Top 3 Types of Custom Necklaces (With a Bonus Buying Guide)

The fashion jewelry industry is expected to grow between 15% and 20% this year. Custom jewelry is one of the most trending fashion jewelry styles you’ll see, specifically custom necklaces.

Custom necklaces (often called personalized necklaces) are on the rise. They make perfect gifts, can add a personal touch to any outfit, and you have a myriad of options to create the necklace you’ve always wanted. Custom necklaces are also the perfect way to express yourself, adding emotions, personal characteristics, and beliefs.

Custom Necklace Worn by Fashion Woman in Blue Dress

There are many ways to style your custom necklace, such as adding a gemstone or a specific chain style.

In this guide, we will cover the trending types of custom necklaces as well as their features and wearing occasions. Continue reading for a bonus buying guide section, to ensure you or your loved one will cherish the custom necklace for years.

General classification of custom necklaces

Not sure which type of necklace you want? Most consumers have four options: necklace, pendant, chain, and choker.


Traditional necklaces are the most popular option. Necklaces vary in lengths and styles. Most necklaces are either gold or silver, though you have many metal options. Many necklaces feature a pendant such as a gemstone.

Custom Necklace Classification:
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Necklaces are available in specific styles. Because of their popularity, each style has its own category. Customers often confuse these different necklace types and lump them into the same category; in some regard, this is appropriate. But knowing the different necklace types will ensure you receive the type of necklace that you want.


A pendant is a feature that hangs from the chain. Gemstones are the most common example. Many custom jewelry pieces feature an engraving or another personalized piece as the pendant.

A pendant is designed to hang down straight and usually touches your collarbone, though this depends on the length of the chain. Some pendants are attached to the chain and others feature a loop that encircles the chain—with these pendants, you can change your chain.

Custom Necklace Classification: Moon-Shaped Pendant

Pendants are a popular feature for custom necklaces because pendants are easy to personalize. Pendants also serve as the main feature of a necklace, pointing the eye toward the pendant.

You have many options when customizing your pendant. It can be small and simple or large and eye-catching. Common personalization options include a small gemstone or a large plaque with text engraved.


While all necklaces feature a chain, some chains are designed to wear alone with no pendant. These chains are usually heavier and thicker, giving them a unique and edgy look. Some may even feature multiple chains in one necklace.

Most chains feature a stylish chain-link design. This design gives them a modern flair. Since there’s no pendant to attract the eye, a chain will help accentuate your neckline or collarbone.

Custom Necklace Classification: Bobble Chain
See it on Oak&Luna

If you want a custom necklace but don’t want a pendant, you can get a custom-made chain for a striking personalized necklace. You can customize the chain design, metal, and even the color.


Instead of hanging down near the collarbone, chokers fit snugly around the neck. Chokers are a modern trend and they stand out on their own—they don’t need a pendant or a unique chain design.

Custom Necklace Classification: Black Choker With Heart Charm
See it HERE.

While this is a simple necklace style, chokers have many customization options. You can also opt for a pendant or choose to only keep the choker as a chain.

Different ways you can customize necklaces

Everyone is different and has different style preferences. That’s why custom necklace designers offer many different customization options.

The metal

Everyone has different metal preferences. Some people may also have allergies and can only wear certain types of metal. The best jewelry designers offer different metal options, for both the pendant and the chain.

Here are some popular metals.

  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • Silver
  • Copper

Many jewelers offer different options to prevent tarnishing. Antioxidation silver is a perfect example. This option is more expensive but you can ensure your custom jewelry piece will last for years.

The text

In the next section, we’ll discuss the different text and messages you can engrave in your custom jewelry. Most jewelers give you the option to add your loved one’s name, phrases, and other forms of expression.


Not every jeweler offers this option, but you may have the option to add a photo. This is popular with specific custom necklace types such as lockets. Have a photo you want to use and ensure the specifications and size meet the jeweler’s standards.


If you’re customizing the pendant, you have many style and shape options. Engraved bar necklaces and heart-shaped pendants are popular and classic options. Infinity symbols are also trending. Some pendant shapes are more unique, such as a flower or butterfly.

You can also choose the metal and even the color of your pendant.

The chain

Not every jeweler offers a custom chain with your necklace. Some pendants work better with certain chains. But it’s helpful to ask about your chain options, especially if you want a chain made out of a hypoallergenic metal.

The TOP 3 types of custom necklaces

There are three popular types of custom necklaces. If you’re not sure which to wear, take a look at these options.👇🏻

Custom Name Necklaces

Custom name necklaces make the perfect gift. They are a timeless trend and you have a variety of customization options.

Custom name necklaces are often made of gold, though they can be made of any color of gold and even other metals. The most common types of gold name necklaces are:

  • 10k gold name necklaces
  • 14k gold name necklaces
  • 24k gold name necklaces

Other name necklace customization options include the type of pendant, such as a heart necklace with a name. You can even choose the font, such as a cursive name necklace. Name necklaces aren’t confined to the English alphabet—you can choose a necklace in a different language such as an Arabic name necklace.

Browsing Personalized Name Necklaces on Soufeel

You can also customize the chain, though it’s recommended you choose a simple chain. A simple chain in gold or silver will accentuate the pendant and won’t drive attention away from the feature.

You’re not confined to a name carved on a pendant. If your loved one adores charm necklaces, you can attach different letter pendants that spell their name across the necklace. Because of the multiple pendants, this style looks similar to a charm necklace.

Custom necklaces are also versatile and you can wear them to any event. Rock your custom necklace while out with friends. A gold name necklace is perfect for an elegant event.

Engraved Necklaces

Engraved necklaces also make great gifts. They’re perfect for a significant other, a family member, a friend, and all of your loved ones.

Most engraved necklaces feature a pendant with a message or phrase carved into the metal, such as a custom dog tag necklace. Love-themed ones are by far the most common. Your jeweler can carve a heartfelt phrase, such as “my heart belongs to you.” You can also carve sweet mementos, such as your wedding date.

Engraved Necklace Products on Name Necklace Official

You can get a custom-engraved necklace for any loved ones with a sweet message. Whether the message is personal between the two of you or a simple message, such as 💌“I love you” or “thank you,” custom engraved necklaces will mean everything to your loved one.

You don’t only have to customize the engraved message. There are many pendant and metal options you can choose from. For a love-themed custom engraved necklace, choose an engraved heart necklace.

You also have different metal options. A gold engraved necklace is a timeless option.

Custom Pendant Necklaces

Custom pendants are by far the most flexible custom necklace options. Custom pendants range from the engraved and name pendants we already covered. But you can also choose the shape, style, and stone in the pendant. You can even add carvings and artwork.

A popular custom pendant option is a custom birthstone necklace or a name necklace with a birthstone. Instead of settling for a standalone birthstone, many people get the birthstone customized in different shapes such as a flower or a heart.

Exquisite Pendant Necklaces Customized by Zales

Custom artwork is also a popular option, especially if your loved one has a specific interest or passion. For example, if your loved one plays guitar, you can order a pendant with a carved image of a guitar.

Other types of custom necklaces for inspiration

These aren’t the only types of popular custom necklaces. Here are more ideas for inspiration.

Custom Initials

If you like the idea of custom name necklaces but want more variety, choose custom initial necklaces. You can choose the first letter of your loved one’s name or even their full initials.

 Initial Tag Necklace in Gold Plated by Oak&Luna
See it on Oak&Luna

From here, you can choose different style aspects such as the metal, the pendant type, and the font of the letter.

Custom Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds are the world’s most famous gemstone. Diamond jewelry is a timeless choice and is the perfect gift for your loved one, especially for a special occasion such as an anniversary.

Instead of settling for traditional diamond jewelry, customize a diamond necklace for your loved one. You can combine a custom diamond necklace with one of the other styles mentioned here, 💎such as a diamond name necklace.

Start by choosing the metal you want. Popular metals that match perfectly with diamonds include silver and white gold. From here, customize the diamond. You can choose the shape of the diamond, the setting type, and you could possibly choose different diamonds.

Zales Custom Diamond Heart-Shaped Pendant Necklace for Mom
See this on Zales

Who said you have to choose one diamond? Choose multiple smaller diamonds to create an interesting effect. For example, you can order a custom heart-shaped pendant adorned with small diamonds. You can also choose different gemstones to accentuate a diamond.

Personalized Infinity Necklaces

Infinity necklaces have become popular over the last few years. Many people love the meaning behind these stylish necklaces—they symbolize empowerment, eternity, and everlasting love. But infinity necklaces mean something different to all consumers.

Infinity Heart Necklace Personalized by One Necklace
Customize mine on oNecklace

Infinity necklaces are characterized by the infinity symbol. It looks like a sideways 8 and represents an everlasting circle with no end.

There are a myriad of ways to customize the infinity symbol. You can choose the metal and add different gemstones. You can also opt for an infinity name necklace, adding your name and the name of your lover or best friend.

The infinity symbol represents everlasting love and friendship, the perfect gift for your spouse or close friend.

Where to buy custom necklaces🕵🏻‍♀️

If you’re interested in buying custom necklaces for you or a loved one, many places make personalized necklaces. Here are some of the most popular brands.


Soufeel Logo

Soufeel is a store that specializes in customized gifts, including custom necklaces. They include different necklace options, such as custom name necklaces, photo necklaces, engraved necklaces, and necklaces for specific occasions.

Every custom necklace type allows you to change the metal, and add a message.

Soufeel necklaces are affordable and high-quality. They offer many options to fit every customer’s style and preferences.

How to order a custom necklace from Soufeel

The custom necklace ordering process depends on the type of necklace you want.

Custom name necklaces. The name necklace customization process is easy and can be done on their website. Simply find the necklace you want, add the name and your message (if desired), choose the material, and proceed to the checkout.

The Customization of Name Necklace on Soufeel
The customization of name necklace on Soufeel.

Photo necklaces. Soufeel stands out from competitors because they’re one of the few stores that offer photo necklaces. The photo can be printed on the pendant or featured inside of a locket. To create a custom photo necklace, choose the style you want. Upload your image on the order form. Soufeel offers an option to design your photo and add messages such as “I love you.”

Personalize a Heart-Shaped Photo Necklace on Soufeel
Personalize a heart-shaped photo necklace on Soufeel.

Infinity name necklaces. Soufeel offers an easy platform to select different infinity necklace styles and easily add in names. First, choose the style you like and the metal. Select the number of names that will be printed on the symbol (you can select up to six). Enter the names and proceed to checkout.

Bar necklaces. Bar necklaces are also popular custom pendant options. They are simple yet stylish options. There are many bars you can choose from, both vertical and horizontal bars. You can customize these bars and add names, messages, and more. To order a bar necklace from Soufeel, choose the style and metal you want. The order form will ask for engraving options, such as a name or message. Enter the message and you’re finished!

Locket necklaces. Lockets are timeless gifts. Soufeel lets you custom make your locket. First, choose the locket style and shape you want. Choose the material and color. If your locket has an image, upload the image you want. In addition, some lockets let you add text. Popular examples include names and phrases. Add in the text and proceed to checkout.

My Name Necklace

My Name Necklace features necklace customization for all loved ones. This includes ones for men and women, family members, love-themed necklaces, friendship necklaces, and more.

My Name Necklaces also has special necklaces for Valentine’s Day and other occasions. You have many pendant options, such as heart-shaped pendants, infinity pendants, and 3D bars.

Oak & Luna

Oak & Luna is famous for its unique customization options. They offer many pendant design options. For example, you can design dual customizable wedding band necklaces for the perfect wedding gift.

They offer classics, such as custom name necklaces, but with more variety. For example, you can adorn your loved one’s name with gemstones. You also have many chain options for all custom necklaces.

Buying tips to know

There are some facts all buyers should know before investing in custom necklaces. Here’s what you should know.

Keep in mind, these tips are only for buying reference. Don’t let them interfere with your customization preferences and options.

Choose reputable brands

When searching for custom necklaces, you’ll likely come across small designers and websites. It’s always recommended you choose reputable brands first. They’re the most experienced, create the best quality products, and have many stylish options compared to smaller designers.

Reputable brands are also more experienced with customer service. They usually offer customer support in case your jewelry piece is defective, an item is missing, or another reason. You can’t guarantee this service with indie designers.

Check product reviews and photo uploads

Want to know if a store produces high-quality custom necklaces? The best place to start is customer reviews. If a shop doesn’t offer reviews on the website, Google and social media platforms such as Facebook may offer the store’s reviews.

Some reviewers include pictures. You’ll want to look at these photos and ensure the metal isn’t tarnished, the jewelry item is the same color as it’s shown on the website, the text or image isn’t warped, everything is spelled correctly, etc.

Keep in mind, 📢some reviewers can be unfair. They may judge a store for the slightest issue. In addition, some stores invest in bots that spam the review section with positive reviews. Always read a combination of positive and negative reviews to gain a good perception of the shop.

Check influencers💃 on Instagram

63% of consumers trust influencers more than brand messages.

While many influencers collaborate with brands (and they’re required to state when they do), most influencers and micro-influencers are normal people. In other words, if they really like a brand, they will say so. If they had a less-than-perfect experience, they will turn to their social media to inform their followers.

Famous Jewelry Influencers Active on Instagram

Start by following influencers in the jewelry and fashion niches. See if they promote any custom jewelry brands. If not, message your favorite influencer or leave a comment on one of their posts and ask them for custom jeweler recommendations.

Custom necklaces are timeless

Are you looking for a gift for a loved one? Maybe you want a jewelry piece you’ll cherish for years?

Custom necklaces are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. You have flexibility choosing the pendant, chain, metal, and you can add different mementos to make the piece unique.

Are you looking for more jewelry advice? That’s why we’re here! Continue reading our website. We’re sure you can find more jewelry information and trends.

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