15 Top Initial Necklace Designs to Perfectly Match Your Outfits

Initial necklaces have become massively popular in recent years, completely changing the way people view neck ornaments. This has made them have a huge impact on the custom jewelry industry as a whole.

One of the main factors that have been a driving force behind the popularity of initial necklaces is the rapid advancements we have seen in modern technology over the last few decades. It is now very easy, cheap, and convenient to get a personalized initial necklace, in most cases right from the comfort of your own home through the internet. 

If you have been planning to get an initial necklace for yourself or even as a gift for that special someone, here is everything you need to know about them and how you can get your hands on great initial necklaces for men/women/kids.

Stunning Custom Initial Necklace Designs: Perfectly Match Your Outfits
Photo by Joseph Kellner on Unsplash

What is an initial necklace?

Put simply, initial necklaces are necklaces with initials on them. They are trendy jewelry pieces that have specific letters on them, which often hold special meanings for the wearer. The initials can also be combined with other elements to make the accessories more unique and fashionable.

Historically, the origin of initial necklaces can be traced back all the way to one of the earliest forms of identification, used on Roman coins to identify rulers by their initials and monograms. Also, some old Greek cities were found to use the same method to key out their regional leaders.

Monograms are designs made by combining multiple letters in order to form one symbol. These monograms can then be used as company or individual logos, depending on the letters used to make them. Monograms in jewelry are also used as a form of personal expression, for example, to express one’s feelings towards their loved ones.

Today, initial necklaces have become even more popular. Many celebrities have been spotted on the red carpet, while hosting shows, or while out and about on their daily lives looking stunning in initial jewelry. Top models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have also been seen wearing matching initial necklaces to show their friendship to each other.

Top Models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner Shopping in Paris Ahead of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
Photo: SPLASH via Footwear News

What the initials can represent

Monogram necklaces can represent a large number of things. For example, they can be used to express the wearer’s personal sense of style. You can also wear them to represent the first letters of the names of people you hold dear.

Custom made initial necklaces can also carry a special meaning for the wearer. For example, some people believe that the presence of the letter G in your name symbolizes high intellectual activity and intense dedication and drive.

Aside from letters, custom initial necklaces can also have other additional elements added to them to make them more symbolic or to add more meaning to them. For example, the use of specific birthstones can be used to show the wearer’s zodiac sign or birth month.

Advancements in technology have made it really easy for people to select and customize their jewelry at the comfort of their own homes, make a purchase and have the final piece delivered right to your doorstep. Sites like Soufeel and Etsy have especially taken this ease and convenience to a whole new level when it comes to custom made jewelry.

15 top initial necklace designs to perfectly match your outfits

Custom-shaped initial pendant necklace

This beautiful antique-looking wax initial seal pendant on Etsy is made entirely out of sterling silver. You can customize the chain length however you like and have a letter of your choice embossed on the material.

The pendant is ideal for highly formal settings, and would look fierce when paired with a classic button-down blouse. A longer chain would be more suitable when worn with a simple collared shirt or a loose blouse and would give a more casual look compared to a shorter chain.

Vintage Sterling Silver Wax Seal Initial Pendant Necklace by RRJewels Etsy
Antique-Looking Wax Seal Initial Pendant Necklace Paired With Black Collared Shirt

Photo: RRJewels / Etsy

Initial bar necklace

This necklace has a simple yet elegant design. It is a two-sided vertical bar, with one initial engraved at the bottom of the bar. This Soufeel designer necklace comes in three materials: rose gold, gold and silver. The 14K gold initial necklace is fancy while still remaining classy, while rose gold plated silver and the anti-oxidation silver styles are perfect for everyday wear.

Soufeel Designer Two-Sided Initial Bar Necklace - Anti-Oxidation Silver
Photo: Soufeel

You can also get a similar engraved vertical bar pendant on Etsy. Here you will find a vertical bar finished with either gold, silver or rose gold, which can have up to four sides engraved with a short message of your choice.

The initial bar necklace can serve as the perfect gift for that special someone, either as an anniversary gift or simply as a token of appreciation. It will effortlessly stand out when worn with a button-down collared blouse, or any other smart-casual outfit.

Engraved Vertical Bar Necklace for Women Gold, Rose Gold and Silver
Engraved Vertical Bar Necklace for Women With Smart-Casual Outfit

Photo: MignonandMignon / Etsy

The different metals lend themselves perfectly to different personality types—you can choose which metal best matches the style of the person you are buying for. So, for example, a rose gold finish version will add a touch of femininity to any outfit it is paired with; so is great for people who value feminine styles.

The silver, on the other hand, could be regarded as more utilitarian and practical—so would suit someone who values understated styles, while gold (naturally) exudes luxury. Gold is always a great choice for anyone who loves a little bit of glamour.

Monogram necklace

Monogram necklaces are custom made pieces that are fashioned by combining multiple letters. This Etsy piece is perfect for a wide variety of occasions. Hanging from a shimmering chain whose length can be customized upon ordering, it comes in solid 925 sterling silver, 14K gold-filled or 14K rose gold filled.

The necklace is the perfect way to add something special to any jewelry box.

Initial necklace with an infinity symbol

The infinity symbol, which is a figure 8 on its side, is associated with the concept of eternity and everlasting love. The symbol has also been used to show support to actress Reese Witherspoon’s campaign for women empowerment, which raises awareness on domestic violence issues.

Soufeel has a beautiful infinity necklace complete with two heart-shaped pendants for initials to be engraved in. The necklace is available in 3 finishes: rose gold plated silver, 14K gold plated silver and in anti-oxidation silver.

Soufeel Infinity Initial Necklace With Two Heart-Shaped Charms
Photo: Soufeel

Soufeel also has a simple and stunning infinity name necklace which can be customized with up to six names on the loops of the symbol.

The infinity necklace is a gift that is sure to leave its recipient feeling loved and appreciated. It can be worn in informal social gatherings like engagement parties, weddings, brunches, and dinner dates.

Initial necklace with birthstone

Birthstones are special gems related to the month your birthday falls on.

Adorable Child Initial Necklace With Letter, Birthstone and Heart Charm
A Child Wearing Gold Initial Birthstone Necklace

Photo: TomDesign / Etsy

This birthstone necklace on Etsy is available in two adjustable lengths; 14 to 16 and 16 to 18 inches. It comes in 3 finishes: gold, silver and rose gold. Besides the birthstone, this beautiful necklace comes with a diamond-cut chain, a heart-shaped pendant, and a plated initial, which varies in size.

Its small size makes it adorable and perfect for a child. It can be worn by flower girls in wedding settings.

Another great choice from Etsy is this custom birthstone necklace that comes with up to four coin pendants with the birthstone at the lower part of the coin. This necklace is also available in rose gold, gold, and silver. The coin pendant can be engraved on both sides with a message of choice.

It can be paired with your favorite V-neck tee for a casual look.

Large initial pendant necklace

This large initial necklace is a bold piece that has been hand-crafted to perfection from solid sterling silver and finished with silver, gold or rose gold with varying chain lengths. The initial necklace adds a personal touch to your outfit and can be used to show off your simple yet unique style.

Small sideways initial necklace

This is a subtle yet equally stunning custom necklace. Unlike other initial necklaces with the letter at the center, this unique small initial necklace has its initials laying at the side of the wearer’s neck. It is available in .925 sterling silver with a polished finish and in 14K gold with custom rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

This edgy design not only improves on a classic, but it also shows off your trendy style when worn.

Custom couple initial necklace

A symbol of the place in your heart that that special someone will always hold, the Soufeel custom couples heart necklace is the perfect piece to help you always keep them close. It features two pendants, each forming one half of a heart, separated by an ornate design.

Photo: Soufeel

You can then pick a letter that will be engraved on each half, after which the halves are attached to separate chains. This intimate piece is available in rose gold, 14K gold or anti-oxidant plated silver, all at an adjustable chain length.

This initial pendant necklace makes the perfect thoughtful gift to a sibling, a significant other or a close friend.

Colorful initial necklace

This initial necklace has a floral, feminine design. The pendant is a vertical bar, graced with selected floral accents on its front face and your initials of choice at the bottom. While the letter is engraved on the traditional initial bar necklace, here the initial is printed on the floral pattern. The 30-inch long gold-plated chain completes the look of this piece.

Colorful Initial Necklace With Vertical Custom Bar
Poster: Colorful Floral Initial Necklace by ClearyLane

Photo: ClearyLane / Etsy

This necklace arrives in a coordinating backer card. This makes it an even more perfect gift for yourself or one of your friends.

It is a stunning piece that will make any outfit pop, making it perfect for spicing up a boring monochrome outfit.

Dangling letter initial necklace

This Etsy initial necklace is a 38 centimeters chain link necklace. The chain is available in .925 sterling silver, rhodium sterling silver and 18K gold plated sterling silver.

This custom initial necklace can hold up to ten letters on the chain. The letters will dangle from the chain, making it look great with almost every outfit you own.

Initial necklace adorned with small charms

You can find lots of initial necklaces with charms on Etsy, including:

Style I: Personalized turtle necklace

This necklace is the perfect gift for all lovers of the sea. It has an 18-inch silver plated link chain, a silver disc with the initial hand-stamped on it, a small silver-plated turtle charm, and a silver-plated birthstone.

Style II: Heart initial message

This piece is an elegant initial charm necklace that comes with a 17.5-inch chain. It also has three charms; a heart nested between two other charms. It is available in brass, gold, rose gold and silver. You can also choose between a large initial necklace option or a small initial necklace variant.

This necklace can be a beautiful and memorable way of showing your love by giving it as a Valentine’s, birthday, or anniversary gift.

Style III: Paw-print initial necklace

This custom necklace is the perfect gift for any animal lover. It is a hand-crafted 18-inch sterling silver chain, with a small paw print charm and a small hand-stamped disc with the initial letter on it. It is a simple yet stunning piece that goes well with casual outfits.

Style IV: Red rose initial necklace

Red Rose Initial Leaf Necklace Best for Bridesmaids
Red Rose Initial Necklace Leaf Charms: Paired With White Blouse

Photo: jmesjewelrybox / Etsy

This necklace is quite unique when compared to the others in this list for a number of reasons. With a strong 18-inch chain fashioned out of stainless steel that comes with a secure lobster clasp, it features 4 beautiful silver-plated brass leaves where the requested initials are hand stamped, along with a memorable red rose charm. It is also part of a matching set of three that includes a bracelet, an anklet, and the necklace.

It is a gorgeous piece that is the perfect accessory for a dinner dress if you want to give off that romantic vibe.

Personalized layered initial necklaces

Style I: Set of 3-layered necklaces

This set comes as an intricate, detailed, 3-layer collection, all of different designs. It is available in 3 materials; 14K gold-filled, rose gold-filled, and sterling silver. The necklaces are layered in this order:

  •  A simple necklace with a gemstone at its center.
  •  A necklace with a disc to hand-stamp the initial or custom name, date or words requested.
  •  A 40x4mm bar pendant necklace. This can be placed horizontally or vertically, and engraved upon one’s request.

Aside from its elegant beauty, this triple-layered necklace can be worn as three separate necklaces!

This necklace set can be the perfect gift for anniversaries, weddings, or birthdays, or even as a personal treat to yourself.

Style II: Set of 2-layered necklaces

This set comprises of 2 delicate necklaces made of either 14K gold, 14K rose gold, or sterling silver. The top layer necklace is a simple necklace with a gemstone in the middle. The bottom one has a 9-millimeter disk, which one can customize with initials of their choosing.

Just like the 3-layer necklace, this set can also be worn as two individual pieces and still maintain the same stunning look.

Cross initial necklace

ONecklace's Cross Initial Necklace Rose Gold
Photo: oNecklace

For centuries, the cross has been used as a symbol to express faith. This necklace comes with a sterling silver, gold, or rose gold chain, a cross pendant, and a letter pendant.

You also have the option of choosing your preferred chain style and clasp. This brilliant piece can be combined with a dainty necklace, or it can be worn on its own.

Gemstone-embedded initial necklace

Bold and chunky, you are bound to turn some heads in this gold-plated chain. Your chosen initial will have gemstones embedded on it, or pearls can alternatively be encrusted on the letters to form a different variation of these embedded initial necklaces.

It will make a heartwarming Mother’s Day, anniversary, or friendship gift.

Diamond initial necklace

This necklace is similar to the last one, except in this case diamonds are used instead of gemstones.

18 Karat Gold Diamond Initial Necklace by Noemie
Photo: Noémie

There are different ways a custom diamond necklace is made. For instance, the diamonds can be put all round the letter, which is engraved in the disc. With a white gold chain, this necklace will add a splash of elegance to any outfit you pair it with.

Round-Cut 10K White Gold Diamond Initial Necklace: Diamonds Embedded on the Base
Photo: Jared

Alternatively, the diamonds can be embedded on the base of the letter, creating a dazzling piece that will be sure to turn every head.

Choose the letter initial necklace that you love

On Soufeel and Etsy, you will find lots of amazing initial necklace designs, and an opportunity to personalize your own letter necklace and customize initial jewelry to give as a gift. Depending on your tastes and preferences, any one of these options will make a wonderful addition to your jewelry box.

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