What Is Misalignment (Aln) In Diamonds? (An easy-to-spot issue)

The number eight holds significant importance in the anatomy and symmetry of round brilliant diamonds. A round brilliant has eight bezel facets, eight star facets, eight pavilion facets, as well as eight pairs of upper girdle facets and eight pairs of lower girdle facets.

Technically, in a perfectly symmetrical round diamond, all eight points of the bezels connecting to the girdle must align precisely with their corresponding upward points of pavilion mains along an imaginary vertical line. Simultaneously, all eight coincidence lines of the upper girdle facet pairs should align with their corresponding coincidence lines of the lower half pairs on the same imaginary vertical plane. Additionally, this alignment plays a role in the girdle's appeal. When the elements mentioned are properly aligned, both the hills and valleys of the girdle should be horizontally symmetrical.

Misalignment (Aln) Viewed Face Up

The misalignment (Aln) of points and lines results in disordered placements of facet outlines on the diamond's surface when viewed face up (please refer to the figure above). If the Aln diamond is set in a setting that has the girdle visible, such as solitaire prongtension or semi-bezel, this type of diamond symmetry deviation could be very pronounced (could be spotted without magnification) since the side view generally receives the least distraction from the light reflection.🔍

Side View of Diamond Misalignment (Aln) Deviation

The misalignment deviation can cause light leakage in the gem because the light entering the stone may not be efficiently reflected and refracted as planned, escaping from the sides or bottom rather than being reflected back to the viewer through the crown.

The misalignment can also affect the diamond's ability to disperse light into spectral light rays and colors. This may prompt less and uneven distribution of fire. Finally, the misalignment deviation can disorder the pattern of blinking light and dark flashes within the diamond, compressing the attractiveness of its scintillation.

Misalignment and other symmetry defects such as table-related and misshapen facets can be connected. Sometimes, it could be an outcome of improper diamond painting or digging out.

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