About Us: The Story Behind JewelrTalk

JewelryTalk—Where Jewelry And Passion Come Together

For centuries, jewelry has been at the forefront of self-expression. The right piece of jewelry is more than quality craftsmanship and design. It is more than precious metals and gems. It is more than an accessory to pull an outfit together. At its heart, the right piece of jewelry is a direct extension of the unique qualities and style that make up who you are. With so many jewelers, trends, and retailers, it can be hard to find answers to your questions or the right choices for you.

JewelryTalk is changing the way you shop for jewelry by creating a one-stop destination for all of your jewelry-buying needs.

Think of us as a partner helping you make better decisions while finding the essential information you need to know before you shop around. Here you’ll find the latest in jewelry news and trends, a wealth of jewelry knowledge, and helpful buying guides. We’ll show you the best places to look for the right piece. We’ll help you find jewelry that is the best match for your clothing and occasions, as big or small as they might be. In short, we’re the only destination you’ll need to find the jewelry solutions that you’re looking for.

The heart and soul of JewelryTalk is the community that we’ve fostered. We are as passionate about jewelry as you and we work tirelessly to connect you to the jewelers, news, and resources you need to stay on top of the trends and styles. But more than anything, we’re committed to creating an experience built on care and support. If you’ve got questions, it’s our job to help you find the answers. Welcome to a better way to find the solutions and information you need to carry your passion for jewelry to new levels.

Welcome to JewelryTalk. Read our latest jewelry posts here!

Founders: Steven and Cynthia

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