8 Printable Ring Size Charts & Tips for Measuring Your Finger

The importance of proper ring sizing...

There’s nothing worse than purchasing a new jewelry piece only to find it doesn’t quite fit the way you hoped!😂 When it comes to rings, this problem is incredibly common given the sizing differences of various companies. While finding your ring size can give you quite the headache, it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

There are plenty of printable ring size charts and tools that you can use to measure your finger or a ring you already own. Let’s look at the anatomy of printable ring size charts, some reliable options available online, and how to measure your ring size accurately.

Printer Printing a Printable Ring Size Chart

What does a printable ring size chart include?

Printable ring size charts typically come with some tools to help you measure either your finger or a ring you already own. Not all printable ring sizers include the same materials, but here are a few common items you may find:

Tape-shaped paper strip

Many printable ring size charts offer a paper strip that you can cut out to measure your finger. These strips are helpful because they wrap around your finger just like a ring, and you can adjust the placement of the strip to simulate how a ring sits on your finger.  

Some of these strips even have the company’s corresponding ring sizes on the actual tape, meaning no complex conversions necessary!

Ring size circles

If you already have a ring at home that fits, use a printable ring size chart with sizing circles instead. Sizing circles pinpoint exactly which size will work best based on rings you already own.

Many size rings also tell you the actual measurement that corresponds to your ring size, meaning you can take this information with you when shopping at other retailers as well.

Printable Ring Size Circles

Ring size conversion chart

Wearers who know their ring size can simply use a printable ring size conversion chart. This tool helps you convert your current ring size to that of the company from which you’re buying the ring, another country’s standard of measurement, etc.  

Using this method requires no materials on your part, and you can easily convert your size and order your new ring!

8 printable ring size charts you can trust (With download links)

However, you’ll want to find a printable ring size chart from a retailer that you trust. If you’re struggling to find a good one, here are 8 printable charts you can use to determining your ring size:👇🏻

Luxury Jewelry Brands

Tiffany & Co.

Arguably the most famous luxury jeweler, Tiffany & Co. has been one of the best in the business since 1837. Plus, the T&CO sizing chart is very user-friendly.  

With a ruler that uses a credit card for proper scaling, the guide makes it simple to find your ring size without printing it. However, the guide does come with a printable tape-shaped ring sizer for a more hands-on measurement.

Blue Nile

Online retailer Blue Nile has taken buying jewelry on the internet from a risky hassle to a stress-free and secure experience for customers.

The Blue Nile ring sizing chart is straightforward for those who already have a ring they’d like to have sized. The guide gives users scaling directions as well as a link to receive free plastic sizers if you’d prefer to try on different ring sizes.

Brilliant Earth

Another exceptional online retailer, Brilliant Earth makes a commitment not only to the customer but to Mother Earth with “Beyond Conflict-Free” diamonds and recycled precious metals.

The Brilliant Earth ring sizing guide provides both a printable tape-shaped ring sizer and a sizing chart that you can use without printing. The guide even explains how to create your own ring sizer with materials at home!👏🏻

David Yurman

David Yurman may have hit the luxury jewelry scene in 1980, but the company’s collections have become an integral part of fashion today with their bold designs and New York style.

The David Yurman ring sizing guide can be used for both men's and women’s rings. Just place your credit card on the ruler to scale the document properly and utilize either the tape-shaped ring sizer or the ring sizing chart to find your fit.

Reputable Chain and Online Jewelers


Chain retailers like Zales don’t stick around for this long without offering a quality product at reasonable prices. Their ring sizing guide offers three ways to size your piece, and it provides scaling instructions to ensure you size accurately.  

This guide even goes the extra mile to suggest that anyone secretly trying to learn their partner’s ring size for an engagement ring or present may benefit from using the printable size guide to keep their intentions secret.

Kay Jewelers

Another retailer that offers buyers beautiful jewelry at good prices, Kay Jewelers goes above and beyond to make jewelry affordable for everyone.

Although the Kay ring sizing guide only offers a chart that compares the size of a ring you own to their sizes, you could still use the string method to make this chart work for you.


Jared is another big name in reasonably priced jewelry that is sure to please, and the Jared ring sizing guide is a straightforward tool that’s easy for anyone to use.

Similar to the Kay guide, you can either find the size of a ring you already own or use the string method to measure your finger for a future purchase.


Specializing in online sales, JTV is an excellent place to start for the shopper who doesn’t want to enter a brick-and-mortar location.

The JTV ring sizing guide offers instructions for properly scaling for their tape-shaped ring sizer. Conveniently, once you measure your finger, that number is actually your ring size, so no further conversion is needed.

Measuring your ring size at home: Using a printable ring size chart

Not every ring size guide will have all of these options, but here are instructions for a few of the most popular tools used in printable ring size charts:

Tape-shaped paper strip

✅First, print and cut out the ring sizing strip and create a slit on the line where indicated. Then, slip the pointed end of the strip through the slit and place it on your finger. The numbers on the strip should face outward to identify your size.

Finally, tighten the strip by pulling the pointed end to create a comfortable fit, and read the number closest to the slit. That number is your ring size, and it may even be a half or quarter size if it’s in between two numbers.

Ring size circles

To use this tool, select a ring from your collection that provides your desired fit. Then, hold up your ring to the circles on your printable ring size circle chart to match up the band to a size.

The circle on the chart should fit just inside the band of your ring, so once you find one that fits your ring’s shape you can identify your ring size.

Using string

If you don’t have a ring that already fits you, then try a piece of string or floss to act as a makeshift ring and gauge your ring size. A ring size conversion chart is also helpful to convert your measurements into an actual ring size.

To do this, take your piece of string and wrap it around your knuckle. You’ll want to measure your knuckle instead of the lower part of your finger because the ring will have to pass over your knuckle comfortably.  

Then, mark the place where the two ends of the string meet, and place your string on a ruler. Measure the string in millimeters (mm) and use a ring size conversion chart to figure out which ring size corresponds to your measurements.

You can also use our handy measurement guide for more ways to find your ring size if your printable chart is the above tools don’t quite work for you!

Take advantage of your chosen jeweler’s ring size chart

If you’ve already identified the retailer from which you’ll be purchasing your ring, remember to use their ring sizing chart to find your size. Even if you already know your average ring size, it’s best practice to compare your current size to their own measurements to make sure you get the right fit.

Similar to clothing, not every size 6 ring fits quite the same, as different companies and countries use varying standards and units of measure.

Other things to consider

Keep these factors in mind when measuring your finger, as they can impact fit, comfort, and what size ring you actually need:

Shape and size of your finger

Do you have knuckles that are larger than the base of your finger? Or does your finger gradually increase in size towards your palm?🧐

Understanding the size and shape of your fingers is important for finding your ideal ring size. Inspect your fingers and try on a few rings in your wardrobe if possible to understand what type of fit you need.


Did you know your fingers can actually grow or shrink? Changes in atmospheric and body temperature can impact how a ring may fit daily!

Avoid any strenuous activity before measuring your finger to prevent an inaccurate reading. Additionally, try to find a room temperature setting for your measuring efforts.

Band width

If you prefer rings with thicker bands, consider sizing up your ring. The wider the band of your ring, the higher it sits on your finger, which means it requires more space to accommodate your knuckle and movement. Even choosing a half size up from your measured size can increase your comfort level substantially.


Even your diet has an impact on how your ring will fit! For the most precise measurement, calculate your ring size on a day where you haven’t eaten an excess of sodium and have had plenty of water to drink.

Achieving an accurate measurement: A critical thing to remember

When using printable ring size charts, you should always scale your printout and computer screen to the proper size beforehand. Typically, sizing charts have a recommended scaling or offer a section where you can ensure your printout is sized properly using a credit card.

When printing your chart, your page scaling should be set to 100% or “Actual Size”. Here is an example of where you can find these settings on your printing preferences page:

Printer Settings for a Proper Scaling Before Printing Ring Size Chart
Printers often scale pages to whatever best suits the material, so always double-check that you have the right settings for your chosen ring sizing tool!

Size up your ring sizing options

Printable ring size charts are an easy and affordable way to find your ring size without visiting a store. However, if you don’t have a printer or don’t trust a printable sizer, there are still other methods for sizing your ring. Here are a few other suggestions for how to go about finding your ring size:

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