Tree of Life Symbol: Meanings, Jewelry, Gift Ideas & Tips

Jewelry is commonly worn to accentuate one’s beauty and to add elegance to any outfit. Popular jewelry pieces, such as engagement rings, are a symbol of luxury as they are a symbol of love.

But there are also jewelry pieces that are worn to convey a message, express their beliefs, and represent their loved ones. The Tree of Life symbol is the perfect example.

In this article, we will cover these facts and questions:

  • What the Tree of Life is
  • What it looks like
  • The Tree of Life’s history
  • Symbolism in different cultures
  • How it’s used in jewelry
  • Gift ideas
  • Styling tips

Let’s get started!🌳

Tree of Life Symbol Sketch

What does the Tree of Life symbol look like?

The Tree of Life looks like a large tree enclosed in a circle. Its branches stretch outward and individual leaves are accentuated. The trunk of the tree is also placed directly on the bottom of the circle.

Tree of Life history

The Tree of Life symbol is almost as old as humanity. The first use of the Tree of Life symbol dates back to 7000 B.C. where it was found during the Domuztepe excavations in Turkey. It’s believed the symbol originated there and spread to different cultures.

The Acadians were one of the first civilizations to give the Tree of Life its modern meaning. In 3000 B.C., they depicted an image of pine trees. Since pine trees don’t die, this was believed to be one of the first uses of the Tree of Life.

Other major civilizations used the Tree of Life symbol, such as Ancient Egypt. They believed tree branches symbolized the heavens and the roots represented death, reminding us to stay connected to the afterlife.💫

Tree of Life symbolism in different cultures

The Tree of Life appears all over the world—from the West to the East, including Africa.

Different African cultures look at the Baobab tree as their Tree of Life. This tree produces fruit, even in the dryest climate. Many cultures treat the Baobab tree with high esteem, not only providing nourishment but also providing life.

An Illustration of the Tree of Life Symbol and Culture

We also represent our family origins as a tree and that one from the Celtic Tree of Life symbol. The Celts believed trees hold a spiritual connection to ancestors, our family, and even deities. They also believed that trees were the gatekeepers to the Otherworld.

Trees are also important symbols in Christianity. Take the tree in the Garden of Eden as the perfect example—in Christianity, trees represent eternal life. Christians also believe trees represent the love that one has for God as well as infinite wisdom.

Trees are especially important in Buddhism. The Buddha reached enlightenment under the sacred Bodhi tree. The Bodhi tree is not only a symbol of enlightenment but also of overall existence.

What is the meaning of the Tree of Life symbol?

Today, the Tree of Life symbol meaning is one that connects us to the universe.

The symbol has multiple parts: the branches represent our need for expression (art, etc.), the leaves represent the uniqueness of all beings in the universe, and the trunk is the symbol of strength that keeps us grounded.

In jewelry, the Tree of Life can also symbol one’s connection to their origin and their family. The branches represent how a family grows and evolves.

The Tree of Life may also represent fertility. That’s because trees always find new ways to grow and form, such as seeds and new saplings.

The Tree of Life has even more meanings. Here are a few of them.


While some cultures affiliate the Tree of Life to a specific tree, the modern meaning encompasses a variety of different trees. All trees are unique in their own ways, as are people. This is why the Tree of Life also represents uniqueness.


A tree can live as long as one thousand years! In this time, the tree grows slowly. Even though we don’t live that long, we never stop growing and changing. That’s why the Tree of Life symbol also represents continuous growth as well as encouraging us to learn and explore.

Tree of Life Symbol Meaning: Connection, Growth, Rebirth and More


Trees shift and change every season. No matter the elements, trees always stay strong and change with the seasons—whether they’re blossoming or shedding their leaves.

We also have rebirths, adapting to the fortune and challenges that life throws at us. The Tree of Life symbol helps us accept rebirth and to embrace it.


If you ever spend lots of time in nature, you can’t help but feel at peace. You especially appreciate trees—sitting under one for shade, staring at an enormous tree, and even climbing on trees as a kid.

Overall, trees evoke a sense of serenity. The Tree of Life reminds us to remain calm and appreciate the little things in life.🌱

The Tree of Life symbol uses in jewelry

Are you interested in finding the Tree of Life jewelry? Fortunately, just about all jewelry types feature this symbol. Here are ways you can wear the Tree of Life.


One of the most common ways to wear Tree of Life jewelry is as a necklace. The Tree of Life is usually expressed as a pendant. You can find Tree of Life pendant necklaces in a variety of styles and metals.

Vintage Style Tree of Life Symbol Abalone Pendant
SunVDesigns / Etsy


If you want to wear Tree of Life earrings, the style options are endless. This includes:

  • Drop earrings
  • Stud earrings
  • Hoop earrings
  • And more

Like necklace pendants, Tree of Life earrings feature different styles, metals, colors, and even gems.

925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings - Drop Style
Meinsha / Etsy


You also have a range of options if you want Tree of Life rings. Jewelers can craft the branch design in a band, can create a tree design with a gemstone at the head or the Tree of Life symbol at the head.

Charm Bracelet

You can also put Tree of Life charms on your bracelet. There are a variety of charm styles available in different colors, metals and shapes.

Recommended gift ideas

The Tree of Life symbol has a vast history, cultural significance, and an amazing meaning. That’s why Tree of Life jewelry makes the perfect gift for a loved one. Here are a few of our Tree of Life jewelry gift recommendations.


As stated in the previous section, different Tree of Life jewelry variations exist. While many are made in different metals, you can also find Tree of Life jewelry that feature decorations.✨

Birthstones are one of the most common examples, especially if you’re designing custom Tree of Life jewelry. 👉🏻This is the perfect option if you’re customizing a Tree of Life necklace with your family members’ names and birthstones.

Gold Plated Tree of Life Birthstone Pendant Necklace With Cable Chain
My Name Necklace

If you’re customizing a Tree of Life necklace for one person, you can also add their birthstone to the necklace. There are endless design options; for example, the birthstone can be embedded into the design or can be added as a separate charm.

For more custom design options, a jeweler can design the piece with the wearer’s name. They can embed their name in the pendant and can even form the name in the design.

As an alternative, you can opt for initials on the charm. Some jewelers even offer a special shape, such as a heart-shaped pendant.

You can also add any gemstones, not just a birthstone. A jeweler can even add a diamond if you want a more exquisite piece. Many jewelers add diamonds and gemstones throughout the design and can even form a metal tree over an organic stone.


Who would appreciate Tree of Life jewelry? Anyone! People commonly buy Tree of Life jewelry for:

  • Mom
  • Grandma
  • Daughters
  • Sisters
  • Aunts
  • Cousins
  • Wives/girlfriends
  • Friends

Is Tree of Life jewelry only for women? Tree of Life jewelry is also perfect for men! They have many unisex pieces available so both men and women can wear this iconic symbol.

Special Occasions

Is an occasion coming up and you’re not sure what gift to get your loved one? Choose a Tree of Life jewelry piece!

The occasion you buy the jewelry depends on the wearer. For example, if you’re buying a custom Tree of Life family necklace for mom, it will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

A Tree of Life necklace also makes the perfect gift for a birthday, the holidays, and more.

Styling and maintenance tips to know

Tree of Life jewelry is ideal for everyone. But there are some tips that wearers should know before buying this jewelry item.

Wearing Tree of Life Jewelry

Tree of Life jewelry pendants are very intricate. They consist of small details, especially in the branches and leaves.

It’s not uncommon for Tree of Life jewelry to get caught in your hair or on clothing. Therefore, be careful about what kind of Tree of Life jewelry you choose.

📝For example, if you have long hair, refrain from wearing earrings where the Tree of Life is formed into the metal. Opt for the Tree of Life carved into a metal plate. The same goes for certain pendants and charms.

If you want the Tree of Life formed into metal, choose a smaller pendant or charm and keep the jewelry item away from clothing and hair.


Because the Tree of Life symbol has many details, it can be difficult to clean. Use a special jewelry cleaning cloth and wipe the piece down regularly.

For a thorough cleaning, wet a cloth with a little bit of soap and wipe it on the pendant. You can also soak the piece in warm water with a couple of drops of dish soap.

For a sparkling clean, mix a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide with a little bit of baking soda on a cloth. Rub the mixture gently on the jewelry item.

The Tree of Life symbol is perfect for jewelry

The Tree of Life symbol has an incredible history and symbolizes life, strength, and family. This makes it the perfect jewelry piece to wear daily or to give as a gift. You can find a variety of different Tree of Life jewelry items for all wearers, styles and preferences.

Infinity symbols are also wonderful in jewelry and make the perfect gift. If you’re not familiar with infinity symbols, click here and learn more about them. 

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