Top Blue Nile Wedding Bands for Him and Her (Plus Advice & FAQs)

Buying wedding bands: A major step before “I do!”

Once you’ve purchased the perfect ring, popped the question, and gotten an enthusiastic “Yes!”, it’s time to start thinking about the ideal wedding bands for you and your partner.💋 Blue Nile has a surprisingly large collection of wedding bands, ranging from simple to complex designs that can sit comfortably against even the most detailed engagement ring. Blue Nile wedding bands are affordable, well-crafted, and a perfect addition to any wedding suite.

Top Blue Nile Wedding Bands

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Overview of Blue Nile wedding bands

There’s a lot to love about Blue Nile’s wedding band inventory, and you can expect a healthy selection for both men and women!

👰🏻When it comes to women’s wedding bands, Blue Nile has 800+ products to choose from. Most choices are available in yellow, white, and rose gold as well as platinum, and some styles even offer shoppers the option to choose from 14K or 18K gold.

Furthermore, women’s wedding band shoppers can choose from plain metal bands or pieces with accent diamonds. The designs can be simple, such as a band with a few accent stones, or more complex with milgrain, mixed metals, colored gemstones, and more.😻

🤵🏻Men’s options are equally impressive with almost 400 styles available on the website. It’s a common misconception that men’s wedding rings must be plain old bands! In fact, Blue Nile provides a staggering collection of unique features to make your men’s band stand out.

Blue Nile offers the same metal options as women’s rings with a few fun additions for men. Cobalt, tantalum, titanium, and tungsten join traditional gold and platinum settings and offer the same durability. These metals introduce colors like black, blue, and grey into the mix, and some styles even have black diamonds or other colored gemstones to switch it up. Finally, you can find wedding bands with polished and textured surfaces—or both—to add intrigue to your ring without adding to the price.

Overall, while the selection isn’t insanely large at Blue Nile, their wedding bands are certainly made with a host of unique shoppers in mind.

Reviews of top 10 Blue Nile men’s wedding bands

We’ll start our list with Blue Nile men’s wedding bands, and we recommend taking a look through the comments yourself to gain a better understanding of why each ring has made this list. Without further ado, here are the top 10 Blue Nile wedding bands for him, with reviews and ratings included:

Brushed Inlay Wedding Ring in Platinum (6mm)

The subtle brushed inlay on this platinum band is what really sets it apart from the pack. The ring has all the hallmarks of a traditional wedding band, but the textured interior gives it a formal/casual appearance perfect for any occasion.

Reviewers give this ring 4.9/5 stars and describe it as a “modern update to a classic” style. Buyers love the lightweight nature of the band as well as the comfort provided by the design’s curved edges. The “sunrise shine” and “high quality” are also mentioned, and being made of platinum means this ring will last for decades to come.❤️

Beveled Edge Matte Wedding Ring in Platinum (6mm)

Another classic silhouette with modern appeal, the beveled edges of this men’s wedding ring offer a sharper, pointed design. It’s for wearers who prefer pieces that are architecturally inspired, as the beveled details give the sides dimension while the lathe emery finish of the center band produces a subdued texture that’s very eyecatching.

Touted as “masculine yet stylish”, this ring boasts 4.8/5 stars on Blue Nile’s website. Wearers feel the design will age well over time, and we agree! The timeless silhouette of this ring features some modern “updates” that buyers say are “elegant” and “beautiful” and make this band “a statement piece for any occasion”.

Mid-Weight Comfort Fit Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold (5mm)

We love a classic, yellow gold band, and that’s exactly what this next ring is! In addition to the sleek, sunny yellow gold construction, the band has a perfectly polished surface that brings a pleasant shine to the overall piece.

This band is designed with comfort in mind, as the edges are smooth and made to hug your finger without you ever feeling it.😘 And customers agree, rating the ring a hefty 4.8/5 stars and fawning over the “perfect fit” this setting provides. While they mention its unbelievable comfort, wearers are also blown away by the shape, color, and quality of this Blue Nile wedding band.

Mid-Weight Comfort Fit Wedding Band in 14K White Gold (5mm)

Not a yellow gold fan? How about the same, comfort-focused band that we mentioned above in a soft white gold? The mid-weight comfort fit band looks just as lovely in icy white gold as it does in warm yellow gold, and the benefits are pretty much the same!

This ring boasts 4.7/5 stars and equally glowing reviews. Customers say it is the perfect simple/plain wedding band, and the quality of the ring is top-notch. One client summed up the best features of this ring perfect: “shiny, comfortable, and gorgeous”.

Matte Beveled Edge Wedding Ring in Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold (6mm)

If you can’t decide between white and yellow metals, don’t! Mixed metal rings like this beveled edge design at Blue Nile are a perfect example of both metal colors working together in harmony. The sunny inner band glistens below a more subtle, textured platinum outlay that gives both metals ample time to shine.🙌🏻

The ring averages 4.7/5 stars from Blue Nile customers, and they agree that the look and feel of this ring are both wonderful. Reviewers tout the exceptional quality of the band and say it was “even better than expected” upon arrival! Others compliment the refined design and great price for a high-quality piece that will last a lifetime.

Hammered Milgrain Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in Platinum (6mm)

Milgrain is such an adaptable feature to add to your wedding band, and we love how well the two milgrain lines complement the rough surface of this hammered band. 🏞️The slightly uneven hammered portion at the center gives the ring a casual vibe, but the polished edges and two beaded lines of milgrain remind you that this is still a wedding band.

Dubbed the “most beautiful ring” by one satisfied customer, this hammered band averages 4.8/5 stars when it comes to reviews. They also state that they “get compliments everywhere” and feel the ring is a perfect “combination of rugged and elegant”. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more!

Milgrain Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in Platinum (5mm)

For a more refined look, you can always combine milgrain with a standard polished band. The “comfort fit” means this band is designed with your comfort in mind, featuring soft edges and a rounded frame. The two lines of milgrain fold seamlessly around the edges of the band, providing just a hint of detail without drawing too much attention.😎

Simple and stylish, it’s easy to see why this ring boasts 4.8/5 stars on Blue Nile’s website. Happy customers claim the ring’s classic design will never go out of style, and they’re very satisfied with the comfortable fit and sturdy band despite the delicate nature of milgrain.

Brushed Inlay Wedding Ring in 14K Yellow Gold (6mm)

There are other ways to create dimension than adding milgrain, such as this stunning yellow gold band that features two deep channels around a brushed inlay center. The inlay offers a soft glow when compared to the shining edges of the yellow gold band, meaning you get the best of both worlds in one ring!

Another band with 4.8/5 stars, this ring is beloved by those who purchase it. “Stunning”, “classy”, and “elegant” are just a few words reviewers use to describe this ring, and the reasonable price and wide inner surface perfect for engraving are equally great reasons to consider this ring for your wedding band.

Brushed Beveled Edge Wedding Ring in 14K White and Rose Gold (7mm)

This absolute stunner of a wedding band proudly features a rose gold inner band with white gold inlay for a soft yet refined blend of color and class.🤩 The beveled edges of the band give it a modern silhouette, while the brushed inlay tones down the color combination and offers a smidge of texture.

Although it may seem like a daring choice for a wedding band, buyers are extremely happy with this design which boasts a staggering 4.7/5 stars. The “brilliant design” is lauded for the superior finish and new-age masculine appeal. Plus, if your engagement ring is also rose gold, it’s a fun way to incorporate a matching element into both rings!

Diamond Channel-Set Wedding Ring in Platinum

No wedding band list would be complete without some diamonds, and we adore this channel-set piece with 13 of the dazzling gemstones. The string of diamonds provides ample sparkle without appearing too flashy, and the brushed finish on the platinum band allows the stones to take center stage.✨

Averaging 4.8/5 stars, this wedding band is best summed up by one customer’s concise review: “simple, sleek, and stylish”. Reviewers love that the band has plenty of sparkle without being gaudy, and the overall quality of the design and the brushed surface of the band are popular talking points.

Reviews of top 10 Blue Nile women’s wedding bands

It’s hard to believe, but each women’s wedding ring on this list is just as beautiful as the last! Let’s take a look at the top 10 Blue Nile wedding bands for her and discuss why they made the list:👓

Classic Wedding Band in Platinum (2mm)

You can’t beat a classic Blue Nile platinum wedding band. Platinum is a very durable metal, and its white sheen matches any precious metal with ease. The polished surface is unembellished, so the band can shine on its own or complement the features of even the most complex engagement ring design.

Customers adore the “understated beauty” of this band, which has 4.6/5 stars on the website. The lightweight design and low profile are popular features that make this band well-suited for any lifestyle, and many reviewers mention that they also enjoy wearing the band on its own as a stylish accessory.

Petite Micropavé Diamond Ring in Platinum

This band of tiny accent diamonds embraces your engagement ring in sparkle while enhancing your center stone’s brilliance. Micropavé bands are perfect for adding a little texture and glisten to solitaire settings, or they can amp up the glam of glitzy halo or matching micropavé engagement rings.

This petite micropavé piece has an impressive 4.7/5 stars, and it’s easy to see why. Fans of the band say it’s “dainty and dazzling”, and they love the elegant design that adds “a bit of sparkle” to their wedding suites. In fact, much like our first entry on this list, this wedding band received many compliments on its ability to match just about any ring style.

Riviera Pavé Diamond Eternity Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

You can achieve a warmer look for your engagement ring with this incredible, yellow gold pavé wedding band.🌻 The Riviera design is an eternity ring, which means the diamonds extend all the way around the band. As such, you never have to worry about the band spinning around your finger; it’s always showing its good side no matter what!

This stackable design is perfect for an anniversary suite as well, and it has 4.8/5 stars from customers. Reviewers enjoy the ring’s ability to give them a glimpse of sparkle from every angle, and they love the simple yet scintillating design that can be worn with multiple rings or just by itself.

French Pavé Diamond Eternity Ring in 14K Rose Gold

This stunning band features 1ct. tw. of round brilliant diamonds for an eternal sparkle that rivals our last entry on this list. The rose gold band also gives off a romantic, feminine vibe perfect for a hint of color on an otherwise colorless engagement ring.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally found a legendary 5/5 star piece at Blue Nile! That’s right, this rosy band gets perfect marks from delighted customers, who highlight the ring’s simple beauty and incredible brilliance. In fact, they feel this setting of round brilliant diamonds is “just enough sparkle without going over the top”.

Petite Twist Diamond Eternity Ring in 14K White Gold

This twisted design is a testament to the growing popularity of intricate wedding bands.📈 It weaves a classic white gold band with a scintillating micropavé band to create a unified look that’s ideal for any engagement ring. We particularly love this style with plain solitaire and cathedral settings as well as three-stone looks, as the twisted band brings an air of complexity to otherwise simple engagement rings.

Not to be outdone, this band has an amazing 4.9/5 stars to its name. Customers couldn’t be happier with this band’s low profile and small size, which helps it fit seamlessly with multiple engagement settings on Blue Nile’s website. What’s more, reviewers say this ring nets them plenty of compliments on its unique design.

Riviera Pavé Diamond Ring

If an eternity band just isn’t in your budget, this beautiful alternative to the original Riviera wedding band may suit your needs. This version of the Riviera band features a half circle of diamonds that extend just beyond your finger, so you can still get a sparkly appearance without having to pay for a full band of diamonds. Plus, you can turn the band around for a plain metal look if you’re feeling it!

Customers love this band so much that it has a solid 4.8/5 star rating on the website. This wedding ring has a “classic” beauty that “jumps out at you” unexpectedly, according to reviewers. The simple design and comfortable fit are also popular highlights.

Scalloped Pavé Diamond Ring

This scalloped pavé band provides pavé stones with a unique twist. Sporting some traditional pavé diamonds, the prongs around each gem are scalloped for a more textured design. These scalloped elements gleam in yellow gold, adding an antique air to an overall modern band.

With a respectable 4.9/5 stars, this ring has a lot of benefits. Lauded as a feminine showstopper, the wedding band has reviewers raving over its “different” design that helps it stand out among the crowd, perfect shine, and affordable price point.

Milgrain Marquise and Dot Diamond Ring

Another wedding band that’s perfect for those who want to stand out, this marquise and dot design boasts a gorgeous milgrain border that really makes those brilliant diamonds pop.🎉 The alternating marquise and round band shapes provide a refreshing take on the standard, straight band, and it’s perfect for those hard-to-accent marquise center diamonds.

With a hefty 4.9/5 stars, this lovely wedding ring is a favorite among customers. We love all of the different ways couples have paired this band with engagement rings as well as anniversary sets, as it shows the versatility of the design. Plus, reviewers love the “very sweet” color and the vintage appeal of the marquise and dot pattern.

Petite Twist Diamond Eternity Ring

If you loved the petite twisted wedding band listed above but want something a bit more durable, we recommend this platinum version. With the same beautiful metal and diamond bands woven together in a unified body, it offers the same delicate design at a slightly higher price. White gold is durable on its own, but platinum’s white sheen and tough exterior will weather decades of wear with more grace.

Plus, this platinum version of the band has 4.9/5 stars! The petite silhouette sits near flush against most engagement rings shown in pictures, and the simple line of sparkling diamonds enhances the brilliance of each ring’s center stone. One reviewer remarks that this band is “the perfect combination of sparkle [and] still being easy to wear for daily life”!

Triple Row Sapphire and Diamond Ring

With three layers of gems, this ring features a center of deep blue sapphires enveloped in two rows of white diamonds. The color contrast produces an entirely unique band that can be worn with a simple solitaire or just by itself.

This ring deserves the 4.7/5 stars in reviews, and customers cannot get enough of the non-traditional band. They compliment the ring’s amazing sparkle yet simple design, making the most out of three layers of stones. Many customers also purchased this ring as an anniversary band, and the three lines of gems would be great for celebrating 3, 30, or any amount of years you’ve been together.

Honorable mentions: Other beautiful Blue Nile wedding bands

Obviously, we couldn’t fit every style of wedding band into these top 10 lists, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give a shout out to some brilliant designs we think you’ll love! Let’s look at some other gorgeous Blue Nile wedding bands that you may want to consider:

Diamonds and gemstones

While we reviewed plenty of diamond bands above, there are some unique variations that are worth mentioning. 💎Diamonds are arguably the most common feature of women’s wedding bands, and they bring a level of sparkle and personality that’s hard to ignore.

Jewelry designers can set diamonds in many ways, although pavé and french pavé settings are incredibly popular. However, it can be fun to switch up this common wedding ring style for a more prominent diamond display, such as with these decadent diamond bands:

Eternity bands are also a popular choice for wedding rings, as they can be worn without an engagement ring and are perfect for stackable sets when adding anniversary bands. We’re partial to these options on Blue Nile’s website:

It can also be fun to add colored diamonds and other gemstones to your ring for a pop of color or an edgy aesthetic. Here are a few of our favorite, colorful options at Blue Nile:

Tungsten and titanium

Every year, more men are moving away from traditional metal wedding bands! From whiskey barrels to meteorites, men’s wedding bands are certainly becoming a fashion statement of their own.😝 And, it’s fun to see the man in your life express himself through his wedding band, an eternal symbol of your love for him.💑🏻

Blue Nile carries two very popular alternative metals for men’s wedding bands: tungsten and titanium. Both metals are durable and scratch-resistant, so they’re perfect for men who want to wear their rings even on the job. Plus, they’re typically more affordable than standard metals and come in a host of colors that can really catch the eye! Here are some of our top picks for alternative metals from Blue Nile:

Designer bands

Don’t forget to look at Blue Nile’s exceptional designer brands during your wedding ring search!✅ Offering enhanced glam at similar price points, these designer brands include big names in wedding jewelry as well as some of Blue Nile’s own creations. Plus, these designer wedding bands are often more detailed and feature extravagant silhouettes that take your wedding suite to a whole new level.

While all of the designer rings are stunning, these ones definitely caught our eye the quickest:

Why shop for your wedding band at Blue Nile?

There are several online retailers that offer excellent wedding band options as well as a great shopping experience. So, why should you choose Blue Nile over other retailers? In addition to the impressive quality of Blue Nile wedding rings, the company offers some excellent tools and policies for a superior shopping experience every time. Here are a few reasons to choose Blue Nile for your wedding bands:

Ethical metals and conflict-free diamonds

In an effort to promote ethical business practices, Blue Nile adheres to a strict code of conduct when it comes to mining and sourcing. The company follows the Kimberley Process and works with responsible miners to ensure conflict-free diamonds that are ethically sourced to prevent the introduction of “blood diamonds” into their supply.

Additionally, Blue Nile does not use “dirty gold” and fosters ethical mining of precious metals when it comes to their products. Similar to diamond mining, gold mining creates plenty of human rights and environmental issues, so Blue Nile is committed to supporting precious metals suppliers with strong ethical codes to ensure their product is not only high quality but also leaves customers feeling guilt-free after purchase!👍🏻

Customer service

To say Blue Nile’s customer service package is extensive is almost an understatement. In truth, there are several policies for customers to take advantage of that make buying a quality item at a fair price a breeze.

For starters, each purchase includes a 30-day hassle-free option for returns, and you can resize most rings within the first year. Each item also comes with a complimentary lifetime maintenance package that includes cleanings, repairs, polishing, and more. And, each product comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, so if any part of the design fails Blue Nile has you covered!

When it comes to fair pricing, Blue Nile promises some of the best value per dollar for your purchase. However, should you find another diamond of equal quality for a better price, you can utilize the brand’s “Diamond Price Guarantee” to pricematch a gem from their collection. Free shipping and complimentary professional jewelry appraisals are a few more ways Blue Nile tries to save customer’s money in the long run.

Finally, if you’re the type of shopper who has a list of questions before buying, fear not: Blue Nile’s customer service team is available 24/7! You can speak with a non-commissioned diamond professional at any time, and you can choose to call, email, chat, or even WhatsApp with one of their team members at your convenience. What’s more, you can set up a virtual appointment or speak with the customer service team and get a diamond inspection in real-time.

Matching wedding rings

It’s often best to buy a wedding band and engagement ring from the same company in hopes that the two will match, but that’s not always a guarantee that you’ll find two pieces that sit flush and complement each other well. Despite this, Blue Nile actually has a distinct edge over the competition in this category! While shopping on the website, you can actually search for rings that have matching bands to make this process much smoother.

You can find the matching bands filter under the “Ring Styles” category, and it looks like this:

Blue Nile Matching Wedding Band Filter for Engagement Ring Search

Selecting this option allows you to search engagement rings that have a designated wedding band or bands to choose from.💃🏻 Doing so eliminates the hassle of trying to find one on your own, especially for more complex ring settings with curves and edges.

Ring Matcher Tool

If you don’t even know where to begin your engagement ring search, try Blue Nile’s Ring Matcher Tool to assist you in finding the right ring style. The platform asks you 6 questions to gauge which rings in Blue Nile’s inventory would be a good fit for you. Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll be presented with a whole list of rings that match your criteria, and you can even change your answers at the top of the screen to update your list.

Honest and helpful product reviews

Something that really sets Blue Nile’s individual product listings apart from other websites is the reviews at the bottom of each page. Near the end of the page, you can find comments, ratings, and even pictures from actual customers who purchased the ring you’re considering. These reviews include helpful information, such as perceived fit, shipping times, and comments regarding how the ring was received by the soon-to-be bride or groom.

The most helpful part of these reviews is easily the photos. Seeing how each ring fits on different hand sizes and shapes can be crucial for figuring out which one is best for your partner. By analyzing these photos and seeing how each ring performs under different lighting, you get a better idea of how the ring will look in all settings.

BONUS: FAQs about buying wedding rings

Still have questions about wedding rings in general? We’re here to help! Here are a few frequently asked questions you may have about purchasing a wedding band:

How much should I spend on a wedding band?

Overall, men’s wedding bands cost around $550 on average, whereas most women’s wedding bands are roughly $1,100. Why are women’s bands double the price? It comes down to metal and features: women’s rings are more likely to be made of pricier precious metals like platinum and gold, and they often include diamonds and other gemstones which can quickly raise the price.

Before you even start your engagement ring search, you should have a clear idea of how much you can afford and allocate your money according to how much you want to spend on the engagement and wedding rings respectively. Once you know that, it’s all a matter of finding rings that you love that fit your financial situation.

Are Blue Nile’s wedding rings resizable?

Most of Blue Nile’s wedding bands are resizable, but you should still be careful to select the right size the first time. Typically, most settings can be resized within about ½ to 1 size in either direction. If you’re thinking of resizing your ring, be sure to contact Blue Nile directly. However, they do offer free ring sizing within one year of purchase!

⚠️It’s not possible to resize all ring styles, and Blue Nile denotes settings that cannot be resized with a Not Resizable (Blue Nile) image for your convenience. Ring styles that may have this image typically include eternity or full diamond bands, designs with milgrain or twisted elements, and silver rings or bands with alternative metals like tungsten.

If you’re unsure what size ring you need, try ordering free ring sizers from Blue Nile or use our at-home ring sizing methods to get an accurate measure of your finger.

Do we need to follow the “matchy-matchy” tradition for our wedding bands?

Absolutely not!😁 You and your partner may or may not want to choose wedding bands that match. While you may work well together as a couple, you are completely different people who may want entirely different settings when it comes to your wedding jewelry. Since you’ll be wearing this ring every day, it’s important to choose a band that fits your personality and that you will be happy to put on every morning!

Do my engagement ring and wedding band need to sit flush against each other?

Not really, it’s just a personal preference. Some people prefer that their two rings sit against one another without any gap, creating a seamless silhouette that can be rather appealing. However, more and more often women opt for wedding bands that don’t sit flush with the engagement ring, creating an entirely new shape and adding space to the overall design.

Sitting flush or not won’t impact your wedding suite’s durability, it’s just a matter of whether or not you like the extra space between each ring.

What kind of wedding band is best for an active lifestyle?

If you’re constantly on the move, you may want a wedding band that can suit your lifestyle! This can include non-desk job workers, stay-at-home parents, or active individuals who work out or participate in outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, climbing, etc.

There are several traditional wedding band styles that can fit into an active life, but plain bands are typically the best suited for the job. Simple metal bands with no accent stones or pointy details are best for avoiding snagging, tearing, and stone loss, and this goes for both men’s and women’s wedding rings.👩🏻‍🏫

Or, consider purchasing a silicone wedding band to wear during your more strenuous activities. Silicone bands are affordable, durable, and won’t damage your finger if they snag. Plus, they come in so many colors and styles! We recommend starting your search for silicone wedding bands at these retailers:

Picking the right wedding band for you

Choosing a wedding band may seem easy, but the endless supply of styles, colors, and lifestyles factors that play into this decision can make anyone’s head spin! Luckily, Blue Nile has several helpful tools that can assist you in finding wedding bands that match your criteria. We’ve also curated a list of our favorite Blue Nile engagement rings if you’re still looking for that ideal ring for your partner. And, be sure to check out our list of top men’s wedding band styles as well!

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