How to Design a Nice "Photo Watch" Within 5 Mins (Or Less)?

Watches have a robust history. Men and women originally had pocket watches to tell the time. Wristwatches became popular in the 19th century and have grown in popularity ever since.

Today, watches provide a serious fashion statement.⌚ This is why there are many watch styles and trends. Custom jewelry is becoming a major trend and there are many ways to customize your watches, such as adding a photo.

Do you want to make a photo watch? This guide explains the significance of picture watches and how to design your own watch.

Design a Custom Photo Watch Within 5 Minutes or Less [Guide]

Photo watches: The best trending gift

Why are photo watches the best gift? First, we need to understand more about watches and their meaning.

A brief history of watches

As stated previously, watches have an incredible history. The first mechanical clock was created in 1275. You can still see old clocks today; the clock at England’s Salisbury Cathedral is a perfect example—the clock was constructed in 1386.

The modern watch industry we know today dates back to the 1540s. John Calvin banned wearing jewelry, so Swiss jewelers created a practical and fashionable item: the watch.

The first pocket watch was made in 1574. The watch was bronze and featured religious symbols on the front and back of the watch. Pocket watch technology continued to improve; early pocket watches could only show the hour and didn’t show minute hands until 1680.

History of Watches: From Pocket Watches to Wristwatches

The modern wristwatch wasn’t created until 1812. The watch was made for the Queen of Naples. Afterward, women originally wore wristwatches while men kept a pocket watch.

This changed in World War I when wristwatches were worn by men in the military to keep their hands free.

Today, wristwatches are worn as a fashion statement by men and women. Since we can check the time on our phones, modern watch wearers love the fashion statement and look of a watch.

This is why modern watches are made of luxury materials, such as gold and silver, as well as many other materials.

Watch symbolism

Time means more than we think. We use time to reflect on our memories and other mementos in life.

Time is also important in our day-to-day lives; we use time to dictate when we need to go to work, use time for important events and deadlines, and time even impacts our personal relationships.

This is why watches are essential to our daily lives. We glance at a watch to ensure we’re on time to work and appointments. We check the time out of boredom or even to admire our watch.

Rose-Gold Case Photo Watch With Colored Nylon Strap
Square Engraved Photo Watch With Leather Strap
Fashion Wooden Photo Watch With Green Hands
Soufeel Classic Photo Watch With Black Leather Strap

Photos: Soufeel

Watches are a meaningful gift. They symbolize something that’s important to us all: time. Adding a photo to a watch will help memories live on and they represent the fond memories of a certain time period. ⏳

Today, watches continue changing. Smartwatches connect our phone to our wrist, offering a technological way to make a fashion statement.

But the greatest resource we have is time. That’s why watches are the perfect jewelry piece to customize with a photo.

Watch and time symbolism for different people

We all use and interpret time differently. That’s why time means something different to everyone.

Times may impact these type of people differently:

  • Kids
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Parents/grandparents
  • Friends
  • Professionals

For example, 💑couples mark significant memories and milestones throughout time: their first date, their wedding anniversary, and even the day they buy their first house.

Children have a different view of time. While children don’t track time as strongly as adults, they remember significant dates such as their birthday, the first day of school, and holidays. They may also remember other special days, such as the day they got their first pet.

Boy Holding and Sharing Moments With His Pet Dog Friend
Photo by Alicia Jones on Unsplash

If you plan on buying a watch for a loved one, understand where they are in life and how a watch can positively impact them. For best results, add a memorable picture to the watch.

Type of photos to use in photo watches

Are you interested in making personalized photo watches for you or a loved one? If so, you’ll want to know which photo to use.

But we all have many wonderful memories and images that represent these fond times. Which photo should you choose?📷

If you’re creating a photo watch for yourself, choose an image that means a lot to you. This can be a photo of your spouse, family, or even your pets.

Couple's Portugal Kiss on a Sunny Beach

Since watches symbolize time, it’s also recommended you find a photo that represents a fond memory or any part of your life that you cherish. For example, if you own a business, your photo can be a fond memory of you with your team.

If you’re giving a watch as a gift, choose an image that means a lot to the wearer. This can be something different for everyone.

Couple Photo Printed on Alloy Photo Watch: Crafted by Soufeel
Photo: Soufeel

If you’re giving a watch to a child, choose a memorable photo they will always cherish. Examples include an image of their pet or even their favorite cartoon character.

If you’re giving a watch to your significant other, choose a fond memory you two have together. This can include a photo of your wedding, honeymoon, or maybe even a photo from your first date.

Personalizing a photo watch for personal style

Custom watches offer limitless styling options. Every wearer has choices, regardless of their preferences and personal style.

In order to personalize a photo watch, you need to know the basic anatomy of a watch as well as the different personalization options. Here’s your guide.

The different parts of a watch

The most common parts of a watch are:

  • Dial: the face of the watch that displays the time
  • Bezel: ring surrounding the dial
  • Case: the structure that holds the inner portion of the watch
  • Crystal: the clear watch covering that protects the case and bezel
  • Crown: the knob at the side of the watch
  • Hands: point to the hour markers on the watch
  • Hour markers: represent each hour
  • Caseback: the back of the watch

There are many ways to customize your watch using these factors. For example, you can choose traditional numbers to represent each hour or use Roman or Arabic numerals instead.

The caseback is also perfect for customization. Many wearers engrave names, messages, images, symbols, and other mementos into the caseback.

Other watch personalization options

If you’re creating customized watches with pictures, you’ll want to consider all personalization options.

Many watch manufacturers will offer different material choices. You can choose luxury materials such as gold and silver or robust materials such as stainless steel. For a more unique look, choose an unconventional material such as wood.

Choices of the Materials, Metals and Colors for a Photo Watch

For a truly personalized piece, you can engrave your watch. We already mentioned engraving the caseback, but the straps and the case are also the perfect media for engravings. You can engrave names, messages, quotes, and anything else that’s meaningful 🏷️to you or the wearer.

Matching the case and strap

If you’re fully customizing a watch with a picture inside, you may think about matching the case and the strap.

A black-colored case is the most versatile case and can match just about any strap. You’ll also want to choose a material that’s durable and popular, such as stainless steel. These cases look great with many straps, such as leather.

Match the Case and Strap When Personalizing a Photo Watch
Choose your preferred color of the strap to match the case.

But what if you would rather choose an unconventional case, such as a wooden case? You’ll have fewer strap options. This is why you may want to choose a strap that looks good with all case styles, such as nylon.

4 popular custom photo watch styles

Are you ready to design your own picture watch? Use these 4 custom photo watch styles as inspiration.

Engraved photo watches

These photo watches are the most popular and recognizable options. Engraved photo watches feature a photo that’s printed or engraved on the case. Names, dates, messages, and more are often printed on the caseback.

Soufeel Photo Watch (Best Seller) Worn on the Left Hand of a Fashion Model
Personalized Message Engraved on the Caseback of the Photo Watch

Photos: Soufeel

These are also the most versatile and customizable options. They’re perfect for both men and women with many materials and strap options.

As you discover the other styles of photo watches, you’ll find the other types of picture watches use influence from this type of photo watch.

Wooden photo watches

If you prefer the look of an engraved image, you’ll want to choose a watch with a unique case material. Wood watch cases are trending because of their individualistic style and are also hypoallergenic.

Customizing and engraving your wood watch is easy with a platform such as Soufeel. All you have to do is upload your image and they will engrave your photo into the case.

Soufeel Classic Wooden Photo Watch for Men: Green Hands
Wooden Photo Watch With Personalized Message Engraved on the Caseback

Photos: Soufeel

A wooden watch with a picture looks best with leather, nylon, and even wood straps.

A more eco-friendly and hypoallergenic option is bamboo. Soufeel has a similar engraving process as the wood watches—just upload your photo and they will handle all of the engravings.

Bamboo has a similar look as wood but is durable. Natural bamboo is beautiful but is also a more versatile material than wood. Bamboo matches with many strap materials and colors. The customization options are endless.

Silicone photo watches

Silicone is another material that’s ideal for those allergic to different metals. This material is also comfortable to wear and you have many color options.

Silicone Photo Watches for Kids: Great Gift Option by Soufeel

With silicone photo watches, your photo is printed on the case. Since silicone is a flexible material, you can easily engrave a name or message on the caseback.

Custom photo strap

The case isn’t the only place where your photo can appear. Photo straps are becoming more popular. You can print one or many photos on a watch strap. The strap is usually made in a durable material, such as leather.

This option is ideal if you want to into a photo watch.

How to create a photo watch with Soufeel

There are many stores and jewelers that can help you design your photo watch. However, Soufeel’s platform is the easiest to use. Soufeel is the leader and one of the most popular retailers specializing in custom jewelry design.

First, head over to Soufeel’s photo watch section and choose a watch. For this example, we’re looking at the Unisex Engraved Photo Watch with a black leather strap. This is one of their most popular options.

Product Page of Soufeel Unisex Photo Watch With Black Leather Strap

While black is the most common strap color, you have different colors you can choose.

Choose the Strap Color for the Unisex Photo Watch

After you choose a color, click on the “add image” icon where the arrow is pointing and add your image.

Choose Your Desired Image for Photo Watch Customization

For this example, we uploaded a picture of a baby. After you select an image, there will be different ways to customize your photo. These include rotating the photo, zooming the photo in and out, and moving the photo up and down.

The yellow arrow points to these icons.

Before confirming your design, you’ll want to see some of the most common mistakes when uploading your picture. Click the link titled “see common mistakes” beneath the area where you uploaded the photo. The red arrow points to this pop-up.

Rotating and Zooming the Photo on the Custom Watch Before Confirmation
The Common Mistakes When Personalizing a Photo Watch
Pro Tip
As an alternative, you can download Soufeel’s mobile app and design your photo watch on your phone.

Discover more custom jewelry options

Custom jewelry is a serious trend right now. If you love wearing watches, you can personalize your watch with a photo of your choice.

If you love the idea of photo jewelry and are looking for more jewelry options and ideas, consider buying a photo necklace. Click here and know how to create a stunning picture necklace. 😎

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