8 Best Bar Necklace Designs: Pick Your Own to Personalize

Custom jewelry continues its upward trend—now, custom jewelry sales are increasing and the trend becomes stronger every year. Are you still looking for a way to set yourself apart while investing in this hot jewelry trend? Bar necklaces offer a pop of glamour to any look. They’re highly customizable🤗; you can add your name, a message, and even choose the type of metal.

Are you interested in creating a bar necklace? Here, we recommend many different designs and how you can personalize your own.

Jewelry Model Gets Interested in Creating a Bar Necklace

What does a bar necklace look like?

One of the best qualities about bar necklaces is they don’t all look the same. Bar necklaces start off with a simple bar; this bar can be short or elongated.

Some of the most common bar necklace designs include:

  • Straight bar
  • Horizontal or vertical bar
  • Curved bar
  • Gem-aligned bar

The bar is also made out of a variety of different metals and usually includes a matching chain. You can add stylistic customizations including your name or even embedded jewels.

The result is a minimalist yet glamorous necklace that’s perfect for every occasion.

What is the meaning of a bar necklace?

Bar necklaces mean something different to every wearer. These necklaces are very simple and can be customized in different ways.

Most wearers correlate the necklace’s meaning with engraved messages. While names and initials are the most popular bar necklace engravings, you can engrave a variety of different messages in your custom bar necklace.

For example, engraving coordinates is a serious bar necklace trend. These coordinates can lead to a cherished place—the place where you were married, the location of your birth (or where you birthed your child)👶🏻, and any other special memory.

Coordinates Engraving: Special Moment in the Lighthouse

The shape of the bar can also signify a specific meaning. For example, many wearers choose to wear a horizontal cross. There are a few different sideways cross beliefs, but the most popular belief is it represents humanity and the earth.

Your bar necklace doesn’t have to have a special meaning. A bar necklace is simple and lovely, perfect for any outfit and can be layered with different necklaces. You can wear a simple metal bar or adorn it with jewels.

Options for a personalized bar necklace

One of the many reasons why bar necklaces are so popular is their myriad of customization opportunities. Here are a few popular ways to personalize your bar necklace.


The most famous bar necklace is the straight bar. But you have more bar necklace shape options.

For example, curved bars are popular choices. Curved bars are slightly raised as both sides, resulting in a very unique look. You can still add personalized touches to these necklaces, such as an engraving or gemstone accents.

3D bars and double-bar necklaces are also popular and unique bar necklace shapes.


Bar necklaces have two common orientations: horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal bar necklaces are the most classic choice. But many wearers also love vertical bar necklaces because of their unique look.


If you want to engrave your name or a message into a necklace, you’ll love the way engravings look on a bar necklace.

Many wearers engrave their names, messages, motivational words (“happiness,” “believe,” etc.), and other mementos such as special dates.

To add a bit of edge, you can add roman numerals to your necklace. The roman numerals bar necklace expresses a cherished day such as your wedding date. Bar necklaces with braille engravings are also popular among the blind community.

Engraved images are also popular.🖼️ Some popular images include a heart or star, your pet’s face, a baby’s foot to symbolize a newborn, the gender symbol, and even the shapes of states.


Gemstones make your bar necklace sparkle and shine! There are a myriad of gemstones you can add. These include:

  • Diamonds
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Aquamarine
  • Amethyst
  • Ruby
  • Garnet
  • Peridot
  • Topaz
  • Tourmaline
  • ...and more!

You can also opt to add your birthstone to your bar necklace. Your birthstone is the stone that corresponds to your birth month. Birthstones are the perfect addition to a name bar necklace and other bar necklace varieties.

Another popular trend is adding natural stones instead of processed gemstones. These give your necklace a more natural and authentic feel.


Charms are becoming popular additions to bar necklaces. A charm can be as simple as a second bar or you can be creative and add personalized charms to your necklace. Popular examples include small metal charms or even charms shaped like animals.

8 best bar necklace designs for your inspiration

Are you ready to order your bar necklace? Your options are endless! Here are some stylish bar necklace design ideas.

Classic Bar Necklace

The classic bar necklace is always the best first choice. The bar is either vertical or horizontal. Most jewelers let you choose the metal and some jewelers add customization options.

Engraved Bar Necklace

Engraved necklaces are a serious trend and no necklace is better for engravings than bar necklaces. Your options are endless—from a name bar necklace to location coordinate engravings, you can get anything engraved on a bar necklace.

There are also many ways to get creative with your engravings. If you want to engrave a date, such as the date of your wedding, you can choose to engrave that date in roman numerals or another stylistic manner.

A Myriad of Engraving Options for Personalized Bar Necklaces
Woman Wearing Horizontal Engraved Bar Necklace

Photo: SHEMISLI / Etsy

3D Bar Necklace

If you want to add more dimensions to a traditional bar necklace, 3D bar necklaces offer even more customization opportunities. You can add multiple engravings, such as your name, dates, a message, and more.

3D bar necklaces stand out because they feature four sides.👨🏻‍🎨 You can engrave every side. For example, you can engrave four different messages, four names, your name and other details (your birthday, etc.).

3D bar necklaces also come in different metals and you can find them at a variety of different stores.

Engraved 3D Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold 3D Bar Necklaces

Photo: My Name Necklace

Double Bar Necklace

Double and multi-bar necklaces are popular because the engraving options are unlimited; 👉🏻you can add several names, a name and a date, names with messages, and more.

Double and Multiple Bar Necklace by Soufeel: Unlimited Options
Photo: Soufeel

Double bar necklaces are perfect for adding other stylistic features, such as a gemstone or a birthstone. You also have a variety of metal options with this necklace, such as a sterling silver bar necklace.

Bar Necklace With Charms

If you don’t have charms to add to a bar necklace, you can buy a bar necklace with pre-attached charms. Popular charm options include a charm gemstone, a shaped charm (such as a heart or an animal), and even your charm initial.

Gold-Plating Vertical Bar Necklace With Heart Charm and Pearl
Young Lady Wearing Personalized Vertical Bar Necklace With 3D Heart Charm and Pearl

Photo: My Name Necklace

Gemstone Bar Necklace

While bar necklaces are perfect for customizations, the simple design is perfect for adding gemstones. You can add an accent stone or add a whole row of stones.

Diamonds💎 are the most famous gemstones to add to the gemstone bar necklace. Whether you add one large diamond or a whole row of diamonds, your diamond bar necklace will sparkle and shine whenever you wear it.

Blue Nile Diamonds-Aligned Bar Necklace for Customization
Photo: Blue Nile

There are many other gemstones you can choose, but birthstones are another popular option. Birthstones especially look best on a name or initial bar necklace. You can also choose an accent birthstone or a whole row of birthstones.

Curved Bar Necklace

Curved bar necklaces are longer than traditional bar necklaces and curve upward. These necklaces are ideal for engraving full messages, longer names, and more. They’re also lovely pieces without engravings and are available in many metals.

Unique Bar Necklace Shapes

Bar necklaces aren’t only available as a straight bar. You can choose a horizontal cross, gemstones aligned in a straight line (not to be confused with gemstones embedded in the bar), a diagonal bar, and even a wider bar.

Unique Shaped Bar Necklace: Double Bars and Outlined Heart
Photo: Soufeel

Outfit ideas for your bar necklace

Now that you have an idea for your bar necklace, you need to find a dazzling outfit that accentuates your new necklace. Here are some outfit recommendations.👚

Choosing a neckline

When wearing any necklace, the blouse or dress neckline can make or break the necklace. While both horizontal and vertical bars are trending, both necklaces look best with different necklines.

If you’re wearing a horizontal bar necklace, find a low-cut or a strapless blouse or dress.

Considerations of necklines of different outfits

Most horizontal necklaces sit right at the collarbone. Wearing a low-cut neckline will help make your neck look longer and will accentuate your shoulders. You can choose a v-neck or rounded low-cut neckline.

Vertical bar necklaces hang lower, usually to the middle of the chest. This makes vertical necklaces more versatile; while v-neck blouses and dresses look beautiful with vertical bar necklaces, you can wear shirts with high necklines for a bolder look.

Simple tank tops

If you’re not sure what to wear or don’t boast a robust wardrobe, simple tank tops are always a staple. A tank top in white or black will match perfectly with any bar necklace, no matter the style or the material.

Recommendation: A Simple Tank Top With Horizontal Bar Necklace
Check this at Lulus
Pro Tip
You should still keep the neckline in mind. Low-cut and rounded necklines are better for horizontal bar necklaces while v-neck tank tops are better for vertical bar necklaces.

V-neck blouses

If you’re ordering a vertical bar necklace in either gold or rose gold, gray blouses will accentuate the gold color. In addition, vertical bar necklaces will hang perfectly on a v-neckline. You should avoid horizontal bars and silver metals with this color.

V-Neck Blouse With Custom Vertical Gold Bar Necklace
Check this at ROMWE

Lacy tops

If you’re attending an evening event or are going out on a date, a lace black blouse looks stunning with all bar necklaces.😀 These tops especially accentuate a horizontal bar necklace.

Black Lacy Top With Custom Bar Necklace for an Evening Event
Check this at VENUS
18K Gold Vermeil Personalized Vertical Bar Necklace by Oak & Luna
Check this at Oak & Luna

One-shoulder tops

If you’re truly looking to make a statement, a one-shoulder top will catch the eye of any onlooker—especially if the top is pink! Pair this unique top with a silver or gold horizontal bar necklace. Avoid a rose gold bar necklace because the colors will clash.

Leopard print blouses

A gold bar necklace will usually clash with leopard print, but silver looks lovely with this popular animal print. Find a low-cut leopard print blouse for both horizontal and vertical bar necklaces.

Leopard Print Blouse Paired With Custom Bar Necklaces
Check this at GAP

V-neck bodysuits or dresses

If you’ll be wearing your bar necklace to a formal occasion, you’ll want a nice dress to wear with your necklace. There are many exquisite v-neck dresses in all colors. Pair the dress with a vertical bar necklace for the best results.

Bodysuits are also trending. There are many bodysuit styles and varieties than ever before.

Choose a v-neck dress or bodysuit in colors such as gray, black, and even other colors such as blue.

Plunge neckline dresses

Are you looking for a neckline that looks great with both horizontal and vertical bar necklaces? You’ll want to find a plunging neckline.

Plunge necklines extend past the chest. They lengthen your neckline, perfect for vertical bar necklaces. Since they’re not too short, they won’t take away from a horizontal bar necklace.

For best results, choose a plunge neckline dress in a versatile color such as white.

Versatile Plunge Neckline Dress Paired With Custom Vertical Necklace
Check this at REVOLVE
Personalized Silver Bar Necklace With Cubic Zirconia - Oak & Luna
Check this at Oak & Luna

High-neckline dresses

While low-cut necklines are perfect for a date or a night out with friends, they may not be suitable for the office or formal events. Fortunately, high-neckline dresses are more appropriate and look wonderful with vertical bar necklaces.

Choose a high-neckline dress in versatile colors. For example, you can never go wrong with a black dress.

Lace dresses

Another great formal option is the lace dress. These dresses usually have higher necklines and are appropriate for many events. Bar necklaces are simple yet stylish—they won’t take away from the intricate lace detailing on the dress.

Be mindful of the color dress you wear. For example, if you wear a silver dress, avoid silver-colored metals. Instead, opt for gold or rose gold.

Tube dresses

While you should have a versatile wardrobe for your bar necklace, the classics are usually the best choice. This is why all bar necklace wearers should keep a tube dress in their closet, specifically one in black.

The quintessential little black dress looks perfect with all metals, especially a silver bar necklace. Tube dresses help accentuate the neck, shoulders, and chest, perfect for necklaces. Horizontal bar necklaces look best with tube dresses.

Horizontal Bar Necklaces Look Best With Tube Dresses
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Create your bar necklace today!😛

The bar necklace is one of the most versatile necklaces out there. You have many different bar necklace styles to choose from as well as many customization options.

Gold-Plating Vertical Bar Necklace With Birthstone
Check this at My Name Necklace

If custom necklaces are what you’re looking for, bar necklaces aren’t your only option. Click here and discover the other popular types of custom necklaces.

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