7 Popular Styles of Name Bracelets (With Choosing Guide)

Bracelets are one of the most versatile jewelry items. You can make bracelets out of many different metals, gems, and more. There are also many bracelet styles out there. Some of these bracelet styles, such as charm bracelets, date back to Ancient Egypt.

Out of all of the bracelet styles, none are more special than personalized name bracelets.🤪 Users especially love name bracelets; name bracelets give buyers a range of options, styles, and more.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • What name bracelets are
  • Why they’re special
  • The most popular name bracelets and brands
  • How to choose the right name bracelet
  • And more
Classic 14K Gold Name Bracelets by ournamejewelry / Etsy
600ournamejewelry / Etsy

What are name bracelets and why are they special?

Name bracelets are exactly how they sound—you get a classic bracelet adorned with your name.

The most classic name bracelet example is a bracelet with your name shaped into metal or carved into a plate, but there are a variety of options. For example, you can feature charms on your bracelet with your name printed on them.

Why are name bracelets special and why should you add them to your jewelry collection? Most bracelets offer more personalization options. This can include choosing the material, bracelet chain type and chain length, and add other accents such as beads.

Because of the name bracelet popularity, there are options for everyone. For example, men’s name bracelets are popular, as we will see later in this article. You can also adjust the bracelet to wear it as an anklet instead of on your wrist.

7 popular styles of name bracelets

Are you ready to start shopping for name bracelets? Here’s the roundup of our favorite name bracelets!❤️

Classic Name Bracelets

The classic name bracelet consists of a name pendant attached to a chain.

Most classic name bracelets use the Carrie style font. Carrie style name jewelry is a classic and the best option for everyone, especially if you’re buying name jewelry as a gift for a loved one.

Gold Vermeil Carrie Style Name Bracelet - My Name Necklace
My Name Necklace

Name Bar Bracelets

Name bar bracelets are similar to the classic name bracelet, except they feature the name carved into a bar. Name bar bracelets are also perfect for other names and messages, such as personalized messages and even coordinates.

Personalized Name Bar Bracelet With a Birthstone
BijouxBleus / Etsy

Custom Engraved Name Cuff/Bangle Bracelets

Bangles are different than traditional bracelets because they are solid pieces of metal that wrap around your wrist, rather than a bracelet which features a flexible chain or other material.

Cuffs are similar to bangles. The main difference is the back—cuffs feature an open back while bangles aren’t open.

925 Sterling Silver Engraved Name Cuff Bracelet
SilverTreeJewellery / Etsy

Both cuffs and bangles are perfect for engraving because the jeweler can carve your name into the metal.

Custom Engraved Name Bangle Bracelet in Rose Gold
My Name Necklace

Name Bracelets With Custom Beads

Beaded name bracelets are another incredible option. Instead of carving your name into the bracelet, you can spell your name out with beads. There are beads in all colors and styles. You can print your name on a larger bead or collect smaller letter beads and attach them.🐶

Customizable Name Beaded Bracelets: Spell Your Name Out With Beads
GemelloCreations / Etsy

Custom Infinity Name Bracelets

The infinity symbol is a wonderful memento to give to a loved one. Make your gift more special by adding your names. Most jewelers let you engrave one or even multiple names on the bracelet.

Custom Infinity Name Bracelet With Leather Cord: Nice Gift for Mom
GRSJewelry / Etsy

Charm Bracelets With Names

Charm bracelets dangle off of the band of the bracelet, giving off a cool look and effect. You can make this bracelet more special by engraving names on the charms. Many jewelers will also engrave personalized messages on charms, especially if you’re ordering large charms.

You also have more customization options with charms. You can choose different metals, materials, colors, and even add gemstones to the charms.

Custom Charm Bracelet With Name Charms and Birthstones
DaniqueJewelry / Etsy

Silicone Name Bracelets

Silicone is a durable and affordable material. It’s also hypoallergenic, biocompatible, and offers even more benefits. You can find many silicone name bracelets as well as silicone bracelets with messages and names engraved in the material.

Silicone bracelets are also available in different colors, patterns, and more.

Colorful Silicone Name Bracelets
Gifts24h / Etsy

A guide to choosing the right name bracelet for you or a loved one

While there are more options when buying a bracelet, there are also more buying qualities to consider.

Contact With Skin and Water

Bracelets have more contact with our skin and hands compared to other jewelry items. For example, bracelets made of rough materials can scrape your skin.

🔍Certain name bracelet styles, such as the classic name bracelet, contains sharp edges that may also poke your skin. This is commonly seen with letters like “X” and “L.” When shaking or holding hands, you may also risk poking and prodding the other person.

If you want to avoid this, consider choosing a name bracelet in another font. Even a different style, such as a name bar bracelet, won’t result in as many inconveniences. You’ll also want to stick with a bar bracelet, beaded bracelet or similar when buying a name bracelet for a baby or child.👶🏻

Newborn Baby Wearing Name Beaded Bracelet

Certain metals and materials also don’t react well with water, so you risk damaging the bracelet. If you’re ordering a metal name bracelet, sure to take it off when washing your hands.

If you’re buying a bracelet for a loved one, consider their possible allergies. This is especially important for babies and small children.

Choose a largely hypoallergenic material, such as 14K/18K gold or sterling silver name bracelets. Silicone bracelets are also becoming more popular and are perfect for teething.

Bracelet Size

Finding the right bracelet size isn’t as cut-and-dry as choosing another jewelry item such as a ring. To know which size bracelet to order, you’ll have to know your wrist size or your loved one’s wrist size, which isn’t as easy as finding a ring size. The name length can also interfere with the overall size of the bracelet.⚠️

Type of Bracelet and Preferences

Other factors to consider include wearing occasions, wearing habits, and the wearer’s personality.

For example, name bracelets are perfect for stacking. If you love stacking your bracelet, buy a smaller bracelet as opposed to a huge band. You can wear a name bracelet with other bracelets.

You can also collect other name bracelets with varying messages and styles and stack them together. But the name bracelets are also lovely and elegant when worn alone.

You’ll especially want to consider these factors if you’re buying a name bracelet for a loved one as a gift; everyone has different bracelet and style preferences, so think of the wearer when buying them a bracelet.

This is especially important if you’re buying the name bracelets for men.

Certain bracelet styles and materials are preferred by most men. For example, a man would likely prefer leather bracelets with a name over rose gold name bracelets. Braided leather bands are especially popular for men. For best results, choose a color such as black or brown.

Additional Customizations

The name isn’t the only customizable aspect of the bracelet. Many jewelers can add on charms, gemstones, birthstones, and more.

As stated previously, you can also find name charms for bracelets. This makes the bracelet even more unique to your preferences.

You’ll want to consider these add-ons when buying custom name bracelets for couples and other loved ones. Charms in different shapes, symbols, cartoons, and more can add a personalized touch, making the bracelet even more special.

Name bracelets are the perfect addition to your customized jewelry collection

If you’re looking for a truly unique personalized jewelry option, you should consider name bracelets.

Compared to other name jewelry types, there are different types of bracelets you can choose from and they have more customization options. For example, you can add charms and beads to your bracelet. Name bracelets for babies, men, and others are also becoming more popular.

Do you want to learn more about custom bracelets? We have a full section where you can learn more about custom bracelets. Click here to know everything about custom bracelets.

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