The Meaning of Infinity Symbols and 7 Dazzling Designs You'll Adore

The enduring power of infinity...

If you’ve ever shopped for jewelry, you’ve probably seen pieces featuring infinity symbols. Although the design is rather old, infinity symbols have permeated fashion and popular culture for the last decade. Their image carries many meanings ranging from personal strength to enduring love, and this symbol can mean something completely different for each wearer.

Infinity symbol jewelry is a perfect way to express yourself without leaving your comfort zone. Designs can be bold and glittering or delicate and understated, and there are many varieties of infinity symbols to choose from. 👉🏻Let’s talk about the meaning behind infinity symbol jewelry and 7 popular variations you’ll want to buy immediately.🚴🏻‍♂️

Infinity Symbols in Jewelry: An Infinity Pendant Necklace

What is the infinity symbol?

So what is an infinity symbol? It has carried other names over time and signifies a mystic understanding of eternity for most civilizations.

However, while this sideways figure eight appears in many cultures throughout history, English mathematician John Wallis presented it in its current meaning in 1655. The design derives from the lemniscate, and it represents the mathematical notion of “infinity”. The symbol is thought to be related to the Roman numeral cI၁ or 1,000, which was often short form for “many”. Subsequently, the infinity symbol has come to signify ever more concepts over time.

Different Types of Infinity Symbol Designs

What does the infinity symbol mean?📋

Centuries ago, ancient civilizations brought about the infinity symbol’s spiritual meaning. Asian cultures used the design to symbolize perfection and duality, whereas the Egyptians and Greeks called it the “Ouroboros”.  An Ouroboros is an ancient depiction of a snake biting its own tail, creating a never-ending loop. It signifies the eternal cycle of life, immortality, and rebirth.

Ouroboros Devouring Its Own Tail: Infinity Ouroboros Ring

The Celts also had the “Celtic Knot” which looks like a double infinity symbol. The endless nature of the knot is similar to the Ouroboros and represents life’s enduring revolution and continuity. These meanings have persevered over the years, and the symbol is synonymous with endurance, eternity, and regeneration.

A Collection of Different Celtic Knot Designs

Infinity symbols: a popular trend with several interpretations

Today, the infinity symbol still carries many of the same meanings. In jewelry, it represents undying love, the strong bonds of friendship or family, or an appreciation of nature’s lifecycle. However, some variations of the infinity symbol have a deeper meaning, which can add a level of personalization to your jewelry.

Often, designers pair the symbol with another equally important meaning to create a whole new intent. ✨Here are 7 striking infinity symbol designs you may want to try:

Swedish Malin Infinity Symbol

A unique take on the infinity symbol, the Swedish Malin creates a lemniscate from a bent arrow. With its head pointing one way and feathers pointing another, it symbolizes life’s journey. Sometimes, to move forward, we must take a few steps back! It is a reminder that failures are often steps toward progress.🏆

Swedish Malin Infinity Symbol Necklace in Silver

The Swedish Malin is a perfect option for anyone who has faced trials in life. Or, give it to someone who has recently graduated, as schooling often presents setbacks that become victories in the end.

Celtic Knot Infinity Symbol

As previously discussed, the Celtic Knot symbolizes life’s eternal cycle and the concept of continuity. This mystic design can be simple or very complex, with multiple knots intertwining with no end in sight.

Celtic Knot Infinity Symbol Bracelet: Great Gift for Her

A Celtic Knot is the perfect option for someone who values symbols with a rich history of meaning. Or, given the complexities of some versions, they’d be a lovely gift for a grandparent. The many knots can signify the copious events in their lives which have led them to their current life filled with love, family, and memories.

Heart Infinity Symbol

❤️The infinity symbol with a heart is an ultimate expression of affection. This love infinity symbol represents the unbreakable bond between lovers, friends, or family, and they can be personalized to incorporate names, birthstones, or other details.

Just as the infinity symbol’s loops circle each other ad infinitum, so will the love you share with your gift recipient last forever. The heart may be one or both of the loops, hanging on or drawn into the design, or even encircled by the infinity symbol. They look extra luxe with gemstones, and mixed metal options are also eye-catching.

Heart Infinity Symbol Bracelet With Blue Diamonds, in Sterling Silver

Double Infinity Symbol

Similar to the Celtic Knot, the double infinity symbol incorporates two lemniscates wound around each other. This intricate design leaves viewers unsure of where one symbol ends and the other begins!

Double infinity symbols signify “double absoluteness”, and they’re often used in wedding decor, ceremonies, and jewelry to signify the enduring promise the couple has made in front of family and friends. Double infinity symbols also make great anniversary presents as a reminder of the marital promise.

Double Infinity Symbol Ring in Silver (Etsy)

Cross Infinity Symbol

For religious wearers, and infinity symbol with a cross may be the perfect choice. The cross can either be part of the infinity symbol or have the lemniscate draped around it, but both symbols have the same meaning.

Cross infinity symbols represent the “Eternal Being” or God. They can also signify God’s eternal love for his people, as he gave his only son, Jesus, through sacrifice on the cross. This symbol is an ideal gift for a Baptism, Confirmation, or other religious ceremony.

Cross Infinity Symbol Pendant Necklace in Bronze and Sterling Silver

Anchor Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol with an anchor has gained popularity over the last decade.📈 This design includes an anchor fashioned into the infinity symbol. Anchors are used to moor boats, and they represent strength and endurance. As such, adding an anchor to an infinity symbol can symbolize tenacity and a strong will.

Those who wear this symbol refuse to surrender and continuously move toward their goals. It’s a beautiful design to wear yourself or share with someone who has faced hardship. A popular jewelry piece for the anchor motif is infinity symbol rings!

Anchor Infinity Symbol Ring in Gold: Great Anniversary Gift

Infinity Symbols With Names

While you can always engrave someone’s name onto a piece of jewelry, it would mean even more if you incorporated their name into the design. The name infinity symbol allows buyers to actually include their beloved’s name—or their own—into one of the loops of the infinity symbol.

Similar to the heart infinity symbol, this design can signify intense, everlasting love. It’s a lovely gift for a groom to buy his new bride before/after the wedding, or as an anniversary gift.🎁

Personalized Infinity Name Bracelet: Infinity Symbol With Name(s)

Tips on how to match infinity symbol jewelry to your style

There are many different designs and variations to choose from when it comes to infinity symbol jewelry. So, how can you add a personal touch? Make your infinity symbol jewelry fit your individual style with these tips:✅

Pick the right color to convey your message

Metals come in many colors, so choose the right one to convey your personalized message. 

For instance, if you prefer a romantic or more feminine style, choose rose gold for a lovely, pink hue. Or, those who enjoy bold fashion choices should consider bright yellow gold to make their infinity symbol stand out. Finally, silver, platinum, and white gold look great in any setting; they are versatile and can be worn both casually and formally.

Include a birthstone in your infinity symbol

Whether you’ve chosen an infinity symbol design to honor your child, spouse, or even just a close friend, you can amplify your piece’s personal message by adding their birthstone. Some retailers even allow you to add multiple birthstones, so you can represent all of your children or family members at once!👭🏻 For more information, check out our “Complete Guide to Birthstones”.

Create a formal or luxury piece with gemstones

Want to wear your infinity symbol jewelry in refined settings? Opt for decadent pieces with gemstones to fit the setting.  

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and semi-precious stones can elevate your jewelry for any wedding, cocktail party, or even white-collar office setting. If you’re not a fan of gemstone encrusted pieces, try just one diamond on an infinity symbol necklace to provide a touch of class without overdoing it.

Increase or decrease your pendant size for a variety of looks

The size of your infinity symbol pendant can greatly change the style of your piece. Large infinity symbols produce a fashionable look that’s great for long pendants or statement earrings. In contrast, smaller, delicate infinity symbols on rings, studs, or bracelets can suit any occasion and look as great with a comfy sweater as they do with a blouse and skirt at the office.

Sterling Silver Infinity Heart Bracelet Suits Any Occasion

Go horizontal or vertical for a different look

Horizontal infinity symbols are the standard arrangement offered by most retailers. While the design is classic and refined, it can lack uniqueness. By choosing pieces with vertical infinity symbols, you increase the item’s rarity and can turn heads much easier. However, orientation is totally up to you, and it all comes down to what best fits your personal style!

Wear more than one infinity symbol

What’s better than one infinity symbol? A LOT of infinity symbols!  

If you really enjoy the design, consider purchasing pieces with multiple infinity symbols to make a statement. Some variations include infinity symbol bracelets or rings, necklace chains with symbols spread around the chain, and more. You can even find mixed metal pieces that can add further personality to your look.

To infinity and beyond

While infinity symbols may have different meanings to most people, it’s important to remember the underlying motif of all infinity jewelry: eternity. Infinity symbols signify endurance, whether in your love for your significant other or your drive to be a better person. This type of jewelry is a lovely reminder of your commitment to being a greater human being, partner, and friend.🚴🏻‍♂️

Infinity symbols are just one way to express yourself through fashion, but they’re a powerful statement piece that we hope you enjoyed learning more about. Now that you’ve researched some deeply meaningful infinity symbol designs, it’s time to pick the one that speaks to you and wear it proudly!

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