James Allen Showrooms: Beyond Your Regular Shopping Experience

James Allen is an online diamond store retailer with physical locations in Washington, DC, and New York City. James Allen was established in 1998 as a way for customers to shop for jewelry online. Today James Allen offers an impressive sweep of services both online and in-store that make them stand a cut above the competition.😙

James Allen Showroom in Washington D.C.

Does James Allen have showrooms?

James Allen established a name for itself in the jewelry business through its innovative contributions to the online diamond shopping world.

Customers of James Allen enjoy such shopping luxuries as 360-degree jewelry photography and virtual ring sizing, but that’s not all. If you’re wondering “is there a James Allen near me?”,📍in addition to its world-class web-shopping experience, James Allen also provides brilliant customer service and amenities at both of its brick-and-mortar stores which are located in New York City and Washington, DC.

James Allen’s New York showroom is located on 5th Avenue and is open by appointment only. To schedule a one-on-one appointment with a certified gemologist call 877-826-9866 or use the James Allen live support chat.

If you live in Washington, DC, and are thinking “it would be nice to have a James Allen store near me”, James Allen’s Washington, DC, showroom is located at 3109 M Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20007. Stop by the showroom anytime between 11 AM and 7 PM Monday through Saturday or 12 PM to 7 PM on Sundays to enjoy an unparalleled jewelry shopping experience.

Both James Allen showroom locations are conveniently located next to major public transportation for your shopping convenience.

How to visit James Allen’s showroom near you?

James Allen’s showroom in New York is open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment to visit the showroom, customers can call 877-826-9866📞 or utilize the live support chat feature on the James Allen website. Scheduling an appointment to consult about your ring may seem cumbersome, but it helps James Allen provide the one-on-one consultation that will ensure you go home with your dream jewelry.

The James Allen store in Washington, DC, accepts appointments as well and can be reached at the same phone number of 877-826-9866 or by live chat.

The James Allen showroom in Washington, DC, is also open for in-person shopping from 11 AM to 7 PM Monday to Saturday and 12 PM to 7 PM on Sundays. (This information is subject to change due to local regulations regarding COVID-19).

What to expect at a James Allen showroom?

Customers visiting James Allen can expect relaxed, professional service from knowledgeable, friendly staff in a calm environment. In addition to its exemplary customer service, James Allen offers its customers a number of amenities that enhance the jewelry shopping experience. James Allen showrooms emphasize a customer-first approach that is both fun and inviting.😀

Open Product Displays

Open Product Displays at James Allen Showroom

James Allen knows purchasing an engagement ring can be intimidating, so they have implemented open product displays in their stores where customers can try on products at their leisure.

James Allen's open product displays are great for customers who are casually window shopping or looking to refine their list of desired features in a ring.

Virtual Reality

James Allen offers an immersive virtual reality experience at its Washington, DC, location which guides customers through the journey of a diamond’s life. From the mine to the ring, customers who experience James Allen’s virtual reality tour can expect to learn where their jewelry comes from and the customization options available to them.

Coffee Bar

Yes, it’s true. At its Washington, DC, location James Allen has a coffee bar.☕

Purchasing an engagement ring is an expensive commitment. James Allen understands that customers may need some time to consider their purchase, so they have installed a coffee bar where customers can sit and chat with their friends and staff about their jewelry.

The ability to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee amongst friends relieves some of the pressure customers may feel to purchase jewelry when shopping in-store and is, we think, a great way to ease into an investment like an engagement ring.

Expert Consultations

Jewelry Expert at James Allen Brick-And-Mortar Store

Don’t be fooled by the causal coffee bar atmosphere of James Allen’s stores. These brick-and-mortar showrooms are staffed by dedicated jewelry professionals ready to help with every step of your jewelry shopping experience. Or not, whichever you prefer. That’s the beauty of visiting a James Allen showroom.👍🏻

Even if you prefer to shop alone, it's comforting to know that a knowledgeable expert is close at hand to answer all of the technical questions that arise while jewelry shopping. The staff at James Allen can answer technical questions about jewelry quality and origin as well as logistical questions such as how to finance your ring or where to have it serviced.

Photo Booth

James Allen also offers its customers access to photo booths equipped with professional lighting to share the special experience of shopping for an engagement ring. Customers can share their favorite James Allen pieces via their social media using the professional photo equipment located in-store at James Allen’s Washington, DC location.

The Brilliance Bar

One of James Allen’s locations in Washington, DC, offers one-on-one consultations at its Brilliance Bar where customers are able to request customizations to their jewelry with the help of an expert jeweler. Every engagement is unique, so it makes sense that James Allen allows its customers to personalize their jewelry.

Where else can I receive James Allen's in-person jewelry service?

James Allen offers all of its customers a mail-in jewelry service, which is convenient albeit a little nerve-racking.

James Allen understands that shipping your precious mementos through the mail isn’t ideal, which is why they offer complimentary jewelry repairs and maintenance in-store at their brick and mortar shops in Washington, DC, and New York, as well as at dozens of Jared locations across the nation.

Customers have come to expect convenient and knowledgeable service from James Allen, which is why the online diamond superstar partnered with Jared, a respected and established jewelry store, to provide its customers with unparalleled jewelry support at a convenient location.🏆

Complimentary services available at select Jared locations

  • Free inspection: to help locate blemishes and potential defects
  • Free cleaning and polishing: to renew the luster and sheen of your jewelry
  • Free prong tightening: to secure diamonds that may have loosened during wear
  • Free rhodium plating: to protect the precious stones and metal of your jewelry
  • Free resizing: to ensure a proper fit
Pro Tip
Not all Jared locations are able to perform repair and maintenance on James Allen rings. Visit James Allen’s store locator to find a Jared location near you that can service your James Allen jewelry.

What about James Allen’s competitors?

James Allen is a respected and trusted retailer of diamond jewelry, but they are far from the only reputable retailer out there. There are numerous jewelers to choose from for your engagement ring services. Let’s take a look at some competitors to see if their services better suit your needs.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is an online retailer of diamond rings comparable to James Allen. Blue Nile offers its customers a custom ring building experience, an expert team of jewelers, and a number of showrooms nationwide.

Like James Allen, Blue Nile’s diamonds are conflict-free and ethically sourced.

Blue Nile Showroom Services

  • Personalized ring building experience
  • One-on-one consultation with diamond experts
  • Free jewelry pick-up or delivery
  • Offer a wide range of complimentary jewelry maintenance and repair services including resizing and cleaning.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth prides itself on the ethical manufacture of its design-forward diamond rings. Brilliant Earth has more brick-and-mortar locations than James Allen, but fewer than Blue Nile. While Brilliant Earth may not have as many physical locations to visit, they do offer online-virtual appointments which can be scheduled on their website.

Brilliant Earth is notable for its proactive stance on combatting the injustices of the diamond mining industry. They only work with beyond conflict-free diamonds. These diamonds come from sources that respect human rights and the environment, implement safe work practices, and support the development of the community.

Brilliant Earth Showroom Services

  • One-on-one consultations with a professional jeweler
  • Virtual and in-person appointments
  • Curated ring personalization services
  • Diamond education
  • Thorough diamond sourcing criteria and ethics
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