REVIEW: My Name Necklace’s Classic Name Necklace (18K Gold)

Reviewed Product Item: My Name Necklace Classic Name Necklace in Rose Gold
  • Ordering Process: 3.5
  • Shipping: 5
  • Customer Service: 5
  • Necklace Quality: 3.5

JewelryTalk Rating: 4

This My Name Necklace's classic name necklace is the bestseller in the category. It uses Shelley Allegro font and the letters are large and bold. The necklace is high-quality, the 18K gold plating material makes it extremely durable and a long-lasting item. Stephanie also shares a few buying tips at the end of this review→

Custom jewelry is one of the most special jewelry types. You can make any jewelry piece your own, such as customizing a name necklace.😍

While brands like Soufeel offer high-quality custom jewelry pieces, My Name Necklace is a close competitor. Their name necklace is of similar quality and serves as a timeless staple to add to your jewelry collection.

Ordering Process

Product Page of Classic Name Necklace by My Name Necklace, in 18K Gold Pated

👉🏻Let’s start with the overall ordering process. Back in April, I wrote another review on Soufeel’s Carrie Name Necklace in 14K gold-plated. I was impressed with their ordering process; it was user-friendly and interactive, making the entire ordering process easy.

While My Name Necklace’s ordering process is simple, it’s not as interactive as Soufeel’s.

For example, when you type your name in Soufeel’s order form, your name is previewed above the text box in the Carrie font. You get a glimpse of what your necklace looks like before it arrives.

How Each Letter Looks Like in My Name Necklace's Classic Name Necklace Font

My Name Necklace doesn’t offer this feature. You can see a necklace font preview, but not for your name.

On the picture portion of the product page, if you scroll to the last one, you can see how each letter looks in the font. But that’s the closest example to a preview that I could find.

Otherwise, the ordering process is still self-explanatory. You first choose your preferred metal. I chose 18K rose gold plating.

They also offer:

  • Sterling silver
  • 18K gold plating
  • 14K solid gold
  • 14K white gold

The 14K solid and white gold are the most expensive options—the white gold is $179.99 and the solid gold is $199.99.

You have the option of upgrading to a gold vermeil which is a thick layer of gold over 925 sterling silver. I didn’t choose this option, though it’s recommended because gold vermeil is longer lasting.⚠️

Next, you type your name. Be sure to check your spelling—you don’t want your name misspelled on the final result!

Chain Length Options for My Name Necklace's Classic Name Necklace [Bestseller]

One thing I liked about My Name Necklace is how they let you choose your chain length. I’m not picky on necklace length but I’m sure there are those who are.

My Name Necklace offers five sizes:

  • 14”
  • 16”
  • 18”
  • 20”
  • 22” (this option is $2 extra)

I chose the 18 inches. This was the default option and is the necklace length the model is wearing. 🖱️The necklace sits a little below your collarbone which is a good option for those who may not know which necklace length to order.

I also opted to buy the premium gift packaging. I’ll discuss this more in the Gift Packaging section.

From here, just follow the rest of the checkout process.

JewelryTalk Rating: 3.5
Ordering Process


As stated previously, the necklace shipped rather quickly. I ordered the necklace on May 27 and it said to expect the necklace between June 29 and July 6. Custom necklaces take a bit of time to make, so I figured it would take a few weeks to receive the necklace.

My necklace actually delivered on June 23—almost a week early! I’ll explain this more in the next section, but I first received a notification saying the necklace will arrive on June 20. It ended up arriving a few days later, which wasn’t a big deal.

Pro Tip
If you’re ordering your necklace for a special occasion, I still suggest ordering in advance or opting for a quicker shipping option (I just chose standard shipping). My Name Necklace offers Express Shipping and Urgent Shipping.
JewelryTalk Rating: 5

Customer Service

Like with the Soufeel order, I didn’t have to contact My Name Necklace’s customer service. But I appreciate their wonderful communication during the ordering process.

They sent me an order confirmation email after my purchase. From here, they sent me text messages saying when my order will arrive.

At first, the text was sent out on June 20. Surprised, I waited for my necklace, only for it to not arrive. I figured it was a mistake and didn’t think about it too much after that.

But on June 23, I received another text message and an email saying my necklace will arrive that day. Sure enough, my necklace showed up on my doorstep that afternoon.☀️

Notification Email From My Name Necklace About Shipping Update
JewelryTalk Rating: 5
Customer Service

Necklace Quality

Stephanie's Classic Name Necklace in 18K Rose Gold Plated Silver
My Name Necklace's classic name necklace in 18K rose gold plated sterling silver.
Stephanie's Soufeel Carrie Name Necklace (Yellow Gold) V.S. My Name Necklace Classic Name Necklace (Rose Gold)
Soufeel yellow gold Carrie name necklace vs. My Name Necklace rose gold classic name necklace

The rose gold is absolutely lovely.😸 Some rose gold jewelry pieces look too pink for my taste. This necklace has that perfect blush pink color without it looking too loud or bright.

The pendant arrived with no scratches or imperfections. But I was upset to see that there was a knot in the chain. It only took me a minute or so to undo the knot, but it was still disappointing.

Wearing the Necklace

A fair warning before buying the necklace: it’s difficult to put on. I’m the type of person who likes putting necklaces and bracelets on myself. I hate difficult clasps and other complex mechanisms to put on jewelry.

The clasp is a fish hook clasp, but it’s long and the lever is tough—you really have to push on it for the necklace to open. It’s near impossible to put on by yourself, so someone needs to help you.

Soufeel’s Carrie necklace also uses a fish hook clasp, but the lever is easier to open and the necklace is more secure. I can easily put the necklace on by myself.

Like the Soufeel necklace, My Name Necklace’s classic name necklace is attached to the chain. You don’t have to worry about losing the pendant (which is a bad problem of mine).

Other than the slight inconveniences, My Name Necklace’s classic name necklace is fine to wear. It’s comfortable and you won’t notice it’s there. I actually almost exercised while wearing it (you should never do this, in case you didn’t know).

🧐The necklace also doesn’t snag on your hair or clothing, making it perfect for daily wear.


As stated previously, I ordered the rose gold necklace. The rose gold shade isn’t too bright, which I prefer, but it isn’t overly brilliant. This is fine for me, but it’s something wearers should consider if they want a more extravagant rose gold name necklace.

A Lovely Close Shot of Stephanie's Rose Gold Classic Name Necklace

The material is 18K rose gold plating, making this necklace extremely durable. While there are more luxurious metal options, I suggest sticking with gold plated or gold vermeil to ensure the necklace maintains its quality for years.

Pendant Size

I was actually surprised how large the My Name Necklace pendant is. It’s a little over two inches across (about 5.5 cm), which is larger than Soufeel’s Name Necklace pendant (1.75 inches). Given, my name is long, so shorter names may be different.

Stephanie's Rose Gold Classic Name Necklace Pendant on her Hand

I actually think the larger pendant size is better because the name is more visible.


My Name Necklace uses Shelley Allegro font for their name necklace. This is different from the Carrie font; I actually did some digging and the Carrie font is more similar to Commercial Font and CounselorScript.

My Name Necklace doesn’t promote their name necklace as a “Carrie” name necklace, but rather calls it a “Classic” name necklace. But I can understand why this could be confusing; some buyers may order the necklace thinking it’s the classic Carrie name necklace.

If you want a Carrie name necklace, I suggest choosing Soufeel’s necklace. The font is closer to the classic Carrie font from Sex and the City.

Either way, My Name Necklace’s font is beautiful. The letters are large and bold. The cursive is elegant but doesn’t take away from the legibility.😎

Gift Packaging

I also included the special gift packaging in my order.🎁 Even though I ordered the necklace for myself, I was curious to see how My Name Necklace packaged gifts.

Gift Packaging of My Name Necklace's Classic Name Necklace: Gift Bag and Gift Card
My Name Necklace's Gift Packaging: Gift Bag With the Necklace Item

Unfortunately, I don’t suggest this unless you want branded gift packaging.

First, the necklace doesn’t arrive in the gift bag. The necklace is in a box separate from the gift bag and note.

They’re shipped together, but I expected the necklace to be in the gift bag with the note. My Name Necklace doesn’t inform you of this on their website, which is also disappointing. If you’re sending this to a loved one directly, the presentation will probably look silly.🤣

Honestly, the box it’s shipped in is cute enough. The top of the box is pink and says “pretty things inside.” The bottom of the box is black and the necklace is sitting on a velvet cushion.

Classic Name Necklace 18kt Rose Gold on Velvet Cushion

I would suggest not ordering the gift bag and using your own gift wrapper or bag. But it’s a cute gift bag; it’s pink and has “your goodie bag” written on it.

JewelryTalk Rating: 3.5

Overall Review

My Name Necklace offers a high-quality name necklace, but it doesn’t compare to Soufeel’s Carrie name necklace.

😘I do appreciate how the pendant is larger, how it arrived with no scratches and imperfections, and the fact that the rose gold color isn’t too pink. The necklace also shipped quicker than expected, which is a major plus.

Unfortunately, the necklace had some downsides. I’m especially disappointed with the gift packaging presentation. I don’t recommend paying extra for this unless you want the branded packaging.

The necklace is also difficult to put on without someone else helping you, which I didn’t like. The ordering process isn’t as interactive as Soufeel’s, and you can’t preview your name in the font.

Pro Tip
We also recommend you read the reviews on the product page. My Name Necklace has over 600 reviews on the product page and each reviewer details their own experiences with the Classic Name Necklace.
I suggest all buyers weigh these pros and cons before making their final decision.
JewelryTalk Rating: 4
Overall Rating

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