Shopping Guide for Black Diamond Earrings (Advice Included)

Black diamond earrings have taken a step back into the limelight thanks to many an A-lister and Hollywood royalty over the past few years.

While colorless diamonds are forever coveted, black diamonds hold a particular place in our hearts.❤️ Enigmatic and unusual, these stones offer an entirely different look and quality to any diamond earring.

A natural black diamond is also known as a carbonado. Carbonado is the Portuguese term used to describe an opaque, dark diamond. In scientific terms, a carbonado is a raw form of polycrystalline, composed of amorphous carbon, graphite, and diamond.

Beautiful Lady Wearing Black Diamond Earrings

Yes, that’s right, the graphite inclusions that we hope to avoid in our colorless diamonds are what we are seeking in our black diamonds! Rather than the sparkle and brilliance associated with colorless diamonds, black diamonds instead display an adamantine luster which gives them their glossy appearance.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at the varying aspects and considerations of buying a pair of black diamond earrings.

Time to add a touch of darkness to our collection!🎁

Why do people love black diamond jewelry?

Haven’t you heard? Black diamonds have been making a comeback!

Over the past few years, jewelry lovers worldwide have begun opening their hearts and jewelry boxes to the unique elegance of the black diamond.

Top-quality colorless diamonds will always hold a special place in our hearts and are sure to never be overtaken in desirability, yet, black diamond jewelry is the dark horse ready to steal the limelight.💃🏻

Hollywood A-listers have provided a welcoming stage for black diamond earrings to take a position as the new necessity for any diamond lover to possess.

Gwyneth Paltrow was snapped wearing a luscious pair of diamond drop earrings with glorious black diamond center stones contrasting with a halo of colorless diamonds. If they’re good enough for Gwyneth, they’re good enough for us!

In today’s world, people demand more, and things that are considered "ordinary" don’t quite have the same pizzazz as something otherwise unusual and alternative.

The exotic appeal of black diamond earrings is taking Hollywood, and the world, by storm. Their opaque beauty provokes curiosity and intrigue…Gwyneth, step aside, it’s time to get some black diamonds of our own!

The color psychology of black

A lot of people typically think of black in a bad light. Black has often been associated with evil, wrong-doing, nightmares, death. Indeed, Asian culture associates black with bad luck and death so, as you can imagine, our black diamond earrings are not overly popular there!

Yet there’s mystery and intrigue to this non-color.

Scientist Hermann von Helmholz expresses, "Black is real sensation, even if it is produced by the entire absence of light. The sensation of black is distinctly different from the lack of all sensation."

Black absorbs all light and therefore, as a "color", is considered low-energy. It can be viewed as depressing and oppressive. However, where color psychology is concerned, black has some wonderfully positive associations.

While black may be considered low-energy, this also means that when coupled with other colors it provides excellent contrast and dynamism. Take Gwyneth’s diamond earrings for example; the black feature stone contrasts with the surrounding colorless stone to offer radiance and depth that can only be found in such a pairing.

In some cultures, black diamonds are believed to harness the ability to protect us from evil and cleanse us of our bad luck. Other people hold the belief that these dark delights can be utilized as a communication tool between the physical and spiritual world.🧘🏻

How about feng shui?  

Any interior designers out there understand the power of color psychology when decorating and transforming any living environment to evoke specific emotions within a person’s home. Well, in feng shui, black can evoke feelings of power, mystery, and calm.  

There’s certainly something desirable about feeling powerful and mysterious that makes us gravitate toward choosing black diamonds in our earrings.

Certain occasions call for black!

Despite its association with the more terrifying and morbid aspects of life, black has wildly been associated with high society and sophistication.

Black exudes elegance, glamour, and a touch of luxury. Think about suave men wearing tuxedos and a high brow event. Or the way we think about a lady’s little black dress (think Breakfast at Tiffany’s!). What about how we feel when a jet-black, glossy supercar hums around the corner? It gets our attention, right?😝

Sophisticated occasions, times of celebration, and moments of elegance call for black. More importantly, they call for black earrings!

Whilst different styles and designs make it possible for black diamond earrings to be worn on a day-to-day basis, they particularly excel at attracting attention and conjuring up curiosity during special occasions.🍷 Sometimes, you just want to be stand-out and these stones will certainly do the trick!

Accentuating features with black

As mentioned earlier, black is a great "color", especially when used in contrast with other features. With this in mind, black diamond earrings can be used to accentuate certain characteristics or contrast against other aspects of our wardrobes to make them pop!

A great example of this is how fabulous black diamond earrings sit against the whiteness of paler skin tones. The black diamonds somehow appear deeper and richer while the paler skin seems lighter and pearlescent against the dazzling opaque stones.

Likewise, black diamonds can enhance the white luster of white metals or the brilliance of colorless diamonds that sit alongside. They even make for an excellent stark contrast against white clothing!

In this way, black diamond earrings are perfect for easily enhancing a look when carefully paired with a chosen outfit, metal setting, or skin tone.

Fun Fact!
The Amsterdam Diamond is a famous black diamond that went for the highest price of any black diamond sold at auction!

It weighs a hefty 33.74 carats and was taken away by the lucky bidder at a whopping $352,000 in 2001.

The stone was named after the city of Amsterdam which was once considered to be the premier cutting destination for diamonds.

How do black diamonds get their color? Natural vs. Treated

Black diamonds can be both naturally formed or heat-treated to give them their black glossy depth.

Natural Black Diamonds

Naturally formed black diamonds are simply diamonds that have an incredibly high number of inclusions within the stone. When we are looking at colorless diamonds, we grade the clarity of the stone according to the lack of inclusions. The fewer inclusions within a colorless diamond, the better!

However, where black diamonds are concerned, more inclusions are what we’re searching for. These small, dark markings will decrease the value of colorless diamonds yet black diamonds with the highest number of graphite inclusions can appear completely black and have an evenness and depth of tone that is highly desirable.😘

This is what makes a black diamond different from other fancy colored diamonds. Where black diamonds gain their color from the presence of inclusions, fancy colored diamonds develop their unique colors due to the presence of chemical impurities. In this sense, the black diamond is more similar to a colorless diamond than say, a pink or blue diamond, for example.

Treated Black Diamonds

In simple terms, a treated black diamond is created when we take a colorless white diamond with a large number of inclusions and subject them to heat, pressure, and irradiation treatment.

These colorless diamonds have too many inclusions and fractures to be of any worth as a colorless stone but do not have the density of inclusions to be sold as black diamonds either.

The treatment process takes an often dull, grey stone and induces a black hue. We can then sell this as a black diamond.

It’s no surprise that treated black diamonds are far less valuable than that of a natural black diamond. The rarity and organic conditions under which a natural black diamond is formed means that they are quite valuable, far more so than a treated black diamond.

What to look out for when buying black diamond earrings

When buying black diamond earrings, we would consider the quality of our diamonds before diving in to purchase them. Black diamond or colorless diamond, we want to be able to evaluate whether we have a stone that’s worth our hard-earned cash.

The 4C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) are the four standards by which colorless diamonds are assessed to determine the quality and value of a stone. However, black diamonds are not graded in the same way as colorless stones. Their color is evaluated based on the GIA’s color grading system for colored diamonds.

Therefore, the GIA does not issue grading reports for black diamonds and instead issues a Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report.

This includes information such as the origin of the diamond, the color grade (Fancy Black), shape and cutting, and color distribution.

Evaluating the quality of black diamonds

While colorless diamonds are based on a lack of color and flaws (alongside cut and carat weight), black diamonds are assessed in the same way that we assess the quality of fancy colored gemstones.

For fancy colored diamonds and black diamonds alike it is best to look for three important features:

  1. The cut and polish - Black diamonds get their name because of the increased amount of inclusions present within the stone. While this is what makes these stones special, it can make cutting and polishing difficult. When buying black diamond earrings, look for a smooth polish and a lack of feathering (cracks) on the exterior of your black diamonds. Minute surface-reaching inclusions should not make a great deal of difference to the final appearance of the stone.📝
  2. Color distribution and intensity - As with all fancy colored diamonds, we want to see evenness in tone and hue throughout the stone. This aspect of the black diamond is entirely subjective as we can have fully opaque and uniformly dark black diamonds or paler, more translucent stones. This ultimately comes down to personal preference however darker and more opaque black diamonds are often considered more desirable.💰
  3. Reliable grading report - To be assured of the quality and origins of your black diamonds then make sure to buy from a store that offers a reliable grading report such as the GIA Identification and Origin Report.
Fun fact - The polycrystalline structure of black diamonds means that they are actually harder than colorless diamonds! Even though they both rank at a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, black diamonds are considered to have better lifespans and are suitable for high-performance grinding activities due to their toughness.

How to choose the setting, metal type, and other elements…our advice

As with all of our jewelry, there is far more to consider than the stones we choose. When buying black diamond earrings we must look at other aspects of the jewelry design to make sure we have a piece that meets our requirements.

✅With that in mind, we might look to consider the types of settings, metal type, skin tones, and more! Here we will take a look at some important aspects to consider…

Black diamond settings

When choosing the setting for colorless diamond earrings, most of us will opt for a setting that can allow as much light as possible to enter the stone for maximum brilliance, fire, and sparkle. However, in the case of black diamond earrings, choosing the setting will be more of an art and personal preference, especially given black diamonds only have one intensity grade (Fancy Black).

For example, while we might feel persuaded to avoid a bezel setting for our colorless diamond studs it could still be an excellent option for your black diamond studs. With our colorless diamonds, we might worry that this type of setting would limit the amount of light that is able to pass through the diamond allowing for optimal radiance and sparkle.

However, this is not something we need to concern ourselves with when it comes to a black diamond stud where light is not that necessary for it to make a statement!

Metal types for black diamonds

White metals, including white gold and platinum, are the primary metal of choice for black diamond earrings. As mentioned before, the staggering contrast of the deep black stone against the white luster of a white metal such as these produces great effects.

Now, if you’re wanting to dip your toe into the pond of alternatives then you could choose to set your black diamond earrings in a yellow or rose gold setting. To be sure, this is not your typical pairing but it would certainly add a bit of melodrama to your look!😎

For those black enthusiasts out there, why not try black gold diamond earrings? Earlier we spoke of how black evokes feelings of power and mystery…well this winning combination overwhelms us with sophistication. A powerhouse combination for those of us who want black on black.

Princess-Cut Black Gold Black Diamond Stud Earrings
Tioneer Store / Amazon

This black-on-black look is loved by men worldwide! Black diamond earrings for men are perfect for those looking to enhance their look without the razzle-dazzle of colorless or fancy colored diamonds. If we’re looking for subtlety in our statement pieces, they guys, this could be the one for you!

When considering which metal color to opt for we would be wise to take into consideration our skin tones when doing so. Paler skin tones may benefit from white metals whilst darker skin tones pair nicely with the warmth of yellow or rose gold!

Black diamond earring combinations

Solitaire black diamond earrings are just as essential as their colorless diamond cousins. They can be worn with almost any outfit, accessorize both daytime and nighttime attire, and offer the same timeless look with just a twist of the exotic.

Yet solitaire black earrings can sometimes appear dull, in need of a lift.

We can easily achieve this by adding light accent stones to our designs. Colorless diamonds help to contrast the intensity of these black gems and heighten them to a whole new level of sophistication!

Halo-Style Black Diamond Studs
Allurez SKU: AD4758

Take a look at these colorless diamond halo-style black diamond studs. With the out circle of colorless stones, the center feature stones appear polished, more intense, and dance with the enhancement of their adamantine shine!

Alternation-Style Colorless and Black Diamond Hoops

What about these black and colorless diamond hoop earrings? The alternation between the two offers a dynamic that would be otherwise missing if this consisted of only black diamonds.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

BONUS INFO: Lab-grown black diamond earrings

Just like colorless diamond earrings, we can buy naturally formed black diamonds for our earrings, heat-treated black diamonds, or lab-grown. Lab-grown black diamonds are grown in a controlled lab environment to mimic the formation of naturally grown black diamonds.

While we’re battling against the natural graphite inclusions within a natural black diamond when it comes to cutting and polishing our stones, the process is somewhat easier for treated and lab-grown diamonds.

There is a significant difference in price between natural and lab-grown black diamonds! While a 1-carat lab-grown black diamond may go for as little as $200-$400, a natural black diamond of the same carat weight might demand anywhere between $3,000-$5,000!

This could be a great option for someone buying on a tighter budget!😊

Where to buy black diamond earrings?

We always suggest buying from a reputable jeweler who can offer great service, a variety of options, and support and guidance in your buying journey. Black diamond earrings are no different.

Below we have recommended three respected jewelry stores as options for where to buy your black diamond earrings…

  1. James Allen - James Allen offers an incredible array of black diamonds. We can easily browse their user-friendly website to pick a stone that screams "wear me!" before building our own pair of black diamond earrings. Each black diamond comes with a high-definition 360-degree video for quality viewing, this way you can feel confident that you know what you’re getting! You can easily find a pair of earrings that fits your budget and fulfills your buying needs and if you ever struggle, their expert advisors are on hand to provide assistance and answer any questions.
  2. Leibish - Leibish is the king of kings when it comes to buying any fancy colored diamond, and black diamonds are no exception. Fancy-colored diamonds are their specialty. At Leibish you can talk to an expert advisor who can tell you everything you need to know about buying black diamond earrings (or any fancy colored diamond earrings for that matter!)
  3. - is unsurprisingly a no-brainer when it comes to buying your black diamond studs. They offer round black diamonds and princess cut black diamonds with five-different settings, five different metal types, and earrings weighing up to 4 CTW. They’ve also got an array of pre-set black diamond fashion earrings for you to choose from!

Buying your first pair of black diamond earrings

Black diamond jewelry is certainly gaining popularity and desirability. For a touch of melodrama and something somewhat alternative, black diamond earrings could be an excellent choice of purchase.

As with fancy colored diamond earrings, the aesthetic preferences of black diamond earrings are very much subjective. We would always recommend you taking your time to compare and shop around different stores to find a pair that is right for you.

There are so many options available when buying black diamond earrings that will allow you to find that perfect pair that matches your style and character.

For some, rose gold black diamond earrings will offer the theatrics and dramatic effect of a perfect statement piece. For others, black gold and black diamonds make the perfect pair of bold, understated accessories (especially when buying black diamond earrings for guys!).

A touch of darkness can offer a contrast to your typical jewelry of choice. Mix things up. See what options are available. Evoke the emotions and mysticism of the black diamond.

Power, strength, and charisma disguised as accessories.

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