We're Going "Gaga" Over Lady Gaga's 10 Best Diamond Jewelry Looks

Big gems for an even bigger personality...

Lady Gaga has been at the center of pop culture for over a decade. Since her first major hit “Just Dance” in 2008, she has become an icon in both the entertainment and fashion industries.🎵 She even had the opportunity to feature in A Star Is Born, the award-winning film that earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress. Her avante garde style and over-the-top charisma entrance fans, and she’s worn some dazzling jewelry in support of her bold—and sometimes outlandish—looks.

But which jewelry pieces top the charts? From chunky chokers to feminine engagement rings, let’s look back at Mother Monster’s top jewelry moments and discuss how they reflect Lady Gaga’s personality.🤪

Lady Gaga Wearing the Tiffany Yellow Diamond Necklace

The lavish jewelry of Lady Gaga: 10 unforgettable diamond looks

We’ve broken down Lady Gaga’s 10 best diamond looks by category. However, we’ll start our list with her most personal sparklers!

Gaga’s diamond engagement rings

Lady Gaga has received two engagement rings in the last 6 years, and it’s difficult to decide which one is our favorite. Although both rings seem to contrast Gaga’s typically edgy style, it’s clear she prefers sweet, sentimental imagery when it comes to symbols of love.

Engagement ring #1: Kinney “hearts” Gaga

After four years of dating, Lady Gaga received her first engagement ring from ex-boyfriend Taylor Kinney in 2015. Not only did Kinney propose on Valentine’s Day (how sweet!), but he presented Lady Gaga with a heart-shaped stone that’s roughly 6 carats!

The gorgeous design was a creation of Hollywood favorite jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. Having crafted rings for A-listers like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, Schwartz herself was even impressed by the amazing symmetry of the diamond. Heart-shaped stones require expert craftsmanship, as the curves and clefts must match to create the right amount of sparkle.

While the design itself matches Lady Gaga’s unique sense of style, Kinney even took things a step further and had the ring engraved. The band carries a hidden message of “T <3 S”, with “S” standing for Lady Gaga’s legal first name: Stefani.

Although we don’t know the exact specs of this diamond, Simon G. Jewelry CEO, Zaven Ghanimian, estimates it was at least G color and above SI1 clarity. Even as a solitaire with a pavé band, it’s estimated the whole piece cost about $400,000!💥

Although Kinney and Gaga ended their engagement in 2016, this ring will go down in Hollywood history as one of the most recognizable engagement rings.

Engagement ring #2: Pretty in pink

Two years after her relationship with Kinney ended, Lady Gaga received another stunning engagement ring from her then boyfriend: talent agent Christian Carino. Not to be outdone, Carino presented Gaga with a pink sapphire ring with a diamond halo!

Lady Gaga's Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring From Christian Carino
Image: The Adventurine

The pink sapphire was estimated at 6-7 carats, while the total carat weight of the white diamond halo was roughly 3-4 carats. This isn’t just any halo either! Rather, it’s a Marguerite-style diamond ring, which is designed to look like a daisy and creates a feminine silhouette ideal for Lady Gaga.😊

The ring also invokes images of royalty, being the chosen engagement ring design of Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, and Princess Eugenie!

Speaking of Princess Eugenie, her rare Padparadscha sapphire is very similar to Lady Gaga’s gemstone, and experts have guessed Gaga’s stone may be a Padparadscha as well. Most likely, the stone is high-quality color and has been heat-treated, increasing its value even further. Andrew Brown, the President of WP Diamonds, estimates the entire ring could retail at $300,000 to $400,000.

Unfortunately, despite these gorgeous rings, neither relationship was meant to be. Lady Gaga and Carino called it quits in 2019.

Tiffany & Co. diamond necklaces

Many girls dream of wearing Tiffany & Co. diamonds on a red carpet, and Lady Gaga is living that dream! As a spokeswoman for the brand, Lady Gaga has had the opportunity to wear some of Tiffany & Co.’s most brilliant designs. Here are three of our favorite pieces she’s worn at events over the years.

A songbird draped in canary: Tiffany Yellow Diamond Necklace

Lady Gaga joined the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Mrs. E. Sheldon Whitehouse at the 2019 Oscars, becoming only the third person in history to wear the illustrious Tiffany Yellow diamond!🏆

The canary stone was placed in an elegant, drop design encrusted with diamonds and worth a reported $30 million, which makes it the most expensive piece ever worn to the Academy Awards. However, the diamond itself is described as “priceless”.

Lady Gaga Worn the Tiffany Yellow Diamond Necklace at the Academy Awards

The high-profile rock was a perfect fit for Gaga that evening, where she went on to win her Oscar for Best Actress for her role in A Star is Born. She made the gem the center of her look, with a black gown and black gloves that emphasized the yellow diamond’s hue.

While Lady Gaga is often remembered for her edgier looks, she channeled true Hepburn-esque glam when wearing the 128-carat diamond. Although the gem looked amazing in her choker-style necklace, it actually wasn’t originally set in this design.

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond was cut to its soft, cushion shape by Frederick Kunz in the late 1800s. It’s a unique cut, offering 90 perfectly sparkling facets with a larger table cut in a square antique fashion to create a window to its brilliance.

With such a historic win that evening, it’s no wonder Lady Gaga was chosen to wear this renowned diamond. The grace and brilliance she exudes were perfect complements to the scintillating stone, and she now belongs to the exclusive club of individuals who wore this massive gem!

Golden Globe glam: Tiffany Aurora Diamond Necklace

Not many people can say they’ve had a Tiffany & Co. necklace crafted specifically for them, but Lady Gaga certainly can! At her first Golden Globe Awards, she donned the Tiffany Aurora Necklace, which was crafted with her own star power in mind.

The custom necklace contained 300 diamonds with a 20-carat pear-shaped stone as the centerpiece. All of the gems were sustainably sourced, aligning with Lady Gaga’s own efforts to promote ethical diamond sourcing.

The brilliant piece was named after the goddess Aurora, Roman patron of dawn and the night sky, which is fitting for Gaga’s complex style that includes both dark moments and bright glam aesthetics. The piece also perfectly accented her powder blue gown with a slight shimmer, which almost looked like a bright blue version of the Northern Lights.

Overall, Tiffany designers dressed Lady Gaga in $5 million worth of diamonds for the Golden Globes, including various bracelets and $115,000 diamond cluster earrings. As it was her first award ceremony of the 2019 season, they made sure she was the star of the show for her nominations as both an actress and musician in A Star Is Born.

Radiant for the Grammys: Tiffany Radiant Diamond Necklace

Taking another look from the Tiffany Blue Book Collection, Lady Gaga sparkled from head to toe at the 2019 Grammy Awards. For this event, Tiffany & Co. presented her with a diamond necklace that took a whole year to make!😮

That’s right, this stunning piece consists of over 91 carats of painstakingly cut diamonds! Each one was cut to create the “illusion of fluidity”, making the necklace appear seamless despite the hundreds of diamonds. It also matched Lady Gaga’s Celine gown, which sparkled with silvery light.

The piece was designed with an “ice motif” in mind, which required Tiffany’s “most skilled craftsmen to accomplish”. To compliment the look, Lady Gaga also donned 10-carats of princess-cut diamonds as earrings!

The undeniable brilliance of this diamond piece speaks to Gaga’s seemingly effortless talent and beauty. At the 2019 Grammys, she was nominated for five awards and took home both Best Song Written for Visual Media and Best Pop Solo Performance.🚀 And, she did so with the same indisputable grace, charm, and confidence she carries for every event!

Diamond chokers

Lady Gaga loves throwing a bit of bite into even her softest looks, and a diamond choker is an ideal way to amp up the glam while still looking fierce. Here are our favorite Mother Monster diamond choker moments.

Sizzling at the SAG Awards: The graphic golden choker

What goes best with a breezy, white Dior gown at the 2019 SAG Awards? Apparently, it’s 16 carats of diamonds!

True to her usual style, Lady Gaga topped off her understated SAG Awards look with a gold and platinum choker necklace. It was another one-of-a-kind creation from the Tiffany Blue Book Collection, sporting 16 carats of diamonds with sustainable origins.

Lady Gaga Worn a Graphic Diamond Choker at the SAG Awards

The “Marry the Night” singer’s gems conveniently mimicked the phases of the moon, with a half-heart of diamonds at the center that became gradually smaller as the stones moved backward behind her on one side. On the other side of the choker, diamond stars danced across the piece to the back of her neck.

Similar to the bold, innovative steps she takes as an artist and actress, the piece called to mind the wild inventiveness and ingenuity of Tiffany & Co.’s statement pieces. To bring some brightness to her otherwise pale look, Lady Gaga also added Tiffany golden butterfly earrings and FOUR Tiffany T True narrow bracelets, which were valued at $4,800 each!

Lady Gaga’s look for the SAG Awards just shows that even in neutral colors, she exudes life and vibrance.

A Star Is Born premiere: The Bulgari diamond choker

Not to be outdone by her awards show looks, one of Lady Gaga’s most iconic and true-to-style looks may be the custom silver Givenchy gown and dripping jewels she chose for the premiere of A Star Is Born. And, of course, a glittering silver dress like this wouldn’t be complete without a diamond choker!

Lady Gaga Wore a Bulgari Diamond Choker at the A Star Is Born Premiere

The Bulgari diamond necklace boasted over 100 carats of uniquely cut diamonds. While the design met in a circle at Lady Gaga’s throat, the concentric half-circles surrounding this main feature curled back behind her head in a soft yet dramatic display.

The look included matching cluster earrings that totaled over 20 carats of sparkling diamonds. The burst formation of the earrings brought that bit of chaos to Mother Monster’s otherwise controlled, glam look. Even Gaga’s cape—because OF COURSE she has a cape—was embellished with silvery stones to make it sparkle.

Gaga is always giving credit where credit is due! As such, this look was in honor of Barbara Streisand, who played the main character in the original version of A Star is Born in 1976.

Diamond earrings

Sometimes, all a certain look needs is a pair of powerful earrings, and it takes a confident personality to carry their weight. Lady Gaga has proudly worn some of the most beautiful earring looks to award ceremonies, but let’s talk about a few of her best ones.

TIFF: The Garden of Kalahari diamond earrings

At the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, Lady Gaga certainly let her ears do the talking! On top of her black velvet dress with convertible tulle veil and wrap, she brought the brilliance with the mesmerizing Garden of Kalahari drop diamond earrings.

These dazzling earrings were designed by celebrity jeweler Chopard, and they first made their red carpet debut when Charlize Theron wore them to the Oscars. Given the size and eye-catching sparkle of these earrings, they’re perfect for independent women who care little about what others think of them, much like Gaga and Theron.

The earrings include two differing center stones: a 26-carat heart-shaped gem and a 25-carat pear-shaped drop. Not only are these two gems absolutely gorgeous together, but they’re actually from the same 342-carat diamond found in Botswana!😲 They’re both top-quality, with ratings of Type IIa, Flawless, and D color.

These two gems are surrounded by elegant halos of diamonds that resemble lace detailing. While we don’t know the actual price of these beauties, the whole “Queen of Kalahari” suite of diamonds is valued at around $50 million, which means these two stones alone could be worth at least $1 million.

A glam Grammys look: Black diamond chandelier earrings

Lady Gaga’s wild style shines through no better than at the 2018 Grammys. Instead of opting for aethereal white diamonds, Gaga chose black diamonds and blackened gold to accent her custom black lace Armani Privé gown.

The jaw-dropping chandelier earrings, designed by Lorraine Schwartz, accentuated the luxe, edgy style of Gaga’s aesthetic.

While her overall look is stunning, we have to wonder if Gaga was making an even larger statement with each piece she picked that evening. The dress calls to mind the rigid fashion of earlier decades, when women weren’t allowed to show skin. Her hair was literally laced together with black ribbon, similar to a stiff, rigid corset. Finally, the “Time’s Up” pin on her chest is in stark contrast to her outfit, making a bold statement regarding society’s treatment of women and victims of sexual assault, a cause very dear to Gaga as a victim herself.

Venice Film Festival: Chopard teardrop earrings

While Gaga’s pink, feathery gown was the true star of the 2018 Venice Film Festival, her earrings were a classy accessory that brought the whole look together.

Lady Gaga's Chopard Teardrop Earrings and Pink, Feathery Gown
Filippo Monteforte via Getty Images

The baby pink, couture Valentino gown looked like something out of a dream, and Gaga appeared to be walking on a cloud as she sauntered down the red carpet. However, her simple yet large teardrop diamond earrings by Chopard brought the attention back to her face, which was perfectly done up with flattering light pink, smoky shades.  

If any look screamed “glam Gaga”, this is it. The soft, feminine features of her pink dress are perfectly balanced by her dazzling large earrings and eye-catching silhouette. To be sure, this is a prime example of Lady Gaga knowing how to garner all of the attention in the room!

Wrapping up

Lady Gaga’s artistic spin on pop music has paved the way for even more musicians to experiment with their craft and produce completely new sounds and experiences. Her larger-than-life personality and radiant beauty are the ideal complements to the dazzling diamond looks she has donned during major events.

Which Lady Gaga look is your favorite? If you’re interested in more gemstones that sparkle beyond imagination, take a look at our article on the top 10 most famous diamonds, which highlights both large stones and gems with extraordinary features!

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