Dig Deep Into the Fabulous Jewelry Stories of Those Cool People

The prosperity of the jewelry industry is inseparable from the efforts of numerous talented trendsetters, jewelry makers, celebrities, and even aesthetic scientists.👸🏻

How did Archduke Maximilian of Austria become the first to propose using a diamond ring? What methodologies and tools did Marcel Tolkowsky use to decipher the angles and proportions that best optimize the diamond for exuberant sparkle and shine? Why are many world-class jewelers scrambling to join hands with Lady Gaga and roll out their new jewelry series on the red carpet? There're a lot more stories worth digging deep to share with you!

Plus, countless jewelry designers from different backgrounds spread across the globe. Their works represent varying aesthetic pursuing and regional cultures; all can find a place in humans' love of beauty. We will build a bridge between you and these talents and evoke creative collisions of thoughts via all forms of interviews and conversations.

Don't miss every fabulous piece below! Want to share your story? Contact us right away.

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