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There are many high-quality jewelry pieces and several different reputable jewelers. But how do you compare these products? How can consumers make better buying decisions?

The internet offers a myriad of resources to increase your knowledge and improve your buying confidence. One way consumers can make better buying decisions is by reading product reviews.

Jewelry reviews go beyond recommending a product or a seller. They describe the quality of the product and offer more insight than other forms of content, such as the brand’s manufacturing and shipping process.

Buy Jewelry With Confidence With the Assistance of Jewelry Reviews by JewelryTalk

We at JewelryTalk want to help our readers become better-informed consumers. Here, we will explain what you can expect from our product reviews and how to use our reviews while you’re shopping. 🎅🏻

Why do you trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations?

Do you trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? If you’re unsure, here are some important statistics to know.

Product reviews, personal recommendations, and research are the most influential aspects affecting purchasing decisions.

Online reviews are more popular among the younger generation. 91% of 18-to-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Female Customer Checking Online Reviews During Jewelry Buying Process

  • Many consumers no longer trust advertising. Instead, they want to develop trust and transparency with businesses. And 66% of consumers state online reviews enhance their trust in a business.
  • 90% of people say positive reviews influence their buying decisions. 86% of customers also say they pay attention to negative reviews.
  • Last but not least, 72% of buyers won’t take action unless they read a review.

Reviews offer a first-account view of a brand, its products, and other aspects that will help customers during their buying decision. While personal recommendations help, customers receive more insight when reading online reviews.

Brief reviews vs. Jewelry review articles: What’s the difference?

When most consumers think of reviews, they think of brief reviews that customers submit on major review platforms. These are different than in-depth jewelry review articles.

What are brief product reviews?

Brief product reviews are the most common form of reviews. These are the reviews you’ll see on major platforms such as Google but they can also appear directly on the brand’s website and product pages. They’re similar to review articles in a few ways.

Brief product reviews offer an honest testimonial about a buyer’s experience with the product and with the brand.

The reviews are honest and comprehensive, highlighting the pros and cons and other important information. Many reviews are also written by authorized buyers, meaning the reviewer has to prove they purchased the product in order to leave a review.

A Brief Review Given by Verified Necklace Buyer on Soufeel

However, customers who write brief product reviews aren’t industry professionals. They usually only provide a simple statement such as, “I like it.

Brief Jewelry Reviews Left by Customers Who Have Purchased a Product

Take an industry such as jewelry as an example—the average customer doesn’t have the knowledge and experience to write a comprehensive jewelry review.

In addition, brief reviews tend to be biased.

While some leave a review to explain their experience and help other buyers, many leave a review because the brand offered them a coupon or other reward. They may 🤔 only leave a positive review so they could receive the incentive.

Industry experts can offer a more detailed review. Even if they do express their personal opinions, they form these opinions based on years of experience.

What are jewelry article reviews?

Like brief product reviews, article reviews aim to educate the reader about a product and/or a particular brand. The review writer tests the product and offers their insight, informing the reader of the product’s quality.

Unlike brief product reviews written by customers, article product reviews provide evidence to back up their claims. This can include screenshots, product images, and additional proof that the reviewer tested out the product and their testimony is accurate.🔍

Jewelry Professionals Testing Jewelry Purchased Before Writing an Article Review

Brief product reviews tend to be biased, or at least only focus on a positive or negative. Article reviewers may have a specific opinion or outlook, but they weigh out the strengths and weaknesses. ⚖️ They may also apply a score to each product category for a well-rounded outlook.

Jewelry article reviews also stand out among other article reviews. Jewelry product reviews are usually written by someone with professional experience in the jewelry industry; they have the authority to provide a comprehensive opinion and can truly recommend a jewelry piece.

How does JewelryTalk write reviews?

The JewelryTalk staff comprises of jewelry and fashion enthusiasts with experience in the professional jewelry industry. We have a very specific process of conducting and writing jewelry reviews.

Before we discuss the review writing process, we should note we order the jewelry products ourselves—the brands don’t supply us with the item.

We order the products and identify different aspects of the buying and shipping process before we receive the product. This includes:

  • Shipping options
  • Shipping time
  • User-friendliness of the buying process
  • Packaging methods
  • Payment options

When we receive the product, we identify the jewelry item to ensure there are no defects, tarnishings, etc. in the jewelry.

After this process, we wear the jewelry piece for several days. We identify quality factors as well as fashionable factors, such as how the jewelry piece looks with different outfits.

How to use our jewelry reviews for confident purchases?

After reading our reviews, you’ll want to know how to apply our insights to your purchases. Here’s how to use our reviews for your future jewelry purchases.

Our pros and cons

We want our readers to feel confident about buying a jewelry piece. If we recommend a brand, we will list the benefits of the product and explain why this product may be the best option for customers.

While we would love to only share positives, no product is perfect. That’s why we balance the review with any product setbacks. We offer this information to appeal to all readers.

In addition, every buyer has different preferences. Let’s take necklaces as an example. If a seller only offers one chain length, we will state if that length is ideal for those who prefer shorter or longer necklaces.


We will provide essential information in our reviews, such as:

  • Pictures of the product
  • Screenshots of the website
  • How-to ordering guide, especially with custom pieces
  • Anything else that can benefit the buyer

Essential Information Provided in Jewelry Reviews to Ease Your Buying Process: Authenticity

We do this for authenticity and to ease the buying process for you. We recommend using our screenshots to guide you through the buying process. You should also use our pictures and compare them to your product.

Quality for the price you pay

We will show two vital pieces of information in every review: the price you’ll pay for the jewelry item and if the quality is worth the price (or if it’s a high-quality product at a great price).

We also discuss possible price increases, such as shipping and any warranties, and our experience with these factors.

Different categories

The product isn’t the only important quality of a brand’s reputation. We will also mention:

  • Customer service
  • Shipping time
  • Communication
  • Website quality

We include this information in our overall review and score so you know what to expect.

You shouldn’t only trust our reviews

First and foremost, we’re not promising our jewelry reviews are the only reviews you should trust.

We recommend you read our reviews as well as brief customer reviews to ensure you make the best buying decision. These different types of reviews may provide different insights as well as a combination of positive and negative experiences.

How to use brief customer reviews for confident purchases?

We recommend you read a variety of professional and customer reviews for a well-rounded view of a product or a brand. But you should still know how to use customer reviews to make better buying decisions.

Sort reviews

Many brands, such as Soufeel, offer a review sorting function directly on their website. This separates the way reviews appear on the screen—you can separate the reviews by star rating, the newest reviews, and more.

Click the Sort Button to Read Different Types of Customer Reviews

Read both negative and positive reviews

Two-thirds of readers trust a combination of positive and negative reviews. Different ratings provide different insights. In addition, a combination of reviews tells the buyer that these are real human reviews—and not reviews generated by bots.❌

While many customers write positive reviews for a discount or other incentive, there are customers who are passionate about a product and want to recommend the product to potential buyers.

Read Both Negative and Positive Reviews Before Making Final Jewelry Decision

These customers may have found a product that changed their life. Or maybe they have been looking for one particular product, going through multiple brands to find the perfect one.

Let’s take jewelry as a good example. It’s difficult to find custom jewelry, specifically a jeweler who makes high-quality pieces.

If a customer has been looking for a custom jewelry maker for quite some time and finally found a high-quality jeweler, they’ll want to recommend that shop to other custom jewelry buyers.

But negative reviews are also significant. That’s why buyers spend five times longer on a website or review page to read negative reviews.

Negative reviews can offer the most comprehensive facts. For example, common information you’ll read includes the price, shipping, customer service, even the website quality. All of this is important to know before you purchase a brand’s products.

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