6 Best Ring Size Adjusters to Make Your Ring Fit Better

Rings are one of the most glamorous jewelry pieces of all time. Whether you’re wearing a wedding band or a fashion ring, there are a variety of ring styles that will make anyone look like a million bucks.🤪

But rings have one major downside compared to other jewelry types—you have to wear the right size. If a ring is too big, it will fall off of your finger. And if your ring is too tight, it will start to hurt.

Ring Size Adjuster to Make Loose Ring Fit Better

Is your ring too loose? Don’t worry, you can use a ring size adjuster to get your ring the right size. Here, we will review the best ring size adjusters on the market as well as:

  • Discuss more details about ring size adjusters
  • Answering questions such as, “how does a ring size adjuster work?”
  • What to do if a ring is too tight or too loose
  • Advice when using ring size adjusters

Let’s get started!

What should you do if your ring is too loose?

Wearing a ring that’s too big is always uncomfortable. But how do we come across rings that are too big? You may think the reason is simply you bought a ring that’s too big. But there are a few other reasons why your ring may feel loose:👇🏻

  • Loose after passing the big knuckle
  • Children wearing rings made for adults
  • Bought ring when your finger was bigger (due to swelling or other reasons such as changes in environmental temperature or body temperature)
  • The ring has to be bigger for engraving and customizations

⚠️As you can see, there are many reasons why a ring may be too loose, even though you purchased the correct size.

Lady Feeling Disappointed With a Loose Ring

If you’re trying to fix a loose ring, first determine if you have the correct size. When you find this answer, you can do one of two things: take it to a jeweler to resize it or use ring adjusting technology.

Should you always bring your ring to a jeweler? While this is a common practice, there are some downsides. Jewelers will have to cut and solder the metal, weakening the piece. In addition, not all rings can be resized.

This is why ring size adjusters are a great option, especially wedding ring size adjusters. They only temporarily “change” the size, making the ring comfortable to wear without damaging the materials.

What is a ring size adjuster and what is it used for?

So, what exactly is a ring size adjuster? Ring size adjusters are attachments that make the ring tighter on the finger.

👉🏻Ring size adjusters are perfect for those who are prone to ring size fluctuations, had to buy a bigger ring, or simply bought the wrong size but don’t want to get it resized by a jeweler.

They’re available in different materials and have different sizing mechanisms. For example, a spring insert will reduce a large ring while sizing beads keep the ring upright when it’s only slightly large.

There are several adjusters on the market. Below are the three additional types of adjusters.

  • Inserts: horseshoe-shaped inserts that make the ring up to a ring size smaller
  • Ring sizing beads: keep the ring upright when it’s slightly loose
  • Fold-over device: jeweler installs a latch that opens when you put on the ring and closes to secure the ring

Beads are by far one of the most popular options. A jeweler solders them onto the bottom of the ring, placed so that the ring can still fit over the knuckle. This prevents your ring from turning. Since the jeweler isn’t cutting the metal, soldering beads minimize damage.

Apart from the metal ring size adjusters introduced above, there are plastic ring size adjusters coming into fashion. They can be used all by yourself without the help of a jeweler.🤸🏻 Most of these adjusters are mainly clear, but you can find adjusters in different colors such as yellow gold and rose gold.

Depending on the adjuster type, adjusters usually only reduce rings by two ring sizes at the most. If your ring needs to be reduced more than this, you may need to get it resized or use a more advanced adjustment method.

Please keep in mind, these plastic or silicone adjusters usually don’t last forever. This is especially true if your adjuster is made of plastic or silicone; the material can wear away over time. Make sure you check the adjuster occasionally, buy a durable adjuster, or buy several adjusters (they’re very affordable).

The 6 best ring size adjusters

Are you ready to buy a ring size adjuster? Here are our 6 recommendations that are all easy to use!

Blulu Ring Size Adjuster

These ring adjusters are sheets that range from 3 - 10 mm in length. There’s also a DIY section, so you can cut the strips into any size you need. These adjusters are made of soft silicone, providing plenty of comforts with anti-slip benefits. Each package contains 85 sheets, clean cloth, and instructions.

To insert an adjuster, wipe the ring off with the cloth and remove the strip that fits the width of the ring. Press the sticker on the inside of the ring. Let the sticker adhere for about 10 minutes.

This adjuster has its pros and cons.

The stickers adhere well and are virtually unnoticeable. Since they only give a few size options, you may need to cut and shape the adjusters so they fit on the ring. You also have to wait for the adhesive to stick to the ring.

Likimar Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings

Unlike the last product, these adjusters are strips that clip onto the ring. Rather than identifying each spacer by width, it simply gives size to each spacer (from XXS - XXL). They fit both men’s and women’s rings. The product comes with eight spacers, a silver polishing cloth, and instructions.

To use, find the insert that fits your ring. Clip the adjuster to the inside of the ring. Wear the ring—since there’s no adhesive, you don’t have to wait for the adjuster to stick.

These adjusters are beneficial because they’re easy to clip on, are comfortable, and don’t damage the ring.

Ringo Invisible Ring Size Adjuster

This adjuster is unique because it uses a memory material to conform to your ring size. These adjusters are invisible, comfortable, safe for all skin types, and they slide over the knuckle. One pack includes 10 adjusters and are available in different ring sizes (keep in mind, you’ll have to choose the product based on your ring size).

To use, set the adjuster and bend to fit the bottom of your ring. Hold it in place for 3-5 seconds. Repeat if necessary.

This adjuster stands out because it’s comfortable, doesn’t tug on the skin, and products (such as soap and lotion) don’t get caught on the adjuster.

However, they’re not ideal for all rings. The adjuster sticks with tabs that attach at the sides. If your ring is skinny, the tabs may stick out and the adjuster may not be secure. Some customers have complained that the tabs also get stuck on hair and other objects.

5 Stars United Store Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings

This is one of the most well-known adjusters because it can fit just about any ring. (with more than 15,000 positive reviews so far) They’re easy to apply, are completely invisible, and can even link multiple smaller rings. These ring adjusters are made of TPU silicone, safe for those who have allergies and the adjuster doesn’t damage the ring.

To use, place the first hoop around the bottom of the ring and twist to secure. Wrap the adjuster to form more loops. Use as many as you need. Cut off the excess. If the ring is too small, cut out some loops.

The unique hoop design provides the most security. However, it can be easy to use too many hoops, making the ring tighter. Many users have reported this ring doesn’t fit comfortably over the knuckle.

FuXing Transparent Ring Size Adjuster

This adjuster is similar to the last one. It has a hoop design and is made of TPU silicone. Overall, this adjuster is easy to maintain, is durable, and is also easy to install. One pack includes adjusters in six sizes.

Unlike the previous product, these hoops are more flexible. You can easily slide them over your knuckles and the ring is still secure. While you can notice the hoops, they don’t hurt or irritate the skin. The sizes range from 2 mm - 6 mm, you have many size options.

While they’re generally easy to put on, some customers reported having issues attaching them to the rings—especially since these don’t include instructions.

Dankuo Spiral Silicone Tightener for Loose Rings

Here’s a third option for the spiral-style ring adjusters. This adjuster is also made of transparent silicone. The material is comfortable, a good option for those with joint problems. They’re ideal for those who have allergies. These ring adjusters are long-lasting.

There are three different sizes: 2, 3, and 4 mm in diameter. You can choose between clear and gold adjusters.

Like the similar adjusters, you can put them on by twisting them on the bottom of the band—though some customers complained these adjusters didn’t twist correctly. To take them off, just unwind them. These adjusters stay in place well and last all day.

Advice when using ring size adjusters

Ring size adjusters offer many benefits over getting your ring resized.

Resizing rings can cause damage to the material and rings shouldn’t be resized too much. But if this is your first time using ring adjusters, you’ll want to know some additional advice.

  • Get advice from a jeweler. They will recommend an adjuster to use. Some jewelers even sell them for a cheap price. You’ll also need to see a jeweler if you’re soldering on ring sizing beads.
  • Plastic vs. metal adjusters. Both traditional metal and modern plastic ring size adjusters have their own pros and cons. Using a metal adjuster can keep the style consistent but in most cases, you have to request help from a jeweler to properly put it in place. In contrast, you can easily buy a plastic adjuster online and set it on your ring handily whenever it's needed, but some designs might cause a negative impact on a ring's aesthetics.⚖️ Thus, it's recommended to get advice from the jeweler you bought the ring from. They will provide professional tips about the choice of the ring size adjuster. Some reputable jewelers such as James Allen and Blue Nile even provide the solution for free.
  • Buy extra adjusters. If you decide to buy affordable consumer-grade adjusters like those reviewed above, buy a few in bulk. Adjusters won’t last forever and some aren’t as durable as others. In case the silicone wears down or the adjuster falls off, you can replace the tightener.
  • Adjusters aren’t easy to clean. Over time, your adjuster will get dirty. Depending on the adjuster you choose, many aren’t easy to clean. Buy a few extras, just in case. They’re cheaper than traditional ring size adjuster solutions.

Buy a ring size adjuster today

If your ring is too loose, a ring size adjuster will help your ring stay secure without getting your ring resized by a jeweler. Now that you know how to use a ring size adjuster, you can find the best product for you!

Or, you can buy the perfect sized ring. Do you know how to size your ring? If not, read this article and discover how.

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