13+ Birthstone Necklace Styles You Should Consider

Associating gemstones with birth months is not a new practice. Birthstones have existed for thousands of years. Today, consumers love expressing their birth month by wearing their birthstone as a jewelry piece.

Custom birthstone necklaces are a major trend. You can personalize your necklace in many ways, such as adding your name and opting for unique shapes such as a heart.

Are you interested in ordering a custom birthstone necklace? Continue reading to discover more birthstone necklace information and some necklace style recommendations.

Close Shot of a Blue Birthstone Necklace Worn by a Beautiful Woman

The story behind birthstones

Birthstones are biblical, tracing back to the book of Exodus and on the breastplate of Aaron. 12 gemstones were placed in the breastplate, signifying the 12 tribes of Israel.

Different Birthstones on White Marble Background: Used to Personalize Birthstone Pendant Necklaces

How did the gemstones turn into birthstones? Two scholars, Flavius Joseph and St. Jerome, associated the 12 gemstones in Aaron’s breastplate to the 12 signs of the zodiac. 

However, original wearers didn’t only wear their birth month’s gemstone. Everyone wore each gemstone, depending on the current month.

Our modern views of the birthstone were created in 18th century Poland. Gem traders sold each gemstone based on the individual’s birth month. 

This practice spread to the United States and the National Association of Jewelers made it official in 1912.

The birthstones by month

What are the birthstones? Here are the gemstones and their corresponding birth month.

January Birthstone: GarnetJanuaryGarnet
February Birthstone: AmethystFebruaryAmethyst
March Birthstone: AquamarineMarch Birthstone: BloodstoneMarchAquamarine or Bloodstone
April Birthstone: DiamondAprilDiamond
May Birthstone: EmeraldMayEmerald
June Birthstone: PearlJune Birthstone: AlexandriteJune Birthstone: MoonstoneJunePearl, Alexandrite or Moonstone
July Birthstone: RubyJulyRuby
August Birthstone: PeridotAugust Birthstone: SardonyxAugust Birthstone: SpinelAugustPeridot, Sardonyx or Spinel
September Birthstone: SapphireSeptemberSapphire
October Birthstone: OpalOctober Birthstone: TourmalineOctoberOpal or Tourmaline
November Birthstone: TopazNovember Birthstone: CitrineNovemberTopaz or Citrine
December Birthstone: TanzaniteDecember Birthstone: TurquoiseDecember Birthstone: ZirconDecemberTanzanite, Turquoise or Zircon

*Birthstone images by American Gem Society (AGS)

Why do some months have more than one gemstone? There are many reasons why.

Some gemstones are expensive and hard to find.

Let’s look at June as an example. June has three birthstones: alexandrite, moonstone and pearl. Genuine alexandrite is rare; most alexandrite on the market is lab-made. Though moonstone has a charming shimmery appearance, it has relatively low hardness, making it prone to stress cracking and cleaving. Pearl is used as an alternative gemstone and better symbolizes the June/Gemini personality—full of life and wonder!

Other months offer two or three gemstones for variety. For example, pink tourmaline is the main birthstone for the month of October.

But what about men who want customized necklaces? If they don’t want a pink stone, they can choose another tourmaline color (such as green) or the kaleidoscope gemstone opal.

Some birthstones are also new. December is one of the few months that have three birthstones! They recently added the third birthstone, tanzanite. Others also include zircon and turquoise.

Overall, there are technically 21 birthstones and not 12!

Birthstone necklace wearing occasions

The gemstones used in birthstone necklaces are fine gems, perfect for formal events. But some birthstones are better for casual wear. Which occasions call for birthstone necklaces? Here’s a breakdown of each gemstone, by month.

January birthstone necklace

January Birthstone: Garnet

January birthstone: Garnet

Garnet is one of the most unique gemstones. Garnet’s natural color is a deep red, similar to red wine. You can also find other garnet variations in shades such as red-orange and even red-purple.

Garnet is a fine gemstone but is also perfect for trendy jewelry pieces. This makes garnet a flexible birthstone, perfect for all occasions. 

February birthstone necklace

February Birthstone: Amethyst

February birthstone: Amethyst

Classic amethyst is a lovely royal purple shade, though you can find amethyst in every shade of purple and violet. The shade of amethyst you wear depends on its wearing occasion; overall, amethyst is a fun gemstone that’s best for casual wear.

March birthstone necklace

March Birthstone: Aquamarine March Birthstone: Bloodstone

March birthstone: Aquamarine or Bloodstone

Don’t confuse aquamarine with another gemstone such as blue topaz or turquoise. Aquamarine is usually lighter in color, resembling the ocean. It’s an attention-grabbing gemstone, better for formal wear. But this doesn’t mean aquamarine won’t work for daily wear. 

The second birthstone for March is bloodstone, which is also called heliotrope—a word from the ancient Greek that means “to turn the sun.” Generally, bloodstone may not have the overt beauty of aquamarine, but many value this gemstone for its special symbolism.

April birthstone necklace

April Birthstone: Diamond

April birthstone: Diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially for those born in April! Diamonds are synonymous with luxury, better suited for formal events. But you can still wear the diamond birthstone daily.

For daily wear, make sure the metal is powerful enough to secure the gem. The diamond can fall out of weak metals. Platinum is preferred but the diamond will look more brilliant on gold. If you opt for gold, choose gold-plated instead of real gold.

May birthstone necklace

May Birthstone: Emerald

May birthstone: Emerald

Emerald is one of the most precious stones in the world. While it’s best worn formally, the brilliant green shade can match with anything.

For formal wear, choose a single-stone pendant in gold. While gold brings out the brilliant green, emerald can match with any metal. For daily wear, opt for powerful sterling silver. The emerald will accentuate specific name necklace styles, such as a bar necklace.

June birthstone necklace

June Birthstone: Pearl June Birthstone: Alexandrite June Birthstone: Moonstone

June birthstone: Pearl, Alexandrite or Moonstone 

Since alexandrite is a rare and expensive jewel, we’ll mainly focus on pearl and moonstone. Because of its rarity, it’s best to only wear alexandrite on formal occasions. Its natural bluish-purple color looks lovely with rose gold.

Pearl is completely radiant. This makes pearl perfect for casual and formal events. For daily wear, customize a specific name necklace such as a locket. Use a powerful metal ideal for everyday wear, such as stainless steel. For formal events, the traditional multi-pearl necklace is a perfect choice. The pearls wrap around the necklace as a strand, which is a very classic and luxurious look.

The third birthstone is moonstone. It’s 6 on the Mohs scale, special care is required when making and wearing moonstone necklaces.

July birthstone necklace

July Birthstone: Ruby

July birthstone: Ruby

Ruby is another popular gemstone. Not to be confused with garnet, ruby has a bright blood-red hue. Ruby is perfect for both casual and daily wear.

Since ruby is a stunning gemstone, wear it with an exquisite daily necklace. Opt for a unique design such as a tree or a butterfly. A material such as sterling silver is both durable and lovely.

For formal wear, the brilliant red hue pairs perfectly with gold. Opt for a single ruby pendant on a gold chain.

August birthstone necklace

August Birthstone: Peridot August Birthstone: Sardonyx August Birthstone: Spinel

August birthstone: Peridot, Sardonyx or Spinel

For many, peridot is an acquired taste. The color is best described as lime-green. Its unique color can be difficult to match. Rose gold is the one metal that looks amazing with peridot. Opt for a simple name necklace design, such as a bar necklace, in rose gold with a small peridot gemstone.

Sardonyx is widely available and relatively inexpensive. It has been associated with courage, happiness, and clear communication since ancient times, which is a good choice for your daily wear. 

Spinel is often mistaken either a ruby or pink sapphire, but it has distinguishing features, like its octahedral crystal structure and single refraction. Spinel birthstones can be found in various cuts, they are widely used in birthstone necklaces and good for both formal and casual wear.

September birthstone necklace

September Birthstone: Sapphire

September birthstone: Sapphire

Sapphire is another favorite gemstone for many consumers. Sapphire is best worn as a fine gemstone for formal occasions. But you can also wear sapphire casually.

For formal occasions, pair a multi-sapphire pendant or sapphire adorned with diamonds on a gold chain. For casual wear, choose a unique metal such as rose gold. Customize a name necklace or a locket with sapphire.

October birthstone necklace

October Birthstone: Opal October Birthstone: Tourmaline

October birthstone: Opal or Tourmaline

The stone you choose depends on the best occasion for the necklace.

Opal is a stunning stone but is fragile. That’s why it’s best to only wear opal to formal events. Choose a single-pendant opal on a gold chain.

Both pink and green tourmalines are intense colors. Pink tourmaline is better-suited for casual wear, since its color varies from light to dark. Green tourmaline is a rich green color and is considered very masculine.

Pink tourmaline looks best when paired with gold. Since it’s such an intense pink color, pair a gold initial necklace with a large stone. 

For men, a single green tourmaline pendant on a gold chain is simple yet masculine for formal wear.

November birthstone necklace

November Birthstone: Topaz November Birthstone: Citrine

November birthstone: Topaz or Citrine

Citrine and topaz are similar because they both offer vibrant yellow hues. These sunny stones are the perfect accessory for every occasion.

For casual wear, choose a heart-shaped name necklace with citrine or yellow topaz. The stone will brighten up the heart. A material such as sterling silver looks lovely with these yellow stones.

For an exquisite formal piece, find a large citrine or yellow topaz on a gold chain.

December birthstone necklace

December Birthstone: Tanzanite December Birthstone: Turquoise December Birthstone: Zircon

December birthstone: Tanzanite, Turquoise or Zircon

December birthdays have many options. Turquoise offers many different hues, from rich blue to yellow-green and everything in between. Blue zircon is the most popular December birthstone thanks to its lovely sky-blue color.

Blue zircon is available in many shades of blue, all of which are brilliant. Tanzanite is a new birthstone but it is very rare. Its color is striking—a combination of blue and violet.

The stone you choose depends on the occasion. Turquoise is by far the most versatile. You can wear it at a casual occasion or to a formal event. Turquoise looks best when paired with gold.

If you plan on wearing turquoise daily, choose a heart-shaped pendant with turquoise. A gold chain looks best with this stone. For formal events, a large turquoise pendant adorned with diamonds pairs best with a gold chain.

Blue zircon is the most popular birthstone, which is why you’ll want to wear this stone both casually and formally. For casual wear, try a simple bar name necklace. The striking sky-blue color will make the necklace pop.

Choose a brilliant metal such as sterling silver to accentuate the stone. Platinum is another metal option that pairs well with blue zircon. For formal events, choose a solitaire blue zircon pendant.

Blue zircon is casual enough for daily wear. But this brilliant stone is better for formal events. For formal wear, choose a blue zircon pendant on a silver chain. For casual wear, blue zircon pairs well with gold-plated chains.

Since tanzanite is one of the rarest stones, it’s best to save this one for special occasions. Find a tanzanite pendant on a gold chain.

13 custom birthstone necklace styles you will love

All birthstone necklaces are pendants. But there are many ways to customize your birthstone necklace to fit your unique style and lifestyle. For example, you can customize the charm or pendant with a symbol and your adorned birthstone.

Here are 13 birthstone necklace style suggestions.

Standalone pendant

Kendra Scott Elisa Silver Amethyst Standalone Birthstone Necklace
Model Wearing Kendra Scott Elisa Silver Amethyst Standalone Birthstone Necklace

The standalone pendant is one of the most classic birthstone necklace styles. You can choose a natural stone for a casual day and a faceted stone for a formal event. You also have many chain customization options, such as the material and the length.

Birthstone bar necklace

Soufeel Vertical Birthstone Bar Necklace With Two Names Gold-Plated
Japanese Girl Wearing Soufeel Vertical Birthstone Bar Necklace With Two Names

There’s no way to better personalize your birthstone necklace than with your own name. The gemstones are exquisite by themselves, which is why you don’t need a fancy custom pendant. This is why a bar pendant is recommended.

Choose a simple bar necklace with your name engraved. A custom jewelry store such as Soufeel makes it easy to enter your name, choose your birthstone, and select your metal. For a more exquisite touch, choose a unique metal such as rose gold.

Infinity symbol

Soufeel Infinity Style Platinum-Plated Birthstone Necklace

Infinity symbols are perfect for birthstone necklaces, especially if you’re giving a birthstone necklace as a gift. The infinity symbol represents everlasting love, perfect for your partner or a best friend.

A custom jewelry website such as Soufeel lets you personalize your infinity symbol necklaces with the name of the wearer and your chosen birthstone. You can also choose any metal, but gold and gold-plated are popular options for the infinity symbol.

Birthstone heart necklace

Soufeel Rose Gold-Plated Heart-Shaped Birthstone Necklace

This is the best birthstone necklace option if you plan on giving the necklace to your partner. You can customize the necklace to include your partner’s name. Soufeel has many heart-shaped pendants that you can easily customize.

Not sure which metal your partner prefers? Choose rose gold! It’s a trending metal and the extra alloys provide more durability.

Birthstone initial necklace

Personalized Birthstone Initial Necklace by Etsy Jewelry Designer
Photo: MignonandMignon / Etsy

If you would rather not create a name necklace, initial necklaces are just as striking and pair perfectly with birthstones. For an added twist, find a dangling necklace with initial charms and hanging birthstone pendants.

Flower-shaped pendant or stone settings

There’s no shortage of pendant and stone setting options.

Flower-Shaped Pendant Multiple Birthstone Necklace Customized by Jared
Flower-shaped pendant birthstone necklace customized on Jared.
Customize a Flower-Shaped Birthstone Pendant Necklace on Jared

The best part about this option is you can work with multiple stones, not just your birthstone. For example, if you choose a flower-shaped pendant, you can choose a white topaz in the middle followed by a bouquet of your birthstone.

Locket with birthstone inside

Interlocking Heart-Shaped Birthstone Necklace: Multiple Birthstones Inside
Interlocking heart-shaped birthstone necklace with multiple birthstones inside.
Soufeel Birthstone Floating Locket With Birthstones Inside
Model Jewelry Showcase: Soufeel Birthstone Floating Locket With Birthstones Inside

Lockets are classic and still a lovely necklace option, especially when adorned with your birthstone. If you’re looking for a customizable locket, Soufeel gives you the option to add one or more names with multiple birthstones.

Family birthstone necklace

Family Birthstone Necklace Heart-Shaped by My Name Necklace
Photo: My Name Necklace

Who said you only have to include your name and birthstone? You can create a whole family necklace, with the names of each family member plus their birthstones. You have many pendant options, such as a heart-shaped pendant.

Birthstone cross necklace

5 Heart and Cross Birthstone Necklace by Eve's Addiction
Photo: Eve's Addiction

If you’re religious, there are many customizable cross pendants. You can adorn your birthstone plus more gemstones to give your cross a personalized touch. Make sure your cross is made in a durable metal, such as sterling silver.

Rose-shaped birthstone pendant

Personalized Rose-Shaped Birthstone Pendant Necklace by GetNameNecklace
Photo: GetNameNecklace

The rose-shaped birthstone pendant is popular and unique. There are many rose design options and you can customize your pendant in different ways. You can add your birthstone as well as your initial.

Mother’s birthstone necklace

Personalized Family Layered Mother's Birthstone Necklace on Jared
A mother's birthstone necklace personalized on Jared.
Birthstone Necklace for Mom - a Keepsake Gift on Mother's Day
A birthstone necklace for mom, personalized on Soufeel.

If you’re a new mom and want to express the pride you feel toward your baby, you can choose a baby’s birthstone necklace. Many jewelers make baby-themed pendants, such as a little foot. You can also customize your baby’s name on the pendant.

Soufeel offers a sweet option—a coin with baby feet designs, and the option to add a name and a birthstone. This necklace is the perfect memento for all moms.

3-stone birthstone necklace

3-Stone Birthstone Necklace Adorned With Small Diamonds
A 3-stone birthstone necklace adorned with small diamonds personalized on Jared.

This option is best for formal wear. You can choose three of your birthstone or your birthstone adorned with two other stones. You can find different pendant options, such as the stones surrounded by diamonds.

Name necklace with birthstone embellished

Classic Personalized Birthstone Name Necklace With Little-Heart-Shaped Birthstone Embellished
Model: Classic Custom Birthstone Name Necklace With Little-Heart-Shaped Birthstone Embellished
A Demo of Soufeel Classic Birthstone Pendant Necklace Customization: Two Names

Still not sure what to choose? A classic name necklace is the best option. You can get your name (and even someone else’s name) carved in metal and adorned with your birthstone.

If you choose this option, Soufeel offers the best buying experience. You can enter your name and another name (if required), choose the birthstone, and choose the metal. Soufeel offers many metal options, such as gold and gold-plated metal.

Where can you find a custom birthstone necklace?

Now that you know all of the different birthstone necklace styles, where can you buy your birthstone necklace? Here are the most popular options.

Buying from major jewelers

Many consumers first look at big-name jewelers when ordering a custom name necklace. This is the best option if you want a formal necklace or want a necklace with fine gemstones and metals.

These include:

  • Pandora birthstone necklace
  • Kay Jewelers birthstone necklace
  • Zales birthstone necklace
  • Swarovski birthstone necklace
  • Kendra Scott birthstone necklace
  • Disney birthstone necklace

If you want a necklace for casual wear, want more customization options, or just want a cheaper option, these necklaces may not be for you.

Buying from custom jewelry stores

The demand for custom jewelry is constantly growing. That’s why there are brands, such as Soufeel, that specialize in customized jewelry. Most of these stores offer birthstone necklaces and additional personalization options.

Online marketplaces

There are many online marketplaces, such as Etsy, where small and indie jewelry designers display their different personalized jewelry products. These marketplaces are convenient because you can be directly in touch with the seller and explain the piece you want.

Google shopping

If all else fails, go to Google Shopping and enter keywords based on the birthstone necklace you want. Google will suggest several products and will provide information such as the seller and the price.

Buy the most exquisite custom birthstone necklace

If you’re looking for the best gift or just a treat for yourself, a custom birthstone necklace is the best option. Birthstones are beautiful gems that correspond with your birth month. You can customize a necklace with your birthstone, perfect for daily and formal wear.

Did you know there are different types of customized jewelry? Click here and learn more about custom jewelry and all of your options!

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