Name Rings: Fantastic Way to Show Your Name [11+ Styles]

Rings are one of the most beloved jewelry items in the world. They’re worn to signify engagements and weddings, are worn for fashion reasons, and there are even rings that symbolize life achievements.

There are also rings that have illimitable value, such as Princess Diana’s engagement ring. But exquisite rings aren’t only in this category. 💍Custom rings have a special meaning that no other jewelry type has.

Personalizing your ring can add so much meaning, more than what traditional jewelry pieces can offer. Nothing is more unique to you than your name, which is why the name ring is becoming more popular.

But what are name rings and what are different name ring styles?

Yellow Gold Name Ring on Pink Cloth, Decorated With Dried Flowers

What is a name ring?

It’s very easy to confuse the meaning of a name ring and what they look like. In reality, name rings are versatile and come in many forms.

To put it simply, name rings are rings with your name engraved. Unlike other forms of personalized jewelry, the engraved name isn’t the dominant trait of the ring. Rather, the engraved name is often seen on the inside of the ring.

For example, many people get their names engraved on their wedding bands.

But this often isn’t the main part of the ring; the diamond/gemstone, metal design, or even just the plain metal band is the dominant feature on the ring, while the engraved name on the inside offers more meaning to the wearer.

Conventional Ring (With Name Engraved On the Inside the Ring) V.S. Name Ring

Does that mean you can’t engrave your name on the outside of the ring, making your name the core feature of the ring? You can make your name the core feature💫 of your ring—and this is becoming more trendy!

Make your name shine on your finger: 11+ name ring styles you’ll love!

Name rings are becoming popular and there’s a myriad of styles available online. Here are over 11 popular types of name rings.

Script-Style Name Rings

Script-style name jewelry is one of the most recognizable forms of personalized pieces, such as the Carrie necklace. You can take this same idea and apply it to your name ring.

These rings feature your name carved in a stylistic font. There are many font options, but the two most famous are 👉🏻the feminine cursive font and the show-stopping block font. Some jewelers add extra accents, such as hearts.

This style is simple yet versatile; you can opt for your full name, straight on the ring or curved, or you can opt for initials. You can even choose a double name ring, such as your name and your spouse’s name.

Classic Script Style Name Ring: Straight on the Ring
Script style name ring: curved on the ring. | Click here to view the item.
Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Name Ring—Straight on the Ring
Straight script style name ring. | Check it HERE.
Rose Gold-Plated Two-Name Name Ring by Name Necklace
Customize this two-name name ring here.

Custom-Engraved Name Rings

Unlike the other option, these rings show your name engraved on the surface of the ring. This option is usually more subtle than the script-style rings yet you still have many customization options.

For example, most jewelers will let you choose the type of metal and the shape of the ring. Common metal types include gold, rose gold, and sterling silver name rings. Stainless steel is also becoming a trending jewelry material.📈 Stainless steel is powerful but also makes a bold statement.

Different ring designs include the classic circular ring while there are also wrap ring styles.

Different jewelers can let you add two names to your ring. These are often featured in unique designs, such as two bars instead of one.

Wrap-Style Custom Two-Name Name Ring: Yellow Gold
Personalized Two-Name Name Ring: Two Bars and Wrap Style

View this wrap-style two-name engraved name ring.

Personalized Nameplate Rings

These rings are similar to traditional engraved rings, except the engraved name is on a plate instead of in the normal ring. These have a unique and striking look, making your name stand out even more.

These rings are also popular because you can engrave your initials or even a quote instead of your full name.

Personalized Nameplate Ring: Makes Your Name Stand Out!
Find more details about this custom name ring design.

Stackable Name Rings

A stacking name ring is a style where you wear multiple name rings at once. These are more popular when you wear a combination of engraved ring types, such as engraved name rings and rings with symbols.

These rings are smaller than average to easily stack them.🤹🏻‍♀️ They’re mainly given as gifts, such as for weddings or name rings for moms.

Stackable Name Rings: Multiple Rings Stacked Together
Stackable Name Rings Designed by Brodi and Kelsey / Etsy

View this name ring style.

Cut-Out Style Name Rings

These rings look like sections of the ring were cut out in order to shape the name. These names have a unique look and make great gifts. These are also popular to wear as wedding bands.

The metal used in these rings is usually thicker and more durable to effectively carve the name.

Cut-Out Style Name Ring: For a Unique Look
View this item now!

Name-Wrapped Rings

Instead of your name appearing on a small section of the ring, these rings feature a design where your name wraps around the entirety of the ring. All of the letters are connected to form a lovely and unique ring.🧩

These rings are also perfect for customizations. For example, you can add birthstones for an even more striking look.

Personalized Name-Wrapped Ring Embellished With Small Diamonds
Find more details about this custom name-wrapped ring.

Birthstone Name Rings

If you’re looking to add more personalizations to your ring, your birthstone pairs perfectly with your name.

You can opt for a simple single gemstone with your engraved name or find more unique designs. Examples include a wrap ring holding the gemstone or several stacked birthstone name rings.

If you’re getting more than one name printed on your name ring, opt to add everyone’s birthstones. You can also choose unique birthstone designs, such as the stones in the shape of a heart.

Personalized Birthstone Name Rings: Multiple Birthstones or With Unique Shape
View it and try to personalize one.

Diamond Name Rings

Diamond rings are the epitome of luxury. Adding your name will make your diamond ring more personalized and will enhance its meaning.

You also have limitless diamond name ring customizations. For example, you can add a diamond plate over your name or add a few accent diamonds.

Custom Diamond Name Ring With Accent Diamonds on It | Joseph Lee
Find this ring item HERE.

Infinity Name Rings

The infinity symbol is popular in jewelry. It symbolizes limitless and eternity, especially when talking about love.❤️ Infinity jewelry makes popular gifts, especially infinity rings.

The infinity symbol is at the center of the ring. You can engrave one or two names (maybe even more, depending on the jeweler and the product). Infinity name rings are a perfect gift for your spouse, your best friend, or a family member.

Custom Infinity Name Ring: Rose Gold, Name and Infinity Intertwined
Click here to view this lovely infinity name ring.

Custom Name Rings With Icons

Some jewelry makers can add symbols to represent love or another individualistic aspect. This is a popular option if you’re buying a name ring for your spouse; you can add a heart for added meaning.

A heart symbol isn’t your only option. For example, you can add a footprint for your baby’s name or a paw print if you’re creating a name ring with your pet’s name.🐶

Adorable Name Ring With a Heart Icon (Rose Gold)
Find this adorable ring here.

Two-Finger Name Rings

If you really want your name ring to make a statement, choose the two-finger name ring. The ring is designed to be worn on two fingers, resulting in a larger nameplate than average.

This is a popular option because the nameplate is large enough to display a phrase. It’s by far the edgier option on this list.🧐

Bold Design: Two-Finger Name Ring (Yellow, Rose and White Gold)
View this item here.

Other name ring style ideas✨

Name rings keep getting more innovative and creative, resulting in countless more styles!

Instead of choosing the classic metal band, you can choose a roped ring band with your name engraved on a classic nameplate. Square name rings are also becoming more popular and give an interesting look when stacked with classic round rings.

More jewelers are finding more ways to accommodate those who want multiple ways on their rings; for example, now there is a 3 name ring with 3 bands on the same ring.

Tips when choosing and wearing a name ring

Now that you know the most popular name ring styles, you should know the best practices and helpful hints when choosing and wearing a ring.

Avoid pricking your finger

Many letters in a name ring have jagged edges and they can prick your fingers and hand. Instead of choosing a script-style name ring, opt for a nameplate or engraved ring instead.

Pro Tip
This is important for all wearers but especially if your name is longer and/or contains letters such as “k”, “m” or “x.”

Consider your metal options

Name rings are often available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and silver. Take your personal preferences and metal durability into consideration.

Bride Holding Her Custom Engraved Name Ring

Since you’ll likely wear the ring frequently, choose a metal that matches with your style. For example, if you’re not a fan of pink or don’t wear a lot of pink, choose a yellow gold name ring instead of rose gold.

If you’re a name jewelry fan, take a look at your other name jewelry pieces. Will you wear them together? If so, match them by choosing similar metal types and colors.

If you wear them separately, choose a different metal type and color to make your name jewelry wardrobe more diverse.

The metal you choose also determines the ring’s strength and how long it’ll last. For example, if you choose gold, choose either 10K or 14K gold name ring for more strength.


If you plan on keeping your name ring for years, proper maintenance is crucial. Polish your ring regularly.

The best personalized jewelry brands will include a specific polishing cloth or will provide polishing instructions for your unique ring. If your name ring is script-style, understand the crevices in the letters make polishing more challenging.

Certain elements can weaken the metal and you risk damaging your ring. Never wear your ring while exercising or bathing. If you plan on wearing your name ring as a wedding band, discuss options with your jeweler or online seller to prevent long-term damage.

Discover more custom ring styles

Do you love the look of a name ring but want to see more custom ring styles? Take a look at our custom rings section to learn more about this booming trend!💥

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