James Allen Ring Sizer: Options, Usages, and Alternative Methods

Knowing how large to order a ring online will make the entire process easier for you. Instead of guessing and the possibility of needing to take it in for resizing once it arrives, you can be sure it will fit. With a proper size right at the start, you and your loved one can enjoy the ring immediately.💋

One of the simplest ways to ensure a correct fit is to use a ring sizer. Thankfully, James Allen offers multiple methods for obtaining a ring size and determining the fit you need.  

Overview of James Allen's ring sizer

James Allen offers a simple and convenient ring sizer tool free of charge. Using a proper sizing method will ensure that the ring correctly fits when you receive it.

This ring sizer is not gender-specific, so individuals of all ages can use it for accurate results. In addition, it can give you a precise finger measurement between size 3 up to size 13.

This free James Allen ring sizer tool is just one of the many methods that can help you determine the proper ring size.

How to measure the size of an existing ring

If you or your loved one has an existing ring that is the perfect size, it can be easy to measure it with the James Allen online ring sizer.

To use this virtual method, follow these steps:

  • Go to the James Allen website and scroll down to the bottom of the page to select James Allen Virtual Ring Sizer.
  • Select the first option in this window, Use A Ring That Fits: Measure my ring.
  • Here, you can choose to calibrate your display with a credit card or a ruler. This step is vital to get an accurate measurement with an existing ring.✅
  • Once you finish calibration, you will place an existing ring flat on the blue and pink circle on the screen. Adjust the sizing display until you only see pink inside the ring while all the blue area remains outside.
  • Once you finish and click apply, James Allen presents you with a final ring measurement.
Using James Allen Ring Sizer to Calculate the Current Ring Size

How to measure my ring size with a string, paper, or ribbon

If you do not have an existing ring or cannot get that ring away from your loved one to measure it, you can easily use a string, paper, or a ribbon.

To accurately measure ring size with this method, follow the steps below:

  • Choose a piece of non-stretchable string, a thin strip of paper or ribbon, and wrap it around your finger to be comfortable but not too tight. It should cross over and rest near the knuckle on your hand.
  • Use a pen or thin marker to mark the spot where the string, paper, or ribbon overlaps. The thinnest mark possible will provide the most accurate result.👩🏻‍🏫
  • Unwrap your string, paper, or ribbon and measure the length between the two marks with a ruler. You can choose either millimeters or inches.
  • Go to the James Allen website and scroll down to the bottom of the page to select James Allen Virtual Ring Sizer.
  • Pick Measure My Finger: Find my ring size from the available options on this page.
  • This page allows you to enter your measurement in millimeters or inches. Then click on Calculate to see your current ring size.

How to know my US ring size

James Allen's ring size conversion tool provides a simple way to convert your ring size from one measurement system to another. It is free, fast, and easy to use.

To convert your ring size from another measurement, follow these steps:

  • Go to the James Allen website and scroll down to the bottom of the page to select James Allen Virtual Ring Sizer.
  • Pick the method Convert From Other Units: Find my US ring size.
  • Choose from Australian, British, Canadian, or German sizing options. Alternatively, you can also choose the inside circumference in millimeters or inches.
  • The table will display appropriate sizing options to select from. Choose the measurement that you know from your current ring or size.
  • Then click Calculate to see your US ring size measurement.

Request a free ring sizer from James Allen

Another simple way to determine the size of your finger will be to request the James Allen ring sizer kit. To order this product, visit the James Allen website and scroll down to the bottom of the page to select James Allen Virtual Ring Sizer.

James Allen Free Plastic Ring Sizer
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Here, choose Request A Free Ring Sizer: Mail me a ring sizer. The next page asks for your details so they can send you out a James Allen free ring sizer in the mail.

Once you receive the free ring sizer, follow the steps below to find your exact size:

  • Try your desired finger in the sizing holes to find one that fits comfortably. It should not be too loose or too tight.
  • If you have an existing ring that is the correct size, you can also place it on the ring sizer to find the best match.

Find your ring size at a James Allen showroom or Jared Service point

If you prefer not to measure your finger at home to determine your ring size, you can easily visit any of James Allen's showrooms across the US. These professionals are here to help you find the most accurate size for your new ring.

James Allen also partners with Jared Service Points to help customers who cannot visit a showroom to access professional measurement tools. You can go to any nearby Jared Service Point, and they will help you determine your correct ring size.

Helpful tips about finding my proper size

You may get inaccurate finger size measurements even when using the best ring sizer tools. However, you can ensure that the result is precise with these helpful tips, so you will not have to resize your ring once you receive it.

Measure your finger late in the day

Your fingers will swell and shrink throughout the day, especially with different temperatures and movements. So measuring a finger in the morning will give you a smaller reading since you just get up for the day and the blood flow is not high, and your hands may be cooler.

Later in the day or evening is best to obtain an accurate measurement when using a string, paper, or a James Allen free ring sizer.

Measure more than once

Measuring once may not give you the perfect size, unfortunately. It is best to measure multiple times to determine the exact measurement. This way, you may find how much your fingers swell and shrink during the day.

Wider bands may need sizing up

Another consideration when sizing for rings is the band thickness. Thin bands will not measure as tight as thicker styles. Therefore, if your favorite ring design involves a wide band, you should explore half sizes if a full size is a little snug, even if it is comfortable.

Another consideration when sizing for rings is the band width. Thin bands will not measure as tight as wider styles. Therefore, if your favorite ring design involves a wide band, you should explore a larger size for comfort.

Stuck between sizes? Scale up a half size

If you are still unsure about ring size and the result falls between two choices, you are better off choosing the larger size. It is more straightforward to reduce a ring size than sizing it up for a better fit.

In addition, if you choose a ring that is just a bit too large, your loved one can still wear it with a ring guard until you have it resized to the proper fit.

How about James Allen's ring resizing service?

James Allen offers a one-year free ring resizing. They can resize your ring within a week. The time it takes to resize a ring depends on the number of stones and the metal used in the ring. You can inquire or schedule your ring resizing by contacting their support through email or direct calls.

Bonus: Other reputable vendors that provide free ring sizers

Apart from the experts at James Allen, here are other reputable vendors you can get help from.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one of the most popular online jewelry stores in the US. It offers a free ring sizer sent by mail, but anyone in a hurry can pay an additional $15 to have 2-day shipping. They also have a free printable sizing chart to use at home.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth provides a plastic belt-like ring sizer that will arrive between 5 to 7 business days for US and Canadian customers. However, if you are in Australia or the United Kingdom, shipping could be longer.


Whiteflash is another option if you need a free ring sizer. Their virtual ring sizer tool uses a calibrated display to measure a current ring or a measurement you have against their chart.

Pick the right ring size for comfort

Choosing the proper ring size is essential to ensure that your ring stays on your finger comfortably. One that's too tight will cause you discomfort and increase the risk of avulsion.

Ring avulsion occurs when the ring gets stuck on the finger and doesn't come off, causing the flesh to tear. With time, the ring embeds in the finger, causing too much pain and discomfort.

Some other effects of a ring that's too tight include swelling, tingling, and pain around the area covered by the ring. Plus, a tight fit can cause serious health risks by cutting off the blood circulation on your finger.⚠️

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