Oak & Luna Mon Petit Name Necklace Review (18K Gold Plated)

[Reviewed] Best Selling Item: Oak & Luna Mon Petit Name Necklace
  • Ordering Process: 4
  • Customer Service: 4
  • Necklace Quality: 5
  • Packaging: 3
  • Warranty and Jewelry Care: 3

JewelryTalk Rating: 4

The elegant mon petit font of this Oak & Luna name necklace stands out as a differentiator from other similar personalized jewelry brands, pushing the necklace as one of the best selling items on Oak & Luna. Apart from the nice feminine font, its high quality also makes the necklace loved by many. Read Steph's complete review on it→

Jewelry is big business, but with the advent of new technologies and the internet—more and more people are opting for personalized pieces. Jewelry can be a deeply personal and meaningful type of accessory—so it stands to reason that people enjoy the opportunity to choose a custom color, engraving, or metal combination when purchasing for themselves or for a loved one.😀

I chose the Oak & Luna Mon Petit name necklace, because of its classic and elegant font, understated design, and timeless aesthetic. I loved the feminine font, which instantly stood out as a differentiator from other similar custom jewelry products, designers, and retailers.

It's the best selling item in Oak & Luna's name necklace line—and it's easy to see why.

Material, Look and Feel of Steph's Mon Petit Name Necklace by Oak & Luna

Ordering Process

When I picked out my chosen necklace, I found the ordering (and customization) process to be extremely easy and intuitive. I used a desktop computer to complete my order, however, I also checked each step against the mobile website version, and honestly, I found each method to be equally intuitive.

Oak & Luna has a fully mobile responsive website, so it really does not matter what device you use to place your order.

Customizing the necklace

When it came to customizing the necklace, the process literally could not have been easier. Oak & Luna has made it incredibly simple to navigate their customization options, with metal swatches at the top featuring sterling silver, 18K gold plating, 18K rose gold plating, vermeil gold plated, 14K gold, 14K white gold and 10K gold with price beneath each one for easy viewing.

👉🏻I chose the 18K gold plating option.

Next is the text box where you can write up to nine characters and truly personalize your necklace pendant with a name or word of your choice. You can see your chosen word written in the mon petit font, and double-check that it looks the way you want it to.

I checked out the options for both "Steph" and "Stephanie", but in the end, decided I preferred the shortened version of my name.

Customizing and Ordering the Oak & Luna Mon Petit Necklace (Steph)

The next option is to choose your chain length. This appears as a drop-down menu, so it’s easy to select—and you have the option to choose between 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches. I opted for 18 inches, as this is the option that is described as the "model chain length".

Beneath these customization options, you're also presented with the option to buy a second piece at a discounted price—which makes it a great gifting option.🎁 The options for a second piece appear directly beneath the customization options, so it's incredibly easy to see what you're ordering and to quickly add it to your order (via checkbox).

Easy checkout process

The checkout process is simple. You simply add the necklace to your bag (after double and then triple-checking your spelling), and keeping in mind that only the first letter of your chosen word will be capitalized.

You'll then be directed to your bag, which will show all items within. You'll also be presented with the option to add gift wrap—which I thought was a very nice touch. They offer the option of purchasing a premium gift kit, which includes a bag, a box, and a note.

Choose and Confirm Packaging and Shipping Options During Checkout

A choice of shipping methods appears to the right of your shopping bag items—so you can quickly and easily view your shipping options. It's worth noting, however, that this is based in the desktop view, on mobile the shipping appears below the fold, so you'll have to scroll down.

Another nice touch is the extra information regarding shipping timeframes to different locations (since I am in the UK, the standard shipping option had an extra message: Add 6 business days for shipping to the United Kingdom)

Great communication and hassle-free📯 shipping

Once I placed my order, I got the standard notification email confirming that my payment was successful and my order would be processed. The confirmation email contained a link to where I could track my order every step along its journey, so I felt completely confident that my order was being taken care of.

Notification Email From Oak & Luna About Order Confirmation (18K Gold Plated Mon Petit Neckalce)

They even gave me an estimated delivery date.

JewelryTalk Rating: 4
Ordering Process

Customer Service

While there were no issues with my order, and thus no need for me to contact customer service in the traditional sense (I didn't need any help with anything) I still felt like there was a certain amount of care and attention.

It felt like Oak & Luna takes customer care very seriously, with fun and friendly messaging, and non-intrusive newsletters following my purchase.

I got a welcome email, and was offered a discount code for signing up to the Oak & Luna newsletter—which was a nice touch—and a few weeks later I received a follow-up email giving me the opportunity to provide feedback.

JewelryTalk Rating: 4
Customer Service

Necklace Quality

Once the necklace arrived and I opened the box, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with the quality. The necklace had been packaged up with care, with no visible smudges, marks or fingerprints against the high-shine surface of the pendant.

Wearing the necklace

I wore the necklace constantly for four days while I took down notes in order to write this review. Since this necklace is a classic, understated piece that is perfect for everyday outfits, I wanted to test it out in an everyday setting.

The length of the chain is perfect for everyday wear. It is not so short as to be restricting and it is not so long as to get in the way (it doesn’t dangle over the stove while you cook dinner, for example).😄

Steph Wearing Her Oak & Luna Mon Petit Name Necklace

I should note that I did not take off the necklace in order to shower either—as I wanted to test how the necklace would fare if I ever forgot to remove it before bathing. As I suspected, it did snag against the shower scrunchie sponge—and got tangled in my loofah too.

So, this is something to be aware of. The chain is very delicate and if I had not been mindful, I may have snapped it. Always remember to remove your jewelry before bathing—and this necklace is no exception

Material, look and feel

As stated, I went for the 18-karat yellow gold plated option on an 18-inch chain. The necklace is delicate and elegant—and while it is not made from sturdy material, it definitely gives the appearance of being high quality.

Close Shot of the Reviewed Oak & Luna Mon Petit Name Necklace

The chain is fine without being too flimsy, and the name pendant is slim and light, but without feeling like it may warp or bend under pressure. When the necklace arrived, there was a small knot in the chain (likely a minor casualty from the necklace moving around during shipping), but this was easily unpicked with nimble fingers.

JewelryTalk Rating: 5
Necklace Quality


The packaging was standard for what one would expect from a necklace like this—it arrived in a tidy Oak & Luna branded jewelry box, resting on a foam cushion of navy blue velvet. The box is made from reinforced cardboard (much like any other high-quality gift box) and features a removable lid, rather than a hinged lid.

Packaging of Oak & Luna's 18K Gold-Plated Name Necklace (Jewelry Box)

The package itself arrived in a jiffy bag with plenty of padding to protect it in transit—so there were no nasty surprises. I genuinely felt that Oak & Luna put care into the packaging of this product, to a degree, but you shouldn’t expect any bells and whistles.

If you want an added level of presentation to your product packaging, I would recommend opting for the aforementioned gift pack option before checkout.

JewelryTalk Rating: 3.5

Warranty & Jewelry Care

While it’s clear thus far that I am impressed with this necklace, it is worth talking for a moment about the warranty. All of Oak & Luna products are guaranteed against defects for 30 days from the date of the invoice.

The product page for this necklace contains a link to a jewelry aftercare resource so that you can take a look at how to properly care for your jewelry.✒️ It offers different tips and advice based on the different metals available—so you can make an informed decision based on not only aesthetics but practicality too.

JewelryTalk Rating: 3.5
Warranty and Jewelry Care

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my Oak & Luna mon petit name necklace. The buying experience was simple and painless, the customization process was easy and above all—the product itself is a truly beautiful necklace.

It would pair easily with a casual outfit such as a fitted sweater with jeans and sneakers, but would just as easily complement an evening look. The warm gold metal looks stunning against both light and dark clothing, and the elegant font is fun without being fussy.🤩

Overall, I would definitely recommend this necklace for anyone seeking stylish and cute jewelry that’s great for everyday wear. Overall I would rate the overall buying experience and necklace itself a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

JewelryTalk Rating: 4
Overall Rating

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