Add pearls & earthy lapis with chalcedony to your stacked jewelry collection

Pearls have seen an emergence of popularity this season, bringing in the tranquility of the sea year-round, including for the cooler months.⛵ Not sure how to wear pearls? Pearls are frequently thought of as heirlooms, vintage pieces, or best suited for formal occasions. Now, pearls are incorporated into the latest layering jewelry options. Make a statement in style with pearls—fuse Old World prestige with modern trends as seen with this Mejuri photo showcasing all the ways to wear your stunning pearls.

Take your day wardrobe into the night with enchanting pearl jewelry. These station pearl layering necklaces feature delicate chains and secure clasps, allowing them to cascade on the wrist and neck gracefully. Add these gold-plated layered bracelets (five pieces) for a highly accessorized stacked look. Mix and match your pearl jewelry with statement rings, such as this bypass-style freshwater solitaire ring, for a classic elegance. Are you seeking a more delicate, understated presence of pearls? Try this Stacker ring by Mejuri. These rings add a chic moment, making the pearls the main focal point without appearing too chunky.😇

Pearls can be worn with different attire—they are no longer thought of as only being appropriate for special events. Although, wearing a single pearl strand necklace like the one in this Mejuri Instagram post complements the bridal gown, such as this glamorous long-sleeve off-shoulder sequin lace wedding dress, or this galaxy print backless split-thigh mesh cami dress, pearls can amp up your favorite casual outfit.💄 Try wearing these lightweight layering pearls with ultra high-rise 90s straight jeans for a retro meets sophisticated, edgy combo.

Lapis lazuli and chalcedony are the opposite of pearls. Lapis is a gorgeous earthy crystal displaying a rich cobalt blue shade and sparkling pyrite inclusions, while chalcedony is a popular stone choice for any outfit.

Lapis harnesses the beauty of Mother Nature, making them suitable for any time. The Mejuri high-quality AAA lapis lazuli ball-bead station chains and bracelets offer the perfect starting point to your layered jewelry collection.

👉🏻Wear both pearls and lapis for a collision of textures, colors, and shapes. Lapis accentuates your personalized fine jewelry collection—yellow is the ultimate complement to lapis as seen here with this contemporary autumn print dress. Mix and match lapis with other supreme gems, such as this malachite stretch bracelet for an earthy fusion of colors. 💡Please Note: all lapis beads are unique, with no two exactly alike. This makes them all the more treasurable.

Get ready for the new season with fashion-forward trends with gorgeous lightweight layering pieces that go well with chunky sweaters, workwear (high-waisted seamed bootcut pants), and other dressy and casual looks.

*Cover image: Mejuri

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