Where To Buy Diamond Earrings? 8 Reputable Stores Reviewed

Are you searching for your next pair of dazzling diamond earrings but not sure where to look?

Perusing for diamond earrings is not as easy as say, looking for a piece of fashion jewelry. Diamond earrings are special. You want top-notch quality at affordable prices. You want to know that you’ve got bang for your buck. And, you want to know that you’ve purchased from a brand that you can trust.🔍

When buying a piece of jewelry that you hope will be with you for years to come, it’s important to take the time to purchase from a store that meets our requirements.

Where to Buy Diamond Earrings? Top Stores Reviewed for You

📝We’re looking for value, great customer service, a variety of design options, and assistance from the best of the best.

With that in mind, below we have reviewed 8 reputable stores for buying your diamond earrings.

But first, let’s start with a quick recap of the diamond earring buying guidelines...

Table of Contents

Guideline overview for buying diamond earrings

Recently, we wrote an in-depth article explaining the ins and outs of buying diamond earrings. In this article, we covered everything worth considering before handing over your money in exchange for these shimmering pieces of joy.

Here is a quick step-by-step overview:

  1. Decide on your budget and keep it in mind
  2. Decide which diamond shape is ideal for you
  3. Consider diamond size
  4. Use the 4Cs grading system to find quality diamonds
  5. Choose a setting style
  6. Consider the metal type and color
  7. Find an earring backing type that is right for you

There is a lot more to consider than you might think, right?!

Fear not. Everything you could need to know has been laid out in our Diamond Earring Guide where you can learn more about each element in the above buying process.

Our Recommended Quality Grades For Diamond Stud Earrings

  • Cut - Opt for an Excellent or Ideal cut if your budget allows. However, brilliant diamonds can also be found in a Very Good cut, which could save us some money!
  • Clarity - VS2-SI2 is an acceptable clarity for diamond studs. We can sometimes even choose for an I grade if the stone is considered "eye-clean".
  • Color - A color grade between H-J is perfectly acceptable for diamond stud earrings. As we view these pieces from a greater distance as opposed to close-up, like that of a diamond ring, we can afford to choose a lower color grade.
  • Carat - The entirely dependent on your budget! The larger the stones, the more expensive they will be. We may also then need to consider higher grading options as any flaws or color will be more visible in larger stones.

Where to buy diamond earrings? 8 reputable stores you can trust

Now the excitement begins.😎

Below is a list of 8 different jewelry stores which we recommend to all of our visitors at JewleryTalk. We are going to take a deep dive into the following retailers:

  1. Blue Nile
  2. James Allen
  3. Brilliant Earth
  4. Brian Gavin
  5. Leibish
  6. Whiteflash
  7. DiamondStuds.com
  8. Zales

Please take the time to look through each overview. Although we hold all of these stores in high regard, they each have a little something different to offer which may or may not be of benefit to you.


Blue Nile

Blue Nile Diamond Earrings Cover Image

An Introduction to Blue Nile

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile revolutionized the industry with its out-of-the-box online business model which makes it easy to find extraordinary diamonds at a great value. Whereas most retailers purchase diamond inventory to then resell on their website, Blue Nile has cut out the middle man. Now diamonds from Blue Nile come straight from the diamond manufacturer and wholesalers which allows them to offer their diamonds at an incredible value.

Pre-Set and Build Your Own Diamond Earrings

Blue Nile offers both pre-set and build your own diamond earrings. They pride themselves on their innovation and variety. With a customer-first policy, they seek to find you a piece that perfectly matches your needs and desires. They are able to do so by offering both pre-set and build your own diamond earrings.

They have a vast array of styles and earring designs available across their pre-set earring catalog. Within each of the four-diamond earring categories below are a vast range of styles and designs. If you are wanting to take the stress out of the diamond earring buying process, Blue Nile is sure to have some pre-set earrings that suit your needs.

Blue Nile Pre-Set Diamond Earring Styles

You can also easily opt for the Blue Nile build-your-own option. The user interface is incredibly user-friendly and unbelievably in-depth. You are able to choose the exact cut, clarity, and carat weight of the stones available and move things around to find a combination that sits within your budget.

It is worth noting that the shapes available for build your own include round, princess and Asscher cut. So, if you’re seeking something fancier like an emerald or pear-shaped diamond earring, you won’t find them here!

Blue Nile Build Your Own Earrings

High-quality diamonds with high-quality guidance

Blue Nile only purchases ethically sourced diamonds from respected suppliers who adhere to the standard established by the Kimberly Process. These diamonds are of extremely high standards and are desirable for those seeking stones that are guaranteed to be responsibly sourced.

Every diamond sold on Blue Nile has been graded by the GIA which confirms the quality of your diamond, verifies ownership for any repairs or insurance, and can be a valuable addition if we ever wanted to resell these diamonds.

Likewise, a multitude of guides and education articles can be found on their website in order to help you greater understand all of the various elements of buying the perfect diamond earrings; diamond quality, metal types, the grading systems, and more.

And, if you’re ever stuck with a burning question in the middle of the night, the Blue Nile team has experts ready and waiting to answer your call 24/7.☎️

Shopping Experience

  • Very user-friendly -  Each step-by-step process is intuitive and designed to help make the buying journey as relaxed as possible for the consumer.
  • 360-degree videos - This is a beautiful feature for anyone looking to purchase diamond earrings online. The 360-degree videos offered at Blue Nile are high quality and allow the consumer to see each piece from all angles. More than 60% of their inventory is coupled with a video.
  • Quick Shipping -  Not only is their shipping fast but it’s also FREE on every order! Their shipping and delivery policies and information are incredibly informative and can allow you to be very specific in understanding when you might hope to receive your package. You can even choose which diamonds you’d like depending on the date you want them to arrive…📝
  • Advanced Filtering Options - If utilizing the build-your-own option then Blue Nile goes above and beyond. They have a far more advanced filtering system than many other stores which offer you greater control of the quality and aesthetic of your stones.
  • Customize diamond earrings with colored gems - This is a beautiful added bonus to buying with Blue Nile. Customization is not limited to colorless stones, we can in fact add colored gems to our diamond earrings.
Advanced Filtering Feature on Blue Nile

Astor Ideal Cut - Exclusive To Blue Nile

Astor by Blue Nile is what is considered to be a super-ideal cut guaranteeing optimum sparkle, fire, and brilliance.🌟

We always say that cut is king. And Astor Ideal Cut is the cream of the crop. Nothing can beat this cut for brilliance and sparkle as the Astor Ideal diamonds reflect the most light possible.

This cut is exclusive to Blue Nile and is certainly an option worth considering if you’re really looking for a show-stopping diamond for your earrings. There are currently over 848 Astor Ideal Cut Diamonds to choose from!

Product Warranties, Returns, and Aftercare

  • Free Returns - Blue Nile have a 30-day, no-questions-asked returns, and exchange policy. Provided the item is in the condition under which it was bought, you can return or exchange any jewelry within 30-days of purchase.
  • Product Warranty - Blue Nile has such conviction in the quality of their products that they warrant that all items will be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the product. So, if you have any problems regarding this then you can return it to them for inspection and they will swiftly resolve this problem for you.
  • Complimentary Cleaning and Servicing - Blue Nile Recommend cleaning and servicing of all items every 6 months. This is a complimentary service with Blue Nile.

Major Takeaways for buying DIamonds at Blue Nile


  • Wide selection of earrings
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Free Returns
  • All diamonds are graded by GIA
  • Asscher cut option


  • Limited shape options for build your own

James Allen

An Introduction to James Allen

Founded in 2006, James Allen has taken online jewelry buying to the next level. With over 60 years of combined experience, the James Allen company has manufactured diamonds for some of the largest retailers such as Tiffany & Co.

With over 200,000 conflict-free diamonds available on their website and Diamond Display Technology which has revolutionized the online buying process, James Allen quickly established itself as the largest privately held online diamond and jewelry retailer in the world.🥇

Pre-Set and Build Your Own Diamond Earrings

James Allen does offer both pre-set and build-your-own diamond earrings. They have a pretty hefty catalog of pre-set earrings in a wide variety of styles which can be filtered by metal type or price, for example. However, there does not seem to be an option to easily filter by styles, such as studs or hoops, on their diamond earring page and so this makes searching a little less easy to maneuver.

Their build-your-own diamond earring options offer a variety of shapes and settings to suit your needs and the step-by-step process makes designing your own super easy.

At James Allen, the build-your-own option is limited to diamond stud earrings only. We cannot build hoops, drops, or any other style of diamond earrings.

Shopping Experience

  • Diamond Display Technology  - Every diamond on the James Allen website offers 360-degree imagery with up to 40x magnification. By offering this, consumers are able to view their diamonds in great detail.👍🏻 We can view these diamonds as if seeing them with our naked eye.
  • Compare diamonds side by side - A feature that stands out on the James Allen website is the ability to compare to diamonds side by side by syncing 360-degree videos simultaneously.👍🏻 It’s incredibly intuitive and straightforward and makes comparisons and diamond pairing a much smoother process.
Compare Two Diamonds Side by Side on James Allen (Buying Diamond Earrings)

True Hearts Signature Diamonds

The stunning patterns of hearts and arrows are considered a hallmark of the ideal round cut diamond. These True Hearts diamonds are incredibly hard to find with fewer than 1% of the world’s diamonds possessing the symmetry and balance required to earn True Heart Status.

James Allen True Hearts

In the above image, you can see the coveted hearts and arrows that appear. The James Allen True Hearts collection offers the highest gem grading for cut and polish which give these diamonds immense sparkle and scintillation.

Product Warranties and Returns

Let’s have an overview of the James Allen policies and other services available in tandem with the above:

  • 24/7 customer support - Diamond experts are on hand 24/7 to answer any of your questions. You can call, email, or open up a live chat to get your questions answer morning, noon, or night.
  • Lifetime Warranty - James Allen stands by the quality of their diamonds and jewelry, guaranteeing that they will be free from any manufacturing faults. You have a lifetime guarantee that covers any manufacturing defects and if you do have any issues with your product they are more than happy to help resolve the problem.
  • Hassle-free returns - You have 30 days to return any items in their original condition for refund or exchange, no questions asked. Free return shipping only applies to the U.S and Canada and is limited to three items per customer.
  • FREE shipping - James Allen offers free shipping on all of their products using secure methods to ensure the safe delivery of your diamonds. This applies to countries worldwide.🌎 No matter where your location, James Allen is able to ship to you free of charge.

Major Takeaways for Buying Diamonds at James Allen


  • 360-degree videos for loose stones, with up to 40x magnification
  • GIA-graded diamonds
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Diamond side-by-side comparisons


  • Build your own is limited studs only

Brilliant Earth

Briliant Earth Diamond Earrings Cover (Pre-Set Earrings)

An Introduction to Brilliant Earth

2005 saw the creation of Brilliant Earth, a leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry. Brilliant Earth focuses on cultivating transparency, sustainability, and more compassionate jewelry industry.

5% of all profit is donated to communities whose lives have been negatively impacted by the mining of diamonds and this further validates their commitment to nurturing a better future for mining communities and eco-friendly sourcing.🧩

Brilliant Earth claims that they go above and beyond the call of duty for using ethically sourced diamonds by offering "Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds". Most retailers will now adhere to the Kimberly Process’ definition of conflict-free diamonds, yet Brilliant Earth believes they have an even more robust protocol for sourcing diamonds as seen in the image below:

Brilliant Earth Beyond Conflict Free Standard

Pre-Set and Build Your Own

Both pre-set and build your own options are available on the Brilliant Earth website however both are slightly limited in comparison to other websites on this list.

Their pre-set earrings are available in four different types; stud, hoop, halo, and a drop. Whilst you could certainly find something to match your criteria, there isn’t a vast catalog of options as seen on other sites.

Where build-your-own options are concerned, the system is easy to use and simple to follow. However, you will be limited to round or princess cut diamond studs or two types of drop earrings.

Shopping Experience

  • User-friendly - Brilliant Earth is relatively sleek and simplistic. It’s easy to navigate around the website and the subtle design makes for easy viewing without any overwhelming design features getting in the way.
  • Virtual Appointments - Brilliant Earth offers a virtual appointment experience whereby you can book yourself in with a jewelry specialist.🕴🏻 This is a complimentary Zoom consultation for guidance, education, and recommendations.
  • You don’t need an account to purchase - This could be a big bonus for many buyers who are tired of "signing up" before being able to make a purchase.
  • Lab-Grown and Natural - Brilliant Earth pride itself on having the largest online collection of high-quality, lab-grown diamonds. Whilst these are available for both pre-made and build-your-own diamond earrings, these are still limited in style, and stones available much like their naturally formed counterparts.

Brilliant Earth’s Premium Price Tag

The high standards set in place by Brilliant Earth to find responsibly sourced diamonds are reflected in their pricing. Yet, many believe that you could find a diamond of equal quality that has also been responsibly sourced elsewhere online.

However, something to acknowledge is that Brilliant Earth also puts effort into using recycled metals as part of their sustainability efforts. Efforts such as this are how Brilliant Earth justifies the price of their diamond jewelry.

This might be acceptable and worth the cost for the eco-conscious buyer.

Product Warranties, Returns, and Aftercare

  • 30 Day Returns policy - A complimentary 30 day returns policy allows you to return or exchange your items within 30 days of purchase.
  • Free shipping - Free shipping is offered on any deliveries to the U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia. They promise deliveries will arrive on the expected date, if not earlier.
  • Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty - Brilliant Earth is committed to providing exceptional quality. They offer a free lifetime warranty to protect you against any manufacturing defects.
  • 24/7 support - You can easily hop on the phone or open a live chat with a specialist to answer all of your questions at any time of day.

Major Takeaways for Buying Diamonds at Brilliant Earth


  • Sustainability guaranteed
  • All are responsibility sourced with their Beyond Conflict Free guarantee
  • Offer an excellent selection of lab-grown diamonds as we all as natural
  • Virtual Appointments
  • 24/7 support


  • May be paying a higher price for a diamond of similar quality from a different retailer
  • No 360-degree video viewing options available

Brian Gavin

Brian Gaving Diamond Earrings Cover

Introduction to Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin is certainly the place to find the finest cut diamonds to be found on the market. 👨🏻Brian Gavin himself is a "cutter" from South Africa where some of the world’s most incredible "ideal cut" diamonds can be found.

This retailer is one of the first to offer what is deemed the "super ideal cut" diamonds.

After the long study of light performance and diamond-cut, Brian Gavin knows what they’re doing and offers the highest gem quality cut diamonds featuring the beloved hearts and arrow patterns. Yet, these hearts and arrows weren’t enough!

Brian Gavin refined the cut and founded a new and improve cut labeled "A Cut Above". These offer even great brilliance and radiance and earned them the name of "super ideal cuts". The "A Cut Above" collection went on to make its name exclusively in Brian Gavin’s later co-founded company Whiteflash (more on that below!).

Pre-Set and Build Your Own

Brian Gavin offers both pre-set and build-your-own custom-made earrings. It is worth noting that their pre-set range is smaller than other online retailers but this is still a beautiful collection worth browsing.

Whilst their build-your-own option is limited also, they do offer a variety of stud options as well as some drop options as well. The diamond shapes available are round, princess, cushion, and emerald.

Brian Gavin stocks all of their own inventory to guarantee the quality of every diamond.🔍 This is why the options appear limited on their website in comparison with others.

Shopping Experience

  • View diamond pairs - We can quickly view a pair of diamonds during our searches to easily compare and match two diamonds.
  • Compare different pairs of diamonds - We can also compare different pairs of diamonds side by side. Their detailed spec lists make for easy comparison and allow us to view more than one pair at a time.
  • The user interface is dark - This is certainly a personal preference. Unlike most other online jewelry websites, the Brian Gavin interface is dark and perhaps less inviting than others. Yet this doesn’t affect the quality of their stones of course!
  • User-friendly - The entirety of the website is incredibly user-friendly. Like most others, the step-by-step process of building your own diamond earrings is easy to navigate and relatively straightforward.
Having a Quick Comparison Between Two Diamonds (Brian Gavin)

Brian Gavin’s Premium Collections

Brian Gavin has a list of premium collections all dedicated to obtaining the optimum cut for the desired shape.📯

These include:

  • Black by Brian Gavin - A collection made in homage to the relentless obsession with finding the perfect proportions for a round brilliant diamond for maximum light performance.
  • Hearts and Arrows - The Brian Gavin Signature cut can be found in both round and cushion-cut stones where the famous hearts and arrow patterns can be seen throughout these extraordinarily well-cut diamonds.
  • Brian Gavin Blue - The Brian Gavin Blue collection places emphasis on diamonds which have a strong blue fluorescence effect and celebrates them in this collection.
  • Brian Gavin Cape - The Brian Gavin Cape collection offers the finest grade of AGS graded diamonds for colors graded M-T. They offer warmth and a tone that differs from that of a colorless diamond.
  • Brian Gavin Emerald - The facets of an emerald cut offer elegance and design different from all the rest. This collection has taken everything we know about emerald cuts and dedicated years to refining the cutting process for the most well-cut emerald-shaped diamonds.
  • Brian Gavin Princess - The signature Brian Gavin Princess Cut diamond has become the second most popular shape after the round brilliant for its exuberance of light and brilliant sparkle. This collection features their best Princess-cut stones.

Product Warranties, Returns, and Aftercare

  • 15 Day Return - Unlike most other online retailers, Brian Gavin requires that any returns are completed within 15 days of purchase if you hope to receive your money back.
  • The FAQ Page - This is slightly overwhelming. The returns, shipping, and warranty policies weren’t as easy to find as they have been on other websites.
  • Charge for International Shipping - International shipping is not free and will be dependent on the location.
  • Lifetime Warranty - Brian Gavin offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing faults and will happily work to fix any issues if this happens to be the case.

Major Takeaways of Buying Diamonds at Brian Gavin


  • Excellent 360 viewing technology
  • Specialized Collections for different diamonds
  • Premium quality diamonds


  • Only a 15-day return policy
  • Charge for international shipping
  • Limited pre-set diamond earring options


Buying Natural Fancy Colored Diamond Earrings on Leibish

An Introduction to Leibish

If you’re seeking to add a pop of color to your diamond collection, then look no further than Leibish. Leibish is known for its expertise in natural fancy colored diamonds and gemstones.🌈 The business began in 1979 and now sources conflict-free fancy colored diamonds from Australia, Africa, India, and Russia.

As one of the first fancy color diamond specialists to go online, they have established a large global network of loyal customers.

Pre-Set Fancy Colored Diamond Earrings

Feel free to custom design your own pair of fancy colored earrings at Leibish. In comparison to other websites, they have a lovely choice of designs available and upon choosing your diamonds, a video is given as an option to see the stones in more detail. These videos give a basic overview compared to the high-definition offered by the likes of James Allen.

Leibish options for pre-set fancy colored diamond earrings are extensive.💫

They have a vast selection of styles to choose from including stud, halo, halo drop, drop, hoops, and even a special category for what they call "extraordinary earrings"…that got your attention!

If it is colorless diamonds that you are looking for Leibish is not the place for you. They excel in fancy colored diamonds and so colorless diamonds are better sought from another retailer.

Shopping Experience

  • Elegant and simplistic layout - They have a wonderfully elegant and minimalist website that is easy to navigate and makes perusing their top quality diamonds simple and stress-free.
  • Lots of styles available - There are a vast array of options for fancy diamond color earrings available here. You will be spoilt for choice and the quality of fancy colored diamonds is unmatched by any other.
  • Premium prices - For top quality fancy colored diamonds, you can expect to pay top quality prices and this is evident across their diamond earrings.
  • Easy Filter options - It’s incredibly straightforward to filter by shape, metal, color, and style which makes browsing the website easier and less overwhelming.
  • Lots of shape options - Along with their many color choices you can also expect to see a greater variety of shape options such as radiant, marquise, triangle, and trapezoid.

Product Warranties, Returns and Aftercare

  • FREE shipping - There are no hidden fees or additional expenses. They offer free, fully insured shipping.
  • FREE returns within the United States - free returns are only offered to those within the United States. Whilst they ship worldwide for free, international returns must be paid for.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee - As with most retailers, Leibish offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. You must have the original certificate and documentation otherwise you will incur a fee.
  • Natural Diamond Warranty - All diamonds sold through this site are naturally mined. This warranty covers them for any manufacturing defects.
  • GIA, EGL, AGS, HRD or IGI certifications must be requested - All diamonds are certified through one of the above independent laboratories however, you must request a certificate if you wish to acquire one with the purchase of your diamonds. This may incur additional costs.

Major Takeaways When Buying Diamonds at Leibish


  • Excellent selection of high quality fancy colored diamonds
  • Vast selection of pre-set diamond earrings
  • A lot of shapes to choose from


  • No option to build your own
  • Poor selection of colorless diamonds
  • Certifications must be requested


Shopping For "A Cut Above" Diamond Earrings on Whiteflash

An Introduction to Whiteflash

Whiteflash was co-founded in 2001 by one of our previous reputable stores, Brian Gavin. As a member of the American Geological Society and best known for the "A Cut Above" diamonds, Whiteflash takes extreme measures to ensure the quality of every diamond.

They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and won the BBB Pinnacle Award in 2020. With thousands of positive reviews across Goole, Yelp, and iVouch, the customer testimonials speak for themselves.

If you’re seeking the highest quality diamonds for your diamond earrings then you would do well to look no further than Whiteflash.

Natural Colorless Diamonds Only

You will not find lab-grown diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, or diamond simulants here. Whiteflash is dedicated to the natural, colorless diamond with over 33,000 natural diamonds in stock.

A Cut Above diamonds are considered super ideal cuts and are the specialty of this brand. This means that they actually exceed the AGS requirements for excellent or ideal cut diamonds.

Whilst the A Cut Above diamonds are their crown and glory, with round brilliant stones boasting of the hearts and arrows pattern that signifies high quality, you can certainly search their site for rounds and princess cuts that don’t fall into this bracket if these standards aren’t of great importance to you.

Whiteflash Sell Diamond Earrings From Top Designers

For an added touch of flair, you can choose to purchase earrings from the following designers on the Whiteflash website:

  1. Tacori
  2. Simon G
  3. Ritani

Shopping Experience

  • Pre-set diamond earrings only - Whiteflash does not offer a build-your-own custom design service.
  • Compare - You can select different pairs of earrings to compare side by side. It isn’t quite as intuitive as other websites but the option can come in handy.
  • Limited shapes - While they have many shapes on offer when buying loose diamonds, pre-set diamond earrings are limited to round brilliant or princess cut.
  • Pricing - The diamonds here certainly come with quite the price tag. However, with Whiteflash you will be paying a premium price to get the best of the best.🏆 Their relentless quest for quality diamonds justifies the expense of these diamonds.
  • Comparing loose stones - If looking for two loose stones you can easily use a comparability system offered at Whiteflash. Side by side we are offered two high-quality images and all of the necessary information to find the perfect pair.
  • Education and guides - There is extensive education material on their website for the consumer looking to gather greater understanding and knowledge before purchasing.
  • Dark Interface - Whiteflash also has a dark and seemingly less inviting website design. However, this is a personal preference and doesn’t overall affect the buying process.
Comparing Two Hearts and Arrows Diamonds for the Earrings

Product Warranties, Returns, and Aftercare

  • Free Worldwide Shipping - All items are insured and shipped free of charge to over 70 international destinations.
  • APA, FPO, and DOP Shipping - Army Post Office, Fleet Post Office, and Diplomatic Post Office locations are other options available and can be insured for up to $25,000.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee - No questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee with free return shipping on all Whiteflash certified diamonds.
  • Refer a Friend Incentive - Whiteflash will send you a check for $100 when you refer a friend!
  • One Year Service Plan - All jewelry orders are backed with a one-year service plan which covers refinishing and repairs to the metal and accent diamonds that are the result of normal wear and tear or manufacturing defects.

Major Takeaways of Buying Diamonds at Whiteflash


  • Designer jewelry
  • Unique designs available
  • Best quality cut diamonds


  • Limited to round or princess cut diamonds
  • No build-your-own option


The Customization Page Of DiamondStuds.com

An Introduction to DiamondStuds.com

Diamondstuds.com specializes in exactly that—diamond studs! This jewelry store is dedicated to providing exceptional diamond stud earrings with an extensive catalog to choose from. They claim to be customer orientated with a passion for delivering top-quality customer support and services.

With over 40 years of industry experience, they pride themselves on the customizability of their diamond stud earrings.

Pre-Set and Build Your Own

You can indeed buy pre-set diamond earrings here however, the ease of buying build your own may well make this a better choice. DiamondStuds.com take great pride in their easy 3 step process to building your own diamond studs. Whilst pre-set earrings take the stress out of buying diamond earrings, this process is so intuitive and simple, it’s certainly worth giving a go to get exactly what we want.

Shopping Experience

  • Shapes and setting options - DiamondStuds.com provides the greatest variety of diamond shape and setting options for customizing your diamond earrings.
  • Natural and lab-grown - You can find diamonds that are lab-grown and naturally grown for even greater choice.
  • Male and Female - This store is not gender bias! You can find earrings for men as well as women.
  • Single or pair - Only want the one? At DiamondStuds.com you can purchase a pair of earrings or single diamond stud.
  • 3 step process - Their 3 step process for build your own earrings is perhaps more simplistic and less detailed than others but offers an easy-to-use interface. Elegant and minimalist for stress-free shopping.
  • No videos - They offer a "large view" image of the earrings but do not offer any HD videos for detailed viewing.
  • Colored stones - Black diamonds, blue diamonds, yellow diamonds, and brown diamonds are all fancy colored diamonds that are offered at DiamondStuds.com if you’re after a splash of color.

Product Warranties and Returns

  • Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal Report - Every item is shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee the authenticity and quality of their natural diamonds and gemstones. This also guarantees that the quality of the stones matches the online description if not surpass it.
  • 30 Day returns and Free Exchanges - A quick refund and exchange process is offered within the first 30 days of purchase.
  • Free Lifetime Warranty - This covers any items with manufacturing defects. They will either be repaired or replaced. The shipping costs during this process will also be covered.
  • Free shipping within the U.S - Free 20 day shipping is included for U.S orders. International shipping costs will apply.

Major Takeaways when Buying Diamonds at DiamondStuds.com


  • An astounding variety of diamond studs available
  • Diamonds earrings for both men and women
  • Some colored stones are available
  • Easy 3 step custom build process


  • No videos are available to view the earrings in greater detail
  • Mainly focus on studs and not other diamond earring alternatives


Buying Earrings on Zales

An Introduction to Zales

The Zales Jewelry store first began in 1924 when Morris Zale, William Zale, and Ben Liphsy opened the first store in Wichita Falls.

The mission of Zales is to provide high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. With 90 years of experience under their belt, Zales now has over 700 stores worldwide offering stylish diamond, gemstone, and fashion jewelry.

Pre-Set Earrings Only

Zales does not offer a build-your-own diamond earrings option. However, their list of pre-set diamond earrings is extensive and is available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and settings.

These can be filtered using the below categories to easily find items according to our specifications:

Filtering Desired Earring Specifications on Zales

Shopping Experience

  • Easy design and layout - Like most online retailers, Zales keeps it nice and simple with design and layout making the navigation of their website very user friendly.
  • Affordable pricing - Zales has a great array of inventory that starts with much lower pricing than can be found in other stores for the budget-conscious consumer.
  • Plenty of styles and shapes available - We can find diamond studs, diamond hoops, diamond drops, and many more styles here.
  • Uncertified Diamonds - These diamond earrings do not come with a GIA or AGS grading which may be of some concern to some buyers.
  • Education and Guides - They do have various articles and guides to educate the consumer on everything to do with diamonds and jewelry.

Product Warranties and Returns

  • 30-day returns policy - Items can be returned in original packaging and in their original condition within 30 days of purchase.
  • 60-day exchange policy - Items can be exchanged within 60 days of purchase if they still remain in their original packaging and in the condition they were sold.
  • Free Shipping to Store - Have your item shipped to your nearest Zales store for collection free of charge.
  • Shipping Fees For Delivery to your Door - For any deliveries straight to your door you will have to cover shipping costs which vary depending on your destination.
  • Lifetime Diamond Commitment - This covers all diamonds over $200 dollars for any damage that may occur during normal use. This also includes a lifetime cleaning and inspection, free of charge.

Major Takeaways When Buying Diamonds at Zales


  • Affordable Pricing
  • 60-day exchange policy
  • A lot of shapes and styles available


  • Pre-set diamond earrings only
  • Charge international shipping fees
  • Most diamonds are uncertified

Which store should you choose? Our advice

Phew! We made it! That’s a lot of information to absorb but worth the time and effort if it means buying the right pair of diamond earrings from the right place.🐬

Each purchase is different depending on your needs and requirements. With that in mind, and with the information above, here is what we would recommend for you:

  • Blue Nile - Best for top quality graded diamonds with lots of options
  • James Allen - The best for in-depth diamond quality review and comparisons
  • Brilliant Earth - Best for sustainably sourced diamond earrings and lab-grown diamonds
  • Brian Gavin - Best for premium earring collections
  • Leibish - Best for fancy colored diamonds
  • Whiteflash - Best for top quality colorless diamond earrings
  • DiamondStuds.com - Best for customizable diamond stud earrings
  • Zales - Best for buying on a budget

In conclusion, if we want to be in charge of every feature of our diamond earrings then we are best to look at Blue Nile, James Allen, Brian Gavin, and Brilliant Earth.

If we’re wanting the best of the best, top-notch earrings that our money can buy then we should focus on Blue Nile (Astor Ideal Cut Diamonds), Brian Gavin (Black, Blue, Hearts and Arrows Collection), and James Allen (True Hearts).

Buying diamond earrings

Buying diamond earrings should be something special and something to enjoy. So, whilst we want you to have fun, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right diamond earrings for you. And that means purchasing from a reputable retailer that can meet your requirements.

We recommend that you view a selection of diamond earrings from each store above and always make comparisons before making your final decision.

If you are in need of any further assistance when it comes to buying diamond earrings, you can read our Buying Diamond Earrings Guide for everything you could need to know.

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