Anchor Symbol: Meanings, Diverse Designs, Gift Ideas & More

Anchors have been used by various cultures throughout history to reduce the drift of their watercrafts relative to water currents and wind.🚢 Depending on the culture, they came in lots of different styles and designs.

Today, there are two kinds of anchors; temporary and permanent. They both work in the same way, holding the vessels in place either by sheer mass or by hooking into the seabed, or a combination of both.

Apart from being marine devices, 👉🏻anchors are also symbols that represent various special meanings. This article will focus on the meanings behind anchors. It shall also look at the diverse anchor designs available, as well as offering a few recommendations of great gift ideas involving this symbol.

Anchor Symbol Held by a People Underwater

What is an anchor symbol?

To fully understand the anchor symbol, you first need to know what an anchor is. Anchors are devices used to hold water vessels in place and prevent them from drifting away.

The anchor was first used as a symbol by Christians. The symbol was used to display their Christianity when the Christians were under Roman persecution. This is because it closely resembles the Christian cross: it looks like a cross that’s resting upon a crescent.

Hebrews 6:19: "We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters the inner shrine behind the curtain."

Since then, anchor symbolism has evolved over the years. The anchor symbol meaning today ranges from signifying love to even symbolizing an impediment, obstruction, or defect.

What does the anchor symbol mean? (6+)

The anchor symbol has several diverse designs, each with different meanings. Some of the most common meanings of the anchor symbol include:

A symbol of a deep relationship

The anchor symbolizes a deep, strong, and invincible bond. This is perhaps one of the most common and significant anchor meanings. Anchors hold a vessel in place preventing it from drifting away at sea. They provide the vessel with the necessary stability.

Drawing meaning from this function, anchors are naturally associated with vital, robust, and secure links. For this reason, giving clothing, a jewel, or any ornament with an anchor design is a touching gesture towards the important people in your life.  

Anchor Symbol Meaning: Deep Relationship Between a Couple

A symbol of salvation in Christianity

The anchor was first used as a symbol of salvation in Christianity. The anchor Christian symbol was used during the years when Christians were under the Roman persecution. Since the anchor is similar in proportion to the Christian cross, it was the perfect way for Christians to camouflage the cross. This allowed the persecuted Christians to display their religion under the strict Roman eyes unnoticed.

With time, the anchor Christian symbol started to be used to symbolize the church and the ancient Christian faith. The early Christians used the symbol of the anchor to clandestinely carry out their religious worship.

Since anchors hold the ships in place even during storms, anchors were also used to symbolize strength in Christianity. During the persecutions, houses were marked with the anchor symbol to symbolize that the house was safe for Christians seeking refuge.

The anchor meaning in the bible signifies hope. The New Testament refers to the Christian’s hope as “an anchor of the soul”.

A symbol of love

The anchor has also been used as a symbol of love.❤️ Couples use it to show the stability of their relationship. In this case, the anchor symbolizes loyalty. Anchors attach themselves at the bottom of the sea to secure the ship and give it stability. For this reason, the anchor symbol is used to symbolize the security and stability of people who love each other in their relationship.

In many cultures, the anchor is also used to symbolize the connection between femininity and masculinity. The cross within the anchor symbolizes masculinity while the crescent moon symbolizes femininity, representing the womb.  

A symbol of hope

The anchor is also the oldest symbol of hope. It symbolizes the support against all the challenges experienced in life. Hope is an optimistic mood that presupposes confidence in a person that a certain event will happen. It encourages people to set out to achieve what they desire.🏄🏻‍♂️

Anchor as a Symbol of Hope: Sailing During a Storm

Shipwrecks are one of the greatest concerns for sailors. The anchor, however, provides sailors with confidence and hope. During a storm, sailors used to cling to the anchor for support when a shipwreck was imminent. For this reason, the anchor was used as a symbol of hope. It symbolizes the support against the difficulties that life presents.

To represent the stable part of a human being

The anchor symbolizes the stability of the human being. It represents the ability to be serene when faced with a whirlwind of emotions.🧘🏻‍♂️

Emotionally stable people can remain calm and control their emotions even in situations that are overwhelming for others. They are not easily affected by the setbacks that present themselves in life. They have a more realistic approach to life. Emotionally stable people are also calm, patient, trustworthy, and persevering.

Emotional stability is usually compared to the calmness and stillness of the sea despite frequent strong waves and storms. The anchor allows you to stay calm even in the presence of waves and storms. Emotionally stable people can control their impulses and face reality, no matter how tough, without fleeing from it. This can be compared to the ability of the anchor to remain firm and stable even when shaken by high tides.

This, however, does not mean that emotionally stable people do not feel bad from time to time. The anchor is also shaken by very strong currents and rough storms but usually regains its stability in no time, preventing the vessel from moving too far from where it’s safe. Although stable people may experience a lot of stress and negative emotions, they can control them better. They avoid getting carried away by negative emotions.

An impediment

The anchor can also symbolize an impediment or a barrier. It can be seen as an obstacle to personal growth and development, preventing people from achieving their goals in life. Just as an anchor prevents a vessel from sailing, people may also feel anchored as if something prevents them from moving forward. Thus, in this case, the anchor reminds people that they should be brave and always be ready to battle the difficulties in life.

How the anchor symbol is evolving in the jewelry circle?

Anchors have become more and more popular in jewelry over the years. The versatility of the symbolism and design of anchor jewelry has made the anchor quite popular among jewelry lovers. The symbol can be worn by both sexes. Some of the ways to wear anchor jewelry include:

Anchor Pendant Necklaces

An anchor pendant is a stylish and classic way of keeping the symbolism of the anchor close. Anchors have versatile designs meaning that the pendants can be styled in various ways. The designs can range from minimalist and simple to high-end and classy.

Masculine Man Wearing Anchor Pendant Necklace

The pendants may also feature nautical signs and themes such as a ship’s wheel or a rope. Gemstones can also be added to the design to give the pendant more color.

Anchor Rings

The anchor symbol can also be made into rings. The most common design is to shape the ring to look like an anchor. You can also stamp the shape of the anchor into the metal of the ring. This design can be done on a signet ring.

Anchor Earrings

The anchor is a proportionate shape, making it an ideal design for earrings and studs. Anchor earrings can also be mismatched for a nautical theme.

Anchor Bracelets

Bracelets with the anchor symbol are often used as friendship bracelets. These bracelets are usually made with leather and other natural materials. 

💡The anchor symbol can be used alone or be paired with other elements in jewelry to form new meaningful anchor symbol designs. These designs include:

Anchor With Rope and Chain

The anchor with rope or chain is a classic design. It is usually used to symbolize the maritime profession or the Navy.

Infinity Symbol With Anchor

This design combines the anchor with the infinity symbol. It enhances the deep strong and invincible bond that is symbolized by the anchor.

Anchor Symbol Necklace With Infinity and Personalized Name or Word
BelecoJewelry / Etsy

Anchor Cross Symbol

This design combines an anchor and cross to enhance the symbolism. This design brings out the religious aspect of the anchor symbol. The anchor cross symbol can either be integrated or separated. Anchor cross necklaces are quite popular.

Anchor Heart Symbol

The anchor heart symbol combines an anchor and heart in their design to bring out more meaning in their symbolism. This design enhances the love aspect of the anchor symbol.❤️

Anchor Symbol With Ship Wheel

This is also a common design. It combines an anchor and a ship wheel. This creates a symbol of belonging, such that people will always remember where they come from regardless of where they go.

Anchor Symbol With Personalized Engravings

Anchor symbols with personalized engravings help you to stay true to whatever is engraved on the anchor. It encourages you to have a deep connection with the engraving.

Anchor With Personalized Engraving (Name, Message, Etc.)
My Name Necklace

Anchor jewelry gift ideas and styling tips

As we have seen, the anchor symbol is versatile in terms of meaning and design. For this reason, anchor jewelry would make an excellent gift in a wide range of settings. Some of the ideas of when to gift someone anchor jewelry include:

  • Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion to gift a carefully selected high-quality piece of anchor jewelry. The anchor on this occasion means that you are their anchor and that you will always be there for them. The gift could also mean that your partner is your anchor and that they keep you secure.👫🏻
  • An anchor pendant or ring can make a wonderful wedding gift. The anchor here symbolizes the couple being each other’s support system, encouraging each other through the troubles that may come their way.
  • Anchor jewelry is also a brilliant graduation gift. On this occasion, the gift signifies that you will always be there for the person. It also reminds them to remember where they come from. To be grounded, even in success and in whatever life has in store for them.
  • Anchor jewelry can also be gifted to a friend or loved one that is going on a long trip. The gift acts as a reminder for them to be safe and to find their way back home.
  • Anchor jewelry can also be a good gift to a friend who has been there for you emotionally. It symbolizes their emotional stability as they helped you get through an emotional situation.
An Anchor Laying on Rocks on the Coast Along the Blue Ocean

Final Thoughts

The anchor symbol comes in diverse designs with different meanings.⚓ This is one of the main reasons why it has become more and more popular over the years. When used in anchor jewelry, the symbol helps elevate the entire piece by adding some symbolism to it. This is why anchor jewelry pieces make wonderful gifts.

With the information outlined in this article, understanding the anchor symbol and its meanings, as well as finding the perfect design for your needs should be a lot easier for you.

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