Silicone Wedding Rings: Benefits, 6 Top Styles + 4 Bonus Tips

We have come a long way since the first ring was given away as a symbol of love. From the sedges, rushes, and reeds getting twisted to form a ring to the diamond, gold, silicone, and other types of rings available today, we can see a great transformation and transition of wedding rings.🤹🏻‍♀️

People have been known to use gestures and symbols to express their innermost feelings to the ones they love; rings provide a deeper symbol, with the circle being the symbol of eternity and the space inside the ring representing the never-ending immortal love.

The Romans were the first to come up with iron rings, which at the time were even engraved. It was not until around 860 that Christians adopted the ring as part of their culture, symbolizing it as a union of the hearts.

Based on the synonymy of a ring with love, the more expensive the ring, the more it shows you love your significant other. This is why people spend months and months’ worth of salary on a ring. However, the more expensive the ring, the more you fear losing it, yet for what the ring stands for,  people hate having to remove their rings for an activity.

Transformation: From Metal to Silicone Wedding Rings
Image (Right): QALO

Silicon fills in the gap in the search for rings that are more comfortable yet less of a loss if something happened to them. More and more people are buying silicone rings because apart from looking good, they are also cheap and they can be worn at all times.

This article will take a comprehensive look at silicone wedding rings to explore whether they are worth it and the different silicone wedding bands you can get in the market.

What are silicone wedding rings made of?

The silicone wedding ring is made up of a polymer combined with carbon-oxygen and hydrogen. Apart from their current work of making rings, silicone materials are also popular in various other industries, including aviation, healthcare, and industrial processes.

The rings are made from cheap but durable materials, making them the perfect substitutes for the more precious rings you may have. They can be worn anywhere and will not cause much of a headache if they get damaged or spoilt.

The origin story of silicone wedding rings

You might wonder how silicon wedding rings ended up as the brand of choice for numerous people, as they are rubber-based instead of the sturdy metallic rings we have been accustomed to.

Silicone wedding rings are relatively new in the market. They are still fast replacing traditional wedding rings, especially for people with an active lifestyle, where normal wedding rings may get spoilt.

Cameron Bair came up with the idea of a silicone wedding ring. This was after he got tired of the damage and constant threat of his ring getting lost due to his type of lifestyle. He was not content with the idea of removing his ring and appearing to be a single man; neither did he want to lose the gold ring he had on. This was how he thought of silicon rings and SafeRingz, his business company came into being.

SafeRingz started to gain popularity, encouraging more brands to sell their versions of silicon rings. Silicon rings continued to become the alternative for metal rings made of materials like platinum, tungsten, or titanium. It was used for both women's and men’s silicone wedding rings.

Why are silicone wedding rings becoming more and more popular?

silicone wedding rings are becoming more and more popular each day and this is for certain reasons.📈 They might not come with precious metals or awe-inspiring price tags, but they do have some advantages as seen below.


Wedding rings are essential, not only for their symbolism but also for their practicality. What is the point of getting a thousand dollar ring only to lose it?

It may seem important to get a ceremonial ring, with all the prestige attached to a fairytale wedding. However, people are realizing that they need rings to use in normal day-to-day life, without the fear of losing them.

Most people will want rings that will not come in the way of their activity, and this is why silicon wedding rings stand out.

The Practicality of Silicone Wedding Rings: Perfect for Workout Activities


Compared to the traditional types of rings that we are used to, silicone rings are way more comfortable. They are made of a rubbery material, which is more soothing to the skin compared to more traditional metal-based rings.

Silicone-based rings are not easily tangled on other materials, neither do they slip. Additionally, being that their material is the stretchy kind, you can say goodbye to swollen fingers that come with metal-based rings.

For people with sensitive skin, the silicone ring is hypoallergenic, making it safe for sensitive skin.


Safety is a big reason why silicone rings have become so popular. For people who work with heavy machinery, metallic rings can be a source of danger, as they may pose a risk to your fingers or arm if caught in a machine. You may also be in a gym where there are several machines and weights, which may pose a risk to you while on your workout.

In general, most people will take off their rings before getting into any physical activities due to the ring's nature of posing some danger. Silicone rings, on the other hand, are made to break. This means if they are ever caught in something, rather than holding on to the finger and posing a risk to it, the ring will break and release the finger from any danger.

Modern perspectives on weddings and wedding bands

Another reason for the shift from the more precious and expensive wedding bands to the cheaper silicon ones is the shift in perspective in what was defined as love or the standards of love. Previously, the notion was such that the more money spent on a wedding ring, the more love the giver of the wedding ring had.

This has changed; people no longer quantify their love in terms of the money they spend on the ring, rather the expression of love and sentiment behind the ring. This has seen several people shift from giving each other rings to getting tattoos on their ring fingers.

Nowadays, it is more about the gesture than the price tag, and as long as your partner understands what you mean by giving them a ring, they are less concerned with how much it cost. Although anyone would appreciate the jewel's value, the mentality has evolved into more about the sentiment than the price tag.

Top silicone wedding ring styles and brands (Our reviews)

Several silicone rings are available for purchase; all you need is the right information to make the best silicone wedding ring pick for you and your significant other. Silicone wedding rings come in different styles, giving you a variety to choose from.

Below are some of the options:

Classic Low-Profile Silicone Wedding Rings

If you are looking for a durable and flexible ring capable of fitting different sized hands and breaking under pressure, the classic low profile type of ring will be amazing for you. You can get your hands on the ThunderFit silicone wedding ring for men from the ThunderFit series. It works well for people with an active lifestyle. It will replace your formal wedding ring conveniently, keeping you safe from any finger injuries common to the more traditional metallic wedding rings.

ThunderFit Classic Low-Profile Rings
ThunderFit / Amazon

Apart from the ThunderFit silicone wedding ring for men, you have a couple of other silicone wedding rings that can tickle your fancy. Some of the options include the ThunderFit classic men's silicone wedding bands (4 pack) and the ThunderFit men's silicone wedding ring step edge with breathable grooves.

Metallic Silicone Wedding Rings

This silicone wedding ring comes infused with some precious materials. A perfect example of this silicone ring is the Enso Rings classic elements silicone ring. The infused material brings out the ring’s metallic sheen and replaces the traditional type of ring with the more modern silicone ring.

Metallic Silicone Wedding Band (Enso Rings)

It is unisex, looking great on both men and women, making it the perfect gift for both you and your loved one. Both the ring and band come with several other complementary colors to choose from.

The ring also comes with a breathable capability that ensures you are comfortable. It also has an anti- ring avulsion technology to ensure it breaks in case it is caught in a moving object, protecting your finger.

You can get a couple of more options from Enso Rings, including the hypoallergenic unisex type.

Camo Style Silicone Rings

You also have the option of getting a camouflage type of silicone wedding ring, which comes with some amazing colors and designs that are beautiful to look at. It is durable, flexible, and breathable, meaning you can go about your activities without any fear of injury to your finger or the loss of your ring.

One of the best rings with a camo style finish is the Mossy Oak Camo silicone ring by Groove Life. It comes with a rounded interior that makes it comfortable around your hand.

Camo Style Silicone Rings for Outdoor Adventures
The material used is the medical-grade quality, thus extremely safe on your skin.

Stackable Silicone Wedding Bands

Stackable silicone wedding rings are the type that can be stacked together, each with a certain number of rings that can go on one stack. Most of the stackable rings in the market can take between three and four rings on one finger.

Stackable rings are amazing as they allow couples to add milestones to their rings, meaning they can stack up at certain points in their marriage to affirm their commitment to each other.

If you are looking for something more feminine, you can go for QALO Women's Stackable Silicone Ring. For one, the ring comes in several different colors, ensuring she has several options to choose from.

Stackable Silicone Wedding Rings: Multiple Colors Available

The ring is also stackable, making it a great way to add milestones to your marriage, such as anniversaries. It comes with amazing patterns, which are pleasing to look at and will surely impress your fiancée or wife.

You can also get a matching QALO men's silicone wedding ring.

Ultralite Silicone Wedding Rings

The Ultralite silicon rings are an alternative type of silicone ring perfect for both males and females. They are Ultralite, flexible and durable, guaranteeing comfort for your fingers. Additionally, they are mostly hypoallergenic, meaning they are great for people with sensitive skin.

A great example of the Ultralite silicone wedding rings is the one from Enso Rings.

The Enso Rings' Ultralite rings come with a soft touch plus several color options to choose from. The bands also come with a comfortable contour fit, which ensures comfort for your finger, especially for people who easily swell up.

Ultralite Silicone Wedding Bands

You have a couple of options for the Ultralite rings, including a jet black silicone wedding ring among a few other options. It will be perfect for people working, as they will be safe without constantly having to remove the ring.

Patterned Silicone Wedding Bands

Other silicone rings come with patterns on the outside, making them appear even prettier than they are when plain. Some types of patterned rings include the KAUAI timeless elegance rings, the Zollen Olive leaves silicone rings, and the Enso Rings women's infinity wedding rings.

The KAUAI silicone ring comes with a flower type pattern all-round the exterior made from safe hypoallergenic materials.

Patterned Silicone Rings: Flower, Olive Leaf and More

On the other hand, the Zollen Olive leaves silicone wedding rings come with an olive leaf-like pattern on the exterior, meant to symbolize hope, love, and peace. For the Enso Rings, women's infinity silicone rings come with a linear pattern on it.

Most patterned rings will come with various color options, and their in-built breaking capability will help if they are stuck on any machine.

Tip #1: Advice for buying a silicone wedding ring

There are a couple of things to look for before purchasing a silicone wedding ring set. These factors will help ensure you get the right fit for your preferences.

Some of the things you should consider before buying a silicone wedding ring include:👇🏻

  • Lifetime Warranty: If you want to be sure about the wedding silicone ring you are about to purchase, look at the product's warranty. Most legit silicone rings will come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you get another one if you lose or break the one you purchase.
  • Thickness: Another thing to look out for is the thickness of the ring. Ensure that you get the right size of the ring to fit your finger. Though you might have a preference for the thickness, we recommend choosing the thicker version of the ring, as it speaks to longevity compared to a slimmer and lighter silicone ring.
  • Ring Size: Most websites will offer customers the opportunity to choose their ring size and have the rings manufactured to the size. A few sites do not provide the service, and you choose between what they have in stock. Ensure you buy your ring from websites that allow customers to choose their ring sizes.
  • Quality: The material making the silicone ring should be medical grade silicone. This type of material lasts longer and is more comfortable for the wearer. Also, while making the purchase, ensure the ring is smooth on the edges. Rough sharp edges will irritate the finger and make the wearer uncomfortable.
  • Style: Another thing to consider before buying a silicone wedding ring is the company selling the rings. Getting more to choose from makes it worthwhile as it provides more options for your tastes.
  • Storage: Ensure that you have some proper storage for the silicone wedding rings. Most high-end rings come with some storage to put in the ring when you are not wearing it; similarly, some silicone wedding rings also come with storage boxes.
  • Reviews: If you can get your hands on some legitimate silicone wedding reviews on the product, you can see which silicon wedding rings are popular with five-star reviews. This will help you choose something that is already trusted and proven.

Tip #2: Caring for your silicone wedding ring

Most silicone wedding rings are hypoallergenic, which means they prevent any allergies to your skin. However, some people still get some allergic reactions from the rings. There are ways you can try to prevent the rash through the way you clean the silicone ring.

Most people will go for some soap and water to clean the silicone ring; however, there is another way to clean the ring and ensure you add some longevity to it.

The materials you can use for cleaning include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and hot water.

Mix the hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and water; dip the silicone wedding ring inside and leave it overnight. The peroxide mixture may leave the silicone ring looking like its bubbling; however, this is a common thing. It is the peroxide dis-infecting the ring.

You can use a combination of a soft cloth and a toothbrush to do a thorough cleaning job. Cleaning your ring should be done on intervals of at least two to four weeks, depending on your preference. After washing it dry it properly with the cloth, after which you can wear it immediately or let it dry up at a safe place.

Tip #3: Styling with silicone wedding rings

You can do several things with silicone wedding rings, based on the variety the rings come with.

For one, silicone rings come in several color varieties, meaning you can get one for every cloth you have and match them with your outfits.🌈 For people more apt with fashion, they can mix up the colors making the rings complement them in new ways.

Styling With Silicone Wedding Band: Workout and Outfit
Enso Rings

Silicone rings can also represent more than just the wedding if you stack them up. Silicone wedding rings can be a great symbol for certain milestones you achieve as a couple. You can start stacking up your rings with every anniversary or such things as Valentine.

You can also pair up your rings and wear matching ones with your spouse. This helps convey a deeper meaning for the rings, whereby they show a deeper connection between the two of you without having to voice it out.❤️

Tip #4: When is it not necessary to wear a silicone ring?

In certain instances may be good to keep away from silicone wedding rings. This is due to both the prestige and class attached to a ceremony or the sentiment behind it. A great example can be when attending an elegant gala or ceremony. It is important to keep up with the times and wear the more expensive, classy, metallic, and more traditional wedding ring than the silicone ring.

Certain people may prefer to remove the silicone ring when eating, especially when using their hands on the food. This is because of the fear of food particles getting lodged inside the ring.

Cons of silicone wedding rings

There are a couple of disadvantages associated with silicone wedding rings, which may prevent you from making the purchase, including:


Certain people may find it too hard to deviate from tradition and prefer the gem and metal to the silicone. 👉🏻However, silicone rings come with metallic accents that help make the ring look like a real metallic material.


Other people will opt for material like gold and diamond as they have a long lifespan and will be passed along from generation to generation.

Where can you buy silicone wedding rings?

There are a couple of trusted online stores where you can buy a silicone ring. Most of these stores will offer a couple of discounts. Getting the best deal will require a bit of research before purchase.

Amazon is a great place to start as it is a large store and will most likely have what you are looking for. You can also get silicone wedding rings at Walmart. You can also check out silicone wedding rings in stores that sell jewelry. You will always find something you like.


If you choose some traditional wedding rings, the best advice is to get some silicone ones for daily activities rather than remove your ring or risk losing it. Perceptions count for a lot, and a married man without a wedding ring will have to explain something to someone. A silicone wedding ring will solve this. Moreover, apart from coming in a variety, it will also pose less risk of injury to your finger.

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