Monogram Rings: What're the Top Styles? (Advice Included)

Are you interested in making your mark? If so, you should design a monogram if you haven’t yet. Monograms are your true symbol. You can design your initials in different fronts, styles, and more.

Where do you put your monogram? Jewelry is the perfect option. And since rings are a major jewelry staple, monogram rings will express your individual style while looking fashionable.💍

Personalized Monogram Ring (By AILIN)
Featured image: AILIN / Amazon

But which monogram ring should you choose?

In this article, we will cover monogram rings and other topics such as:

  • The basics of monograms
  • Popular monogram ring styles
  • Where to find monogram rings
  • Advice for choosing a ring
  • And more

Let’s get started!

Beginning our monogram ring tour

Monograms are a design generally consisting of two or more letters. Monograms are usually initials, but can be a combination of different letters. The purpose of monograms is to create a symbol that’s thoughtful, special to the individual, and unique to each wearer’s own interests.

Monograms are more than a style piece. This type of jewelry is a form of customization, serving as a memento as well as a fashionable piece. For example, married couples may celebrate their wedding by creating a monogram with their initials.

Monograms + Rings: Why this is a fashionable combination

It’s no surprise that rings are one of the most popular personalized forms of jewelry. Rings have special connotations; from wedding bands to friendship rings, people wear rings for sentimental reasons as well as fashionable reasons.

That’s why adding a monogram to your ring will result in a versatile combination.

There are limitless possibilities when designing your monogram. Your font selections are endless and you can accentuate the initials with different colors and designs.

The ring itself can offer different styles. For example, the band can be plain or split, twisted, or in specific styles such as vintage and channel. There are many material options for rings, from different metals all the way to silicone.

Finally, you can choose diamonds, birthstones, and other gemstones to accentuate the monogram.

10 monogram ring styles that will impress you

Are you thinking about getting a monogram for yourself or a loved one? If you need some inspiration, here are 10 monogram ring styles that we recommend.🌈

Classic Hollow-Style Monogram Rings

Traditional monograms are hollow, meaning there are no gemstones and other designs in the monogram. The monogram is carved into the metal or the metal can also be formed into the logo.

Hollow Style Monogram Ring in Sterling Silver
Ouslier / Amazon

Most of these rings are available in different color options with eye-catching designs. You’ll find these rings available in white, yellow and rose gold, as well as sterling silver.😊

Since this is a classic style, these rings are suitable for casual and formal wear.

Monogram Signet Rings

A signet is a seal set on a ring. Traditionally, it was used to authenticate documents. Today, we still wear signet rings but mostly as a fashion statement.

Monogram Signet Ring in Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Elefezar / Amazon

You can definitely make your statement with these rings. Signet rings are some of the most popular monogram ring styles. You’ll find them in a variety of materials, such as a yellow gold monogram signet ring.

Usually, your monogram is either engraved or stamped on the metal, so you have different customization options. You can provide the initials, upload your own design, or use a pre-designed one from the seller.

Engraved Monogram Rings With Patterned Edges

Patterned edges make a ring stand out. Two popular designs are rope and milgrain. Milgrain is a design that features tiny dots around the edge of the ring. The jeweler uses small metal beads to create the effect, giving the jewelry a vintage look.

Engraved Monogram Ring With Rope Edge
slsopti / Etsy

Since these patterned edges are gaining traction, you can find these rings in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and wearing occasions.

Halo-Style Monogram Rings

Halo-style is popular among ring wearers and is a style you’ll likely see on engagement rings. Halo-style is a setting where accent diamonds or gemstones surround the center stone. Applying this style to a monogram ring can draw more attention to the monogram.🤳🏻

Halo-Style Monogram Ring
Getname Necklace / Amazon

The center engraved monogram face can be in various shapes, such as round or square. The halo can be in a variety of sizes, but most are small and feminine. As for the accent stones, apart from diamonds, sapphires are a popular option.

Embossed Monogram Ring

Embossed monogram rings feature a convex monogram that’s raised on the metal. The monogram is raised so it catches the eye.😎 This style can suit different metals, but it especially looks lovely on yellow gold or silver.

Embossed Monogram Ring With Convex Monogram on the Face
Personalmonogram / Amazon

Embossed monogram rings are one of the most versatile styles. Wearers can find this style in the signet design or even a vintage-inspired monogram ring with patterned edges.

Monogram Cuff Rings

Cuff rings are truly a stunning ring option. They’re larger than the average ring, truly making a statement. Because of their larger shape, they’re the best choice if you want to include more design elements. Even though cuff rings are larger in shape, they’re for all wearers regardless of ring size.

Monogram Cuff Ring in Yellow Gold
Initial Obsession

Keep in mind, this may not be the comfiest option since the cuff design limits finger mobility, especially if you choose a traditional metal material. These may not be the best rings for daily wear.📝

Monogram Cage Rings

Cage designs are a popular choice for custom rings. The way that the metal is carved looks like the ring’s center stone is caged in, creating a cool effect. The effect is amplified when adding colored gemstones or birthstones.

Monogram Cage Ring With Birthstones Inside
Getname Necklace / Amazon

These rings are usually handmade, so they might be on the more expensive side. You may want to save these rings for grander occasions.

Fancy-Shaped Monogram Rings

Most monogram rings are created in basic shapes, such as round, oval or square. There are many uniquely shaped monogram rings available.

For example, you can find rings shaped as a heart and even a flower. These shapes make the rings more special and stylish, making them the perfect gift. With the engraved monogram, these rings are not only beautiful but personalized to represent your loved ones.💌

Fancy-Shaped Sunflower Monogram Ring in Rose Gold
URONE / Amazon

Vintage-Style Monogram Rings

There are many vintage designs that jewelers use in their pieces. For example, some floral designs are synonymous with jewelry from decades ago. When paired with the right gemstones or birthstones, these rings make timeless pieces.

Vintage Style Monogram Ring
Roy Rose Jewelry / Amazon

With technology advancing, many antique and intricated elements can be applied to the rings more easily, increasing the competitiveness of this style among modern opponents.

Monogram Rings With Diamonds or Colored Gems

The most exquisite monogram rings are ones that feature diamonds and other precious or semi-precious gemstones. The stones usually accent the monogram and can be set in different metals. These rings also come in different sizes and have style options for both men and women.

14K Gold Personalized Diamond Monogram Rings
BeautiesJewelryNYC / Etsy

Advice for choosing and wearing monogram rings

Did you select a monogram ring you like? If so, you should first know some advice when choosing a monogram ring as well as wearing one.


Unlike necklaces, where the pendant can be larger, the area available for a monogram on a ring will depend on your ring size. If you have a small ring size, the monogram and other details may be hard to see.

If this is your problem, find a ring that has a large face so it’s visible on all wearers. For example, we mentioned a cuff-style monogram ring that would be perfect in this scenario.


While hollow-style monograms look lovely, certain letters have sharp edges that can poke the skin. This will make the ring very uncomfortable to wear. Some fonts, such as block-style and script-style, may create even more sharp edges.

If you’re concerned about this, opt for a signet ring or choose another ring that carves the monogram into the enamel.

Two-Person Monograms

Monograms aren’t always meant for one wearer. You can also make monograms with the initials of two people.👰🏻🤵🏻

For example, monograms as engagement rings or wedding bands are very popular. Couples will use their first initials or first and last initials together to create a meaningful piece. If you like this idea, opt for a halo-style ring and encircle the monogram with diamonds or other gems.

Speaking of diamonds and other gems…

Diamonds and Gemstones

Monogram rings can be crafted with diamonds and gemstones for aesthetics. This is a lovely touch if you’re buying a monogram ring for a loved one. Birthstones are especially a great addition; they’re another personalized element that can signify the wearer’s unique self.

Wearing Occasion

Before you buy your monogram ring, have an idea of how often you’ll wear the ring and where.👗

While some monogram rings are ideal for daily wear, some are made with precious metals that should be reserved for special occasions. There are also monogram rings that have a casual style or are made of cheap materials, which may not be suitable for formal occasions. In addition, some metals such as sterling silver are prone to tarnishing or turning your skin green, so always read reviews and make sure you know what to expect when wearing your jewelry.

With that being said…

Read Reviews

Always read reviews before ordering a product. While the pictures and the product description make the product look great, looks may be deceiving. For example, it’s common for the monogram to look big and detailed on the listing but will look small and lightly carved in real life. Be sure to read a combination of positive and negative reviews to get full insight into a product.

Where to shop for monogram rings?

Did you look at our product recommendations but want to find a different ring? The internet offers many monogram ring options and styles!

While there are numerous places to look, Amazon and Etsy have the best selection. Independent and small sellers use these platforms so your products are likely handmade and the seller pays great attention to detail. You can find different monogram ring designs that offer customization.

Order your monogram ring today!

Monograms are a way to make your mark in life! This is why many jewelers offer monogram rings for a unique customizable piece. Are you looking for more custom ring options? We offer more information about custom rings here.

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