What Is Crystal Vibration? How Does It Work? (Explained by Experts)

In the beginning, there were vibrations. And then, there was light, sound, and life. Doesn’t the beginning of the world make more sense this way?

So does that mean vibrations have healing energies? More importantly, can crystal vibrations heal? What is crystal vibration?🤔

Crystal vibrations are healing energies capable of eliminating negativity and promoting positivity. Scientists and researchers like Tesla and Anthony Holland proved there are frequencies capable of destroying objects and even cancers.

As a result, healing could be regarded as one type of interaction or communication between two entities by certain frequencies.📣 Because crystals contain a cluster of energies from ruling deities, astral bodies, classic elements, and the universe itself, they contain healing energies too.

I’ll tell you all about these and the underlying science of vibrations, how it relates to healing crystals, and even ways to measure it. We’ll learn about the vibrational frequency of different crystals and how exactly to channel them for healing too.

These are the topics we’ll dig into for revealing the secrets of healing vibrations!

  • Understanding the basics of healing vibrations
  • The healing properties of crystal vibrations explained
  • Is there a way to measure crystal vibration frequency?
  • Complete set of crystal and chakra vibration frequencies
  • Ways to program healing vibrations inside a crystal
  • What are the ways crystal healing vibrations are felt?
  • 10 different frequencies for healing mind, body, and soul with crystals
Feeling Crystal Vibrations for Energy Healing

Can vibrations heal? Simplifying the healing effects of vibrations with science

Yes, vibrations can create healing effects when tuned to specific frequencies. This is the short answer.

Now let’s find the long one!

From my experiments with energy rituals ranging from Merkaba meditation to occult magic, witchcraft, reiki, and tantra (to name a few) in the last decade, I’ve come to realize that everything vibrates.

Scientifically put, everything around us is constantly moving or in motion. Even objects that look stationary are also moving “with respect to one thing or another”. This movement may be straight, circular, oscillatory, or of other patterns too.

Why? Forces such as electromagnetic, gravitational, and quantum mechanics are why everything is perpetually in motion in this universe. But to date, science actually doesn’t know why gravity or any other forces do so. We know what they do but not where they come from or why they do what they do.

Too sciency? Let’s pick up again from "everything vibrates".

  • Your food vibrates
  • Your body vibrates
  • Your thoughts vibrate
  • Your room vibrates

👉🏻I’ll put that into a simple-to-understand example.

  1. When we talk, our sound hits objects and things around us.
  2. And if you look at these objects at a microscopic level, you’ll see the atoms inside are vibrating too. Here’s a video proving just that: Can You Recover Sound From Images?
  3. And when an object vibrates, it moves the molecules in the air around them too. Hence, the vibration keeps moving on and connecting everything in its embrace.

👉🏻Let’s exemplify this with reality together.

  • My thoughts have vibrations that are present in this article.
  • Your thoughts are vibrating based on my thoughts within this article.
  • Now, your surroundings are vibrating affected by our thoughts.
  • Finally, things are changing around you based on OUR vibrations.

If you’re in a deep meditative state, you might even pick up these frequencies and vibrations that are invisible to the naked eye.

While I can go on for days documenting how you, I, and everything in the universe is affected by our ever-changing thought frequencies, a Google search on quantum mechanics will save us from making this too nerdy.

Moreover, our focus isn’t that anyway!

Our goal is to find out if vibrations can actually heal.🎯

Some basic know-how in physics will teach you “all objects have a natural frequency or set of frequencies at which they vibrate”.

If you dig deep into that theory, you’ll see that matching that natural vibration of the object or thing can actually destroy it. The best part is you don’t have to take my word for it; perhaps Nikola Tesla can convince you!

This is also the very reason why soldiers don’t march while crossing bridges.

As Tesla’s pocket-sized machine almost destroyed a huge building using vibrations, shouldn’t some form of it work on microscopic things too?

For example, think about this. Can’t we also target deadly microorganisms, viruses, parasites, and bacteria with destructive resonant frequencies in the same way?

Yes, you can target deadly diseases and negativity with vibrations too. That’s how vibrations cause healing.

And a music professor named Anthony Holland discovered that! During his research, he worked out a magic frequency that can destroy cancer cells.😱

No kidding!

To be precise, he discovered that frequencies between 100,000 Hz to 300,000 Hz can destroy pancreatic, ovarian, and blood cancer cells successfully.

Here’s his complete TedEx talk that says what, how, when, and why so that you can hear it with your own ears.

Prof. Anthony Holland also proved how one vibration affects another via “sympathetic resonant vibrations” at the beginning of the video.

What he means is, we are all vibrating and all our vibrations are interconnected.

Here’s another proof about the healing properties of vibrations from the PubMed thesis. It reveals another technique with resonant alterations to thermally kill cancer cells!

Here’s yet another medically reviewed article that says “Researchers have found that vibrations and the electromagnetic energy associated cause changes in your cells, which can then affect how your body functions”.📝

And if there are destructive resonant frequencies, shouldn’t there be constructive resonant frequencies too? Put simply, if you can destroy diseases (or negativity), couldn’t you channel healing energies (positivity) in the same way too?


Why do crystals vibrations heal and how?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”.—Nikola Tesla

By now, you already know crystals, like everything else in the universe, vibrates. Most importantly, all vibrations have constructive and destructive energies that can work for positivity or against negativity.

But how does all this translate to the healing properties of crystal vibrations? To understand that, we should revisit the basics of crystal energy.

Do you know crystals have energy that can be transferred with touch? Science explains that with the piezoelectricity of crystals.

But, what is it? For the uninitiated, piezoelectricity is the reason why touch (mechanical stress) raises the vibrations in things like crystals to produce electrical charges.

And, we already learned how vibrations create electromagnetic energy that can induce changes on the cellular level from the Healthline article quoted above.

Simply put, crystals can create vibrations that in turn create energy capable of realizing wishes, desires, manifestations, pink of health, and what the universe has destined for you.

Given that the natural resonant frequency of each thing around us is unique, every healing crystal must also have a natural resonant frequency.

When you tap into that natural frequency (say with energy rituals like singing bowls, wands, crystal grids, etcetera) of the crystal, you can start using it for generating positivity and eliminating negativity too!

Moreover, this is how crystals usually enhance the effect of medicines. That’s why we always tell you to use crystals as technical support for treatments you’re already prescribed by your doctor and not on their own.

Combined with the metaphysical characteristics of crystals such as the frequency of their chakras, effects of the ruling planet, and the nature of the classic element, crystals can be tuned to different frequencies and healing properties too.

How to measure the vibration of healing crystals?

While psychics can measure the vibration of healing stones with just their minds, most of us need crystal vibration science and theories to help us do it.

Raman spectroscopy and infrared technologies are used to measure vibrations of crystals at large wavelengths. Nevertheless, shorter vibrations can be recorded only with complex neutron and x-ray scattering technologies.

There are two types of vibrations whether you’re looking at science or crystals—free and forced.

  • Free vibrations are where the force was originally applied but was removed at a later point. One way this naturally happens is after you cleanse a crystal. To do so, you first apply a force (with a wand, water, etcetera) that initially cleanses the crystal and ultimately diffuses away.
  • On the flipside, forced vibration is where you force a frequency such as programming a crystal where the force of manifestation stays longer than free vibrations. And once fulfilled, forced vibration also ultimately changes into free vibrations.

So do you know what crystal has the highest vibration? Clear quartz, chalcedony, celestite, and diamond are all high-vibration crystals! 

What frequency do crystals vibrate at?

Generally, quartz crystal in watches vibrates at over 32,768 Hz. But the vibration of every crystal is different from another even if the two are from the same mineral family or with the same hardness, chakra, element, or ruling deities.💡

The rule of thumb is everything natural vibrates at a particular frequency. That’s why our earth has a vibrational frequency of 7.83 Hz and most apples show a natural frequency between 60 to 100 Hz.

Crystal vibration frequencies and the different chakras

Do you know crystals don’t always vibrate? It means that you can see the natural resonant frequency of crystals only when it vibrates and that happens when it’s acted upon.

In short, crystals only vibrate when there’s mechanical stress, touch, or when some type of action works on it as we learned at the beginning of this article.

The following indicates the vibrational frequency of different chakras and crystals with natural resonant frequencies close to them. Put simply, you can use the following crystals suggested against its chakra for tapping into that frequency.

ChakraFrequency (Hz)Crystals
Root432Red and black colored crystals like red jasper, garnet, ruby, and hematite.
Sacral480Orange healing stones like carnelian, tiger eye, amber, and opal.
Solar Plexus528Yellow crystals like citrine, ametrine, calcite, and imperial topaz.
Heart594Pink and green gemstones like amazonite, malachite, rose quartz, and emerald.
Throat672Light blue healing rocks like sodalite, lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, and labradorite.
Third Eye720Indigo crystals like azurite, blue sapphire, Iolite, and tanzanite.
Crown768Purple and white gems like amethyst, clear quartz, sugilite, howlite, and selenite.

How can you make healing vibrations in crystals? Methods to activate a crystal

You already know there are healing frequencies in crystals. But do you know crystals vibrate to the frequency of our chakras system too?

That’s why crystals can attune our body and its chakra system to certain frequencies that help in repelling negativity and diseases. Most energy healers call it syncing or harmonizing. Makes sense right? Here’s an example:

Imagine the universe is running at a specific frequency and you’re running at another. When your pace matches with the universe’s speed, you will tune into the magic frequency of the universe that may heal you, take you to your destiny, or manifest your desires.

So how can match the pace of the universe? While you may be doing it in many ways, I find energy healing rituals and healing crystals offer the best medium!🧘🏻‍♂️

Let’s see what works and how.

I refer to tuning the frequency of the healing crystal as programming or activating the crystal.

The simplest best way to do it is by holding the stone in between your palms. You can visualize your manifestation realizing at the same time or even chant mantras or affirmations.

Hold the stone and chant affirmations until you feel the vibrations becoming stronger to attune to the energy of the crystal.

I personally believe it becomes easier to toggle between techniques or pair different energy rituals to find that magic frequency quickly.

For instance, meditation is another high-vibration energy ritual that helps you connect and program the crystal swiftly. It does so by raising your internal vibrations. If you combine it with affirmations and crystals, the tuning process becomes quicker or easier.

Another incredible way to power up your energy ritual is with breathwork. This is a way to meld into the consciousness of the universe with the help of crystals and recognize its vibrations.

When you do breathwork, it’s common to hear a high-pitched whistling from inside the body. That’s nothing but proof of your bodily vibrations getting clearer and stronger.

Ultimately, a blend of two rituals helps you focus and tap into the cosmic consciousness of the universe faster.

I also love crystal pyramids because they have a sharp pointed edge facing upwards that when activated can send vibrations to the center of the universe. Talk about a shortcut to healing, right?

If you’d like to use one of your senses to find the magic frequency, light up sacred herbs like palo santo, sage, or cedar while meditating next. This uses the vibrations of aromatherapy with crystals to trigger your sense of smell that matches your manifestations.

My favorite way to program the crystals for the chakra system is using reiki. Because reiki literally pushes energy into your chakra points with the help of crystals, it can rapidly raise the frequency too.

I believe it’s the best way to program a crystal while your healing chakras.

Ceida UilycCrystal Healing Expert
Just as reiki or Tibetan singing bowl activates the healing vibrations in crystals, another way to program it is using high-vibration crystals. Crystal wands, clusters, and geodes are high-energy mediums that can do the same thing in a lesser time with more focus.

How in the world does that happen?

When you touch a crystal wand onto the crystal you want to activate, the wand transfers a series of vibrations generated from your thoughts, intents, and visualizations. Because the wand is channeling your thoughts, it’s automatically amplifying the frequency of your thoughts too.

In the same way, keeping your crystal inside the geode or next to a crystal cluster overnight can also amplify the energy of your manifestations immensely. Easy, right?

Another sense to pair attune healing crystals to the ultimate vibration is sound healing. You can use a singing bowl to raise the vibrations of the gemstone you want by keeping your crystal inside the bowl.

The crystal grid is another way to activate a crystal using divine symmetry. Once the grid is activated with a high-vibration crystal wand, it channels the healing energy of your manifestation from one crystal to another on the grid constantly to realize your dreams.

What does symmetry have to do with vibrations? Check out this video to find the hidden secrets between vibrations and divine symmetry.

Did you notice the type of patterns that are specific to certain frequencies?

So if you want to tap into a frequency, using a grid or pattern based on that frequency is a great way to tap into the magic symmetry. Anytime you run out of grids, check out fractal videos as it blends the best of math, art, and symmetry!

How do you feel crystal vibrations?

On top of the fact that all matter vibrates, the truth is that the universe itself is directed by vibrations. That’s why you might not easily detect vibrations caused by healing crystals, especially if you’re new to energy healing.

Any type of periodic oscillation is a vibration. I think beginners often feel wave-like movements in their bodies when a crystal begins to emanate its healing energies.🙂

But today, I’ll list out how I realize healing vibrations of crystals so that you can skip ahead to complex signs even as a beginner.

But before you dive in, remember this isn’t a definitive list of all types of crystal vibrations.

⚠️Just like no two persons feel the exact same thing no matter how similar their characteristics or situations are, my evaluations may be different from what you feel. I suggest you use the following as a benchmark.

  • A shift of mood or temper: This is when your emotions suddenly flip for no reason during crystal healing rituals.
  • Flash of colors: Oftentimes people experienced with energy healing see the aura of the crystal moving towards them or engulfing them when the crystal begins to radiate healing rays.
  • Crystal gained weight in a wink: When the healing crystal in your hand instantly gains weight, it’s most certainly the activation effect of crystal healing energies.
  • A rush of cold or hot air: I feel this most commonly in divination practices like scrying, spirit communication, and astral projection. Sometimes the rush of air can be so strong, it can break your stance or shake you too!
  • Slower or faster heartbeats: If your heart beats really fast/slow abruptly between affirmations, meditation, or any other energy ritual we discussed above, it might be a sign that the crystal has started vibrating to the magic frequency you were looking for.😊
  • Chakra-specific vibrations:
    • You’ll feel a pull to the ground: Mostly noticed with root chakra crystals, it’s common to feel grounding vibrations where you’re pulled by forces out of your control.
    • You feel extremely hot all of a sudden: When your life force energy (sacral chakra) is active, it can feel like something is burning around your pelvic area or moving up from there. On the contrary, your head might feel hot when the crown activates.
    • You can see other dimensions: If you activate the third eye chakra with a crystal, you might suddenly start seeing other dimensions without even opening your eyes.

How to use vibrations for healing specific ailments with crystals?

One day soon, we’ll have machines for healing the chakra, soul, aura, and even astrological problems; but until then, crystals are all we have!

In this section, I’ll list specific frequencies that relate to common ailments and what type of crystals you can use for healing them.

You’ll also notice YouTube videos against each point that will help you attune to magic frequencies easily. All you need to do is play that video and use a complimenting crystal to attune to that vibration.

174 Hz for Pain Relief

The frequency of 174 Hz targets pain and is great for migraines and back pain. I suggest you use a low-frequency heart chakra stone such as malachite in a simple ritual such as holding in your palms.

396 Hz for Emotional Freedom

Called the vibration of freedom, this is the tuning for grounding away from worries and anxieties. I personally do this during emotional turmoils and obsessive thinking with red jasper.

417 Hz for Removing Negativity

If you’re swamped with negativity, you’ll notice it fades slowly when you use a black obsidian or shungite stone. Doing so works for people who’ve gone through traumas and it works for PTSD, depression, and mood disorders (I can personally vouch for this).

432 Hz for Cosmic Love

Did you have a heartbreak recently or ages ago that you haven’t found a way to recover from?

Get help from cosmic love to heal from the inside out. I suggest using a combination of root and heart chakra gems like smoky quartz and rose quartz to unlock the power of quartz crystal vibration.

Play this: Deeply Relaxing & Healing Vibrations of 432 Hz Music

440 Hz for Cerebral Healing

One of the best ways to calm down panic attacks, anxiety, and OCD, this frequency works with root chakra crystals that are also governed by the earth element. Use hematite, jet, or black obsidian. 

Play this: A 440 Hz

528 Hz for Physical Healing

Whenever I feel it’s impossible to see positivity or peace, I tune to this frequency. What really happens is the repair and regeneration of your cells at the level of DNA. As this is the frequency of solar plexus chakra, yellow calcite is a good way to find positivity with pink of health.👨🏻‍⚕️

Play this: Bring Positive Transformation | Heal Golden Chakra | Whole Body Cell Repair

639 Hz for Radiance

This is the resonance of divine truth because it’s close to throat chakra frequency as we learned earlier. I like to use sodalite with this frequency to find my destiny or answers with this tuning.

741 Hz for Cleansing

Considered the frequency of anointment, this your physical vibrations so that you can be lifted up to the highest. Being close to the third eye chakra, I recommend using iolite to cleanse my mind and clarify the vision here.

Play this: 741 Hz Removes Toxins | Full Body Cell Level Detox

852 Hz for Divination

For those of you who are trying to unlock psychic powers like astral projection and spirit communication, crown chakra stones like amethyst and charoite help you work on divination rituals by tapping into this frequency.

Play this: 852 Hz  | Awaken Intuition

963 Hz for Enlightenment

Have you ever known ego death? It’s when your soul ascends to the galactic layers of the universe to find its spiritual purpose and destiny. With a blend of high vibration stones like clear quartz, selenite, and celestite to enter it.

Start your healing crystal journey with vibrations NOW

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me why do crystals vibrate and how do those vibrations create healing after I told her about crystal grids.

As I was pressed for time, I hopped online and decided to send her a good article explaining that from any reputable website.

But to my shock, not one article described the A to Z on crystal healing vibrations! I realized most people touch upon esoterics and missed out on all the scientific proofs that were out in the open.🔍

So I decided to take it upon myself to do the job. That’s why I decided to create a comprehensive guide describing every aspect of it so that you don’t have any confusion left.

I hope this article helped you understand why vibrations are healing, how crystals create healing vibrations and ways you can tap into them. I also believe each one of us influences others with our vibrations and vice-versa.

Even if you forget everything else from the above, try to remember these three tenets:✅

  • Everything vibrates and all vibrations are connected as well as always affecting each other.
  • Reiki is the most wholesome way of programming crystals if you want to feel vibrations.
  • Combining different rituals like crystals, breathwork with meditation creates amplified frequencies.

Are you confused about anything we talked about today? Feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I see it.

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I am just interested in how I find out about the frequency of certain stones like Jasper, Agate, Onyx, TOurmaline etc.
I am involved with a company that makes jewelry with neodymium magnets, far infrared, negative ion, and germanium. They have a lot of natural stones like the ones mentioned. I would like to know about how the frequency of the stones they use, which are gorgeous, also can help with healing.


Where do I purchase true crystals for healing?


This is by far the best and most comprehensive guide I've seen on how crystals work and heal us from both a spiritual perspective and a scientific one. Thank you for putting this together! I actually read through the whole guide and I NEVER do that. Loved all the sources you gave 🙂

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