Name Jewelry Fonts: Pick the Right One to Say Your Name

Personalized jewelry, specifically name necklaces, are beloved jewelry items. When customizing your name jewelry, you may focus more on the type of metal you want and other additions such as your birthstone.

But do you consider the font? 🧐

👉🏻Font is more important than you may think. The right font can affect the way you feel and how you relate to the name necklace. Certain fonts may even express your personality better than others.

Name Jewelry Fonts Express Different Personalities

What are your font options? How do you choose the best font for personalized name jewelry? We discuss name jewelry fonts including the most common options and how to get inspired by different jewelry fonts.

The relationship between name necklaces and name jewelry

Name jewelry is more special than most jewelry pieces. That’s because they feature your most unique quality: your name! Name jewelry is handcrafted to fit your unique style and preferences. That’s why this trend is endless.

While name jewelry is a major trend now, it’s one of the oldest forms of jewelry. The trend dates back as far as the Victorian era in Europe, where people wore name brooches.

Most name necklace makers let you choose the metal, the chain length, and more. There are also endless name jewelry types and options. Name jewelry applies to bracelets, rings, earrings, and even watches.

But no name jewelry piece reigns more than the name necklace. Name necklaces became popular among the youth but are also loved by adults of all ages.

Carrie Bradshaw Wearing Her Name Necklace at Sex and the City
Photo: Wait Fashion

The name necklace reached a larger audience thanks to the TV show Sex and the City.📺 The character, Carrie Bradshaw, wore her name necklace throughout the show’s entirety, influencing viewers to purchase their own name necklace.

The name necklace is still popular today. Thanks to the internet, wearers can easily order their name necklaces and find different styles to fit their needs.

The Carrie-Style Fonts

When searching for a name necklace, you’ll likely see Carrie-style necklaces advertised on every personalized jewelry designer website. That’s because the Carrie-style necklace has become a classic.

As stated previously, the name necklace reached notoriety because of the Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie’s necklace features a specific font—the text is cursive but the letters are spread out, making it more legible. The first and last letters are curved more than the others, adding a unique feminine touch. In the classic Carrie-style text, the “C” and “e” are stylized.

Keep in mind, every jeweler and engraver has its own take on the Carrie-style font. That’s because the original font is copyrighted by the TV show.

Classic Name Necklace With Carrie-Style Font: White, Yellow and Rose Gold
Carrie-Style Font Used in the Name Necklace on a Female Model

Check how my name looks in the Carrie-style font.

The evolution of name jewelry fonts

Is the Carrie-style name necklace your only font option? Absolutely not! When searching for name necklaces, you’ll find different fonts for every style preference.

As name jewelry evolved, this jewelry staple started reaching more cultures and ethnic groups. Different wearers started using the fonts and languages associated with their culture, documenting not only their style preferences but also their personal heritage.

Since name jewelry has historic origins, some of the oldest fonts can also be used to create a vintage-looking name necklace.

The name jewelry trend is global, not just in English-speaking countries. Name necklaces are now offered in languages with individualistic alphabets, such as Arabic.

Major classifications of name jewelry fonts

With so many name jewelry fonts, it’s difficult to highlight every single one of them. Instead, we will focus on the three main font classifications:

  • Script-style fonts
  • Block-style fonts
  • Local language fonts

The best jewelry brands will offer several types of fonts and may even provide a guide to help you choose. In case they don’t, we’re breaking down common font classifications and some common fonts you’ll see.

Script-Style Fonts

Script-style font is meant to look like natural handwriting, accentuating a flowing type of appearance.

Script refers to anything written by hand, slightly different from cursive or even calligraphy. Since script and cursive are used interchangeably, many cursive-style fonts are included in the script style.💃🏻

Script-style fonts are the most common for name necklaces—not only because they’re popular but because you have countless script options.

Countless Script-Style Font Options for Jewelry

Block-Style Fonts

Block-style fonts are the most legible, consisting of capital letters and thick lines shaping the letters. Unlike script and cursive-style fonts, letters aren’t flowing and connected to each other.

Because they’re easy to read, block-style font is commonly seen on billboards and advertisements. This is also the recommended font for those who aren’t sure which name necklace fonts to pick.

Local Language Fonts

There are roughly 6,500 languages in the world and only a fraction of them use the English alphabet.

In order to make name jewelry available in different languages, jewelry makers from around the world offer name jewelry in various written languages and alphabets.

Top name jewelry fonts for your inspiration🤩

Want to explore your name jewelry font options? Here are our recommendations!

Gothic-Style Fonts

Also called Old English fonts, this style uses intricate details for a bold appearance. The gothic-style font is historic, inspired by the architecture and artwork from the Middle Ages. It’s an exquisite font and is sure to stand out.

Gothic-Style Font Name Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold
View more details of this Gothic style necklace.

Disney-Style Fonts

The Disney-style font is one of the most individualistic fonts around, conveying everything that’s magical and happy. From the stylistic “D” to the circular dotted “i,” anyone can recognize a Disney-style name necklace.

Rose Gold Name Necklace in Disney-Style Font
Check this cute Disney-style name necklace.

Block-Style Fonts

If you want a simple font, opt for a block-style font. This font consists of capitalized and spaced-out letters. Even with the capital letters, the block-style font is still dainty, making this font perfect for everyone.

Bold Design: Sterling Silver Large Hoop Block-Style Name Earrings
Learn more about this hoop name earrings

Local Language Fonts

As stated previously, the name necklace is global and you can find name jewelry in just about every language. Here are a few examples.

Arabic-Style Font

Name necklaces in traditional Arabic font are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, you can choose an Arabic-style name necklace depending on other handwriting styles seen in the language.

Arabic Name Necklace in Yellow Gold - Etsy
Find more details.

Korean-Style Font

The Korean has two writing systems: Hangul and Hanja. Hangul is the syllabic writing system created for the Korean language in the 15th century. Hanja uses Chinese ideograph characters; while this font is used today, it’s far less common than Hangul.

Personalized Korean-Style Yellow Gold Name Necklace
See more details of this cute font.

Russian-Style Font

The traditional Russian-style font is also known as the Cyrillic script. This script is used in a variety of different languages, such as Bulgarian and Ukrainian.

Custom Name Jewelry: Name Necklace in Russian Font
See more Russian font name necklaces.

Hindi-Style Font

There are many Hindi-style scripts, but the most famous one is the Kruti Dev font. You may also find Hindi name jewelry in the Devlys font.

Name Pendant Necklace With Handwriting Hindi Font
View more photos of this Hindi necklace.

Chinese-Style Font

Chinese-style font, specifically in traditional Mandarin, is becoming more popular. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, so you’ll be sure to find a Mandarin name necklace.

Yellow Gold Personalized Name Necklace With Chinese Name Pendant
Find more on Etsy.

Hebrew-Style Font

Hebrew is one of the most complex fonts and scripts in the world. That’s because the Hebrew typeface can branch off into different languages and writing styles. Most of the Hebrew name necklaces are written in Modern Hebrew.

Hebrew Name Jewelry: Hebrew-Style Name Necklace With Hebrew Letters
Click to find more necklace details.

How to choose the right font for your name jewelry

After taking a look at these different fonts, are you still struggling to decide the best font for you? Here are some factors to consider when choosing a name necklace font.

Font Characteristics

Every font has different characteristics that impact the style and legibility. Some of these characteristics include the letter contrast, font width, rounding, letter height, italics, serifs, and even the letter shapes.

Beleco Jewelry Provides Realtime Name Jewelry Fonts Preview on Its Portal
Beleco Jewelry shows your name in 15+ font styles at the same time. Try it now!

Your Personality

Every font conveys a different style and feel. This is why you should take your individual preferences into consideration when choosing a name jewelry font.

For example, if you want a traditional and sophisticated font, choose a serif font such as sans serif. Decorative fonts are also ideal for name necklaces because they have more embellishments than the average font.

Script-style fonts are by far the most popular for name jewelry. The cursive type and flowing appearance are very elegant, making it a preferred choice among wearers.

Outfits and Wearing Occasions

If you plan on wearing your name necklace to a formal occasion or with a nice dress,👗 you’ll want to choose a more elegant or traditional type of font such as a cursive font.

The script style embodies the feminine and charming appearance, looking exceptional when at a formal occasion.

If you prefer casual dress and fashion, choose a bolder font style. Larger fonts with thicker lines look more modern and fit a more relaxed fashion sense. This is also one of the most common nameplate necklace fonts.

Pick the best name jewelry font

Now that you know all about name jewelry fonts, are you ready to order your custom necklace? If not, you should learn more about customizable jewelry such as personalized necklaces. Click here for more information.

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