Actually, the Styles of Custom Rings Are Limitless [14+ For Inspiration]

Jewelry sales have been increasing ever since 2015, and are projected to increase up until 2025. And it’s no wonder why—wearing jewelry is still the best way to express yourself and add style to any outfit.

There are many popular jewelry pieces, but many people still gravitate toward rings.

Rings embody many different meanings; engagement and wedding rings symbolize everlasting love while rings are also given to loved ones as gifts and even mark achievements (such as championship and class rings).

Custom rings are also gaining notoriety. Custom jewelry is trending right now and there are limitless ways to customize rings. Continue reading to learn more information about custom rings and see some style recommendations.

Custom Rings: Limitless Customization Options With Your Creativity

The history of rings

Humans have worn rings for both fashion and symbolic purposes, dating back to Ancient Egypt.

The Ancient Egyptians wore signet rings to authenticate documents. The Ancient Greeks in the Hellenistic period started wearing rings as a fashion statement. They were also the first to insert a stone, such as garnets and carnelians, into the bezel.

Wearing rings as a status symbol began in Ancient Rome. Most rings were made of iron but gold rings were worn by members of certain classes, such as patricians who held high office. This changed in the 3rd century AD; anyone who wasn’t a slave could wear gold rings.

The Romans also started the tradition of wearing engagement rings. They believed the vein in the fourth finger on your left-hand leads directly to your heart, so wearing a ring on this finger after you’re wed results in everlasting love.

In the 3rd century BC, rings were only restricted to knights. But this changed in the Middle Ages, when the papal ring tradition flourished. Newly-appointed popes were given papal rings, such as the Fisherman’s Ring to seal pontifical documents.

The modern rings we wear can date back to the 19th century. At this point, rings weren’t only worn to signify class—they were worn as fashion statements. These rings were machine-made, made out of gold or silver and usually included a gemstone such as a diamond.

The parts of a ring

While there are different types of rings (we will go over this in the next section), most rings have similar parts. These include:

  • Center stone: the gemstone that sits in the middle of the ring.
  • Head: the middle of the ring, holds the stone in place (if there is one)
  • Prong: pieces of metal that hold the stone in place (if there is one)
  • Side stones: smaller stones that accentuate the ring. They can surround the larger center stone on the head or can be embellished into the band.
  • Gallery: the back part of the ring that fits over the top of the finger.
  • Girdle: facet between the gallery and stone.
  • Shoulder: top two sides of the ring.
  • Band (shank): the area that fits around your finger.

If you’re customizing your ring, it’s important to know these terms to ensure you receive the ring of your dreams.

The different types of rings

There are many popular ring styles, worn both for fashion and to symbolize something significant. Here are the different types of rings.

Engagement rings

A ring, usually featuring a diamond, given to a woman signifying she will soon be wed.

Wedding bands

Indicates the wearer is married. Both married partners wear wedding bands—some couples personalize their wedding bands to look similar and other couples have different wedding bands.

Promise rings

Also called pre-engagement rings, these are a sign of commitment between two people—usually a couple. There are many promise ring customization options, including engraved promise rings.

Custom birthstone rings

Birthstone rings contain the wearer’s birthstone on a simple band, though there are many customization options.

Championship rings

American athletes who won a championship symbolize their victory with specialty rings. Super Bowl and World Series rings are the most famous examples.

Cameo rings

A figure or scene carved in relief. These rings are historical, depicting deities or historic figures.

Class rings

Worn by students during a graduation ceremony.

Friendship rings

These are identical rings, worn by two close friends to signify their friendship. These rings are usually customized, adding engraved text such as names and a “best friends” message.

Doctoral rings

Worn by students who earn a doctoral degree. Most popular in Sweden and Denmark.

Cocktail rings

A ring style popular in costume jewelry, where a large stone is surrounded by smaller stones.

Ecclesiastical or Episcopal rings

These are worn by religious authority members. Bishops and high-ranking priests specifically wear episcopal rings.

Giardinetti rings

“Giardinetti” is Italian for “garden.” This is a design where several small stones are set in a cluster. The design looks similar to a flower, where the name comes from.

Mood rings

A ring where the center stone changes color in response to body temperature; certain colors are said to represent different moods.

Signet rings

A ring bearing a coat of arms or another emblem. Usually used to wax a seal.

Watch rings

A small watch that is worn on your finger instead of your wrist.

Body rings

Not all rings are worn on your fingers. For example, toe rings are specialized rings worn on a toe instead of a finger. Some rings are also fastened to a chain, worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Rings are also used in body piercings. For example, wearers can wear a ring in their nose or belly button piercing.

3 common types of custom rings

While there are many types of rings, not all rings are popular customization options. If you’re interested in personalized rings, these are the most popular types of custom rings.

Custom Engagement Rings: Featured Icon Image

Custom engagement rings

Many brides have a dream engagement ring, which is why a bride-to-be may opt to personalize her engagement ring. You can design your own engagement ring by altering the size and/or shape of the diamond/gemstone.

Many wearers also have metal preferences. While gold and silver are classic choices, many wearers have metal allergies that cause them to choose a non-traditional metal, such as stainless steel and titanium.

You can also opt for an engraved engagement ring, adding special mementos such as names and messages.

Custom Wedding Rings: Rose Gold and White Gold

Custom wedding rings

Many couples opt for custom wedding bands. Couples can match their wedding bands so they look similar; for example, they can choose a specific type of metal and even a unique shape.

It’s also common to see engraved wedding bands. Common examples include the wedding date and names of the bride and groom.

Custom Promise Rings With Names Engraved: Featured Image

Custom promise rings

Promise rings for couples have many customization options. You can craft your ring in a specific type of metal, add engraved names, dates, and messages, and even include gemstones.

14+ custom ring styles for your inspiration

These aren’t the only types of rings that can be customized. There are many custom ring styles you can use as inspiration. Here are over 14 popular examples.

Custom name rings

Custom name necklaces are a classic name jewelry option, but custom name rings are a unique personalized jewelry piece. You can get one name engraved or even two.

Rose Gold-Plated Silver Custom Name Ring by Soufeel
Custom Name Ring Worn on Finger

Photos: Soufeel

Custom name rings are different from engraved name rings—with custom name rings, the metal is carved to spell out the name. The name usually appears at the center of the ring so the name is visible.

Custom gemstone rings

Gemstones are popular additions to rings. There are many gemstones you can add to a ring, depending on your preference.

Diamonds are the most popular example. You can select the shape and size of the diamond as well as the type of metal used. Keep in mind, custom diamond rings aren’t limited to engagement rings or wedding bands.

Personalized Diamond Cluster Ring: 14K Gold - Etsy
Personalized Diamond Cluster Ring Worn on the Finger of a Jewelry Model

Photos: FerkosFineJewelry / Etsy

Birthstones are also popular gemstone choices for rings. Birthstones are gemstones that correspond to the month you were born.

Custom Engraved Double Heart-Shaped Birthstones Ring by Soufeel
Photo: Soufeel
Animation of Personalizing Custom Birthstone Ring on Soufeel

Birthstone rings make great gifts; for example, you can get custom birthstone rings for your mom that includes her children’s and grandchildren’s birthstones.

Custom silicone rings

Silicone rings are seriously trending and are ideal for those allergic to certain types of metal. You can wear silicone rings daily, which is why they make great wedding bands.

Silicone is a flexible material and offers many customization options. You can opt for engraved silicone rings, adding your own message and you may even choose the color.

Custom signet rings

Signet rings are one of the oldest types of rings worn, dating back to Ancient Egypt. They have a custom design, such as a coat of arms, and were used to officiate documents and wax seals.

Signet rings are still popular today. They offer a traditional design and look; however, they’re worn for fashion and not to officiate documents.

Signet rings have many customization options. You can choose the material and add different designs to the center, such as initials, your name, and even gemstones.

Custom championship rings

Championship rings are given to athletes of winning teams, especially when a team wins a major league. 🏆 They’re most popular in North America and are given to both professional and college athletes.

Championship rings are significant because they serve as a winning memento for athletes.

When a team wins a league, they’re awarded one trophy per team. The rings are a congratulatory gift to each athlete and serve as an individual reminder of their hard work and recognition.

You don’t have to play in a professional or college-level team to wear a championship ring. Championship rings make the perfect gift for a winning athlete. You can customize a championship ring to state the sport, the team, and other design features.

Custom class rings

Class rings are worn by students to celebrate their graduation. They’re common for all graduation levels—both high school and college. Alumni may also wear their class rings long after they graduate.

Customize a Class Ring (All Graduation Levels Available) on Balfour
View and customize a class ring.

You can customize your own class ring with your name, graduation year, and if you hold a special position.

Custom initial rings

If you truly want to express your individuality, there are many ring personalization options. Name jewelry is a serious trend; unfortunately, rings are often too small for many names. That’s why initial rings are a better option.

There are many stylish initial rings out there. You can choose a simple center initial ring or a more exquisite ring with a unique design and gemstones. Most stores let you choose the ring’s material and other customization options.

Rose Gold-Plated Silver Personalized Initial Ring on Soufeel
Personalized Initial Ring With Birthstone Worn

Photo: Soufeel

Custom Masonic rings

Masons are members of the Freemasons, one of the oldest fraternities in the world. Most masons wear a masonic signet ring to validate their commitment to the Freemasons.

Masonic lodges only give rings to members during certain events. However, you can create and customize your own masonic ring. They’re often made with certain masonic symbols and mottos.

Custom Made Masonic Ring With Masonic Symbol
Custom Masonic Ring: Vintage Jewelry Style

Photo: Etsy

You can also choose the ring’s metal and material. Examples include classic gold and silver as well as unique metals like stainless steel, nickel, and rhodium.

Custom wood rings

Wooden rings symbolize growth and strength. Their unique appearance is becoming a popular style trend, even for wedding rings and wedding bands!

Wood is easy to customize, opening up different personalization options. For example, if you’re creating wood wedding bands, you can engrave names, initials, and messages in the ring. There are also many types of wood and each has a unique appearance.

Custom biker rings

Biker rings are worn as both a fashion statement and a status symbol. While some bikers may wear a simple black ring or a custom skull ring for stylistic reasons, other bikers wear rings that symbolize their status in a bike club.

If you’re in a bike club, you can customize a biker ring with your club name and symbol. You can also add other personalized elements, such as your initials.

Custom military rings

Military rings are popular among servicemen and women and these rings honor their service. Military rings can also be worn by spouses of those who served.

U.S. Air Force Military Rings: A Wide Range of Styles Available
Click to browse the styles of custom military rings.

You can find a ring made for the specific branch and even a ring for your exact rank. There are many design options and you can add personalized elements such as gemstones.

Custom photo rings

Photo jewelry is a major trend and a lovely memento. While necklaces and lockets are common photo jewelry choices, you can customize a ring to include a photo of your choice! These rings make great gifts and are perfect for daily wear.

Custom Mother's Photo Ring by Soufeel: Anti-Oxidation
Photo: Soufeel

Personalized fingerprint rings

Every fingerprint is unique. There’s no better way to express your individuality than printing your own fingerprints on a ring!🤲🏻 More jewelers and stores are creating innovative designs to show off the most unique part of yourself.

Exclusive Identity: Custom Fingerprint Ring as an Anniversary Gift
Custom Fingerprint Ring: Unique Gift for Your Loved One

Photo: AydinsJewelry / Etsy

Other ring customization options

These aren’t the only ways to customize your rings. If you want to be more creative, you can add engravings to any ring. These engravings can be names, messages, dates, and anything else that serves as a wonderful memento.

Custom engraved rings also make great gifts. For example, if you’re looking for Father’s Day rings, you can engrave a ring with a message like “world’s best dad” and give it to your dad on Father’s Day.

You also don’t have to choose traditional ring materials, such as gold and silver. Uncommon materials are very unique and special, making great gifts for those allergic to common metals.

Unique Materials for Personalizing a Ring Exclusively as a Gift
Unique materials for ring customizations on Lashbrook.

Some of these unique materials include titanium, tantalum, carbon fiber, zirconium, and meteorites.

How to create your custom ring?

There are many ways to design your own custom ring, either using our design ideas or being innovative and sketching your own ring. Here’s how to create your own custom ring.

Search online and offline for ideas

There are many jewelers and stores that create custom rings, both online and offline. Start with these stores; many offer pre-made custom rings. If you want something more personalized, you can use one of those ideas and discuss more customization options with the jeweler.

Sketch your own ring

Even if you’re not the best artist, putting your ideas on pen and paper will give your jeweler a better idea of your ring design. If you’re good with digital design programs, you can create a more realistic image of your desired ring.

To Customize a Ring: Draw Sketch of Your Dream Ring and Talk With Professional Jeweler
Engagement Ring Designed by Steven: Combination of the Initials
© JewelryTalk | Engagement ring designed by Steven: Combination of the initials "S" (Steven) And "C" (Cynthia, the bride)

You can also jot down notes and ideas they can use for reference. For example, it’s also important to emphasize certain metal preferences or gemstones you want.

Design your custom rings today

Customized jewelry is a huge trend and many people are wearing custom rings as a means of expression. Some custom rings are traditional, such as signet rings, while other custom ring styles are more modern, such as name and initial rings.

There are also limitless custom ring possibilities. You can design your own ring and ask a jeweler to bring your ring to life.

Do you want to expand your custom jewelry collection? You’ll also love custom necklaces! Here are 3 types of custom necklaces with a bonus buying guide! 🙌🏻

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