Diamond Name Necklaces: Make Your Name Sparkle! [2020]

Diamonds are the most famous gemstone. And it’s no wonder why. Nothing in the world holds the sparkle and luxury that a diamond holds. Diamonds are the perfect solitary stone and are a perfect addition to any jewelry piece.

Are you interested in wearing a name necklace or want to buy one as a gift? Diamond name necklaces are the most luxurious of all.

If you want to add a pop of glamour to your name necklace, there are many diamond name necklace customization options.

Continue reading to learn about the different styles, pricing, and the relation between diamonds and name necklaces.

Pick a Diamond Name Necklace to Make Your Name Sparkly
Photo by Joyce Dias from Pexels

The connection between diamonds and name necklaces

Diamonds are the most precious stone for a reason. They’re lovely but have a special meaning. Diamonds not only have an innate connection to name necklaces but also accentuate many jewelry pieces and types.

Throughout history

Diamonds have been used by many civilizations throughout history. That’s because diamonds are stronger than other gemstones and their beauty has captivated humans for thousands of years.

Diamonds are so powerful, the ancient Greeks believed the gates of Hades were made of diamonds so souls couldn’t escape.

Diamonds also made their mark in different Greek mythology accounts; Heracles’ helmet and Chronos’s sword were made of diamonds. Prometheus’ chains were eternally powerful because they’re diamond chains.

In medieval Europe, diamonds represented tears of gods and were kept as amulets during battle and war.

Represents status and luxury

During ancient times, people valued diamonds for their physical strength. Over time, diamonds became renowned for their status and worth. For example, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier was on a quest to find jewels for King Louis XIV and found a gigantic diamond—a whopping 900 carats!

The value of diamonds continued to increase, making diamonds more expensive. Market demand, their rarity, and their overall status restricted diamond purchasing and wearing for the upper class, making diamonds synonymous with luxury.


Diamonds are not only beautiful but are extremely unique, especially when combined with other gemstones. They’re 100% carbon, resulting in their crystalline structure. This structure is extremely rare, adding to their quality.

Beautiful Diamond on a Pink Rose Flower

Overall, diamonds just have a lovely appearance. Nothing shines the way a diamond shines. Even the smallest diamond enhances the appearance of the wearer.

Eternity of life

Many cultures still believe diamonds represent power and wearers absorb that power. Some cultures even believe wearing a diamond helps you live eternally, improving your physical and mental health.


While diamond name necklaces are popular, we all correlate diamonds to engagement rings. But why do we wear diamonds as engagement rings?

Throughout history, diamonds represented everlasting love. Diamonds are powerful stones and can keep two lovers together throughout time. This is why diamonds are worn during engagement—and stay worn after marriage.

Wearing diamond engagement rings is not a new practice. Engagement rings started as diamond bands, which was popular during the Renaissance era. That soon changed into the diamond engagement gemstones we see today.

Why diamonds correlate with name necklaces

Diamonds have many special meanings. But what do these have to do with name necklaces?

Your name is your identity. Your name necklace symbolizes who you are and the person you’re trying to become.

Diamonds Correlate With Name Necklace: Add Strength to the Name
Photo: Pinterest

Most wearers add diamonds to name necklaces because diamonds add beauty and luxury. Diamonds accentuate the most amazing aspect—your own name! Your name will sparkle and shine more with diamonds.

But diamonds add more than just beauty to a name necklace—they add strength to this message.

It’s only natural that diamonds are the best match for a gemstone necklace. The brilliant shine of diamonds looks amazing on a name necklace. There are many style options and diamonds match with all metal types.

3 best styles of diamond name necklaces

The way diamonds are set in your name necklace depends on the name necklace style. Other factors influence the diamond placement style, such as the type of metal used and the pendant’s hardness.

Your name necklace is often made of gold or silver, though there are other metal options. The different metal types not only look different but also impact how the diamonds are placed in the pendant.

Let’s use gold as an example. Gold is a soft metal, so different alloys are added to strengthen the metal. Higher-alloy gold, such as a 14K gold name necklace with diamonds, helps secure diamonds better than pure gold.

The same goes for silver. Sterling silver also uses alloys to strengthen the metal, securing diamonds.

Different metals have different appearances, depending on the alloys combined. For example, white gold contains more silver and a rose gold diamond name necklace contains more copper. The appearance of these metals will impact the diamond placement on your name necklace.

Let’s say you’re ordering a name necklace in either yellow or rose gold. A diamond plate looks best with these metals because the plate creates more layers on darker gold colors.

Now that the basics are covered, here are the three major name necklace styles and how to include diamonds in them.

Classic name necklace

Classic name necklaces are the most popular and recognizable option. Your name is written in a stylistic manner, such as the classic “Carrie” style, a diamond Arabic name necklace or a diamond cursive name necklace.

0.02 Carat Rose Gold-Plated Silver Diamond Name Necklace - Soufeel
Rose Gold-Plated Silver Diamond Name Necklace on Feathers

Photo: Soufeel

14k Gold Diamond Script Name Necklace - Etsy
14k Gold Diamond Script Name Necklace With Layered Pendant

Photo: AzaleaFineJewelry / Etsy

If you’re adding diamonds to this type of name necklace, you have many options. You can add a diamond to every letter or a single letter as an accent.

But this depends on the name style of the necklace. For example, if the font is thin, you may not be able to set multiple diamonds.

You should also consider the style of the diamonds. Smaller diamonds are better as a plate or to add to every letter. Larger diamonds make a better single accent diamond.

Diamond name bar necklace

Soufeel 0.02 Carat Diamond Name Bar Necklace Yellow Gold
0.02 Carat Diamond Name Bar Necklace 14K Gold-Plated: Casual Wearing

Photo: Soufeel

Bar necklaces are another popular personalized diamond name necklace option. Your name is engraved in a metal bar. If you want to accentuate this style with diamonds, you can add one or two to the ends for a more glamorous look.

Diamond nameplate necklace

Nameplate necklaces are unique because the diamonds are attached to a separate nameplate. The plate is set into the metal, giving the necklace a 3D appearance. This is why diamond nameplate necklaces are often referred to as a “3D diamond nameplate necklace.”

These necklaces look bold and stand out, perfect for those who want to accentuate the diamonds.

Best occasions to wear diamond name necklaces

Diamonds are synonymous with luxury for a reason. They’re rare, are high in status, and look more glamorous than other gemstones. If you want a diamond name necklace, you should know the best wearing occasions.

Where you wear your diamond name pendant depends on the type of name necklace you want to buy. A name necklace with an accent diamond, such as a bar name necklace with one or two diamonds, is more casual than a name necklace adorned with multiple diamonds.

Name necklaces with small accent diamonds are casual enough to wear to parties and when out with friends. But if you want a multi-diamond name necklace or a diamond nameplate necklace, you should save the necklace for formal events.

Paris and Nicky Hilton at Bridget Jones's Diary Premiere
Photo: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

You’ll also want to wear your diamond name necklace sparingly for other reasons, even if your necklace only has an accent diamond. Diamond name necklaces are more expensive than other name necklaces.

Wearing your diamond name necklace occasionally will reduce the risk of damage to the necklace. You can preserve the necklace’s quality and get your money’s worth.

How much should you expect to pay for a diamond name necklace?

As mentioned previously, diamond name necklaces are more expensive than traditional name necklaces. Diamonds add value, which also increases the price tag.

But additional factors impact the price even more. This includes:

  • How many diamonds are on your necklace
  • How big the diamonds are
  • The quality of the diamonds and the metal

Usually, fewer diamonds decrease the price of the necklace. But this all depends on the diamonds. If you have a larger and high-quality accent diamond, the price of your necklace will increase.

You should also keep the type of metal in mind when choosing a diamond name necklace. Pure gold and silver cost more than high-alloy metals. But high-alloy metals are also stronger and better hold the diamonds.

Does this mean diamond name necklaces are expensive? While they cost more than the average name necklace, you’ll be able to find a diamond name necklace in your range. 

For example, there are diamond name necklaces available for $100 or even less. These are made in different styles, out of different metals, and offer more customization options.

Tips when buying a diamond name necklace

Are you ready to buy your diamond name necklace? Read these buying tips before ordering your necklace.

  • Consider your name length
  • Consider your style
  • Budget

Consider your name length

Do you have a long name? Many jewelry websites can only accommodate names up to a certain length. If your name is long, choose a nickname or even your initials.

Your name length may also affect how you use diamonds in your necklace. If you want diamonds adorning your full name, achieving this is easier and more affordable if you have a shorter name than a longer name.

Your name length can also impact your name necklace options. For example, shorter names have more options than longer names.

Consider your style

There are many diamond name necklace options. This is why you should keep your style preferences in mind. The same goes for gift-givers if they’re buying a name necklace for someone else.

Diamonds will stand out, no matter how you wear them. But the number of diamonds and the diamond quality is the difference between an eye-popping necklace and a subtly luxurious necklace.

If you have a flashy and more extreme sense of fashion, you may want a necklace with more diamonds. But if your fashion style is more general, you will prefer a name necklace with an accent stone.

There are also metal and style options for all fashion preferences. Yellow gold and silver are classic options. But rose gold is becoming more popular and is a lovely option for a diamond name necklace.

If you want a more complex name necklace, you can opt for a custom diamond name necklace. You can choose different personalization options including the chain length and adding additional gemstones, such as your birthstone.


While you can find an affordable name necklace, you’ll have to keep your budget in mind. Diamond name necklaces with multiple diamonds or a larger diamond will be more expensive than a name necklace with a small accent diamond.

How to match your name necklace with your outfit

After you choose your name necklace, you’ll be excited to wear it. But be mindful when pairing your diamond name necklace with an outfit.

Most experts prefer wearing a darker outfit. Regardless of the metal and diamond name necklace style, dark colors help accentuate diamonds better. Your necklace metal also won’t be lost against your clothing.

You’ll also want to consider your clothing style. A fully-adorned diamond name necklace will look a little odd paired with a casual outfit such as a T-shirt and yoga pants.

Diamond name necklaces look best when paired with a gown. If you’re attending a casual event or a party, a cocktail dress also looks great with a diamond name necklace.

Buy diamond name necklaces today

Are you interested in buying a name necklace for yourself or for a loved one? There’s no name necklace more glamorous than diamond name necklaces.

There are many diamond name necklace options. You can choose multiple diamonds engraved in your name to only one or two accent diamonds. You also have a wide selection of metals to choose as well as name necklace styles.

Hopefully, this guide made the diamond name necklace buying process easier and you’re more confident when ordering your necklace.

Now, where should you order your name necklace? There are many jewelry stores that create high-quality name necklaces. Here are our top 5 brand recommendations.

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