Stud Earrings: Types, Comparisons & How to Choose Wisely

Unlike most pieces of jewelry, stud earrings are an indispensable fashion accessory. The dainty, yet elegant appeal of stud earrings makes it a breeze to match up with any outfit. With a very rich past, stud earrings have tons of styles and designs to choose from.

In this guide, we’ll look at stud earrings and focus more on their different types, designs, and tips on how to choose the right fit for you.😘

Closeup of Stud Earrings

What are stud earrings?

Stud earrings are generally a type of earrings that contain a centerpiece stone attached to a narrow pole. The pole has an ear backing that helps maintain its position or prevent it from falling down.🎅🏻 Studs come in different types and can be fastened using a hook, pushback, or lever. Studs have a rich history dating 7,000 years back when men in ancient Asia used to wear studs/earrings to show their social class, among other things.

Though studies also show people of ancient Egypt wore stud earrings, it was not until the 1920s that the modern stud earrings made an appearance in the world.📈 Nowadays, studs are an appealing accessory to both men and women—you’ll see athletes and celebrities wearing stud earrings in pairs or on one side of the ear.

What are the different types of stud earrings?

The array of studs available today is jaw-dropping. Each type has its own perks and can be worn on different occasions. For a better reference, we could categorize stud earrings by the following:

  • Front ornament
  • Backing
  • Material
  • Personalized theme

Stud earrings by front ornament

The center of attention of any stud is the front ornament. This is where you’ll want your preferred pearl or ruby to be placed. The front ornament can vary from diamonds to gemstones. Typically, a diamond stud earring has a diamond as the main stone at the front of the ear. The same applies to an amethyst stud earring, sapphire stud earring, or any other gemstone.

The front ornament doesn’t have to be a centerpiece; a pattern or symbol is also front ornaments which may vary from nameplates, heart shape, leaf shape, flags, etc. Studs with fancy decorative ornaments make excellent masterpieces and can spruce up any subtle outfit.

Stud earrings by the backing

The backs of earrings are essential to holding onto the earlobes and making sure the earrings don’t unlock. Depending on your preference, there are different types of ear backings that give you studs protection. Studs can be named according to the type of backings especially when they are the main attraction.

  • Push-back studs: They are one of the most popular types of earring backings. Push-back studs have a small piece of metal that is pushed on the post of an earring. Unfortunately, this kind of earring back may slip off easily and will often need replacement.
  • Screw-back studs: These backings are a little more like the push-back version but instead of pushing the locking metal to the post, you actually screw it. It is a secure mechanism but at the same time hard to replace in case you lose it.
  • Ball-back earrings: Ball-back studs are near-perfect imitators of push backs but have a design on the small ball backs as well. The small back at the beak of the ear doubles up as an area to show off from behind the earlobe.
  • Clip-on studs: Non-pierced folks also can rock studs. Clip-on earrings are backings made for people with non-pierced earlobes. They have a hinged mechanism that sticks on to the ear without going through it. Clip-ons are the go-to option for people with sensitive skin and risk of infections as well.

Stud earrings by the material

We can classify stud earrings by the kind of metal/material they are made with. A stud earring can be made from materials like gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, and many others. Here is a quick look at common stud earrings categorized by material.

  • Gold stud earrings: Like the name suggests, gold stud earrings are made of solid gold and sometimes may have a centerpiece stone like diamond or any colored gemstone. Gold stud earrings come in a range of purity levels measured in karats. The lowest is 10K while 18K gold studs are the highest quality. Since 24K gold is very soft, stud earrings are rarely made of 24K gold. Gold stud earrings may also come as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold stud earrings.
  • Sterling silver stud earrings: Sterling silver is always a classic! Not only is it affordable, but also gives an elegant look in studs.😊 They go with whichever outfit you choose and won’t affect anyone with skin allergies. Sterling silver studs are perfect for people of all ages.
  • Platinum studs earrings: For those who fancy style and luxury, platinum studs are a perfect fit. The stud is made up of platinum and while it may not be affordable for all, it is a nice alternative to white gold.

Stud earrings by personalized theme

Studs can be made as per your personal preferences. For instance, if you wish to gift someone a stud earring on their birthday, you can get a name stud earring. Other personalized themes include symbols, monograms, among others. They are increasingly popular and it’s easy to spot someone with a name stud across the street.

Stud earrings vs. Other types of earrings  

Studs are a charm. They are unique in so many ways and to show this, we’ve done a comparison with different types of earrings.

Stud earrings vs. Drop & dangle earrings

The difference between studs and dangling earrings is humongous. Stud earrings are usually subtle and blend well without asking for too much attention. Drop & dangle earrings balance on lobes, brush your collars and are much better for fancy occasions. They can easily entangle with hair so they aren’t your go-to option for gym or morning runs. People with round faces look better on drop & dangle earrings.

Stud Earrings vs. Drop Earrings

Stud earrings vs. Barbell earrings  

You really can’t tell the difference between studs and barbell earrings. The only difference is barbells look like free weights and are mostly attached at the ear cartilage. Balls in barbells can be round-shaped or have symbols like skulls, flags, etc. Barbells have different variations like labrets, curved barbell, and stable bar.

Stud earrings vs. Jacket earrings

Another trendy type of earrings is jacket earrings. They are an extension of studs and tend to elongate behind the lobes. It is such a trendy accessory as it is in every fashion blogger’s mouth. Earring jackets are versatile because you can quickly change to studs if you have more than one occasion to attend to. The most popular earring jackets include jackets with pearls, chandelier hoop drops, and under-lobe earring jackets. Generally speaking, stud earring jackets are simply studs with extra oomph.

Stud earrings vs. Huggies earrings

If you’re tired of putting backs every now and then, huggies are the best typers for you. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and not too shouting. Huggie earrings are like small hoops which “hug” the earlobes tightly. While studs also hold the ears, huggies can be more telephone friendly. 🌄Both huggies and stud earrings are versatile in terms of style and can fit just about any occasion.

As you can see, stud earrings are unique and have their own perks compared to other types of earrings. They are comfortable and will blend in with just about any occasion—wedding, swimming, gym, jogging, etc. Depending on the type of backing, studs hold tighter than dangling hoops or drops. The pairs are an excellent fit for conservative people and can last a lifetime.

What to consider when buying stud earrings?

Earrings make the perfect gift and depending on your occasion, you can walk away with a masterpiece. While most studs go with anything, some specific types make it a little tricky to choose a matching outfit.

Let’s look at some of the things to consider when looking for the right type of stud earrings.

Skin Sensitivity

Studs come in different materials, some of which may not be great for sensitive skin. Whether you’re buying for fun or for everyday use, you shouldn’t wear pieces that will make you uncomfortable or cost you an unwanted doctor’s appointment. If you have itchy ears when wearing studs, it is possible your skin is allergic to some metals.

One notorious metal that may cause allergy is nickel. Nickel is used in the manufacture of alloys as it increases durability. However, it is used in most jewelry metals and if you don’t know the metal content, you may end up buying a non-hypoallergenic earring stud. For instance, gold should be at least 14K as it has less impurities that may cause skin irritation. Sterling silver should be pure as it is the best hypoallergenic precious metal.

Woman Wearing Studs


Fancy gold? Stainless steel? Platinum? Or tungsten carbide? Getting the right metal will complement your look and make you stand out. Platinum stud earrings are an expensive type, but are subtle, and would work well on occasions like weddings. Gold studs are a choice of elegance and will make a perfect combination for skins with darker tones. If you’re on a budget, you can go for plastic, wood, or silicone stud earrings.


It is virtually impossible to choose a stud earring without seeing yourself rocking it at your friend’s wedding or birthday party. Before you buy stud earrings, consider where you plan on wearing them first. Since most studs are more or less conservative, they’ll be perfect for office use. Pearl studs would be great on special occasions like weddings and anniversary parties. In events that let you shine, you can always mix and match your studs with other earrings.


Your hair is probably the most influential factor in finding the best stud earrings for you. Short hairstyles like the pixie cut are spot-on for any kind of studs. It gives your earrings a chance to shine so you can choose fancy designs as well.🥂

You can even layer your earrings for a steamier look. If you have long hair, the best pieces would be a simple stud earring. That’s because it won’t get entangled with the hair. However, If you have long hair, simple studs may not grab as much attention as dangles or large loops.


Apart from your hairstyle, it doesn’t make sense to buy a stud that doesn’t meet your budget. You can sacrifice some pocket change, but at the end of the day would it be worth it? Before buying stud earrings, make sure you have a set budget to avoid getting overwhelmed once you visit the jewelry store.

Choose pieces that fit your needs and at the same time are within reach. Once you have your budget straight, you will not fall into the “shopping spree trap” or regret how much you spent once you get back home.

Face Shape

Your face matters. Period.

Well, if you consider your face shape when buying earrings, you are one step away from being your own personal designer.😝 If you have a round face, choose bold colors and statement studs, but make sure they are not elongated or have fancy accessories.

The ideal face for earring lovers is oval shape. It will look better on almost any type of stud and doesn’t limit your choice. Other face types to consider are heart-shaped faces, which are more like round faces when considering stud earrings. If you have square-shaped jaws, then a squared stud earring is definitely not your choice. Choose studs that have smooth edges and shapes that will complement your face.

Winding up…

It is so surprising that one small piece of earring could have a massive impact on an outfit.

Studs, to be precise, can turn heads and make you the talk of the day. But finding the right piece is as crucial as finding the right outfit. Luckily, you’re one step ahead! The above guide has all that you need to know about stud earrings. If you feel I’ve left out something, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.

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