14+ of the Best Monogram Necklace Designs Gathered for You!

Modern technology is helping to shape the jewelry industry and give consumers more power than ever to choose and customize gifts with a truly personal touch.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that personalization options are becoming more prevalent within the jewelry retail sector. It is now possible to not only get personalized jewelry from big brands, such as a Tiffany monogram necklace—but consumers can also get the same great shopping experience with smaller jewelry retailers too.

Monogramming, specifically, is a great way for retailers to add value to their products—and for consumers to add a uniquely personal touch to their items.🤗

Top Monogram Necklace Designs: Model Poster

What is a monogram?

A monogram is often defined as a design consisting of two or more letters combined in some way, e.g. interlacing. Thanks to the advance in jewelry crafting techniques and technology, such as computer-aided design, you do not need to be a master engraver or even visit a jeweler to get your hands on a completely personalized gift for yourself or for a loved one.  

Online retailers and marketplaces often offer the option to either design or add a monogram from a pre-set design, to your necklace during the ordering process. Thanks to this, it’s easier than ever to get creative with a personalized monogram necklace.

The story behind the monogram📔

While it’s true that monograms are an extremely popular design choice for many different fashion items and accessories (not just jewelry or necklaces), you might be wondering—what really is a monogram anyway, and why are they so popular?

A monogram typically is made up of initials from a first, middle and last name to create a special and unique gift for a loved one.  A monogram can also be found on bags as well as homewares and various jewelry items for gifting.

In fact, monograms are not just limited to fashion items—and they aren’t just limited to initials either. They are simply a design made from combining multiple letters together—so a monogram could even form part of a company logo, or stand for a particular phrase or acronym, rather than just a name.

Different Monogram Patterns: One Letter, or Two, Three Letters

However, monograms have historically been used as a means of identification. For example, Roman coins featured monograms to identify rulers by their initials. Now, hundreds of years later—monograms are still a popular method of imbuing an item with personal meaning, and still feature heavily in modern jewelry trends.

With Mother’s Day coming up shortly, there are plenty of choices when it comes to finding a monogram necklace for mom🤰🏻—from a sterling silver monogram necklace right through to something fancier (like gold or any number of precious gemstone monogram necklace options).

It is more of a question of which type to choose—and how to personalize it.

Fonts, letter combinations and materials

There are a number of commonly used monogram fonts when it comes to monograms. Popular styles include script and block as these provide the most dramatic look. When picking your style of font, it’s important to try out the different variations to see which goes well with your (or your loved one’s)  initials.

Depending on how many letters you are looking to put on your monogram, there are a number of different styles to suit this. ✒️Some fantastic examples of font and letter combinations can be found on Mark & Graham to help you find your ideal monogram necklace.

Monogram Font and Letter Combinations Examples by Mark & Graham
Screenshot of monogram font and letter combinations examples (Mark & Graham)

There are also a number of metals and gemstones available to be included in your monogram necklace design, such as birthstones, pearls and more. You could even splash out on a diamond monogram necklace—if you were feeling generous!

However, one often overlooked material in jewelry design is acrylic. Acrylic materials come in various different forms and styles—and are used in the creation of jewelry because they make for striking colors and vibrant finishes. While a 14K gold monogram necklace might be a traditional favorite, an acrylic gemstone monogram necklace would often be cheaper, and could be just as impressive.

Script font

Script is a popular style of font used for monograms. With an elegant and bold finish, you’re bound to fall in love with the way the script looks on any monogram. The font choice and the initials chosen will impact on the end result of your monogram, as will the other design elements of your necklace; so it is important to keep this in mind.

There are many popular script styles for monograms and some examples of these include:

  • Shelley Allegro Script
  • Circle Style Script
  • Valentine/Neutra
Pro Tip
These are by no means the only styles, so it is important to do some research and check out the different types of script font to find what is right for you.

Block font

Alongside script font, block font is also hugely popular and featured frequently on monograms. Block font is often used on 1 or 2 letter monograms, however, can extend to three-letter monograms.  

A few of the most popular block font styles are:

  • Dharma Slab
  • Duke Fill
  • Insignia Roman

All monograms display initials in a number of ways including your last initial in the middle, or all of them linked into one. It’s important, therefore, to consider whether your font will do well as a one-letter design, or a two- or even three-letter design.

How Monograms Can Display Your Initials? One Letter, Two or Three Letters
Screenshot of examples about how monograms display your initials (Mark & Graham)
Pro Tip
Block fonts are clearer to read than script—so if you have three letters, it may be easier to read in block. But, it also may make for a more intricate design if you go for script. The choice is entirely down to you.🙌🏻

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The difference between a monogram necklace and initial necklace

Although the two get mixed up, it is important to point out that an initial necklace is different from a monogram necklace.

An initial necklace tends to just be one letter, whereas a monogram is often two or more (but this is not always the case). Also, an initial necklace may feature a pendant in the shape of the initial, while a monogram is more often an inscription or an embossed letter on a pendant.

Personalization provides extensive possibilities to your monogram necklace: 14 of the best designs for your inspiration!

Classic Script Style Custom Monogram Necklace

The style of this monogram necklace enables you to choose from a number of materials including 10K solid gold, 14K gold and 14K white gold which the chain and pendant are both made from. This classic style will truly create a show-stopping piece to compliment any outfit. Grab your very own classic script style monogram necklace from My Name Necklace. 

Celebrity 14K Gold Script Style Monogram Necklace by My Name Necklace
Script Style Monogram Necklace Paired With Round Neckline

Check this item.

Delicate Disc Engraved Monogram Necklace

This Marleylilly monogrammed necklace is the ideal gift for a friend, coming in at a budget-friendly price. It is a minimalistic style monogram necklace, so it is a great choice for someone who prefers simple but elegant jewelry. Available in the colors rose gold, gold and silver, the disk can be engraved with up to 3 initials and is presented in a circle script.

Marleylilly Delicate Disc Engraved Monogram Necklace: Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Silver Available
Click here to see the item.

3D Monogram Necklace

A stylish one of a kind 3D monogram necklace is a gorgeous gift option and features a bold, almost sturdy looking design making it perfect for those who love chunky jewelry and industrial style pieces. The 3D design makes for a really unique piece (as plenty of other monograms feature engravings).

Gorgeous 3D Monogram Pendant Necklace: Yellow Gold Plated
Find this gorgeous monogram necklace HERE.

Monogrammed Bar Necklace

A monogrammed bar necklace from Marleylilly is an ideal way to complete your outfit, as this gorgeous name printed bar necklace is very much on-trend and is an ideal present for your bridesmaids, sorority sisters😽 or for any stylish woman in your life. This lovely bar necklace comes in a number of colors including rose gold and silver.

Bar necklaces are a unique shape of necklace and different variations and colors can make them look stunning. A splash of silver or rose gold on a necklace will make a beautiful addition to your outfits.

Monogrammed Bar Necklaces: Unique Shape With Different Variantions
See the options for this monogrammed bar necklace.

Monogram Choker

Monogram chokers are an incredible statement piece with intricate detail—and with 90s styles seeing a bit of a resurgence, it is very much in-style. This piece is made up of two chains and a gorgeous monogram in the middle. Since this style can fit more than one letter, it allows you to get a little more creative and will be presented using a circle script. This lovely choker can be given as a gift or an ideal finishing touch to any outfit.  

Monogram Choker: A Sense of Resurgence
Lady Wearing Soufeel Monogram Choker, in Black Dress

Click to see the details.

Acrylic Monogram Necklace

This monogram necklace is ideal for a quirky gift!🥳

This acrylic piece from Moon and Lola is made from acrylic, a wonderfully diverse and vibrant material that really stands out when part of a piece of jewelry.

You can get this acrylic monogram necklace in a wide range of colors, such as hot pink, gold, turquoise, and more. The variation of colors is perfect to suit a range of personalities and all of the necklaces on Moon and Lola are hand-assembled to give you the best quality product when it comes to your monogram necklace.

This monogram necklace is also truly unique due to the process in which it is made, using a laser-cut method to create a precise finish. This makes each piece one of a kind, and perfect for gifting (or as a gift for yourself) as it’s truly made on-demand.

A small pop of color can add unique detail to your outfit—making this necklace a great finishing touch.

Acrylic Script-Style Monogram Necklace Created by Moon and Lola
Click to see how to personalize one

Monogrammed Pearl Necklace

Marleylilly has created this gorgeous pearl monogram necklace for those who are looking for elegance to add to their everyday life. The disk is available in gold and silver and surrounded by ⅛ inch wide pearls. This necklace allows you to add letters in the Valentine styled font; a beautiful luxury pendant with that extra special personalized touch.

Marleylilly Monogrammed Pearl Necklace With Gift Package
Lady Wearing the Marleylilly Monogrammed Pearl Necklace

Add an extra special personalized touch with this necklace.

Diamond Monogram Necklace

Looking to dress up your outfit✨—or spoil someone with ultimate luxury? A diamond engraved monogram necklace is the ideal finishing touch to any dress, and makes a perfect gift! With a choice of different chain lengths and personalization options, including an engraved monogram, you can only expect the best from Ross Simons. Whether you’re looking for a custom monogram necklace or another type of gemstone necklace, you’ll be able to find something ideal.

Each stone featured in this necklace is individually and accurately placed; meaning that the piece is crafted to perfection. The intricate textures make for a dazzling effect when it catches the light—making this a great choice for those who like high-class styles.

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Monogram Necklace by Ross Simons
Check this diamond monogram necklace now!

Monogrammed Locket

Keep those closest to you in a gorgeous monogrammed locket necklace. Available in gold and silver, this locket is ideal for layering with other necklaces as well as on its own to create a sparkling statement. Being able to add your own photo to this monogrammed locket makes for the perfect gift, and it works well as a finishing touch to an everyday outfit alongside a pair of earrings and a monogrammed bracelet. An excellent gift for someone special—capture your perfect memories together in this beautiful locket necklace.

Monogrammed Locket With a Dog Photo Printed Inside
Monogrammed Locket Layered With Gold Monogram Pendant

View more photos and see the necklace HERE.

Monogrammed Cross Necklace

This gorgeous monogrammed cross necklace is an ideal present, with a cross charm and a lovely monogrammed pendant on a chain. You can get this monogrammed cross necklace in gold or silver tones and is the ideal gift for a christening, Mother's Day, or a special Christian occasion. This Marelilly monogram necklace is also versatile—featuring a chain of 17.5 inches with a 2-inch extender.

Monogrammed Cross Necklace: Gold and Silver Color Available
See this item here.

Large Monogram Necklace

This large monogram necklace on Etsy is the ultimate statement piece! Its big and bold design makes it stand out, and with a choice of chain lengths as well as different finishes, the piece is truly customizable. Choose from sterling silver, yellow gold plating or rose gold plating, and necklace lengths from 14 to 20 inches (in 2-inch increments).

Personalized Large Monogram Necklace With a 2-Inch Monogram Pendant
View this bold monogram necklace design here.

Dainty Monogram Necklace

Etsy has a variety of monogram necklaces, and they are not limited by size! These lovely, dainty monogram necklaces from CaitlynMinimalist available in a circle with block script. Choose from a number of lovely colors including rose gold, silver, and gold. This monogram also comes with a choice of chain size to help you find the perfect fit.

Custom Dainty Monogram Necklace: Great Gift for Mother's Day
Click here to see the item.

Sterling Silver Block Monogram Necklace

My Name Necklace has a number of stunning pieces including this block script monogram necklace. Whether you’re looking for 18K gold plated or silver, the style of this monogram necklace is ideal for everyday wear.

👗Dress it up by layering it with some more intricate necklaces, or keep it simple as a standalone piece. It also makes a lovely gift for any gender and is a great addition to any capsule jewelry collection.

Custom Sterling Silver Block-Style Monogram Necklace by My Name Necklace
View more details of this monogram necklace.

Custom-Shaped Monogrammed Pendant Necklace

A monogrammed pendant necklace makes a great gifting option—and is a firm favorite among many online jewelry retailers. The designs and personalization options out there are nearly limitless, but we can recommend a few:

Monogrammed Scalloped Pendant

Add some class to any outfit with this stunning Marleylilly scalloped monogrammed pendant necklace. Can be paired well with any sweater or tee combo, the chain on the necklace is 30 inches and also has a 2-inch extender with the pendant available in gold and silver.  

Personalized Monogrammed Scalloped Pendant Necklace: Custom-Shaped Necklace
See this item HERE.

This is ideal for a friend or family member who enjoys simplistic jewelry, but would also enjoy something personalized.  

Yellow Gold Jewish Star of David Necklace

This gold Star of David monogram necklace is ideal for those who are of the Jewish faith and are looking to buy a gift for a loved one (or a treat for yourself). The necklace is made of sterling silver and the pendant hangs on an 18-inch chain. In the middle of the star of David, you can add your initials in the circle style. Your Alison and Ivy Yellow Gold will look gorgeous paired with any outfit such as a dress or a sweater.  

Star of David Custom-Shaped Monogram Necklace: Yellow Gold
View more details of this item.

This piece is beautifully crafted and looks stunning;  great for fancy events and everyday wear alike.

Heart Monogram Necklace

This extra small heart monogram necklace is ideal for a cute, feminine gift.🎅 The monogram charm being small allows you to wear this with multiple different looks. Available in a choice of colors and with a variety of different shades, the delicate feminine design makes this a great fashion piece. To order your own monogram necklace check out this style from My Name Necklace.

18K Gold Plating XS Heart Monogram Necklace by My Name Necklace
Check this lovely heart-shaped monogram necklace here.

What to wear with monogram necklaces🙋🏻

While the styling choices that come with accessorizing any piece of jewelry are extremely subjective and personal you can still take inspiration for your look. There are a few styling tips you can fall back on time and again when it comes to using your monogram necklace as an enhancement to your look:

  • If you want to stand out, your monogram as a statement piece, by choosing a large style that stands out; such as a brightly colored acrylic design
  • If you want to appear casual, choose a monogram necklace in a classic color and metal. A white gold monogram necklace will pair seamlessly with most business-casual outfits
  • If you want to get creative, experiment with layering different necklaces with your monogram necklace, and combining expensive pieces with more budget varieties. A diamond choker from Tiffany could easily be layered with an Etsy monogram necklace and compliment each other perfectly.👏🏻

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and gained further insight into monogram necklaces. Just remember, the options, materials, designs and styles are endless—so have fun creating your perfect piece.

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