7+ Popular Name Necklaces for Men: Masculine Plus Fashionable

More men are wearing jewelry. Men are becoming more interested in their appearance and different men’s fashion trends only continue to expand, especially in men’s accessories.📈

While masculine accessories, such as watches, are still very popular, jewelry items popular among women are starting to gain attention from men. Name necklaces are a perfect example. Men are starting to appreciate the personalization and aesthetics of name necklaces.

Since name necklaces are most popular among women, many name necklace designs are considered feminine. 🔍How can men find a high-quality name necklace in a masculine design? If you’re struggling to find a name necklace you like, here are over 7 name necklaces for men.

Gold-Plated Old English Name Necklaces for Men - BelecoJewelry
BelecoJewelry / Etsy

Are name necklaces a privilege for women?🤔

Ever since Sarah Jessica Parker first wore her Carrie name necklace in her starring role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, the name necklace has been a constant trend among women.

After the show, many custom jewelry companies started creating their own name necklace to satisfy the trend. These necklaces became available in different fonts, metal types and necklace designs, and users can even add their birthstone and other gems to their necklaces.

Does this mean name necklaces are only a feminine item? Even though many jewelry brands haven’t accommodated men’s style and design preferences in the past, the times are changing.

Name Necklace Fashion: Femininity vs. Masculinity
Necklace in the image from: Silveristic / Etsy

More men are showing interest in personalized jewelry and there are now more name necklace options for men than there ever were.

If you’re a man and are buying your first name necklace, you may have some questions. What should you look for in a name necklace? How can you find a name necklace that represents your unique style while also looking masculine?💪🏻

Many name necklaces for men can be classified in different categories, depending on certain qualities like font type, material, color, and more.

Masculine name necklace design elements

Name necklaces are versatile and can be made to fit all wearers, including men. Most masculine name necklaces have certain elements that separate their style from feminine name necklaces.

Thicker Necklace Chain

There are several types of necklace chains available. Each of these chains has a certain purpose and also holds a distinct appearance.

Some necklace chains are ideal for men; for example, anchor/mariner chains have a tough look and curb chains are thicker and more masculine in appearance.

Bigger Name Pendant

Larger necklace pendants are not only striking but they have a masculine edge. Compared to name necklaces for women, classic feminine name necklace pendants are usually small and dainty, so the bolder men’s name necklace pendants offer a nice contrast.

Bold Fonts and Styles

Most of the name necklaces for women offer italicized and script fonts. Men’s name necklaces usually use block-style fonts. Block-style fonts are a type of sans serif fonts that have capital letters and thick curves and lines that shape each letter.

These fonts match the larger name necklace pendant style, making the pendant look even more masculine.

Masculine or Neutral Metal Colors

You will more than likely not see rose gold name necklaces for men. Some good metal examples are sterling silver, platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and even other shades of gold such as black gold.

Additional Symbols and Styles

You can easily combine sports and hip hop culture into your name necklace, as well as other styles.

For example, if you’re an athlete, you can customize a necklace with your player number and name. Name necklace nameplates adorned with diamonds are also popular in hip hop culture.

7+ name necklace styles for men

Do you want a name necklace but aren’t sure where to start? We have over 7 name necklace styles for your inspiration.

Old English Name Pendant

Old English and gothic-style fonts have a masculine design and are a popular font choice for different men’s jewelry and clothing items. These fonts look great with a variety of chains, such as a curb or Figaro chain.

Old English and Gothic Style Name Necklaces for Men (Figaro Chain)
BelecoJewelry / Etsy

Block Style Name Necklace

Block style fonts are always a classic option. This necklace style is not only the perfect option for men but it’s also a unisex necklace. You can find this type of name necklace in different metal types, such as yellow gold and silver.

Name Pendant Necklace in Block Style Font With Thick Curb Chain
My Name Necklace

Two-Row Large Name Pendant Necklace

If you have a long name, a hyphenated name, or you want to include your last name, you can opt for a two-row name necklace. This type of name necklace is also perfect for couples or if you want a name necklace with your children’s names.

Yellow Gold Two-Row Large Name Pendants for Men
CustomJewelzCo / Etsy

Engraved 3D Bar Name Necklace for Him

This is another unisex option that’s classic and subtle. Bar necklaces can fit up to four inscriptions, perfect if you want to feature your name and more. You can find bar necklaces in different types of metal, such as gold and silver.

Men's Engraved 3D Name Bar Necklaces in Black Cord Chain
My Name Necklace

Custom Name Baguette Necklace

Baguette-cut diamonds and gemstones are becoming more popular. These gemstones are long and narrow but rectangular in shape—the edges can also be either straight or tapered.

This gemstone cut is ideal but they can perfectly fit on just about any name. This necklace style is especially popular in hip hop fashion.

Baguette-Style Large Nameplate Necklace for Him (Hip Hop Culture)
CustomJewelzCo / Etsy

Large Bubble Name Necklace

Bubble font is large and bold, making it a very easy font to read. Since this font is large and curved, you can fit multiple gemstones on this necklace. This is another popular necklace style in urban culture and streetwear.

Personalized Bubble Style Name Necklace With Cuban Chain
ThePlatinumPeople / Etsy

Sports Name Necklaces for Men

Athletes and sports fans can represent their passion on their name necklace. You can personalize your number or your favorite player’s number and add your name and/or your last name to make the necklace more unique to you.

Large Golden Name Pendant With Personalized Number
Aclasss / Etsy

Rustic-Style Name Necklace

The rustic style is a huge trend, especially in the jewelry world. You can engrave your name on a metal plate to give your name necklace a vintage look.

You can also opt to engrave the first letter of your name on a vintage item, such as a wax seal pendant, or even fashion a letter pendant with gears in a steampunk style.

Rustic Style Stamped Name Pendant Necklaces for Men
CasualInvertebrates / Etsy

Tips for men wearing name necklaces

If you’re not sure how to style or maintain your name necklace, take a look at some of these tips we offer for men.

  • Create a layered look with other bold necklaces
  • Wear your name necklace with dark clothing or a dark top to create a powerful contrast between your necklace and your outfit🕺🏻
  • If you have a long or hyphenated-name, consider shortening your name with abbreviations, specific letters, use a nickname, or opt for a two-row name necklace
  • Consider the durability of the metal, opt for gold-plated metals with higher karat and higher thickness of the gold layer, or other types of hypoallergenic hard metals
  • If you’re buying a name necklace for a man as a gift, such as name necklaces for boyfriends, consider certain buying qualities. These include his personal style, the type of necklaces he wears often, his lifestyle, and interests
  • To maintain your name necklace, clean it regularly and store it in a jewelry box or other safe location when you’re not wearing it. Don’t wear your necklace when you shower

If you follow these tips, your name necklace will not only look great but will last for years!

Buy name necklaces for men

Name necklaces for men are becoming a huge trend. If you love name necklaces, you should click here and learn more about classic gold name necklaces.

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