7 Best Standing Jewelry Armoires + Placement Tips

Standing behind free-standing jewelry armoires...

When searching for a jewelry cabinet, many shoppers prefer a model that can—quite literally—stand on its own. A free-standing jewelry armoire is an excellent addition to a bedroom or living area, as they often pass for beautiful statement pieces that add class to any space.🌹

There are several standing jewelry cabinets available today, but which one is right for you? The answer comes down to your home decor, safety needs, and ideal organization/configuration. Let’s look at 7of the best standing jewelry armoires as well as some tips for choosing the perfect match for your home.

Views of a Standing Jewelry Armoire
Image: TWING

Why choose a standing jewelry armoire?

There are plenty of reasons for choosing a standing armoire over a wall-mounted or hanging model. For starters, if you rent your home or live in a space where drilling into the wall isn’t allowed, a standing unit may be your only option!⚠️

Oftentimes, standing jewelry cabinets offer more space for your jewelry as well. As such, if you have a rather large collection of valuables you’d like to store, a standing model can hold them more easily. More space also means more organization options, so you are likely to find a model that suits your specific needs when looking at standing units.

Standing units also have full-length mirrors—that can even rotate on certain models—to give you a full look at any outfit.💃🏻 Plus, it’s hard to walk away with a full standing jewelry cabinet in your arms, so they’re somewhat theft-proof when compared to wall-mounted or standing models!

Furthermore, standing jewelry armoires are great for taking up space in your home when you have empty rooms. Wall-mounted and hanging models are perfect space savers, but standing styles can take up a little bit of your wall—or an entire corner—to make your home appear filled and decorated.

Speaking of decor, standing jewelry cabinets come in many styles and colors that can really make them a statement piece in your home! Wall-mounted and hanging models can be lovely as well, but they often hide in corners or on the backs of doors away from view. However, some standing jewelry cabinets are so ornate that they actually garner attention when placed in a more public room in your home.

Reviews of the 7 best standing jewelry armoires (With advice)

Honestly, multiple standing jewelry armoires may suit your particular situation. However, here’s a list of our 7 favorite standing jewelry cabinets and the reasons why you should love them as much as we do:🕵🏻‍♂️

Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet with Full-Length Mirror

Available in both brown and white styles, this standing mirror jewelry armoire offers a clean, understated silhouette with tons of practical uses. For starters, this unit stores more than 250 pieces of jewelry with various racks, holes, hooks, and more to provide the best hold for each type of item.

In addition, there are 4 shelves for organizing assorted personal belongings, and this jewelry cabinet even has 2 makeup cups for your brushes, lipstick, etc. The 2 bottom drawers give buyers a bit more security, as you can hide items away from snooping guests.

Furthermore, the seamless, full-length mirror on the front of the unit tilts to give you a complete look at your body. There’s also a lock and key for locking away your belongings when you are away or have company over.

SONGMICS Jewelry Armoire with 8 LEDs

You read that name right: this standing jewelry cabinet has 8 LED lights that are battery operated so you can actually see inside your armoire. It can be a pain to find your favorite necklace in the dark, so this model is perfect for those who prefer a little extra light!💡

What’s more, this jewelry cabinet has a unique mirror with a beveled edge for added safety. The soft, rounded edges won’t damage your walls, and the extended length of the mirror means you can see nearly your whole outfit at once.

While the cabinet can hold plenty of jewelry, there are also 6 drawers and 3 internal shelves as well as a larger external shelf for boxes of hair accessories, nail polish, or whatever else you may need to store.

TWING Jewelry Organizer

Boasting the largest mirror of this list, the TWING jewelry organizer has a mirror that allows buyers to get a complete view of their look from head to toe!🤩 This unit truly looks like a high-quality piece of furniture, and it rotates 360° to reveal a set of shelves you can use for additional storage or as part of your home decor.

The rotating mechanism is ideal for hiding your jewelry in plain sight, but the cabinet comes with a lock and key just in case! The 5 internal shelves and 2 dust-proof inner pockets take this jewelry cabinet to the next level, as it can hold not only your entire jewelry collection but also your makeup, perfume, and whatever else you need to protect.

Finally, there’s an interior mirror for easy makeup and jewelry application. ✅No need to open and close the door repeatedly while getting ready: just use the handy smaller mirror inside as you work.

SONGMICS Floor Standing Jewelry Cabinet

If you’re unsure where you want to place your jewelry cabinet, this SONGMICS model has 4 wheels so you can move it around your home with ease. This also means it won’t scratch your floors when pushed, and the wheels lock in place to avoid slipping.

This unit offers extensive jewelry storage, but there’s also a 10-slot lipstick tray, 3-slot brush tray, 2 facial mask bags, and 4 shelves for customizable storage. Plus, the exterior drawer below the mirror offers additional usage as a shelf!

Speaking of the mirror, it is full-length and can tilt forward and backward so you can get the ideal angle every time. For added security, this jewelry cabinet has a lock and key to protect your belongings.

SRIWATANA Jewelry Armoire

The solid wood construction and rustic vibe of this jewelry armoire is a “must-have” for homes with farmhouse decor.🏚️ The design is sleek and clean, but be warned: the base is not as strong as some of our other products, so this unit is meant to do its job without interference from little ones or pets!

Otherwise, this jewelry cabinet has hooks, holes, and rods for every type of jewelry, including a stylish burlap backing with several ring slots. There are also 5 additional shelves for extra belongings and a decorative “love” sign written in black cursive across the center.

This unit also lights up automatically when you open it, featuring a battery-operated light that shines down from the top of the frame. What’s more, there’s a lock and key for additional safety and small rubber feet on the bottom of the unit to protect your floors.

Hives and Honey Traditional Jewelry Armoire

For a jewelry cabinet with a refined personality, Hives and Honey is the go-to company. Their “vintage” standing jewelry armoires are made with high-quality materials and would make lovely statement pieces in any home!

This Hives and Honey Traditional Jewelry Armoire has 8 customizable drawers to suit your ever-changing storage needs, and there are two side doors that swing open to reveal multiple necklace hooks. It also has a locking lid to keep your items safe from curious visitors.

The inner lid also has a small mirror so you can easily don your jewelry. This model has a rich, antique walnut finish that would look amazing with most traditional home decor, and guests probably would never guess it’s a jewelry armoire!

If you adore Hives and Honey but aren’t in love with this particular unit, you can browse their entire collection here.

Powell Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Instead of a free-standing jewelry armoire with a mirror, how about one that is ENTIRELY mirrored?😎 That’s right, the Powell jewelry armoire is fully mirrored to bring a dash of modern, eclectic style to your home!

Below its flashy mirrored surfaces, this model can fit most jewelry collections thanks to its 2 side doors for necklace storage and 7 drawers that feature both smaller designs and larger, customizable options.

As a heads up, mirrored units require a little more maintenance than wooden and metal models. The multiple reflective surfaces mean it’ll be littered with fingerprints in no time, so be sure to clean your jewelry cabinet frequently to avoid it looking dirty!

Where to place my standing jewelry armoire? 5 ideas for you

A standing jewelry armoire takes up more space than other models, so where should you place it in your home? The answer depends on the style of jewelry cabinet you purchase and what works best for your space. Here are 5 different locations you can place your standing jewelry cabinet:👏🏻

In your bedroom

For added privacy, place the jewelry armoire in your bedroom away from prying eyes. You can place your cabinet either in the corner of a room, against a wall, or beside your vanity or dresser.

In your living space

If you purchase a flashier unit that you want to show off, try placing the jewelry cabinet in your living room or other public space. Here, others can gawk at the armoire’s beauty, and you can purchase a unit that locks to prevent anyone snooping about.

In the bathroom

You can do your entire morning routine all in one place if you put your standing jewelry armoire in the bathroom! Doing so gives you a stylish piece of furniture in your bathroom and ease of access when trying on different items in front of a well-lit mirror.

If you do choose to place your jewelry cabinet in the bathroom, just be sure to purchase one made from a material that can withstand the environment! Fake wood and weaker materials may warp in the high humidity, so be sure to stick to high-quality materials that are sealed. You can also seal them yourself with a little work at home.

In a spare room

Some master bedrooms just don’t have enough space for extra furniture, so you can always set up your jewelry armoire in a spare bedroom, hobby room, etc. instead. Doing so gives you more room to peruse your jewelry collection, and the jewelry cabinet can fill space in a sparsely decorated room as home decor.

In a closet

Not interested in showing off your standing jewelry armoire at all? Do you have extremely valuable items hiding inside? If so, you may want to conceal your cabinet completely by placing it in a closet.

By hiding your jewelry cabinet in the closet, you can avoid guests ever seeing it. Plus, you can place the unit on the back wall of your closet behind your clothes for an even more secure spot!

Helpful advice on using a standing armoire

It’s hard to think of every single scenario that could arise in which your armoire may become damaged or could inflict injury on others. We’ve rounded up a few helpful tips for making sure your standing jewelry cabinet remains in one piece:✍🏻

Wrap up sharp corners

Some standing jewelry armoires have sharp corners, which can pose a threat to you as well as small children and pets. What’s more, if the unit sits in a corner, the door’s sharp edges can scratch the wall.

If your model has pointed corners, consider wrapping them up to protect yourself and the ones you love! Corner protectors are affordable and simple to install, so you can have them in place in mere minutes.

Or, bypass the issue entirely and opt for a unity with rounded corners instead. This SONGMICS model has rounded edges that are safe and stylish, so you won’t have to worry about little ones bumping their heads!

Avoid breezy windows

Do not place your standing jewelry armoire near a window that may produce a strong breeze. In high wind conditions, the door to your jewelry cabinet may open and shut violently if it is not fully closed, causing damage to the unit and your belongings.

Stay away from steamy environments

As previously mentioned, steamy bathrooms and adjoining hallways can wreak havoc on jewelry armoires made with lower-quality materials. Avoid placing your jewelry cabinet in these spaces if you’re worried about warped wood, rusted metal, etc.

Additionally, you can buy a sealed unit or take the extra steps to seal it yourself. Speak with a professional at your local home or hardware store to find out what type of sealant would be best for your situation.

Child safety

Curious children can be a handful, so protect your little ones around your standing jewelry armoire! Corner protectors, locks, and restricted access to the room where your jewelry armoire is stored are just a few ways you can secure your cabinet.

If you have a climber, you may even need to bolt the armoire to the wall to avoid tipping. Consider a furniture wall mounting kit if you’re concerned about your unit falling over.

Keeping your cabinet clean

Different materials require specific cleaning methods and chemicals, so be sure to research what types of cleaners work best on your armoire before cleaning it for the first time! Most units are made of wood, which works well with furniture polish, such as Pledge, or any cleaner designed to work on wood furniture.

Metal and mirrored units are a bit trickier! Some surface cleaners are safe for wood, metal, AND mirrored areas, but be sure to read the instructions before cleaning. Otherwise, Windex and other gentle window cleaners are often used to clean mirrors.

Final thoughts on free-standing jewelry armoires

A standing jewelry cabinet can be an irreplaceable home accent. Gorgeous and intriguing, standing jewelry armoires act as both safe storage for your valuables and lovely home decor. You also never have to worry about them falling off of a door or wall, as they’re typically very sturdy and stable even when in use.

Overall, the type of jewelry cabinet you choose depends on your needs.😚 Do you have a smaller home? Do you rent and can’t drill holes into your walls? Do you need heightened security? If you’re not sold on a free-standing jewelry armoire, take a look at the list of our top 10 best jewelry cabinets that we’ve curated just for you!

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