10 Best Jewelry Armoires for Every Lifestyle (+Buying Advice)

Jewelry safety: Arm yourself with a quality jewelry armoire...

Whether you prefer affordable jewelry you wear daily or special occasion jewelry worth a pretty penny, it’s important to protect your investment! Jewelry boxes and safes are excellent ways to keep your accessories protected from the elements and deter thieves, but what if you’d prefer something a bit more stylish?🤔

Jewelry armoires come in several shapes and sizes, and they can hold an entire collection of jewelry while adding class to any room. Let’s look at the specifics regarding what qualifies as a jewelry armoire as well as our favorite models for you!

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Bottom Line Recommendation

Don’t have time to read the full article? No worries: we’ve summed up our top 10 recommended jewelry armoires and highlighted their best features below.

11,586 RatingsSONGMICS LED Mirror Jewelry Armoire
  • 6 LED lights
  • Lockable
  • Multiple colors available
Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet
  • Adjustable full-length mirror
  • Freestanding unit
  • Additional storage for makeup, watches, etc.
SONGMICS Floor-standing Jewelry Cabinet
  • Lockable wheels for easy relocation
  • Additional exterior drawer
  • Extensive interior storage
SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet (Free Standing)
  • LED rope lighting
  • Flip-over cosmetic tray
  • Additional internal mirror
Rotating BaseYITAHOME 360° Rotating Jewelry Armoire
  • Rotating base
  • Doubles as a stylish shelving unit
  • Interior mirror and cosmetics storage
Giantex Jewelry Cabinet Box
  • Exterior mirror with touch screen LED lighting
  • Two installation options
  • Holds both jewelry and cosmetics
FirsTime & Co. Rustic Arch Jewelry Armoire
  • Stunning arch design on exterior mirror
  • Metal handle for easy access
  • Multiple color options available
Giantex Standing Jewelry Armoire
  • Exterior LED lighting around mirror
  • Additional interior mirror
  • Room for jewelry, cosmetics, and more
Antique FinishHives and Honey Henry IV Jewelry Armoire
  • Private storage for each jewelry type
  • Elaborate frame suitable for most home decor
  • Multiple stain options available
Hives and Honey Meg Stand Jewelry Armoire
  • Modern design for any home decor
  • Anti-tarnish lining
  • Free-standing unit for easy relocation

What is a jewelry armoire?

A jewelry armoire—also known as a “jewelry cabinet”—is pretty much a gigantic jewelry box, but it has more organization and safety features. Instead of sitting on a table or vanity, jewelry armoires typically stand on their own or hang on a wall.

They may or may not have a mirror on their door, which provides additional usage as you’re getting ready. These styles also offer a level of security, as the mirrored design often conceals the jewelry armoire and makes the product look like just another home decor item.🎍

Similarly, most locking jewelry cabinets come equipped with a set of keys to protect your precious accessories. These locks are often hidden on the side of the unit, and they give the user a chance to restrict access to any valuables inside.

Once you open your jewelry armoire, you’ll usually notice several sections dedicated to different types of jewelry. Rather than dealing with jewelry boxes with messy drawers of knotted chains and mismatched earrings, many consumers choose a jewelry armoire because there are specific hooks for hanging necklaces, holes for storing earrings together as pairs, rods for hanging bracelets, and more!

While most jewelry armoires include the storage components listed above, some even have specialized compartments for certain items. Your unit may contain watch storage areas, lined pockets for small precious items, and even a place to hang your favorite hair accessories.😊

Jewelry cabinets come in many different forms, so it’s important to look at several styles and figure out which one best suits your personal wants and needs. Below, we’ll break down how jewelry armoires differ and the categories to consider.

What types of jewelry armoires can you choose from?

You can easily customize your jewelry cabinet to suit any space, decor, or storage need. Here are a few design decisions you’ll need to make when choosing your jewelry armoire:

Installation Method

The placement of your jewelry cabinet may vary depending on the amount of space you have in your home, but there are a few space-saving options for those who need it. Options include (but are not limited to):✍🏻

  • Standing units: These jewelry armoires have legs or a flat base that allow them to stand in the corner or against a wall of your room. They often allow the mirror to tilt back for a better angle, and some models can even plug into the wall to provide lighting around the mirror.
  • Hanging units: Using hooks that slide over a door frame, this type of jewelry cabinet sits on the back of your door. This means the unit is mobile and can be moved or taken down when needed without damaging anything.
  • Wall-mounted units: Arguably the sturdiest style, wall-mounted jewelry armoires typically require you to drill into the wall with heavy duty screws. It may take more work than the other methods, but the floating design of wall-mounted models is the easiest way to conceal the product’s intended use. It just looks like a stylish mirror on the wall!


Is your house decked out in mid-century modern decor, or do you prefer farmhouse flair? There are two major types of jewelry armoire that can fit most furnishing styles:

  • Modern: Most modern jewelry cabinets are sleek and understated. Straight lines and smooth wood panels are very common, and mirrors are plain but may have a simple metalwork design. However, it’s possible to find more detailed modern styles, such as fully mirrored models or units with more intricate woodwork.
  • Vintage: A vintage jewelry armoire may actually BE vintage—bought at a secondhand or antique store or passed down within a family through generations—but it can also just be a modern product that was designed to LOOK antique. The "worn wood" look is a classic sign of a vintage jewelry cabinet, but many styles also sport a more polished wood design with detailed legs and decor elements as well as intricate handles.


The color you choose for your jewelry cabinet really depends on the decor you already have in your home, so think about the room in which your armoire will sit before making any color decisions. Here’s a list of common color options with some variations:

Popular colors

  • White - Antique or pure white
  • Black - Matte black or polished black
  • Brown - Oak, cherry, walnut, maple, etc.
  • Gray - Modern gray or whitewashed gray for shabby chic looks

Some people prefer to purchase a jewelry armoire in a different color than the popular hues listed above. Light blue and turquoise are common choices, but you can even find units in red, yellow, pink, and more. These colorful styles are great for bright accent pieces that really bring a room together.


If you select a wooden jewelry armoire, the type of wood used can vary as well. Most wood types used will be fairly sturdy, but they do have different stains that accent varying styles of decor. Here are a few common wood types used for jewelry cabinets:

  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Mape

Mirror Size

You can actually choose between units with differing mirror sizes, but full-size mirrors are the most popular style today. Some mirrors also have design elements, such as metalwork or other patterns over their surface, to make them more decorative but less useful for their intended purpose. Mirror styles for jewelry armoires include:

  • Full-size mirrors
  • “Medicine cabinet” styles that are about half the size of full-length models
  • Mirrors with designs such as trellis patterns, lines, mirrored edges, and more
  • Fully mirrored models with no visible wood

The benefits of jewelry armoires (vs. Jewelry boxes)

So you already have a jewelry box: why would you feel the need to upgrade to a jewelry armoire? The reasons may vary, but here are a few common topics that cause individuals to switch to armoires:🙌🏻

Capacity and Flexibility

Jewelry cabinets have a larger capacity than jewelry boxes, and so they can hold impressive jewelry collections. Due to their size, they’re also easier to organize with more shelves, drawers, hooks, and other specialized storage options for specific types of accessories.

In addition to being customizable, jewelry armoires offer buyers the opportunity to customize their collections and keep certain pieces together. If you have a favorite set of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet that you like to wear for special occasions, you can actually store them all together without losing space!

Convenience and Multi-Purpose Style

Despite being larger than jewelry boxes, armoires offer convenience when it comes to storage and usage. Jewelry cabinets are often multi-purpose, as the mirrors on the front offer wearers a way to view how well their jewelry pairs with their outfit as they’re putting it on.💃🏻

In addition to being multi-purpose, jewelry armoires can save space in your home. Unlike jewelry boxes that need to sit on a dresser or vanity, armoires don’t require a table-like surface and can even stand on their own if you don’t want to hang them.

Finally, armoires can calso complement your decor, adding a touch of chic style to any room. Jewelry boxes can be stylish as well, but a large jewelry armoire is capable of standing alone as a decorative piece in your home.


Although jewelry boxes can have locks and other small safety measures, it’s easy to break into them to steal precious items. As such, a jewelry cabinet provides an extra level of security through tougher locks.

A jewelry armoire is right between a jewelry box and a safe when it comes to protecting your items. They can technically be broken into, but someone would have to KNOW your mirror was an armoire. Jewelry boxes tend to be obvious, whereas armoires are inconspicuous and can better conceal their true use.

Reviews of the 10 best jewelry armoires (2021)

Where should you even start your research when looking for a new jewelry armoire? It can be difficult to sift through the thousands of jewelry cabinet models available online. 🙏🏻Luckily, we’ve collected our top 10 recommended jewelry armoires below so you can compare them all in one place:🥇

SONGMICS LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

Available in 6 different stains to match most home decor, the SONGMICS mirrored jewelry cabinet has an engineered wooden frame and can hold a staggering amount of accessories. There are even velvet pouches below the inner necklace hooks to prevent your pendants from swinging and taking damage!

Moreover, this unit has 6 LED lights above the top shelf for easy use even in the dark, and the locking mechanism comes with a key that you can keep with you at all times to protect your jewelry. Whether you decide to mount this beautiful jewelry cabinet on your wall or simply hang it over your door frame, you’ll love how it brings an air of class to any room!

Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet

If you’d like to keep ALL of your accessories in one place, the Nicetree jewelry cabinet is a great choice. Designed to hold jewelry, makeup, perfume, watches, and whatever else you’d like to store, this lockable jewelry armoire is ideal for people who like to do their entire morning routine in one spot rather than running around!😎

This white jewelry armoire also has a full-length mirror that tilts and adjusts for all situations. There are three different height settings on the stand to adjust the mirror to your comfort, and you can tilt the mirror forward or backward to get a full view of your look for the day. It’s also a freestanding unit, which means it can be moved around your home as needed.

SONGMICS Floor-standing Jewelry Cabinet

This SONGMICS model is a step up from our previous mention, and it’s a lovely addition to any corner of your home. Featuring an incredible 36 ring slots, 32 necklace hooks, 92 earring places, and 1 bracelet rod, this jewelry cabinet also has room for all of your cosmetics.💄

In fact, it has a 3-slot brush tray, a 10-slot lipstick tray, 2 facial mask bags, and 4 shelves inside the cabinet in addition to the exterior drawer that doubles as a shelf for extra bag storage.

Furthermore, this full-length jewelry armoire has a mirror that is adjustable, and the wheels lock in place to keep it safely in one spot. There’s also a lock and key for added security, although many visitors may think this cabinet is just a fancy, decorative mirror since it’s so beautiful!

SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet (Free Standing)

Another lockable unit with exterior drawer storage, this SONGMICS jewelry cabinet also provides ample lighting in the form of a strip of LED lights around the interior mirror. The lights require 6 AA batteries, but they offer the perfect glow for doing your makeup.

A flip-over cosmetic tray means you can place whatever makeup or jewelry you're currently using on the small surface while looking for other items you need, and there’s plenty of room for all of your accessories inside.

If you need a different angle to view your outfit, close the door and utilize the full-length mirror that can adjust to your needs. This model is free standing and can suit most home decor.

YITAHOME 360° Rotating Jewelry Armoire

The YITAHOME 360° Jewelry Armoire can really do it all!💯 In addition to a lock and key security system, the unit sits on a rotating base that reveals a series of graduated shelves on the backside of the armoire. That way, you can easily hide your jewelry cabinet from prying eyes.

The shelves are excellent for home accents, but they can also double as extra storage for your nail polish, makeup, hair accessories, and more.

While there’s a full-length mirror on the exterior of the unit, there’s also a smaller mirror inside for easy makeup application. Traditional jewelry storage elements are complemented by a cosmetics bag, brush cups, a lipstick rack, and plenty of storage shelves near the bottom of the model for anything else you’d like to fit inside.

Giantex Jewelry Cabinet Box

Another armoire boasting dual exterior and interior mirrors, the Giantex jewelry cabinet box actually has lights surrounding the full-length mirror instead of the smaller one inside. You can activate the ring of lights with the intelligent switch on the mirror itself to achieve ideal conditions for putting on makeup!💡

Inside, the unit has tons of storage for both jewelry and cosmetics, featuring a cosmetic bag, storage cups, ring slots, earring holes and notches, necklace hooks, and even a rod for scarves. What’s more, the additional storage shelves can be used to hold any items you’d like to place inside this lockable unit for safekeeping. When it comes to the durable frame, you can choose a white or black jewelry armoire to suit your style.

FirsTime & Co. Rustic Arch Jewelry Armoire

The FirsTime & Co. jewelry armoire looks as beautiful in your living room as it does in your bedroom! The arch design on the exterior mirror gives the unit an elegant touch, and there’s an interior mirror for you to use if the arch pattern gets in the way.

A metal handle on the outside of the model makes it easier to open and reveal its contents. This wooden jewelry cabinet may be eye-catching, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on storage! In fact, it can hold 60 pairs of earrings and 105 rings with 24 hooks for necklaces and bracelets. Plus, there are three shelves for storing any other personal items you’d like.

Giantex Standing Jewelry Armoire

If you loved the first Giantex model on this list but need a free-standing unit, this jewelry cabinet is the one for you! It even comes with 18 LED lights around the exterior mirror to provide just the right amount of light for inspecting your outfit.

The roomy interior includes another mirror as well as 3 lined earring shelves, 7 necklace and bracelet hooks, 40 ring slots, 16 lipstick slots, and 4 storage racks with soft, black lining to avoid scratching your belongings.

Hives and Honey Henry IV Jewelry Armoire

For buyers seeking a jewelry cabinet with refined design elements, the Hives and Honey Henry IV jewelry armoire is as stately as it is functional. This unit swaps the traditional mirrored door of our first 8 models for 8 drawers and 2 discrete doors on either side.

The drawers are lined and padded for a secure hold, and each one has a unique layout to store different types of jewelry safely. Similarly, each door opens to reveal 10 double-tiered necklace hooks with pouches at the bottom for pendant storage.

This free-standing unit also features an interior mirror at the very top and a locking lid for storing your most prized possessions.

Hives and Honey Meg Stand Jewelry Armoire

Another excellent model by Hives and Honey, the Meg jewelry armoire is a free-standing model that focuses on providing premium jewelry storage. This unit offers roomy drawers with varying layouts for your jewelry, and the two side doors open for access to several necklace and bracelet hooks.

Additionally, this model has anti-tarnish lining to protect even the most temperamental precious metals. The modern design looks fabulous with any home decor, and it looks like a piece of lovely furniture rather than a safe storage system for your jewelry!🤩

How to choose a jewelry armoire (with helpful advice)

While any of our 10 suggested jewelry armoires may work for you, it’s important to consider what exactly you need out of your armoire and which model can best provide that. Think about these features before making your decision:✅


How big is your jewelry collection? The amount of accessories you’re trying to secure inside your jewelry armoire is key to figuring out what size you need.

If you have just a few favorites, you may be able to try a small jewelry armoire that’s the size of a medicine cabinet. However, larger collections may require heftier models with more space. This can also impact which armoire design you choose, as units that stand on the floor may be able to carry more jewelry than ones that hang on walls or doors.


If you have a broad assortment of items you’d like to fit in your armoire, then you may want to think about the specific organization methods you’ll need. Hair accessories, watches, and cosmetics are just a few pieces that may require specialized pockets or hooks for proper storage.

Rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all require different forms, so those wearers who don’t stick to a few key pieces may also want to find a unit that can house each of these items separately to avoid misplacement and tangled chains.  For instance, necklace hooks can be incredibly helpful if you have pieces with longer chains, and earring holes or slots help you avoid mismatched sets!👨🏻‍🏫


Think about the space in which you plan to place your jewelry armoire, and consider the dimensions of each unit you’re currently interested in. Which one will best fit the space? Proper sizing is crucial to your jewelry cabinet fitting into your home decor.

Additionally, if you want a jewelry armoire with a mirror, you’ll need to figure out whether you’d like a full-length mirror or a shorter model. For units with full-length mirrors, the cabinet must be placed at a height that allows you to utilize the mirror, so you may have to measure the space and figure out exactly where it should hang.📐

Would you prefer to get different angles from your jewelry armoire mirror? Some floor units have adjustable mirrors that tilt to provide multiple angles, so you can make sure you’re dressed to impress from head to toe!😘

Installation Method and Placement

Consider whether you’d like a floor or hanging jewelry cabinet, as certain spaces may better accommodate particular models. You’ll also want to choose a location where you can fully open your armoire without being hindered so you can access all of your items!

For example, if you live in an apartment, it may be best to choose a cabinet that hangs on the door or wall to conserve floor space in your home’s potentially smaller footprint.

Those who settle on a hanging armoire should also look at their lease if they rent a house or apartment. ⚠️Some landlords do not allow you to drill anything into the walls, and so a door hanging model would work best in these situations. Jewelry armoires that hang over a door frame do not leave any marks or damage, so they’re perfect for rented spaces!

Or, if you own a larger home, a floor unit may be good for taking up some space in an empty corner and providing easy decor.

When it comes to floor units, another thing to consider is the other people who live in your home. If you have small children or pets who may knock over a jewelry armoire that sits on the floor, consider a hanging model that sits out of their reach.

Home Decor

What style of decor do you have in your home? Mid-century modern? French country? Industrial? It’s crucial to choose a jewelry armoire that fits the rest of your home decor so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb!

If you have weathered wood in your home, you may want a rustic jewelry armoire with vintage appeal. This look can be achieved with whitewashed paint or sanded surfaces, so it’s even possible to purchase a newer model and alter it to fit your home.

Those who prefer modern units have plenty of options, from fully mirrored armoires to sleek metal and wooden styles. 🧩What’s more: if a particular piece fits your needs but isn’t the right color, you can always repaint it to match the rest of your home!

Advanced Features

Some jewelry armoires offer advanced features that can make your life easier, so consider whether you need any of these nice extras for your accessories.

LED lighting is helpful if you often find yourself searching for the exact piece you want to wear. Watch forms are also handy for anyone who has a collection of timepieces.

Additionally, anti-tarnish fabric can be a big help if you own any silver items that will be stored in your armoire. And, deep drawers or shelves are a must if you plan on placing makeup, handbags, etc. inside your armoire as well!

Finding your own jewelry armoire

A jewelry armoire can be a priceless ally in defending your precious items, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your home decor. While the 10 jewelry armoires we suggested above reflect a wide array of different styles, you may need to do your own research as well to find one that best fits your needs.

If a jewelry armoire is too big or not secure enough for your accessories, we recommend trying a classic jewelry box or a safe. Read more about safes and the various models available for every situation in our comprehensive jewelry safe guide.🔍

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