6 Prominent Strengths That Make Silicone Rings Stand Out

Silicone rings are one of the biggest trends among a variety of different jewelry wearers. These rings are more comfortable than metal rings and the style opportunities are endless. You may even see your favorite celebrities such as Tony Hawk, Joe Rogan, LeBron James, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. sporting silicone rings.🤩

Why are so many people, including celebrities, switching to silicone rings? For one, silicone wedding rings are a great alternative to traditional wedding bands and they’re ideal for those who live active lifestyles. Silicone rings are also safer and better suited for those with metal allergies.

Are these the only benefits?

You’ll experience many benefits when you make the switch to silicone rings. Here are 6 strengths of wearing silicone rings.👇🏻

A Variety of Styles

—A versatile ring for your modern life

Silicone rings are versatile, perfect for all wearers with different lifestyles and preferences. Classic silicone rings are the size of a traditional wedding band and are usually solid-colored. You can choose a variety of different colors, including metallics that are infused with precious metals.

If you still think the classic ring style is too bulky or gets in the way, you can opt for a thin silicone ring. Thin silicone rings are also ideal for stacking, which is becoming a popular trend.

Certain brands, such as Groove Life, offer anti-stretch technology. This technology makes the band more durable. Their technology uses a patented nylon band concealed inside of the ring. These rings are still breathable, preventing sweat build-up.

Strength #1 of Silicone Rings: A Variety of Styles
Enso Rings

There are also more silicone ring customizable options. You can add personalized text, a monogram, and other personalized images. In addition, 3D printing technology is emerging that will open up more doors to personalizations and other innovations, such as unique prints.

Different brands also have specific lines for certain consumers, such as those who work in the service industry and those who live an adventurous or active lifestyle.


—Made from medical grade silicone

Are you allergic to different metals and are looking for another ring option? If so, you’ll appreciate silicone rings! Most brands use medical-grade silicone for their rings, making it an ideal choice for those with different metal allergies.

What if you don’t have a metal allergy but have sensitive skin? Metal rings can still cause a reaction. It’s not uncommon for skin to turn different colors and even a mild reaction to form as a result of wearing metal rings.

Strengths of Silicone Rings: Hypoallergenic

Fortunately, the medical-grade silicone is made for all skin types. Keep in mind, you might want to stay away from metallic silicone rings and others that are made with different ingredients. These may also cause a reaction.

The medical-grade silicone also makes the rings easy to clean. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic; you can easily clean your ring in soap and water to remove germs.

A Safer Option

—Anti-ring avulsion & nonconductive

Silicone rings are not only a safer option for those with allergies and sensitivity issues. They are a better option for everyone! ⚠️That’s because there’s one little-known danger of wearing metal rings: ring avulsion.

Ring avulsion is when your metal ring gets hooked on another object and causes damage to your finger. Depending on the accident, ring avulsion can damage your muscles, tissue, bones, and tendons.

In severe cases, your finger may be dislocated! While ring avulsion commonly happens when playing sports or other high-action activities, ring avulsion can also occur during typical trips and falls.

If the thought of ring avulsion sends shivers down your spine, you may want to switch to silicone rings. Many silicone ring brands such as Groove Life and Enso make their rings with anti-avulsion technology.

Anti-Avulsion Technology by Enro to Avoid Ring Avulsion
Enso / Kickstarter

What is anti-avulsion technology? Let’s say your silicone ring is caught on something. The material will move away from your finger, preventing any injuries or damage. 👉🏻Some rings may also break so your finger doesn’t get damaged in the process.

Ring Will Break When It Achieves Certain Tension

Don’t worry, you can always replace your ring. Most brands offer a warranty for these kinds of accidents. We will discuss this in a later section.

Comfortable for All Occasions

—Lightweight, breathable and heat-resistant

Life has many obstacles. Whether you work long shifts or are a professional athlete, the last thing ring wearers want is to put up with an uncomfortable ring. Fortunately, silicone rings are comfortable for all occasions.

The silicone material is lightweight—most wearers don’t even notice the ring is there. When made with the right materials, the silicone is soft to the touch and is flexible. They will feel comfortable on the skin, perfect for all-day wear.

Another benefit of silicone rings is their breathable nature. Many brands use their own unique technology to prevent sweat build-up. Groove Life is the perfect example. The inside of the rings has unique grooves that increase airflow, minimizing the amount of moisture when wearing the ring.

Benefits and Features of Silicone Rings - Kickstarter

Lifetime Warranty

—Most metal rings cannot compete

Silicone rings are affordable and replacing them is easy. However, you may not have to worry about the extra replacement costs. That’s because silicone ring makers include a lifetime warranty.

For example, Groove Life offers a 94-year warranty. They also offer a free ring (and will cover shipping costs) if your ring is damaged. Keep in mind, there’s a $5 shipping charge if you lose the ring or if you damage the second ring.

This excludes custom silicone rings. There’s a $10 customization charge.

What about returns and exchanges? QALO is another major brand that offers a 30-day refund and a 60-day exchange. They also offer a forever warranty if your ring breaks, tears, or stretches.

Enso has a similar warranty. Their lifetime warranty covers tears, rips, discoloration, and stretching. Keep in mind, clearance items aren’t covered under their warranty.

They also allow returns and exchanges within 30 days of you receiving the product. There are limitations; forever, they don’t allow exchanges on Exclusive items, a ring from their Inked line, or custom rings. They also can’t exchange rings for a different style.

Affordable for Nearly All

—But the symbolism never changes

One of the best parts about silicone rings is that they’re affordable. The price you pay depends on the brand, type of product, and other factors. But a silicone ring can fit in just about any budget.😊

For example, Enso offers its metallic silicone rings for $40! This price is for men’s and women’s rings. You can get a beautiful wedding band with the look of traditional metal at a fraction of the cost.

What about tradition?

Metals have been used for wedding bands because most metals have generally good resistance and are durable. But does metal really signify true love? You can’t put a price or a material on love. The symbolism of the wedding band or engagement ring never changes, no matter what material is used to make the ring.

Silicone Bands for Marriage: Symbolism Never Changes
Silicone Wedding Bands for Men and Women

Enso Rings

What about other types of rings and other brands? Competitors also offer similar pricing. The men’s classic Q2X Silicone Ring from QALO is a best seller and is only $33.95, only slightly lower than the metallic rings.

What if you want a specialty ring? Most brands don’t increase the price. For example, Groove Life did a collaboration with Marvel and each ring is $40.

What about custom rings? Everything is still in the same price range. For example, Groove Life’s custom men’s rings are $39.95.

All of these brands offer a variety of sales and clearance sections as well as discounts on various products.

Where should you buy silicone rings?

Now that you know the benefits of silicone rings, where do you find the best products? We recommend three brands: Enso, Groove Life, and QALO.

  • Enso strives to provide the most comfortable, stylish, and safest silicone rings. They make rings that are luxurious and attractive, all at an affordable price. They also use anti-avulsion technology in their rings, ensuring you’re safe.
  • Groove Life was bred because of two reasons: to serve people and inspire adventure. This brand puts its customers first, offering outstanding customer service as well as high-quality products. This is also a brand that lives by adventure. Groove Life’s founder, Peter Goodwin, needed a wedding band that suited his adventurous lifestyle. That’s how Groove Life was born. That’s why this brand aims to inspire adventure and to let people live life to the fullest.
  • QALO is all about family. While metal bands traditionally expressed your marriage, this brand doesn’t want anyone feeling left out because they can’t afford metal or have a metal allergy. That’s why their rings are not only safe but are high-quality.

Are you interested in custom rings? Your options are endless! Here’s more information about personalized rings.

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