10 Best Diamond Stud Earrings (+Useful Resources & Tips)

The history of stud earrings can be traced back to over 7,000 years ago. Since that time, they have become the most prevalent earring type which is beloved by almost every woman. While diamond stud earrings first came into the fashion circle in the 19th century, the sparkle of the diamond and the classic minimalistic design makes these earrings a staple piece in every modern woman's jewelry collection.💎

Based on the timeless design, jewelers have provided a wide range of carats, metal options, diamond cuts, setting styles, and backing mechanisms for customers, making the buying process slightly more complicated than before.

Best Diamond Stud Earrings Review Plus Useful Tips

In this article, we will cover customers top concerns when purchasing, such as:

  • The general composition of a diamond stud earring
  • The sizes of diamonds in different carats
  • The metal, earring setting, and backing options
  • Reviews of the 10 best diamond stud earrings
  • Where to buy the earrings
If you already have a good understanding of this earring type, that's great! Just click here to skip to our reviews of the 10 top picks!

Who should buy this style?

Many people love diamond stud earrings because of their exceptional versatility, making them suitable for all kinds of occasions and outfits.

As it says "best" in the title, these studs have timeless designs that will never grow outdated. Jewelers craft them with quality materials which can easily withstand daily tear and wear.

  • If you're new to diamond studs, this review and guide will help to clear your confusion and find the stud that fits your budget and meet your preferences.
  • If you're a diamond stud enthusiast and want to enrich your collection, you have come to the right place! By reading our reviews, you can find your desired earrings in diverse designs, metals, and price ranges, all of good quality.

Understanding diamond stud earrings: composition and options

A diamond stud earring features a solitaire diamond or clustered small diamonds mounted on a thin post that passes through a piercing in the ear. It is then held in place by a back on the other side. When we break it down, such an earring generally consists of a diamond, setting, post, and back.

Diamond Shape and Cut

If you have received a diamond engagement ring from your partner or are wearing a wedding band, you should have some basic knowledge of the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Gemologists cut diamonds into specific shapes. When it comes to the diamond on an earring, the most common shapes are round and square, while the marquise and pear shapes are the least common. That's because earrings are sold by the pair and requires that both pieces appear nearly identical. Thus, the round or square cuts tend to fare better in production as they have more equal proportions compared to the other shapes. However, you can still find pretty marquise, pear, or oval-shaped diamond stud earrings crafted by excellent jewelers.

The Carat Weight and the Diamond Size

The carat of a diamond is the measurement of its weight, not its size. Even though gemologists cut diamonds with different proportions, most diamonds would be of a very similar size at a particular carat rate. Below is a graphic to help you gain a better sense of diamonds' sizes in different carats.

Please keep in mind that the carat weight listed is the total weight of the two diamonds when shopping for studs. For example, in a 1-carat diamond stud earring pair, each earring is either close to or slightly over ½ carat.

The Stud Setting and Back

The setting mounts the diamond in the earring. There are many choices for diamond stud settings, but the three main styles are prongs, haloes, and bezels. Prong settings are the most famous and can appear in the basket, crown, and Martini styles.

Another mechanism in a diamond stud earring is the backing. Try to opt for a secure backing for your earrings to ensure that your piece does not easily fall out and get lost! The secure lock backs are a great option, but you can also go for push backs and screw backings. As per the type of backing, the post can be either standard or threaded.

What About the Metal Options?

Thanks to the advancements in metal processing technology, we have many more metal options than in ancient times. If you prefer white or silvery tones, you can select white gold, sterling silver, or platinum. Darker metals like yellow gold and rose gold are also stunning, adding a bit of luxury and romance to your look.

Best Diamond Stud Earrings for 2020: Our Picks

Below is our list of the best diamond stud earrings. Besides the designs and metals, you can choose 1/2-carat, 2-carat, or 3-carat diamond studs based on your needs. Let's dive in!

An Affordable Round Diamond Earrings Option

Affordable Diamond Stud Earrings (Eleganti)
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Metal Options: 14K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold
  • Minimum Total Diamond Weight: 0.1 carats
  • Setting: Prong
  • Backing Type: Push backing
  • Price: $69 - ?

This is a pair of round diamond stud earrings for women. The IGL-graded diamond is mounted in a four-prong setting with a traditional basket base. With a high diamond color grading of scale G-H and a good minimum clarity of grade I1, this diamond will surely give off an attractive brilliance. The superior seller offers these stud earrings on Amazon at an affordable price. It's a fabulous idea to buy several pairs in different carats and wear them in your second, third, or fourth piercings to create a unique effect.

What we like:

  • A classic design suitable for either casual or formal occasions
  • Affordable for most customers when compared to studs of similar materials and characteristics
  • Easy to buy and backed by quality customer services provided by Amazon

What we don't like:

  • The carat option is limited
Pro Tip
If you prefer screw backings to secure your earrings, please consider this pair.

Quality Round Diamond Studs With Extensive Options

James Allen Four Prong Diamond Studs
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Metal Options: 18K white gold, yellow gold, and platinum
  • Setting: Prong
  • Backing Type: Push backing
  • Minimum Total Diamond Weight: 0.25 carats
  • Price: $270 - $7,000

These earrings are also in the same classic design as the one recommended above— a round cut diamond paired with a four-prong basket setting. We’ve included it in our top-pick list because they provide a variety of diamond options at different 4Cs grades. In other words, you can take charge of nearly every parameter of your earring product. When shopping for diamond stud earrings on James Allen, you will be fascinated by their user-friendly and interactive shopping experience. Their top-notch lifetime warranty grants you the best value for your purchase: they help to clean and polish your earrings, tighten the prongs, and conduct rhodium re-plating for free.

What we like:

  • GIA-graded diamonds
  • Very extensive diamond choices mean you can easily pick your desired 4Cs grades.
  • Lab-created diamonds available; you can buy quality diamonds at lower prices
  • World-leading lifetime warranty and premium customer services

What we don't like:

  • The price might not be affordable for some customers
  • Most items' backing options are limited to push backings

Natural Round Diamond Studs in a Martini Setting

Natural Round Brilliant Solitaire Diamond Studs in Martini Setting
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Metal Options: 14K white gold and yellow gold
  • Setting: Martini
  • Backing Type: Push backing
  • Minimum Total Diamond Weight: 0.25 carats
  • Price: $239 - ?

The martini-style setting has many advantages over prong and bezel settings. This setting has a cone-like shape and resembles a martini glass. As it is usually made with less metal, this leads to more visibility and promotes the incredible brilliance of the diamond. The earrings are crafted in real solid 14K gold with a layer of nickel-safe and tarnish-free plating to ensure durability and a long-lasting sheen. Another big plus is that the seller's earrings have a minimum color grading of scale G-H and a minimum clarity grading of scale SI2-I1 with a brilliant cutting technique —higher scales compared to the average stud diamonds on the market. This is a top piece in our list!

What we like:

  • The excellent diamond brilliance backed by advanced brilliant-cut techniques and high color and clarity grades
  • Crafted in 14K solid gold with a nickel-safe and tarnish-free rhodium plating
  • The exciting advantages introduced by the Martini setting
  • Affordable price for such characteristics

What we don't like:

  • The narrow bottom of the Martini setting could dig into the earhole of some persons
Pro Tip
Please also take this pair of Martini diamond studs into consideration; they’re an affordable option from a big brand.

AGS-Graded Diamond Studs in a Crown Setting

Crown Setting Diamond Stud Earrings With Push Backing
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Metal Options: 14K white gold and yellow gold
  • Setting: Crown
  • Backing Type: Push backing
  • Minimum Total Diamond Weight: 0.25 carats
  • Price: $122 - ?

The crown setting has a minimalistic but more solid construction than that of the basket-style setting. Furthermore, it is also easier to clean. The diamonds on these earrings are graded by AGS and the seller states on the product page that they will provide the grading report for both earrings. (Although most diamond studs sold on Amazon are graded by authoritative labs, some sellers might not offer you with the reports). This means you can buy with confidence!

What we like:

  • AGS-graded diamonds
  • Seller provides the AGS report card, including each diamond's grade with detailed specifics
  • Dainty and classic look

What can be improved:

  • Higher graded diamonds will always improve the look of the earrings.

Princess-Cut Natural Diamond Stud Earrings

Princess-Cut Diamond Studs With Screw Backing
  • Diamond Shape: Square (Princess Cut)
  • Metal Options: 14K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold
  • Setting: Prong
  • Backing Type: Screw backing
  • Minimum Total Diamond Weight: 0.25 carats
  • Price: $149 - ?

Princess-cut diamond studs absolutely must be considered by women who have round- or oval-shaped faces because they add an angular touch to your look. Though the color and clarity grades of these diamonds are not the best, they're brilliant enough to emit charming glint for most occasions. Having an average 4.4 rating from more than 130 verified buyers on Amazon, they have satisfied many customers with their quality and pretty appearance.

What we like:

  • Classic princess-cut diamond design
  • Multiple metal and carat options available
  • Affordable choice verified by many buyers

What we don't like:

  • Nope
Pro Tip
If you also want to try another new diamond shape, you can have a look at these octagonal-shaped emerald-cut diamond stud earrings.

Quality Princess-Cut Diamond Studs in Platinum

Platinum Princess Cut Stud Earrings
  • Diamond Shape: Square (Princess Cut)
  • Metal Options: Platinum
  • Setting: Prong
  • Backing Type: Push backing
  • Minimum Total Diamond Weight: 1/3 carats
  • Price: $472 - ?

What if you want premium princess-cut earrings with flexible customization options? These Blue Nile earrings are the answer. Platinum is more robust and durable compared to most gold metals, but it's also the safest metal for those who have sensitive skin. The earrings recommended here have a minimum average of H color and VS2 clarity, but if you have a slightly tighter budget, Blue Nile has a Build Your Own Earrings platform to help you customize your platinum diamond stud earrings from scratch. This feature ensures that you're able to get quality princess diamond studs for your budget.

What we like:

  • Superior platinum metal
  • GIA-graded diamonds with a wide selection of different colors and clarity gradings
  • The Build Your Own Earrings platform is a big help in customizing your earrings to meet your budget and needs
  • Comprehensive and trustworthy customer services

What we don't like

  • A higher price tag for those new to princess-cut studs
Pro Tip
If you're really in love with round diamond studs but want them nestled in platinum settings, no worries: here's the option.

Bezel Setting Diamond Stud Earrings

Dainty Solitaire Round Diamond Studs in Bezel Setting
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Metal Options: 18K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold
  • Setting: Bezel
  • Backing Type: Push backing
  • Minimum Total Diamond Weight: 0.1 carats
  • Price: $279 - ?

Bezel settings have a sleek and straightforward design; they feature a ring of metal that fits around the diamond to securely hold it in place. These bezel diamond studs are elegant and an excellent way to make the diamonds look bigger as the settings entirely surround the diamonds. Though not as prevalent as round-shaped studs, they are the right option if you don't have a decent budget for extraordinary diamonds but still want a high-class and delicate look.

What we like:

  • Crafted in 18K gold, a high-purity premium material which is less likely to trigger skin allergies while offering a gorgeous appearance
  • The bezel setting makes the diamond look bigger
  • A multifunctional earring setting that protects the diamond and can hide some flaws

What we don't like:

  • Bezel settings are not very popular and the diamond options used for this setting are limited

Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings (925 Sterling Silver)

Clustered Diamond Studs in Sterling Silver
  • Diamond Shape: Round (clustered diamonds)
  • Metal Options: 925 sterling silver
  • Setting: Prong
  • Backing Type: Push backing
  • Total Diamond Weight: 1/2 carat
  • Price: $167

If you're a person get used to trying something fresh and creative and still favor a round shape, this pair of sterling silver diamond cluster stud earrings may excite you. These earrings feature a diamond cluster design with round diamonds in the center and at the edges, then decorated with baguette diamonds between. They are made to enhance and illuminate your beauty. Compared to classic solitaire studs, the cluster design on these earrings can lower the cost while showcasing its unique cluster pattern and brilliant shine. With quality 925 sterling silver metal, you can wear these earrings with ease because of their outstanding antiallergic characteristics.

What we like:

  • The impressive clustered diamond design means these earrings will never dull
  • The design makes the stud looks bigger while not sacrificing its brilliance
  • High-quality 925 sterling silver is suitable for sensitive skin and can be worn with ease
  • Very affordable if you want 1/2 carat diamond studs

What we don't like:

  • Unlike classic solitaire diamond studs, they have narrow carat options

Diamond Halo Stud Earrings (Round or Square Shape)

Rose Gold Plated Halo Setting Diamond Studs
  • Diamond Shape: Round or square
  • Metal Options: White, yellow, or rose gold-plated sterling silver
  • Setting: Prong
  • Backing Type: Push backing
  • Total Diamond Weight: 0.25 carat
  • Price: $89 - ?

The halo style is not a privilege of diamond rings. Just like this pair here suggests, you can apply the halo style to your diamond studs and make them look even more prominent with an added layered effect. The basket of the prong setting also uses vintage elements to add more glamour. These earrings provide the look of white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold in round and square shapes for your choice. With a free elegant jewelry box available, these halo diamond studs are a great gift to give yourself and celebrate Valentine's Day or your anniversary with your loved one.

What we like:

  • The charming halo style looks really gorgeous.
  • Various options for the metal color and stud shape
  • An affordable stud earring choice

What we don't like:

  • The gold plating could wear away with relative ease (while solid gold or platinum does not have plating on the surface)

Diamond Flower Stud Earrings (925 Sterling Silver)

Flower Diamond Stud Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver
  • Diamond Shape: Flower Shape
  • Metal Options: 925 sterling silver
  • Setting: Prong
  • Backing Type: Push backing
  • Total Diamond Weight: 0.1 carat
  • Price: $57.3 - ?

Solitaire diamond stud earrings are a must-have in your jewelry collection. However, you ought to add some variety and flexibility to your jewelry box if you want to ensure you have the right pair for any occasion. Some irregularly shaped diamond studs help to accentuate your personality and emotions, like these diamond flower stud earrings. They're lovely and adorable earrings for girls and young women which are suitable to wear on a daily basis or for appointments. The conflict-free diamonds and intricate artistry make these earrings a true masterpiece. When paired with a monochromatic outfit, e.g. a dark-colored dress, they look stunning and impressive.

What we like:

  • A favored and adorable irregular shape – the flower
  • Conflict-free diamonds and quality 925 sterling silver

What we don't like:

  • It could be easy to break if not cared for properly

Useful tips and resources when buying diamond studs

Whether you're exploring our top-pick list or browsing items yourself, you may find that the price of diamond studs can vary greatly. This is because many factors determine the value and price of the diamonds. The diamond carat (the weight) has a close relationship with the price of the earrings, but other quality factors such as diamond clarity and color play an important role as well.

  • Diamond clarity is an inspection of the diamond's inclusions, blemishes, and how much they affect its sparkle. The GIA diamond clarity grading scale is divided into 6 categories and 11 diamond clarity grades. In the top-pick list above, diamond studs that have a clarity grading of scale SI1-SI2 (Slightly Included) have fewer imperfections than those of the I1-I3 scale (Included). These earrings may be pricier.
  • Diamond color is the measurement of a diamond's hue; the less color, the better and pricier. The grades range from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). The earrings recommended above within the G-H color scale are more colorless than those within the K-L scale. You may therefore need to spend more on the former earrings if not considering other factors.
  • Pay attention to the diamond lab grading the diamonds. Generally, the diamonds of earrings are graded by third-party labs to determine their quality gradings: cut, color, clarity, and carat. GIA and AGS are first-class labs as opposed to others. That being said, diamonds graded by GIA and AGS may be slightly more expensive, given their reputation and the fairness and accuracy of their grading.
Some stores will say their diamonds are "certified" by a lab. This is mainly for advertising purposes and misleading; most diamond labs have stated that they only grade diamonds, not certify them.

As you can see, buying diamond stud earrings can be a bit more complicated than shopping for average items. Not to worry, however, as below are a few critical things you should keep in mind and some takeaway tips for you to make smarter decisions:

Focus on your perception instead of being addicted to studying the specifics

When buying a diamond ring, you should take the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) of the diamond into account very seriously. After all, a ring will be worn on one's finger for a long, long time - or even worn for an eternal statement. You (the wearer) and others can keep a close eye on its beauty often, more easily noticing its flaws (if any).

But how do you choose diamond stud earrings? Contrarily, people will wear different pairs of earrings in their life. They will choose the right pair to style with their outfit for a specific occasion. Furthermore, it would be not only weird but impolite for people to closely approach your head, face, or ears to study your earrings, right?

Consequently, if your budget allows it, choose diamond earrings of higher grades to ensure their striking sparkle. Choose acceptable or satisfying grades and take more time to carefully check buyers' photo reviews and product images.

Best place to buy diamond stud earrings

There's a myriad of choices out there, so where to buy them? We recommend:

  • If you have a small budget and just want to try out an earring type, you can opt to buy on Amazon. There are many quality diamond studs sold at affordable prices. Plus you can enjoy the recognized customer services offered by the marketplace!
  • If you want to take charge of every option and customize a one-of-a-kind pair that best fits your needs, James Allen and Blue Nile are your choices. You can also enjoy their top-notch lifetime warranty and customer services, such as free cleaning, free inspection, free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium re-plating, etc.

Buy diamond stud earrings that are best for you

This guide has recommended diamond stud earrings in different styles, characteristics, and price tags. The best earrings are the pair that best fits your style preferences, occasion, and budget.

Buying diamond studs is not that tricky if you know the logic and reasonable buying practices that go into it. We hope you love the diamond studs recommended here and get the inspiration you needed. Just pick the one you like!

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