Jewelry Safes: 6 Best Sellers, Buying Advice and Suggested Alternatives

When a jewelry box just isn’t enough...

Whether you wear affordable jewelry or pricey statement pieces, protecting your possessions from damage and theft should always be top of mind. Jewelry safes are an excellent choice for the super cautious, and they can protect your items from theft, fires, water damage, and more.🎡 We’ve decided to round up our favorite jewelry safes for your precious accessories!

Jewelry Safe - SentrySafe

Bottom Line Recommendation

If you don’t have time for a full rundown on each product, here are the must-know highlights for choosing a jewelry safe for your home or travel needs:

43,700 RatingsAmazon Basics Safe and Lock Box
  • Affordable
  • Lock options: digital keypad or biometrics 
  • Ideal for small spaces or apartment living
  • Portable
BARSKA Biometric Safe
  • Biometric lock recognizes up to 120 fingerprints
  • Save time and unlock this safe in 2.5 seconds
  • Shelf included for organization
  • Can be bolted to the floor for extra protection
Best ValueSentrySafe SFW123CU
  • Manual dial lock or digital keypad options
  • Fireproof up to 1 hour at 1700°F
  • Waterproof up to 1 hour in 8 inches of water
  • Comes with shelves and a tray to customize the layout
TIGERKING Security Home Safe
  • Two locking mechanisms for increased security
  • Additional interior lockbox for storage of private documents or other valuables
  • Dual warning system that protects against potential theft
  • Emergency key included in case you forget your passcode
Paragon Quarter Master 7750
  • Wall unit: installs into the wall and sits flush to conceal safe
  • Dual locks: one manual dial and one digital keypad
  • Two customizable shelves for organization
  • Customers report it has an extra long battery life
Portable SafeSentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box
  • Compact and portable with handle for easy transport
  • Simple lock mechanism with key included
  • Fireproof for up to 30 minutes at 1550°F
  • Ideal for small spaces, apartments, and car storage

What is a jewelry safe and why do you need it?

A jewelry safe is a container with a locking mechanism in which you can store your treasured belongings. Whether you want to protect a family heirloom or keep all of your jewelry in one place, a jewelry safe can be customized with fun features like drawers, LED lights, and jewelry forms to suit your needs.😚

When it comes to price, jewelry safes can range from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. The price of a safe typically depends on the quality of materials as well as their capacity, installation requirements, lock type, security features, and more.

The benefits of a jewelry safe:

  • A safe can act as a jewelry box, so all of your pieces can sit in one place without fear of losing them
  • You items are safe from prying eyes, nosy guests, curious children, and theft🔐
  • Some models protect your jewelry during natural disasters (flooding, fires, etc.)
  • Portable safes can join you on your travels, protecting your belongings wherever you go
  • Depending on size, you can add other valuables to your jewelry safe as well, not just necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Our 6 recommended home jewelry safes

So which safes do we suggest trying? The model that will work best for you depends on the features you require and the number of items you want to store. However, here are 6 jewelry safes we recommend as well as a roundup of their best features:

Amazon Basics Safe and Lock Box

This affordable jewelry safe is an entry model, but it offers a host of benefits found in safes sold for 10x as much! This Amazon Basics safe is available in several sizes, ranging from 0.5 cubic feet to 2.1 cubic feet.

The standard version has a keypad lock, but you can upgrade to a biometrics lock on the smallest model for added security. The lock also has two emergency override keys in case you forget your passcode.

You can even take this small jewelry safe with you on your travels! It’s fairly lightweight⁠—only 16.5 pounds⁠—and can easily come with you to hotel rooms, on car rides, and more.

Electronic lock with digital display and either keypad or fingerprint identification optionsNOT fireproof or waterproof
Solid steel construction, pry-resistant hinges and 2 live-door bolts for protection against theftLimited organization options: no drawers, one shelf, etc.
Compact and portableSmall size means it cannot hold as many items as other safes on our list
Carpeted floor and one shelf for customized storageLightweight design means a thief could pick up the safe and run away with it
Only four AA batteries required

BARSKA Biometric Safe

This BARSKA jewelry safe boasts cutting-edge biometric identification features that make it well worth the extra cost. The lock is easy to use: you simply place your finger on the pad for 2.5 seconds to unlock the safe.

Furthermore, the safe can actually remember up to 120 different fingerprints for safe access for the whole family! The inside of the unit is somewhat understated, but there’s soft carpeting and a deep interior to place all of your belongings side by side.

The durable build and small frame of this model make it ideal for at-home use, and its lightweight construction means it’s a great jewelry safe for closets, end tables, cabinets, and more. Finally, while 4 AA batteries promise one year of life for this safe, you can also use the hidden lock and key to retrieve your items if the safe dies before you can get new batteries.

Biometric lock can recognize up to 120 fingerprints for easy accessNOT fireproof or waterproof
Pre-drilled holes in the bottom for floor mounting👍🏻No shelves: space is limited to one level and adding more items require stacking them on top of one another
Tamper-resistant inner edges, 2 steel locking bolts, and 14-gauge steel construction for durability and protectionUnless it’s bolted down, the safe is light enough to be picked up and carried away
Uses four AA batteries that last up to one year or 10,000 scans
Compact, portable design

SentrySafe SFW123CU

When it comes to manual models, this SentrySafe is a class act. The dial lock requires precision, and the lack of power source means you can access your items at any time without changing batteries.

If you’re not a fan of manual dial locks, you can also try the digital keypad model instead. These products also have additional features, such as interior lights, shelves, trays, etc.😊

What’s more, it’s a waterproof and fireproof jewelry safe, so it’ll protect your valuables in the event of a fire or flood. This heftier model is 86 pounds and is best used as a floor safe, but its short dimensions mean it can fit in most concealed spaces.

Option of a manual dial lock or digital keypadHardware for bolting this unit to the wall or floor is not included
Fireproof up to 1 hour at 1700°F AND waterproof up to 1 hour in 8 inches of waterThis heavy model is not portable and is hard to move
Larger footprint with multiple layout options
Solid steel frame with four 1-inch bolts that are 60% bigger than those found in traditional safes
No batteries required for the dial lock, but the digital keypad model has a battery tray accessible from the exterior
Customer service included with purchase

TIGERKING Security Home Safe

With a brand name like “TIGERKING”, we can only assume this safe provides wild security. And it lives up to the hype!🐅

This safe actually features TWO locks: the first lock includes a digital keypad for a passcode, while the second lock is a standard dial lock. Additionally, there’s an emergency key that can override the lock mechanism if you forget your passcode.

The TIGERKING safe is packed with exciting features, such as a secondary interior lockbox, LED light, and a dual warning system that activates after three incorrect passcode entries or when it detects violent vibration.

Two locking mechanisms for both manual and digital accessNOT fireproof or waterproof
Durable: 5mm thick solid steel and 6 live-bolts👍🏻Too many locks may be confusing to some users
Dual warning system for theft protectionLining not as soft as other safes
Emergency key included for easy access
LED lights to help you see your valuables in dark spaces
Additional interior lockbox for priceless items
No batteries required for manual dial lock, but digital keypad requires four AA batteries

Paragon Quarter Master 7750

For buyers seeking a reliable wall safe, look no further. At just 22 inches tall and 37 pounds, the Paragon Quarter Master 7750 can easily fit on any wall in your home. Once it’s installed, you can safely place a picture frame, piece of art, or any other large item over it to conceal your safe completely.

This safe comes with a digital keypad as well as a traditional key to access your valuables. In addition to dual locks, tamper-proof hinges and ⅛-inch of solid steel defend your items while the soft carpet lining the bottom keeps them safe from scratches.

Dual locks for added security: one manual dial lock and one digital keypadNOT fireproof or waterproof
Sturdy steel frame with tamper-proof hinges as well as anchor bolts to keep it safely in placeInstallation required to mount the safe within the wall
Safe sits flat within the wall, so you can place something over it for added security
Two shelves for simple organization and carpet on the bottom shelf to protect your items
Batteries required, but users report this safe has a surprisingly long battery life

SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box

If you’re constantly traveling, the SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box can follow you across the globe! At only 13.2 pounds and sporting a sturdy handle, this safe is ideal for carrying important documents and trinkets as you travel to your next destination.

The security on this model is much simpler than our other entries, with a flat key lock to provide you quick access to your valuables. This safe is also fireproof for up to 30 minutes at 1550°F!

Although this model may be perfect for travelers, it can also make a great at-home unit. Store it on the top shelf of a closet or in a large drawer to keep your possessions away from prying eyes.😉

Easy access to your valuables via the simple lock and key mechanismNOT waterproof
Fireproof for up to 30 minutes at 1550°FThe small, lightweight frame means thieves can walk away with this safe
Lightweight construction and handle means this safe can follow you everywhereAnyone with the key can easily open the lock
Compact dimensions for easy storing in the smallest of spaces

Things to consider when buying a jewelry safe

The safes above may all seem like “the one”, but how can you figure out which one is the best for your needs? Here are some points to consider when shopping for a new jewelry safe:📝

The amount and value of your jewelry

Larger jewelry collections will require a safe with more storage opportunities, so think about how big you really need your unit to be before purchasing. If you have just a few items you’d like to store, you can probably get away with a much smaller safe.

Two other big factors to keep in mind are cash rating and insurance policy, which are incredibly important if you plan on storing priceless jewelry. An insurance policy is a guarantee on the value of the items you have stored in your safe, and the cash rating is the amount of compensation your policy will cover in the event of theft or damage.

Make sure you read the fine print of your insurance policy to verify you’ve followed all necessary installation steps to collect your compensation if disaster strikes. Other rules to look for are those that may designate maximum cash ratings, stipulations for damage caused by natural disasters, etc.

The size and location of your safe

If you plan on just storing your jewelry, you can get away with a safe with a much smaller footprint. However, if you plan on accruing more valuables to store over time, consider getting a slightly larger safe that your collection can grow into.

When it comes to location, most buyers assume they should place their safe somewhere inconspicuous and hard to reach. While this is true of a safe that stores items you don’t typically use, you’ll want to make your jewelry safe more accessible, especially if you wear your jewelry daily!

Pro Tips
Installing your safe in your master bedroom is always a great option, since it keeps the safe away from nosy visitors while keeping it close for daily use. Larger safes may not always fit in closets, so don’t be afraid to leave these heftier units in a corner of the room. They’re meant to be secure, and keeping them in the open shouldn’t increase your risk of theft.

Lock type

Choose your locking mechanism wisely! Think about whether you’d prefer a manual or digital lock system, as each type has pros and cons.

If you’re terrible at remembering passwords, a manual key lock grants you access to your valuables without any memorization. However, you’ll have to remember where you keep your key, as creating a new one can be a costly endeavor. You’ll also have to store your key in a secret place where no one will find it, as having a key makes it easier for unknown parties to steal from your safe.

Or, if you’re not opposed to passwords, try a combination (manual) or passcode (digital) lock. If you can remember your code, you'll have the key to your safe at all times. Plus, you can choose to keep this code to yourself or share it with a trusted family member in case you forget it.

Finally, you can always opt for a digital biometrics lock. These nifty units can actually read your fingerprint, providing identifiable information without any pesky keys or passcodes to keep track of.

Internal accessories

There are several internal accessories and configurations that can make your jewelry safe a place of peaceful organization. Here are some features to look for as you shop:


Depending on the type and value of jewelry you’re storing, you may want additional drawers to separate your items. Drawers can also be helpful for dividing valuables of varying types, such as keeping paperwork, photos, discs, and more separate from your jewelry within your safe. An organized safe is key for finding your items quickly and efficiently!


In addition to equipping your jewelry safe with drawers, there are many other ways you can customize the layout of your unit for stress-free organization. Some companies even offer designated holding places for certain jewelry items, such as soft slots for rings, grooved drawers for earrings, and elevated jewelry forms for necklaces and bracelets.

It can really ease one’s mind to have a specific place for each item, and separating your jewelry from your other valuables is easy with the proper layout. However, not all safes offer customizable interiors, so keep this in mind during your search to find the right amount of shelves, drawers, and other displays for your beloved pieces.

LED lights

If you’ll be placing your safe in a dark corner of your closet, LED lights are a helpful way to see inside your safe without a flashlight. LED lights may appear on the door of your unit as well as on or above shelves or drawers, meaning you can find the earrings or necklace that you want much faster!

Watch winders

Do you have a personal collection of watches among your jewelry? There are several styles of safe that provide watch drawers to lay your timepieces flat, but some models take things a step further.

If you do own watches—especially manual ones—consider trying a safe with an automatic watch winder. It may take a little more battery power, but it’s a small price to pay for having your favorite timepieces wound and ready to go when you need them.

Other factors to consider

A few other design elements to research while shopping for your ideal jewelry safe include:

Fireproof rating

Not all safes are fireproof, but most do have a fireproof rating that you should be aware of. While you may not expect your safe to be in a fire, it’s always nice to have some fire protection should anything go wrong.

Jewelry safes that have a fireproof rating are typically graded by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), and the ratings correspond to how long the safe can withstand certain levels of heat. Common ratings you may encounter include:

  • 30 minutes at 1200F or 1400F
  • 1 hour at 1550F or 1700F

Waterproof rating

While waterproof ratings are not a guarantee, they can come in handy if you live in a flood plain or travel near a flood zone.😁

Waterproof ratings are typically a measure of how long the safe was able to perform when submerged in water. The safe sits about 8 inches below the surface of the test tank, and it’s common to see safes with ratings of 24-72 hours.


If you move around frequently or just want to bring your valuable belongings with you, a portable safe may be your ideal option.

Small, standard safes may be portable, but you can also find both manual and electronic safes meant to move around. They don’t often have shelves, drawers, and other accessories, but they do have handles to follow you wherever you may go!

Power source

For features like LED lights, biometric locks, or electronic passcodes, your jewelry safe may require a power source. Usually, this power comes in the form of batteries, and a safe can require anywhere from 2 to 8 batteries.

It can be helpful to learn how long your safe will stay charged with fresh batteries and how often you’ll need to change them so you can access your valuables.✅

Emergency alarm

Some jewelry safes actually come with an emergency alarm to alert you of unwanted access attempts! They can be triggered by either vigorous shaking or three failed passcode attempts, and once these criteria are met the safe will emit a loud alarm.

While it’s nice to think this feature may not be necessary in most situations, if you’re ever worried about sneaky visitors, this may be a must-have option to help you breathe a sigh of relief.

BONUS: Alternative methods to protect your jewelry

Are you not feeling too “safe” about jewelry safes? Here are two other potential ways to keep your belongings protected based on your needs:

Store your jewelry in a safe deposit box

A safe deposit box can easily be acquired through your local bank, and it’s an excellent choice for family heirlooms that you don’t need to access often. A safe deposit box is a rentable, metal container that is kept with other boxes in a secure vault.

This isn’t an ideal option if you’ll need to access your items more than a few times a year, so daily jewelry wouldn’t be a great fit for a safe deposit box. However, you can rest easy knowing your precious jewelry is safe at the bank for as little as $20-$150 per year!

Store your jewelry in a lockable jewelry box

If your goal is to keep your jewelry safe from little hands or questionable guests, a lockable jewelry box may be more your style. Lockable jewelry boxes allow you to place your items within a traditional jewelry box, but you’ll have the added security of locking it with a key.

These boxes cost anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars, so there are plenty of options for every budget! They’re also incredibly dynamic, and there are models meant to sit on shelves, hang from doors, or stand alone and act as a full-body mirror.

Keep it safe in a safe

A jewelry safe may seem like an unnecessary cost, but anyone who travels or entertains many visitors in their home should always consider the extra layer of security for their valuables.👍🏻 In most cases, it’s probably overkill, but it never hurts to be cautious!

Jewelry safes come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to find one that best suits your needs. You can also always start with a small safe and upgrade to a larger version as your jewelry collection expands!

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