diamond infinity pendant necklace can lay vertically on its chain. If enough metal is visible in the design, additional personalization is possible via engraving,  and charms may also be added.

A diamond infinity necklace makes a great gift for important milestones, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or maybe even to celebrate the birth of a child. Diamonds add an air of elegance and refinement to infinity necklaces, and setting the stones in white gold or platinum further amplifies their beauty. Anyone shopping for a diamond necklace should make an effort to buy from a trusted retailer, as many online shops try to pass fake diamonds for the real deal. The Tiffany infinity necklace with diamonds is an elegant, quality option when seeking a luxury piece.

Infinity necklaces: a matter of personal style 

Regardless of which style you choose, it’s important to find the infinity necklace that best matches your personal interests and style. Once you’ve chosen the design that’s best for you, consider whether a personalized infinity necklace would carry more meaning.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing a personalized infinity necklace:


Possibly the largest factor in how long your necklace will last, ensure you pick gemstones and metals that will withstand daily wear. For instance, a sterling silver infinity necklace looks beautiful, but it will require much more maintenance than a white gold infinity necklace. Or, maybe your loved one would prefer the unique color offered by a rose gold infinity necklace. Need more information on which material you need? A handy metal info chart is below!

[Infographic] Types of Metal Used in Customizing Jewelry


What are you trying to say? What thoughts do you want to invoke with your personalized infinity necklace? Think long and hard about what message you’re looking to send.


How much will personalization cost? Some jewelers charge per letter or name for engraving, while gemstone prices often vary. Charms can also be an additional charge.


When will you or the person receiving this necklace wear it most? Do they typically wear a hoodie and jeans? Or do they work in a professional environment and may need something a bit more formal?

If you’re really into the infinity symbol style, consider having  “casual” and “formal” versions of your personalized infinity necklace. Doing so would allow you to have a way to wear the design at any time.

As mentioned above, an important factor to consider when buying a personalized infinity necklace is the metal used to craft it. This has been discussed briefly, but here’s a chart to help you better understand which metal might be best for you.

No matter which design you choose, make sure it speaks your truth!

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