How to Use a Ring Size Chart to Identify Your Proper Size

Finding your size: the first step in buying your dream ring

“Measure twice, buy once” is a great motto when it comes to purchasing a ring. It’s important to know what size you need before buying: several settings cannot be resized, and others can be difficult or expensive to resize. As such, getting it right the first time goes a long way in saving you time and money!

While there are several ways to gather your ring measurements, sizing charts are similar for retailers across the globe.

👉🏻Let’s discuss ring size charts, where to find them, and helpful tips on how to get the most accurate measurement for your finger.

International ring size chart

There is a standardized ring sizing system, the ISO standard, used to measure rings the same way internationally. However, rings sizes can vary depending on the country in which you’re shopping.

Take a look at this ring size conversion chart to compare your size across the globe. Data is based off of the GIA’s measurements to ensure accuracy, and all measurements are in the standard ring size unit of millimeters (mm).

Inside Diameter (mm)Inside Circumference (mm)U.S. and CanadaU.K., Europe, and AustraliaFranceSwitzerlandAsia (Japan, Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan China, Hong Kong SAR)

Regional differences in ring size scales

Some regions have completely different scales than other areas of the world.🌎 Typically, the difference comes down to how sizes are represented. Here are a few regions with different ring sizing scales:

Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland

Measurements take the ISO standard size of a ring and subtract 40 from that number to create more digestible numbers for sizes. So, if you are a 55 ISO, then your ring size is 15.

Germany and France

A ring’s size translates to the inside circumference of a ring, measured in millimeters. For example, if you have a size 35 ring, the inside circumference of that ring is 35mm. In reality, the scale may not always match up to the exact circumference, as the circumference isn’t always a rounded number.

The UK, Europe, and Australia

These areas use an alphabetical scale, where half and quarter measurements are listed as A ½, K ¼, and so on.

It’s important to note that while these charts hold true for most retailers in a region, some retailers have their own ring sizing systems. As such, make sure you’re familiar with the local ring size scale to compare it to the retailers' measurements for the most accurate size.

Comparing men’s ring size charts and women’s ring size charts

Generally, ring size charts are unisex.  As such, men can use a ring size chart for women, they’ll just need larger ring sizes than most women.

Because men’s rings are larger, the average size range is about size 8 to 15. Additionally, the most common size for men is a 10, and men’s fingers are usually a half size larger on their dominant hand.  

Cheerful Couple Uses Ring Size Chart to Find Proper Sizes

Despite the similarities, men’s rings do differ in a few ways. Because the designs used in men’s rings often include thicker bands, men may need to size up for a comfortable fit. Men also have more metal options, with jewelry available in titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, and tungsten.💡 Each metal fits differently, meaning men may need to try their size in each one for the right fit.

Finally, men who live an active lifestyle experience higher body temperatures that can affect ring fit. As such, these men may experience finger swelling, and they should buy a ring large enough to bypass the swelling or take their ring off altogether during active hours.

Printable ring size charts vs. online ring size charts

Often, retailers and other websites offer printable and online ring size charts to help you measure your finger or a ring. Here are reviews of both methods and their typical procedures:

One thing that is necessary for both printable and online charts is “scaling” or calibration. Make sure you scale the printed or web page so ring sizes are accurate. Most charts offer a spot to measure a credit card or use a ruler to fit the page to the screen or print any sizers with the right dimensions.

Printable ring size charts

A printable ring size chart can help you physically measure your ring size at home. Typically, this tool comes with a printable ring sizer or ruler to measure your finger, ring circles to measure a ring you own, and a chart or table to help you calculate your ring size.

To measure your finger, you simply cut out the ruler, slip the band around your finger, pull the end through the opening, and tighten to read your size. Or, if your set includes sizing circles, you can line up your ring with the circles on the page to determine its size.

Printable Ring Size Charts by Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth
Printable ring size charts by Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth

Printable ring size charts are a free, easy way to find your ring size in a matter of minutes. However, you’ll want to make sure your size is international if you use a printable ring size chart from a retailer. Some retailers use their own ring size standards, so your size may not be right for all other shops!

Online ring size charts

If you don’t have access to a printer, try an online ring size chart to help you find your measurements.  

Similar to printable charts, many websites offer pages where you can compare a ring you already own to a range of circles that correlate to ring sizes. Just place your ring on the screen of your computer until you find a circle that fits.💻

Some retailers even allow you to input the circumference of your finger to calculate your ring size and convert to other units. Just input your finger circumference, select the unit of measure, and the ring size chart can show your ring size whether you use inches, centimeters, etc.

Weighing your ring size chart options

Unsure whether printable or online ring sizers are right for you? Weigh the pros and cons of both choices below:👇🏻


  • Both options are affordable and easy to access.
  • Printable and online sizers help shoppers find their ring size at home.
  • Online sizers allow shoppers to utilize a ring they already own that fits them to find their ring size rather than starting from scratch.
  • Printable sizers help buyers who don’t have a ring that already fits to find their size and accommodate any finger measurements.


  • Both sizers require scaling, which can be difficult if you do not have the proper resources on hand.
  • In certain instances, both sizers may come with complicated instructions, causing confusion for some users.
  • You may not always receive an accurate measurement, due to flimsy printable sizers and the margin of error for online sizers that haven’t been scaled properly.
  • Using one of these sizers does not mean you have found your universal ring size. Some retailers offer printable and online sizers that only measure your size for THEIR product.

Other tools for measuring your ring size

If you’re unsure about a printable or online ring sizer, consider using these tools to measure your ring size. Read more about each tool to see which one best fits your situation.

Ring sizer set

If you don’t want the trouble of calibrating a printable or online ring sizer, try a physical ring sizer set to find your measurements. Simple and affordable, ring sizer sets are very accurate and user friendly. Just try on each ring until you find one that fits comfortably. Then, read the number associated with that ring, and you have your size!

Ring sizing stick

If you want accurate measurements and have a ring at home that fits, we recommend trying a ring sizing stick. Compared to printable and online charts, this ring sizer is a reliable and precise way to find your exact ring size. Simply place your ring onto the sizing stick and slide it down until it cannot move anymore. Then, read the number on the stick where your ring falls, and that is your ring size.

Sizing sticks may cost a bit more than printable and online sizers, but it’s worth having a professional tool whenever you need it. Just make sure you already have a ring at home that fits comfortably to find your size!

Useful tips and resources for ring size charts

Ready to find your ring size?  Here are some tips and recommendations to get you started:

Find a reliable ring size chart

You’ll need a reliable ring size chart to get you started; having accurate measurements is key to finding the right ring size for you. Make sure you follow all precautions when measuring your finger, and measure more than once. Also, take a look at the free online and printable resources below for finding your ring size.

Use the right chart for your situation

When it comes to finding your ring size, think about the factors that may impact your situation. If the retailer who sells the ring you wish to buy has their own chart, it would be in your best interest to use their sizing guidelines rather than a standard US ring size chart. Because different metals and settings can change how a ring fits, it’s important to follow a retailer’s suggestions on size.

Utilize the best tools to take accurate measurements

The right tools can help you find the most accurate size for your new ring. We recommend using a ring sizer belt, set, or stick if possible, as these tools were designed to provide precise measurements. If not, there are plenty of reliable printable and online charts for you to use below!

If you have time, consider stopping by a jeweler to get your finger sized. Most jewelers offer this service for free, and it’s very helpful if you plan to buy your new ring from them anyway. Jewelers can also offer suggestions on sizing up or down depending on the style of ring you choose.

Ring sizing resources for at-home measurement

Here is a list of printable and online ring size charts to get you started. Also, take a look at our ring sizing guide for more information on how to size yourself properly.

Take a look at these printable and online ring size charts from:

Finding your perfect ring size

Ring size is an important part of your shopping journey, especially if you’re looking to buy a gift for a loved one. The wrong size ring can mean messy returns, expensive sizing, or hurt feelings. Save yourself the heartache and get the right size the first time!

With these ring size charts and other resources, you should be equipped to buy a ring from anywhere in the world. Pay attention to size charts as you shop, and make sure you feel confident in your final choice if you have to convert your size to another scale. And, most importantly, enjoy your new beautiful piece!

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