Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner (MGUC500) Review: Is It Worth It?

Product Image of the MGUC500 Magnasonic Professional Jewelry Cleaner
  • Features: 5
  • Design: 4.5
  • Ease of Use: 5
  • Cleaning Performance: 5
  • Warranty: 5
JewelryTalk Rating: 4.5

Magnasonic is a reputable brand in the ultrasonic jewelry cleaning market. This Magnasonic MGUC500 cleaner is very easy to use and has an excellent cleaning performance. With the price of around $40, it'd be a "near-perfect" jewelry cleaning machine for home use and a must-consider option for your purchase→

Jewelry can be hard to care for. Dirt and grime can easily get stuck in between the small crevices and stones, making the items lose their glimmer and shine. While you could take your jewelry to a professional for cleaning, it would be far more convenient and perhaps even fun to be able to clean your jewelry and other valuables at home.

That is where the Magnasonic jewelry cleaner comes in. The Magnasonic MGUC500 uses ultrasonic waves to shake loose any built-up daily grime that’s left on your jewelry, glasses, coins, even utensils.

If you’re interested in an ultrasonic cleaner for your jewelry, keep reading for features, design, and what we thought of it.🔍

Unboxing the Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner (MGUC500)
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An overview of the Magnasonic jewelry cleaner

Before we delve into a full review of this product, let’s take a quick look at the major highlights.

The story behind Magnasonic

Magnasonic was founded in 1954 and, since its inception, has been a leader in electronics. They strive to create products that are designed for people. They want to make daily activities not only easier but more fun.

Aside from ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, Magnasonic also makes devices to turn the film into digital files, clock radios, and projectors.

With Magnasonic products, you can preserve the things in your life that mean the most to you. This can include your jewelry, whether they're antiques or precious gifts from loved ones.

Major features of the Magnasonic cleaner (MGUC500)

The Magnasonic ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has various components that make it a worthwhile purchase for anyone with jewelry or other small items that need delicate cleaning.🚿

The entire cleaner was covered in a sleek plastic shell with a small digital screen on the center front. The three buttons under the digital display control your machine. Two buttons turn your cleaner on or off, while the third sets the cycle settings.

There are five cycle settings to choose from for your cleaner.⏳ You can choose from 90, 180, 280, 380, or 480 seconds, depending on what you are cleaning, the level of filth, and how deeply it needs to be cleaned. After the chosen time has elapsed, your cleaner will shut off automatically.

Inside the cleaner, there is a basket to hold your valuables and make it easy to lower and remove them from the cleaner itself.

When you originally unbox your cleaner, it will come with the machine itself, the cleaning basket, instruction manual, and lifetime customer support.

What accessories can and cannot be cleaned with the Magnasonic?

While the Magnasonic professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner may seem like it can take care of all of your valuables with ease, there are some items that it’s not meant for.

This ultrasonic cleaner is an excellent option for:

  • Jewelry - Rings, earrings, body jewelry, necklaces, and bracelets
  • Glasses - Eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Watches - Watchbands and waterproof watches, watch parts
  • Silver - Any silver items that have dirt on them
  • Tools, coins, keychains, badges, instruments, valves, filters, kitchen utensils

However, it is not the best option for items that would be harmed by being submerged in water or items requiring a different cleaning treatment.⚠️

Items that it will not clean include:

  • Silver that tarnishes from oxidation
  • Glasses that have scratches or cracks in the coating
  • Jewelry that has soft, porous, or loose stones

Stones that shouldn’t be used with an ultrasonic cleaner include pearls, opal, amber, and emeralds.

If you’re unsure if your jewelry is safe to use in an ultrasonic cleaner, please speak with a local jeweler first. They will advise you on the best cleaning practices for your specific jewelry.

Cleaning performance review

To start, the Magnasonic cleaner is extremely easy to control. There are only three buttons, on, off, and set, making it simple to choose the right cleaning setting for your jewelry or other valuables. The cleaning settings range from 90 seconds for the most delicate of items to a full eight minutes.

The included basket makes it very easy to lower valuables into the machine and take them back out. Setting up the machine for cleaning is also very simple. You simply need to add enough water to the device to cover the items or at least one cup of water.

If your items are very soiled, you could add a drop of dish soap or a jewelry cleaner. Please note if you are going to add some kind of detergent, make sure that it will not harm your items first. If you’re not sure, you can speak to a local jeweler.

To clean, the machine uses sound waves that vibrate at 42,000 Hz. You will be able to hear the machine running while it is cleaning. When it is finished cleaning, there is no beep or other indicator, but you will be able to hear the ultrasonic sound stop. Also, the timer on the digital display will indicate that time is up.

Like other ultrasonic cleaners, it will not remove tarnish. Instead, it will remove any dirt or oils that may be built upon your valuables. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the water should be slightly cloudy.

Our trials found this machine did an excellent job cleaning jewelry and glasses. It had no trouble removing daily grime from glasses.

Additionally, the basket is large enough to clean several items at once. However, if you plan on cleaning several things back to back, you will need to wait at least ten minutes between loads.

What about the design?

The design is straightforward, sleek, and easy to use. That comes to its advantage. Anyone could use this machine with little to no issue and still have sparkling items come out at the end of every cleaning cycle.

The outer shell is a molded silver plastic with a satin-like finish. The only downside to the exterior is that the satin finish is easy to scratch.

The attached lid opens smoothly on a large hinge. One feature in the lid that we particularly liked was the see-through window to see your items as they get clean.👀

The basket has plenty of space to clean several items at once, even glasses. As the basket is removable, it is easy to simply lift the entire basket out of the water once your items are clean.

It is powered by a standard wall plug. The attached cord is 4.5 feet long, giving you plenty of flexibility on where you place it.

Is the Magnasonic jewelry cleaner (MGUC500) worth it?

There are plenty of ultrasonic cleaners on the market that you could choose for your jewelry. However, with its solid performance, low cost, one-year manufacturer's direct warranty and lifetime customer support, Magnasonic makes its cleaner worth the purchase.

The cleaner is an easy way to care for your jewelry, glasses, utensils, or other valuable items. You can usually find it for around $40, which is on the lower end of the average price for a similar cleaner. Many ultrasonic cleaners can cost far more, but for private home use, this cleaner is perfect.❤️


  • Low cost
  • Great cleaning ability
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent warranty, and lifetime customer support


  • Exterior scratches easily
  • Needs a rest period between cycles
  • May be small for professional use
Package of the Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner (MGUC500)
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Magnasonic cleaner alternatives

As mentioned earlier, there are other cleaners that you could consider instead of the Magnasonic. We’ll list a few options here for your interest.

Compact Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner (MUC02)

If you find the Magnasonic cleaner a little too loud, this little cleaner might be a good alternative. The compact size and thick walls are designed to reduce noise. The only downside to this machine is that the interior basket isn’t large enough to hold glasses.

LONOVE Ultrasonic Cleaner

The LONOVE is an excellent option if you need a little more space and more straightforward controls. The removable basket can hold 25 ounces of all of your most precious valuables. There is also just one button, and the machine will automatically shut off after 5 minutes.

The only downside to this machine is that there is only one cycle option. If you need longer than that, you will need to run it multiple times. Also, unlike other devices, it does recommend soaking your jewelry for a few minutes before cleaning first.

LifeBasis Ultrasonic Cleaner

For the last alternative on our list, we have this ultrasonic cleaner from LifeBasis. This cleaner is a good option if you will be using it continuously.

There is a built-in fan that will help keep the machine cool while it cleans all your valuable items. There is also a removable power cable to make it easier to dump out the old water.✅ This machine does run a little more expensive than other alternatives, however.

My final thoughts

I think that the Magnasonic jewelry cleaner is a solid option in the ultrasonic market.🥇 It has a good capacity, is simple to use, and has great performance.

This cleaner is an excellent option for anyone who needs an ultrasonic cleaner to care for their jewelry or other valuables.

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