A Guide to Ring Guards: 6 Popular Styles + Where to Find Them

Ring guards: pretty yet protective...

Whether you wear one for style or safety, ring guards are a great way to spice up your engagement ring. While ring guards offer excellent protection for wearers who are rougher with their jewelry, they can also add flair to any piece.🌟 A simple solitaire becomes an extravagant wedding set with just one band!

Ring Guards / Ring Enhancers by TwoBirch

So what is a ring guard exactly?

Let’s discuss the ins and outs of ring guards, including how to wear them, where to buy them, and how to choose the right one for you.

What is a ring guard?

Also known as ring enhancers, these helpful bands come in several shapes and styles, but the spirit of their design is the same.

A ring guard is worn around a solitaire setting, similar to a wedding band. It may be just one band that sits above or below your ring, or it can be two bands connected at their base so your ring can fit in the center.  

However, this band is designed to fit snugly around the curves of your piece for a seamless look. A ring guard can be simple or ornate, but its purpose is twofold: protection and personalization.

By hugging the contours of your ring, ring guards offer excellent security for all gemstone shapes and settings. The ring guard protects prongs and gemstone corners from snags, chips, and other damage. Additionally, your metal band is safe from scratching or denting, and any pavé diamonds within the band are at a lower risk of falling out.🤩

Next, engagement ring guards can completely change the style of a ring. For those who want simple protection, ring guards can be rather plain when needed. But, many are designed with intricate displays of diamonds and other stones that amplify your ring’s beauty and bring out the personality of your piece. ✅Ring guards can add more sparkle, a splash of color, a different design concept, and anything in between.

When to wear a ring guard?

You may not want a ring guard at all, and that’s totally fine too. But, many people find the added security and additional bling suit their needs perfectly.

Here are a few common reasons buyers choose ring guards:

Protection from movement

We’ve already discussed how ring guards provide security for engagement rings, but there are several other benefits they offer in specific situations.  

Ring guards prevent slippage, keeping rings from spinning around your finger or moving up and down. This is incredibly helpful for rings that are too large, but it also helps the average wearer when the weather is cold and your finger shrinks. The decreased movement makes for a comfortable fit that limits damage, as your piece is protected from unexpected bumps and friction.

To alter a ring’s look

If you’re not entirely happy with your engagement ring, a ring enhancer is a perfect way to add more personality to your piece.

Wearing a ring enhancer to alter a ring's look.😚

A solitaire can become a halo or vintage setting with a ring guard, completely altering the initial appeal. Or, add a splash of color to your ring like this pink sapphire ring guard.

Plus, you can always remove the ring guard to wear your original piece whenever you like, and you can even save the guard for special occasions. A ring guard can help make your engagement ring suit any style imaginable.

As a wedding band

Ring guards are a great alternative to regular wedding bands.

They already look similar—like this wedding ring guard from Blue Nile—but the benefits of a guard outweigh those of a standard band.👰🏻 In addition to sitting right below or above an engagement ring like a classic wedding set, they offer more protection by hugging your ring. They can also provide more elaborate style options, which are limited with a traditional wedding band.

Types of ring guards

Ring guards come in two main forms: a single band, or two connected bands. These designs offer different looks and benefits, so let’s take a look at both types of ring guards and their features:

Single Bands

Commonly referred to as “ring wraps”, this single band style is similar to a wedding band. However, unlike many wedding bands, this ring guard curves around your engagement ring to protect each corner and crevice. While wedding bands are traditionally worn below the engagement ring, single ring guards can sit above or below your ring. Many people choose to buy single ring guards as anniversary bands, which they then place around their engagement ring.🎊

Connected Bands

For more extravagant looks, ring bands with connected guards, or “insert rings”, are the way to go. These designs take two single bands and combine them into one piece. Then, the engagement ring is inserted into the center of the guard to shield it from damage.

Connected ring guards are for the wearer who likes flash and sparkle. They’re often decorated with clusters of diamonds, accented with milgrain, or twisted into beautiful infinity knot designs.

Connected ring guards are also great for changing the shape of your original ring. Is your solitaire lacking detail? Add a three stone enhancer or a diamond halo to jazz it up.🎈 The possibilities are endless, and many retailers offer custom ring guard designs for your engagement ring.

6 popular ring guard styles

There are several different ring guard designs to choose from, ranging from simple to sparkly. Here are 6 popular solitaire ring guard styles you should consider:👇🏻

Halo Ring Guards

If you’ve always wondered what your ring would look like with a halo, give a halo ring guard a try. This look can be achieved with either a connected guard that you insert your ring into or two wrap style guards. Halo guards are especially beautiful on curved stones, such as this round diamond with a yellow gold ring guard.

Three- or Multi-Stone Guards

Three stone guards add diamonds or other precious gems on both sides of your center stone, amping up the glam factor and providing additional protection. A white gold ring guard with side stones is sure to make your center stone sparkle.

Single Ring Guards

The “ring wrap” style of ring guard follows the contours of your engagement ring, providing protection and sparkle. These designs can also be used as wedding bands! Try a diamond ring guard for extra flair, or one with a semi halo to highlight your center stone.

Metal/Simple Ring Guards

A metal ring guard is perfect for any occasion. You can even add some personality to the piece with milgrain or beading. A platinum ring guard is ideal for an active lifestyle, and it’s an easy way to add just a touch of elegance to your piece.

Guards With Colored Gems

There are plenty of ring guards with vibrant gems to bring some color into your life! Sapphire ring guards are exceptionally popular, but you can find guards with just about any gemstone in various styles. Plus, a rose gold ring guard can go with almost any colored stone.

Vintage Ring Guards

Make your solitaire setting look like it’s been passed down for generations with a vintage ring guard. With details like milgrain, beading, and varying stone shapes, vintage ring guards bring an unmatched elegance to your piece. Cathedral ring guards with vintage flair are also a great way to amp up the drama of any ring.

Helpful tips for choosing a ring guard

So what are some great ways to ensure you find the best ring guard for your needs? Take a look at our recommendations below for inspiration:

Find your perfect fit

Similar to engagement rings, ring guard sizing can be tricky. Depending on the style you choose, a thicker band may require sizing up, so you should try on a few sizes before deciding. TwoBirch actually offers Virtual Fit sizing services for a small fee. TwoBirch can send you all of the sizing materials, and they’ll create a resin replica of your ring so you can try it with different ring guards and see how they fit together. Or, take a look at our ring sizing guide for at-home measurement methods.

Save money with colored gems and diamond alternatives

Diamonds can be costly, and the prices on ring guards covered in the shiny gems can be discouraging. Rather than overpaying, consider trying a different gemstone for your ring guard. Moissanite and cubic zirconia are near perfect dupes for actual diamonds! Some shoppers may even prefer popular colored gemstones, such as sapphires, morganite, emeralds, and aquamarine. Color is an easy way to switch up your look without paying more.

Consider the size and shape of your solitaire

Think long and hard about your center stone’s shape and size before choosing a ring guard. If your diamond is 2 carats or larger, you’ll want to try on all ring guards in-person to ensure they can fit your girthy stone. Additionally, choose a ring guard that compliments the shape of your center diamond for the best look. For instance, if you have a round diamond, a princess cut ring guard with square stones may look a bit off!

Choose a guard style that matches your engagement ring

Select the right ring guard style for your solitaire, and make sure your wedding set matches your personality. Fancy shaped stones look stunning in halo guards, and a marquise ring guard can add eye-catching detail. If you love vintage pieces, try a ring guard that adds milgrain or beading to your ring for a soft touch of class. 💡Whatever you choose, think about the personality of your original solitaire and which features you want to amplify.

Think about maintenance costs

Consider how pricey it may be to make repairs to your ring guard! Ring guards can cost anywhere from $50 to $5,000, and long term maintenance is similar to that of your ring. If you’re rough with your jewelry, you may want a simple band with no gems that can protect your ring without taking damage.

Seek alternatives if necessary

If you’ve run the numbers and don’t feel like a ring guard is necessary, there are silicone ring guards. Or, if you wish to stop your ring from spinning or moving, size adjusters will work just as well. Costing just a fraction of the price of a ring guard, size adjusters are a simple alternative to expensive guards.

Recommended places to buy a ring guard

For ring guards that boast both quality and beauty, we recommend these online retailers:


A leading name in ring guards, TwoBirch offers a huge selection to fit any aesthetic. While they provide plenty of classic guards to choose from, vintage, halo, infinity, and cathedral guards are some of their most dazzling categories. TwoBirch is a family-owned company that offers a 1-year warranty on all purchases, virtual fittings, quick shipping, and 30-day returns.

Blue Nile

A giant in the online diamond industry, Blue Nile also has a lovely collection of ring guards for the discerning buyer. Their selection is limited, but each piece is perfectly crafted for a sparkly yet understated look. Additionally, Blue Nile gives you the product specs right in the description, so you’ll know the average quality of the diamonds you’re receiving.

Brilliant Earth

Another leading online retailer, Brilliant Earth has stunning ring guards for any shopper. With simple metal bands, single diamond bands, and more intricate designs, Brilliant Earth is a great first stop for ring guards. Plus, you’ll have the added security of knowing your diamonds are “beyond conflict free”!  


We can’t talk online shops without mentioning Whiteflash. Consider Whiteflash’s custom ring guard services for your piece. Whiteflash professionals can help you customize a ring guard for your engagement ring, providing a perfect fit and the design of your dreams. With a purchase from Whiteflash, you’ll also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee, a lifetime trade-up promise, and a commitment to socially responsible sourcing.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, have no fear! Many shops offer diamond and cubic zirconia ring guards that have equal sparkle for a fraction of the price.

These retailers have you covered for affordable options:


If you’re strapped for cash, there are plenty of beautiful ring enhancers available on Amazon. With diamond, cubic zirconia, and other gemstone options, finding an affordable ring enhancer has never been easier. You can even find sterling silver ring guards as an alternative to gold and platinum. Nothing beats a purchase made with Prime shipping so you can wear your new piece even faster!


For unique ring enhancers at reasonable prices, try Etsy. Their selection is unbeatable, with several shops offering completely one of a kind pieces. If you want something memorable but can’t afford diamonds, Etsy also has several synthetic and cubic zirconia options.

Guard your engagement ring with style

🎉Ring guards are versatile accessories that offer both security and style.

If you’re prone to damaging your jewelry or have an active lifestyle, you can protect your (or your fiancé’s) investment with a durable guard. Or, if you want additional diamonds and sparkle, opt for a more decadent ring enhancer for extra bling. Marriage is supposed to mean forever, and a ring guard is a cost-effective method of protecting one of the most important symbols of your commitment.👏🏻

Are you still in the market for a new engagement ring? Unsure of what style to choose? Take a look at our article on 15 popular ring settings for inspiration. That way, you can shop for a ring guard with your engagement ring style in mind!

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