Labradorite Guide: Facts, Properties and Where to Buy

Labradorite is more than a gemstone. It’s said to empower users💪🏻 and some even claim it holds magical powers.

But what is labradorite? It’s a feldspar, which is a group of rock-forming silicate minerals that make up over 50% of the Earth’s crust. Orthoclase, anorthite, and albite are other common feldspars.

Labradorite is unique because it produces its own iridescent optical effect called labradorescence. That’s because light enters the stone and reflects the light from within it.

Raw Labradorite Crystal and Polished Labradorite Gemstones

This effect produces iridescent shades of green, blue, orange, red, and yellow colors.🌈

While labradorite crystals are popular, you’ll often find finest labradorite stones used in jewelry.

Continue reading to discover more labradorite facts, properties, and where to buy the best labradorite jewelry.

What is Labradorite?

The labradorite crystal is a feldspar mineral that was first discovered in 1770 on Canada’s Labrador Peninsula.

The stone is most famous for its amazing iridescent effects and how multiple colors shine from the stone. Native Inuits in Canada believe the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are trapped in the stone.

📍Where is labradorite found? Even though labradorite was first discovered in Canada, it’s most abundant in Madagascar. You can also find labradorite in Finland, Norway, Sri Lanka, Russia, and Australia.

You can separate the labradorite gemstone into three categories:

  • Rainbow Moonstone—holds a blue iridescent luster.
  • Spectrolite—discovered in Finland, it’s a form of labradorite that illuminates the entire color spectrum. It’s the rarest of all labradorite types.
  • Andesine-Labradorite—the natural colors of the stone are enhanced.

Labradorite is also famous for its spiritual properties. While many claim labradorite is a magical stone, others consider the stone to be a transformational stone and aids in life changes.

While labradorite is a great stone to wear for all occasions, it’s a popular stone for the workplace. Labradorite inspires change, both good and bad. But it also inspires success, perseverance, great work performance, and assists in teamwork and communication.

What is Labradorescence?

Labradorescence is the most unique quality of the labradorite stone. When you turn the stone, you constantly see a change of colors.

Unlike most iridescent properties that occur when light hits the surface of the stone, light extends beneath the stone’s surface. This occurs when the strike strikes a twinning surface. The color you see is the color that’s reflected from the twinning surface.

Another unique quality about labradorite is every stone has a different twinning surface; therefore, different labradorite stones may reflect different colors of light. This is why many labradorite stones produce multiple colors from labradorescence.

⚠️Keep in mind, not all labradorite stones have labradorescence. They could also have aventurescence, which is a blue or white sheen that you can see from different angles.

Labradorite properties: Appearance, colors, hardness, value, and more

Labradorite is one of the most unique stones in the world. Here’s some more information about its individual properties.


The labradorescence is by far the most unique property of the labradorite stone. This is an effect seen in very few stones.

Labradorite is usually large, which is why you commonly see large labradorite crystals. This stone can also be cut down into smaller stones, such as cabochons, and worn as jewelry. Fine labradorite jewelry consists of faceted stones that can be as big as 130 carats!

Other than simple cuts, labradorite isn’t usually treated in any other way. Keep in mind, other stones from the labradorite family, such as Yellow Andesine, may be treated to resemble labradorite.


At its base, most labradorite stones are dark, but it’s hard identifying a true labradorite color. Since the labradorescence causes a play of colors, every labradorite stone has a unique color spectrum.

Does this mean labradorite changes color? No—but a labradorite stone may look different in multiple light sources.


Labradorite hardness is 6–6.5 on the Mohs scale. In other words, labradorite is a soft stone—even softer than quartz. Unfortunately, this means labradorite can be scratched easily.

However, labradorite is a pretty tough stone and doesn’t break or crack easily.

Because of its softness, it’s still recommended to protect and care for the stone. If you will wear labradorite as jewelry, ensure the stone is set in a protective setting. It’s also recommended you wear labradorite as a necklace pendant or an earring rather than in other types of jewelry.

Brass Labradorite Pendant Necklace on Rocky Background


Overall, labradorite is an affordable stone. There are many labradorite sizes out there and size doesn’t impact quality or price. The stone you choose should reflect on your preferences, not quality or price.

What about cut and clarity? Both of these qualities matter, but in a different way than other stones.

The labradorite value is truly different from other stones because its inclusions actually make the stone more remarkable. That’s because light bounces off these imperfections, making the labradorescence even stronger.

Labradorite ranges from opaque to translucent. Translucent labradorite is more sought after because they display the most intense labradorescence.

Oval Polished Labradorite Gem

You should also look for specific labradorite cuts. That’s because the right cut will emphasize the labradorescence. You’ll mainly see labradorite cut into cabochon beads in the shapes oval, round, marquise, and pear.

Labradorite is usually only faceted if the stone is transparent. The faceted cut enhances the sparkle.

The magical healing powers of labradorite

Labradorite holds many unique healing properties. Whether you meditate with labradorite or you wear it as jewelry, this stone will bring so much joy to your life. Here’s more information about the labradorite meaning.

It’s Said to Treat Ailments

Labradorite is the perfect meditation stone if you struggle with pain, especially PMS pain.

It’s a comforting stone and the relaxation you feel can help reduce your pain. This relaxation also helps you breathe better and can reduce your blood pressure, resulting in a variety of different health benefits.

Prevents Emotional Turmoil

Labradorite is popular because it’s calming and eases the mind. This can not only control emotional turmoil but can prevent it.

Instead of stressing over problems, you’ll get to the root of the issue and will find a solution. You’ll have more clarity about your responsibilities and issues in life.

Meditating with labradorite can bring joy back into your life, especially if you’re going through something difficult.

Even if you’re not going through turmoil, meditating with labradorite can benefit anyone. Labradorite can destroy insecurity and fears all while improving your trust in yourself and in the universe.

Labradorite offers a major benefit that other stones don’t have: it can rejuvenate the mind’s eye.🏊🏻 This influences new approaches to problems and even inspires new ideas. You’ll be a better observer in all areas of life.

Heals and Balances the Chakra

Labradorite embodies a dark blue crystal light that balances the throat chakra. The throat chakra is the center of communication and self-expression. Meditating with labradorite improves your communication skills while speaking with honesty and clarity.

As stated previously, labradorite holds many different colors in its unique labradorescence. The lighter colors balance an individual and relax them. Labradorite also opens up the lower chakras of the body, which benefits magical practices and ceremonies.

Throat Chakra Meditation With Labradorite Gemstone

Enhances Spirituality

The labradorite stone meaning is one of magic.💫 It aids in both ritual and magical work, bringing the user to depths during ceremonies. The stone awakens your powers, enhances your existing gifts, and any other unique magical abilities you may have.

Opening up the labradorite chakras gives the user insight on different opportunities and awareness. This insight is where shamans, magicians, and more gain their spirituality.

One of the most potent labradorite properties is that it protects your chakra and prevents your energy from draining. You can also meditate with labradorite for self-discovery and transformation.

Inspires Adventure

When you meditate with labradorite, you’ll learn that not everything you see is in reality. That’s because the many light spectrums hold an incredible energy.

One of the best labradorite uses is for journeying and transformation. You’ll want to discover unseen realms. Don’t worry, the stone will protect you when you’re on your journey.

Protects You From Negativity

One of the most powerful labradorite healing properties is how it wards off negative energy and brings joy into your life.

Labradorite will also bring out the more positive qualities of your character. This is especially beneficial while you’re at work; wearing labradorite will reduce any tensions you have and will improve relationships with your colleagues.

How labradorite is used in jewelry

One of the biggest labradorite benefits is its versatility. You can wear labradorite in any jewelry piece. But how do jewelers fit this unique stone in jewelry pieces?

Labradorite with different metals

Labradorite’s beautiful color play matches with all types of different metals. Many users can choose to set their labradorite jewelry in classic yellow gold, but rose gold offers a more feminine and eye-catching look.


As stated previously, labradorite jewelry is available in all sizes.

Since labradorite is naturally large and affordable, jewelry makers often use labradorite as costume jewelry. For example, if you’re looking for a large statement necklace, you’ll want to choose a labradorite statement necklace.


You can find labradorite in a variety of different cuts but labradorite is especially popular as a rounded stone. That’s because the light best reflects the many different colors when it’s cut in this shape.

Polished or Raw

Most labradorite jewelry has been polished into cabochons. Raw labradorite is usually used to display in homes and for meditation.

Labradorite rings and engagement rings

Since labradorite is a softer ring, many users may think wearing a labradorite ring is risky. However, labradorite is perfect in rings—especially large costume rings.

Labradorite engagement rings are also an individualistic choice. Since labradorite is such an eye-catching stone, it will make a special engagement ring.

Yellow Gold Plated Silver Labradorite Engagement Ring

How to style an outfit with labradorite jewelry

If you’re looking for labradorite jewelry, you’ll want to pair it with the right outfit. The outfit you wear largely depends on the type of labradorite jewelry you choose.

As stated previously, large labradorite gems make great costume jewelry pieces. Pair a large labradorite ring with a jaw-dropping outfit. But if you would rather wear a simple outfit with labradorite costume jewelry, you’ll let the labradorite stone steal the show.

Because of its spiritual properties, labradorite is also a great stone to wear to the office. But leave the statement pieces for cocktail night with your friends. Instead, choose a small labradorite pendant on a necklace with a professional top.

What outfit colors look best with labradorite? While neutral colors such as white and brown are great options, labradorite especially looks beautiful with blue outfits.

The best places to buy labradorite jewelry

Are you looking for a labradorite for sale? Here are a few of our recommendations.


Jewelry Television (JTV) is one of the biggest jewelry retailers in the United States. They not only have great labradorite pieces but they offer unique labradorite variations. For example, they also offer yellow and red labradorite.


Are eye-catching and handmade pieces are what you’re looking for, then you’ll want to buy your labradorite jewelry from Etsy. Etsy is a platform for independent sellers and they offer amazing jewelry pieces.

You have countless designs to choose from, anything from labradorite necklaces to labradorite cabochon bead bracelets.


The online retail giants also have a wonderful selection of labradorite jewelry. They not only have a great selection but all pieces are unique.

Many Amazon sellers also offer affordable prices on the labradorite bracelets and other pieces so you can easily build a labradorite jewelry wardrobe.

Buy labradorite jewelry today

Labradorite is one of the most unique gemstones. It’s a unique stone that reflects different colors when exposed to the light, a phenomenon known as labradorescence. This stone holds powerful energy, bringing the user many benefits when either meditating or wearing the stone.

There are many ways you can wear labradorite. The stone is soft, so it’s recommended to wear as a necklace pendant or as labradorite earrings. But labradorite makes fantastic costume jewelry and the wearing opportunities are endless.

Do you want to learn more about gemstones? Visit our gemstone guide to discover the most beautiful gemstones to wear as jewelry.

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