How to Get a Stunning Picture Necklace [Guide+Tips]

The first necklaces were made thousands of years ago. Necklaces were always used to express oneself, complimenting the appearance and expressing their individuality. This is why personalized necklaces have become a serious trend, specifically picture necklaces.

With picture necklaces, you can customize your own necklace by adding a photo of your choice. There are multiple pendant options and styles, including lockets. Online stores such as Soufeel and Etsy make it easy to find the pendant you want and to add your photo.

Are you planning on ordering a picture necklace? Continue reading to ensure your picture necklace comes out perfectly, with some additional tips.

How to Make a Stunning Picture Necklace?

The different picture necklace techniques

How can your photo perfectly fit on a pendant? Jewelers use different techniques to ensure the final result is stunning. Here are a few techniques that your online personalized jewelry may use.


Hand-carving necklaces takes a lot of skill, which is why it’s rare to find someone to carve your picture by hand. 

If you can find a jeweler who offers this service, you’ll have a beautifully detailed piece that’s personalized to your liking. Hand-crafting your picture necklace can also open more customization options, such as choosing the material and the chain. 

You can often find these jewelers on a craft platform such as Etsy.

Laser etching

If you want the result of a hand-carved picture necklace without finding a jeweler or waiting for your necklace, you can opt for a laser-etched pendant. 

Laser etching requires powerful machines and laser etching experts who create a photo engraved necklace with as much detail and precision as if it was carved by hand. 

Most laser-etched picture necklaces are available in black and white, though more advancements in laser etching technology are making color laser etched picture necklaces more accessible and popular.


Printing is one of the most common picture necklace-making techniques. Most online retailers such as Soufeel let you add an image of your choice. From here, they print out the image and insert it into your necklace.

Most retailers let you choose your image printed in color or black and white.

What types of pictures can be used for a picture necklace?

A necklace with a picture on it makes a wonderful memento, serve as the perfect daily necklace, and are sweet gifts. Are you unsure which picture to use for your necklace with a picture inside? Here are some ideas.

Special Moments Like Wedding Used for a Picture Necklace

Special Moments

Most people choose images from special moments for their picture necklace. Common examples include a wedding, the birth of a child, graduation, pregnancy photos, prom, and more.

Couple Picture to Be Engraved on a Pendant Necklace

Couple Pictures

A picture necklace is a perfect gift for your significant other.

You can choose a photo from a special event, such as your wedding. But any picture is perfect for your couple’s picture necklace, such as your favorite photo or a simple one of you two hugging or kissing.

Many online stores, such as Soufeel, offer different ways to further personalize your necklace. You can add a simple “I love you” note or add in your names.

Kid and Baby Pictures for a Custom Necklace

Kid and Baby Pictures

A picture of your child is also a popular picture necklace choice, whether the necklace is for you or for someone else. You can choose an image of your newborn or a precious memory with your older children.

Customize a Family Picture Necklace as a Keepsake

Family Pictures

Did you recently take family photos? Instead of simply framing your pictures, create a unique picture necklace with your favorite family photo. These make perfect gifts but are also wonderful as keepsakes for the family.

Photo Necklace Recording Exciting Moment With Friends

Friend Pictures

Friends are just as important as family members. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend, choose a picture necklace.

Choose your favorite picture of the two of you or a picture from a special event.

Adorable Necklace With a Pet Picture on It

Pet Pictures

Your pets are your family. They deserve some special love. Find your favorite picture of your pet and create a personalized pet picture necklace. Wear it daily so your best furry friend will always be with you.

The pet photo necklace also makes a perfect gift for loved ones who have a close relationship with their pet.

5 stunning styles of picture necklaces for your inspiration

When customizing your picture necklace, you will discover there are many style options. Here are some picture necklace ideas for your inspiration.

Picture locket necklace

Lockets are the classic picture pendant necklace option. 

You can choose the traditional gold locket necklace with a single photo inside. But advanced technology opens the realm of possibilities for picture locket necklace customization, such as choosing a multi-photo locket necklace.

The iconic circular locket is the preferred choice for most buyers. But jewelers can design a photo locket necklace in many shapes. You can choose a heart locket necklace with a picture and more.

A Picture of a Mom and Her Baby Engraved Inside a Locket Necklace
Personalize a Heart-Shaped Photo Necklace on Soufeel
Personalize a heart-shaped photo necklace on Soufeel.

Adding a photo isn’t your only customization option. You can add a nameplate, engrave messages, add gemstones such as birthstones, and more.

Heart-Shaped Locket Picture Necklace in Memory of My Son, With Birthstone and Nameplate Inside
Photo: CustomCharmCreation / Etsy

Custom-shaped picture pendant necklaces

Traditional picture necklaces are in the shape of an oval or heart with the picture engraved on the pendant. Other commonly-seen custom shapes include a star, butterfly, and footprint.

It’s also exciting that more jewelers are offering the pendant in the shape of the subject in the image.

For example, if you’re ordering a personalized picture necklace featuring your pet, you can find jewelers who design the pendant in the shape of your pet. The pendant will feature the exact printed picture of your pet or an engraved image based on a picture.

Memorial Gift: Personalized Pendant Necklace in the Shape of a Pet
Lady Wearing Her Cat Pendant Necklace

Photo: CaitlynMinimalist / Etsy

Dog tag picture necklace

A customized dog tag necklace with a picture is another popular picture necklace shape. They have a masculine shape but are perfect for all wearers. Dog tags are also popular because the square shape is suitable for just about all photos and customization options.

Dog tags also have a sentimental history, used originally as identification tags for military members. Modern dog tag manufacturers uphold this tradition by engraving messages of your choice.

You can engrave names, messages, and other mementos.

Photo of Dad and Baby Engraved by Machine on a Dog Tag Necklace
Photo: Soufeel

Line drawing style picture necklaces

If you love the way an artist repurposes photos, you can get these same results for your picture necklace. This is a recent picture necklace trend and is gaining more popularity. 

They make the perfect gift for children. If your child loves drawing pictures, the designer/artist turns the child’s picture into the “line drawing style” and then carves it into a picture necklace.

Line Drawing Style Custom Necklace Uses Kid's Drawing Work
Line Drawing Family Picture Pendant: Adorable Gift as a Keepsake

Photo: CaitlynMinimalist / Etsy

Special Kid Necklaces for Moms and Grandmas
The Showcase of Line Drawing Style Picture Necklaces in Gold and Silver

Photo: CaitlynMinimalist / Etsy

Artists can also turn you and your loved ones into cartoon characters based on a photo you submit. But keep in mind, not all jewelers can offer this service. 

You may need to find a genius artist on a platform such as Fiverr to turn your family into drawings or cartoon characters. You can hire these artists for as little as $20.

Both hand- and machine-engraved picture necklaces look like drawn images. You can choose to carve the image in metal or opt for colored drawing-style picture necklaces.

3D crystal pendant picture necklace

This is a modern picture necklace style that’s quickly gaining traction. Your picture is printed in a crystal, giving a unique 3D effect. The 3D effect comes from the seamless integration of jewelry technology and design software.

This is by far the most innovative and eye-catching option, perfect if you prefer out-of-the-box personalization features or are buying a 3D photo pendant for someone else. These are also exquisite necklaces, perfect for formal events.

3D Crystal Pendant Picture Necklace: Heart Shape and Wedding Moment
3D Pendant Necklace: Smiling Woman

Photo/Video: ArtPix 3D

Tips when choosing a style

Still not sure which picture necklace style to choose? Or did you choose a style and are not sure how to get the best results? Here are some tips when choosing a style and how to ensure your picture necklace turns out perfectly.

Not every picture is suitable for every necklace style

Choose the Ideal Style for Your Picture Necklace

Before choosing a necklace style, consider the picture you’re using. For specific pendant shapes, such as a heart, the jeweler will have to cut and edit your picture to fit the shape. This may not work for certain pictures.

Not sure which photo will look the best on specific pendant shapes? Don’t worry—stores such as Soufeel offer a convenient platform where you can upload your image and design it on the pendant, all on one page.

There are also specific pendants that are suitable for certain pictures or mementos. For example, if you’re honoring a picture of someone who passed away, you’ll want to choose a memorial necklace with a pendant in an ellipse-shape over a heart necklace with a picture.

Turnaround time

Evaluate the Turnaround Time According to Your Needs

Certain necklace styles take longer. If you want your necklace finished quickly, you’ll want to choose a simple picture necklace with few customization properties. For example, a simple picture locket will take quicker than an engraved heart picture pendant.

Stores such as Soufeel will offer expected turnaround time as well as other information such as shipping time.

Choose a high-resolution picture

Always Use a High-Resolution Picture to Have It Engraved on Your Pendant

The necklace’s final outcome will depend on the image. If you’re using a blurry image or an image with imperfections, you may not be satisfied with the necklace’s result. 

The best course of action is to choose a professional photo. If you’re using a photo with noticeable flaws, find a professional photo editor to enhance the image.

If you’re engraving your photo pendant necklace, your picture should have few details. The engraving lasers and machines may not catch every detail or the final result won’t look like the original picture.

Otherwise, you can choose to have your picture printed on the pendant or inside of the locket.

Where should you get your necklace made?

There are many different retailers and jewelers that can create a customized picture necklace. But which one should you choose?

Buyers have two main options: going through a jewelry store or connecting with an artist directly. Each option has its pros and cons.

Big stores

Soufeel Logo

Major stores such as Soufeel offer convenience and quality. Their online platform is easy to use; just select a necklace from their catalog, upload your image, add any additional customized features, and submit your order.

Big stores are trusted by thousands of customers. They deliver high-quality products, they ship quickly, and they’re reliable. If there’s ever an issue, these stores usually offer warranties and you can access their customer support.

While big stores offer customization options, you’re still limited. This extends to engraved picture necklaces; most big stores use engraving lasers and machines as opposed to hand-crafted techniques.

Individual jewelers

Etsy Logo

If hand-crafted and engraved picture necklaces are what you’re looking for, you can find an individual jeweler to handle your piece. You connect with them directly and discuss the details of your piece.

Finding individual jewelers is easier than ever. You can use online marketplaces such as Etsy to look through their catalog or to contact them about a custom picture necklace. 

This is where you’ll usually find more innovative and out-of-the-box pieces, such as the line drawing picture necklaces and 3D crystal pieces.

While third-party marketplaces are strict about seller reliability, there’s never a guarantee you’ll receive your piece in a timely manner. The jeweler will likely craft the piece by hand, which is time-consuming.

In addition, many independent jewelers don’t offer a warranty or reliable customer service. 

Take action now: A quick checklist for you

Are you ready to order your picture necklace? Here’s what you should have prior to ordering your necklace.

  • Choose the store or jeweler
  • Choose the style
  • Choose your image
  • Know your metal preference
  • Upload your image
  • Add additional customization options

Choose the store or jeweler

Always choose the store or jeweler before anything else. 

You’ll want to do extra research, such as reading customer reviews, looking at product images, and looking at their social media pages. This is important if you’re adding additional customizations or are ordering a hand-crafted picture necklace.

Choose the style

If you’re making or engraving the piece by hand, discuss the customization details with your jeweler. Otherwise, stores offer a variety of pendant styles, metal options, and other customization features.

It’s recommended you look through their whole catalog to find the perfect piece for you. If you’re buying a gift for a loved one, consider their style and preferences. You should also keep your photo in mind to ensure it will look acceptable in the pendant.

Choose your image

You’ll also want to choose the best image and have it easily accessible during the ordering process

Keep the best practices in mind featured previously: your photo should be high-resolution, free of imperfections. 

Professional photos are the best option, but many cell phone cameras take excellent photos. If there are flaws in the photo you want to use, edit them out. For engraved photos, only submit photos with very few details.

Choose Your Picture to Be Engraved on the Necklace: Girl Holding Snow

Ensure your image meets the store’s specifications. Your image should be bright, at the exact angle, fits within the borders, is the correct file type, and meets the sizing requirements.

Every store has different image requirements. It’s recommended you check them before uploading your photo.

Know your metal preference

While some necklaces have pre-selected metals and materials, some offer you the flexibility to choose your own metal. Some examples include:

  • Picture necklace in gold
  • Picture necklace in rose gold
  • Picture necklace in platinum
  • Picture necklace in silver

If you opt for gold, your necklace will likely be a 10K gold picture pendant. Gold is a soft metal and isn’t the best for complex customizations. You may also choose gold-plated or sterling silver for a more durable piece of jewelry.

Upload your image

If you’re working with a jeweler personally, they will have their own protocol for this process. Follow their process for the best results.

Every store is also different but most have a similar process. They will first ask you to upload your image. Upload your image and edit it, based on the pendant and how the image fits best.

Add additional customization options

Some necklaces provide additional customization options. You can engrave names, messages, and even add gemstones.

Picture name necklaces are one of the most common picture necklace options. After you upload your image, you can enter the wearer’s name and even add more names (if the necklace allows it).

Many picture necklaces have pre-engraved messages. Some necklaces offer an option to enter your own message. You can choose a famous message such as “I love you,” a quote you or the wearer love, a song lyric, and even an inside joke.

Additional Customization Options for Heart Picture Locket Necklace at Soufeel
Additional customization options for gold locket picture necklace at Soufeel: nameplates.

Gemstones are popular and beautiful additions to your picture necklace. Some picture necklaces are made with a specific gemstone, such as a diamond picture pendant, and others let you customize your gemstones. 

For example, you can add your birthstone or the wearer’s birthstone to the necklace.

For a stunning and unique picture necklace, you can attach gemstone pendants as charms. You can remove and add them as you wish. Stores such as Soufeel offer pre-made charms and you can also add your own.

Order your picture necklace today

If you’re looking for the perfect daily necklace or a gift for a loved one, the picture necklace is becoming more popular. 

Buyers have more custom jewelry options, whether you order from a major store such as Soufeel or you find an independent jeweler from a marketplace like Etsy.

Picture necklaces offer more customization options than just a picture upload. You can choose the pendant shape, the material, and even add personalized touches such as a name or a message.

There are also innovative design options, such as drawing picture necklaces and 3D crystal picture necklaces. Are you interested in learning more about custom necklaces? Picture necklaces aren’t your only option. Click here and know the different types of custom necklaces available.

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