REVIEW: Personalized Name Necklace With Birthstone by CaitlynMinimalist

Reviewed Item: CaitlynMinimalist Personalized Name Necklace With Birthstone
  • Material Quality: 4
  • Craftsmanship: 5
  • Hypoallergenic: 5
  • Ordering Experience: 4
  • Packaging: 3.5
  • Shipping and Delivery: 3

JewelryTalk Rating: 4

Tiffany's CaitlynMinimalist personalized name necklace with birthstone came in an adorable box. It is of great quality, allergy-friendly and comfortable, but there're cons to this piece. Continue reading to learn more about this necklace and its customization options→

In a world where everyone clamors over the same trends and fads, many consumers crave personalization. Personalized accessories recently become a popular option for people who want to stand out from the crowd without paying for items straight off the runway. As such, personalized jewelry is perfect for adding a touch of class and singularity to any outfit.

I recently purchased a beautiful personalized name necklace from CaitlynMinimalist on Etsy, and I want to tell you all about my stellar experience.

If you’re looking for a helpful, reliable seller from whom you can purchase your personalized jewelry, I highly recommend this online shop!

Tiffany's Personalized Name Necklace With Crystal Birthstone, on a Wood Setting

When looking at the specifics, this piece is of great quality and ideal for daily wear. From size to length to color, it’s perfect for casual outings as well as more formal settings, such as the office, weddings, etc. I personally put on my necklace whenever I wear a v-neck shirt for a stylish yet effortless look!😎

The personalized name pendants measure about 3mm to 4mm in height, depending on which font you choose. As such, the piece is large enough for others to read your pendant easily without appearing too gaudy or heavy.

Finally, the necklace comes with a standard lobster clasp, which is tight when the item first arrives. However, after a few days of wear, the clasp loosens a bit and makes it much easier to put it on yourself.


Metal Color

At its base, this necklace is sterling silver (92.5% pure), but you can also opt for yellow or rose gold colors. The gold options are gold plated, which means there’s a thin layer of gold bonded to the sterling silver base. Gold plating tends to wear off over time, but good plating can last for years with proper care. I opted for 18K yellow gold to create a bold look.

Name and Font

Buyers may choose any name with meaning to them for the centerpiece of their necklace. I knew I wanted the pendant to display my name, I just needed to choose a cute font.🙂 While I thought this would be an easy decision, the seller provides a wide variety of adorable font options that made it hard to choose! There are 8 script fonts and 1 serif font, and the seller does a wonderful job of displaying examples in as many fonts as possible.

A Variety of Font Options for CaitlynMinimalist's Name Necklaces
Image: CaitlynMinimalist / Etsy

I finally opted for font 29, which is a modern script font. My name begins with a “T”, and script fonts often make uppercase “T” look like a “J”. However, because I was able to see what the “T” looked like ahead of time, I happily chose this script font without fearing it wouldn’t look right!

Add-on Birthstone

Looking for even more personalization?👑 There is an additional “add-on” listing for buyers who want to include a birthstone to the left of the name pendant. This little touch adds further personalization to an already uniquely personal piece.

Screenshot of the Birthstone Add-On by CaitlynMinimalist

If you’re unsure what your birthstone is, you can view a list of common birthstones on the listing. The seller has gone the extra mile to offer further information regarding the most popular birthstone for each month. I chose the clear crystal for April, which is a cost-friendly alternative to the standard diamond birthstone.

Birthstone List for Reference by CaitlynMinimalist

Chain Length

While chain length may not seem like an important form of personalization, it can drastically change how a piece fits you and where the pendant will lay on your neck. Most retailers only offer 1–3 options for chain length, but this seller goes above and beyond to offer options for all wearers.👏🏻

Standard chain length is typically 16–18”. But, if you’re like me, your poor posture or thicker neck means these chains are a bit too tight for longstanding wear. The seller also mentioned that each chain will come with 1” of adjustment links for a perfect fit, so I opted for the 20” chain to provide some comfortable wiggle room during wear.

Order Details

Personalized Name Necklace Order Details

Overall, the order process for this necklace was pretty straightforward. I never needed to contact the seller and was still able to create a personalized piece in less than 10 minutes!👍🏻

First, you can select the metal for your CaitlynMinimalist personalized name necklace. As previously stated, this seller provides sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, and rose gold options.

Choose a Preferred Metal for Your CaitlynMinimalist Name Necklace

Next, choose your chain length. The length includes the entire piece from clasp to jump ring, so think about where you’d like the name pendant to sit on your neck or chest.

Choose the Chain Length for the Personalized Name Pendant Necklace

Then, open the personalization menu and type in your selections. Type in the name and font you’d like to appear on the pendant. For example, here is how I filled out the form for my order.👇🏻

Tiffany's CaitlynMinimalist Name Necklace Personalization Options

Finally, add the item to your cart. If you do not want to add a birthstone to your piece, you are all set! However, if you’d like to add a birthstone, follow the directions below to add this item to your order.⤵️

Birthstone Add-On Order Details

This listing is a bit trickier than the name necklace listing, but follow these steps and you’ll be good to go!

First, select the dollar amount for the add-on. To do this, view more details about the add-on before filling out the form. When you open up the item details, you’ll see that a birthstone add-on for a necklace is $10.00. As such, you can select “10” as the correct dollar amount.

An Introduction to the Birthstone Add-On

After you select the correct dollar amount, choose your birthstone. You can either select your birthstone or any colored stone you like.

Select Your Preferred Birthstone to Add to Your Name Pendant

Once you’ve filled out both options, you’re ready to add this item to your cart. Now that you have both the name necklace and the add-on in your cart, you can proceed to checkout!🚴🏻‍♂️

Shipping and Delivery

Order Tracking

Admittedly, one downside to this item is ambiguous USPS tracking. When I checked USPS after I was alerted that the piece had shipped, I found that this was actually not true. The label had, in fact, been created for my order, but it was not shipped for almost 3 days after that date. Once it was shipped, I was unable to see any tracking information until the piece was 1 day away from my home.

It should be noted that this is not the seller’s fault, nor is it Etsy’s. These complications are most likely an unfortunate result of the pandemic, shipping delays, etc.

Delivery Time

Another major drawback of this piece is the delivery time. I ordered the piece on July 17th, and it wasn’t delivered to my location until August 8th. Because the piece requires one week of production time, it took three weeks for me to see the final product. However, the necklace came in an adorable box with two coupons for future orders, so it was well worth the wait!🥳

Adorable Packaging and Jewelry Box of the CaitlynMinimalist 18K Gold Name Necklace

Final Item Review


Material Quality4/5
Ordering Experience4/5
Shipping and Delivery3/5
JewelryTalk Rating: 4
Overall Rating (4.1/5)


Here’s a list of the best features of this CaitlynMinimalist personalized name necklace:

  • This seller gives OPTIONS, and it isn’t hard to put together a completely unique piece. ⚠️This seller also accepts custom orders, where she will take any personal note, signature, etc. in handwriting and create a one of a kind piece for you. If you’re looking for a seller who’s willing to work with your needs, CaitlynMinimalist is your shop.
  • As someone with skin sensitivities, I had NO allergic reactions! I wore the piece for a week straight and experienced no discoloration, itching, or rashes. I even wore it to bed one night to see if a rash would occur with extended exposure, but work up feeling perfectly fine. If you have any skin sensitivities, this piece is allergy-friendly!
  • I was a bit hesitant in purchasing yellow gold plating, as it tends to look rather cheap. However, this 18K gold plating is exceptional quality, and the gold is a sunny yet subdued hue of yellow.
  • This necklace is COMFORTABLE!  There was no hair pulling, no getting stuck to clothing, and no heavy pendant weighing me down. The double point of contact where the necklace pendant attaches to the chain offers additional support and even weight distribution, so I could wear this necklace for days on end.


There are very few cons to this piece, but here are a few to watch out for:

  • Despite the even distribution of weight for the pendant, it tends to move frequently during wear. Although its lightweight nature is helpful in wearing it for long periods, the pendant easily moves around your neck and can end up behind your head. Just be mindful and check every now and then to ensure the piece hasn’t moved.
  • The clasps that hold the necklace together are fresh, so they are tight and can be a bit difficult at first. Mine wore down a bit after a week of wear, but just be careful if you are buying this piece for anyone with limited mobility in their hands or fingers.
  • As previously discussed, the delivery time for this piece was a bit long. It still arrived within two weeks, but it arrived pretty much the very last day it could without being late. Keep delivery time in mind when ordering this piece. If you need it a bit sooner, opt for the rushed delivery to get it to you much sooner.

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