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Free Jewelry Giveaways From JewelryTalk

We will now be hosting giveaways to our readers! What does this entail? And how do you sign up?

Why host giveaways

We know you love jewelry. You come to our website for jewelry advice, reviews, and more. But what if we give you free jewelry? Is it too good to be true?

At JewelryTalk, we believe in sharing the joy. We give back to our readers by offering an opportunity to get something in return. Jewelry makes the perfect gift, and we stand strongly by this statement.

What types of jewelry are we offering?

Our giveaways will vary, but you can expect all types of jewelry in our giveaways. From Pandora bracelets to sparkling diamond earrings, the jewelry pieces we provide are high-quality and versatile. We’ll also offer more goodies in our giveaways. Useful tools, such as jewelry cleaning kits, are a necessity for all jewelry lovers.

What’s the fine print?

The problem with most giveaways is there are little-known details in the fine print, such as extra fees or shipping. You don’t have to worry about the fine print on our end. Our giveaways are 100% free for our readers. We cover every fee, including the shipping and tax (if necessary). The winner doesn’t need to pay anything.

How to join JewelryTalk’s giveaways

While all giveaways will vary, most are easy to join. You often only need to give us your name and email address. Some require you to share a post with your friends or on social media.

We always choose winners at random. If you win, we will email you details on how to receive your gift.

Sign up for our giveaways

We will list all of our giveaways in this section. Feel free to check back and sign up for our contests!

How do I know your giveaways are real?

Honesty is our biggest principle at JewelryTalk. We judge all of our reviews by brand and product quality and our real-life experiences. We want to grow as a website, and we can’t grow without your help.

This honesty extends to our giveaways. We’re in this to help you pick the best jewelry pieces, and this includes winning jewelry and tools. We aim to build your trust and bolster our reputation as the premier website for jewelry advice, reviews, and facts.

What are the requirements to join these giveaways?

Requirements differ for all of our giveaways. We will always provide instructions on joining giveaways on detail pages. If you’re ever unsure, you can always contact us.

How do I know if I won the giveaway? What do I do?

We will email you if you won the giveaway. We will include detailed instructions in the email and how we will request shipping information. We will notify you once we ship your gift and will also provide you with the estimated delivery date and tracking number.

I live outside the united states. Can I still join?

Our contests are open to readers located around the world. However, we often collaborate with jewelers who ship products directly from their warehouse. These jewelers may have specific restrictions on logistics and where they can ship. We will include these possible restrictions in the instructions.

You can always contact us before you sign up to find out more information on international shipping and logistics.

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Past Giveaways

  • Elements by Enso Super Luxe Silicone Ring

    Elements by Enso Super Luxe Silicone Ring

    Ended on: 2021-03-01 11:30 PM (ET)
    Modern luxury coupled with high durability makes this contemporary Enso rose gold ring the ultimate selection for your everyday lifestyle. The Elements Collection presented by Enso includes state-of-the-art rings designed with silicone and infused gold material. Enjoy the classic elegance and refined appearance of premium metal, along with the flexibility that silicone has to…
    Brenda SchroederNew Jersey, U.S.
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