Exploring 14 Water Rituals for Cleansing & Charging Crystals

Do you know life on the earth started from the oceans? Even our own lives in the mother's womb start with the amniotic fluid that's but water from the mother's body. We are made of water, and so are most things, including healing crystals.❤️

So, how does water affect healing crystals? How do you cleanse and charge healing crystals with water? What's a good water ritual to use with crystals?

Water is life. The seed mantra of water is VAM; it's ruled by the sacral chakra and associates best with zodiac signs of Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. You can cleanse water with tap water, surface water, groundwater, rainwater, and saltwater. Gem elixir, gem bath, singing bowl charging, meditation, anointing, and moon water rituals help with charging crystals with it.📝

I'll tell you all about how to cleanse and charge your precious healing crystals with the power of water in the next few minutes. Ready to find out? Read on!

These are the topics we'll explore to find out all about the powers of water for crystal healing:

  • What's the importance of water? How does it work metaphysically to charge and cleanse everything, including crystals?
  • Which are the crystals that work with water?
  • Chart of crystals unsafe or toxic in water
  • 7 ways to cleanse crystals with water
  • How to charge crystals with water in seven ways?
Applying Water Rituals to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

Importance of water: Why does cleansing and charging healing crystals with water work?

From Christianity to Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and even science, water is a crucial part of purification. It's used in several practices to charge the body, matter, things, or space with energy. Baptism in Christianity, Mikvah in Judaism, Abhisheka in Hinduism, and Ablution in Islam prove it.

Water is life. It makes us, the crystals, and even our planet. A mature human body comprises up to 70% water, and water covers 71% of the earth.

That's amazing, right? But, that's not all!

Before I go deep into how and why cleansing and charging healing stones with water work, let's dig a bit into the power of water on its own.

Do you know Law of Attraction has a technique of manifesting dreams through water?

Gem Goddess explains it all too well:

It's not just hearsay because it's based on a scientific experiment conducted by a Japanese researcher called Masuru Emoto.

Emoto found that water retains a memory of everything it touches. In short, positive words change the molecular structure into something beautiful, and negative comments give it an awful symmetry.

Here's a film on Masuru Emoto's revelations about water to understand it better:

So we can say, water is like a mirror reflecting all the energy it touches or comes across.

Come to think of it, if the water holds the vibrational energy of whatever it's touched by, what would happen if you infuse it with the healing energies of crystals?

👉🏻Put simply, the water will get charged even more with healing vibrations!

That may be why the concept of blessed water or holy water is so famous across most religions that are starkly different from each other.

Exploring the metaphysical meanings and astrological properties of water

Do you know there are over 350 water deities throughout different cultures? Some popular ones are Osiris, Leviathan, Father Thames, Freyr, Galena, Poseidon, Juturna, Neptune, Davy Jones, Ganga, Mazu, Susanoo, Indus, Sedna, and Chaac.

It's not news that water has a spiritual meaning in almost all religions and cultures. It stands for feminine energy in some, subconsciousness, emotions, mystery, fertility, magic, and even clarity in others.

From clouds to fog, dew, snow, and ice, there are so many sources of water that it's impossible not to find its powers everywhere around us. That may be why water is a classical ruling element in most cultures.

The element of water rules over the sacral chakra, where your kundalini life force energy rests.

Water element meaning isn't just one, but many—tranquility, wisdom, intuition, and emotional balance. It's believed to rule over the soul.

You can also practice affirmations to invoke the energies of the water element using its seed mantra VAM. The associated sense of water element is taste.

If you were born under the zodiac signs of Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, you'd find a sense of command over water. The same is why water rituals would fare better for cleansing and charging your crystals for these zodiac signs.

One of the exciting associations of water is also with the season fall/autumn than monsoon. That's because fall is the season that plants grow new roots, which means they need more water.

Another water connection is with the feng shui directions of North, Southeast, and East. That's because the North is connected to luck, the southeast with radiance, and the East with physical health.

When the water element is vital in your body, mind, and spirit, you'll glow with aura colors such as blue, white, grey, and silver.

Another interesting metaphysical link of water is with the moon. Stay tuned because we'll talk about it towards the end of this article.

Crystals that work well with water: Water element crystals

Now that you know how the water element works, it's worth knowing the list of crystals ruled by the water element. Because healing stones ruled by the water element or water deities possess a rare power over water, they jam perfectly well for manifestations.

For instance, aquamarine literally looks like the ocean and calms you down. Amethyst, on the other hand, looks nothing like water. Still, it can connect you to the spirit realm, and so do azurite and celestite.

But both azurite and celestite are also excellent for making your speech flow as smooth as water. Why? Both the crystals can awaken your throat chakra.

Celestite Crystal
Celestite Crystal

Lapis lazuli also connects to the higher realm besides awakening your inner voice. It's much like sodalite that also bears the intelligence and memory of water.

Coral is a sacral chakra stone that empowers you with the power of kundalini and the luck of the water element. Moreover, the coral gem comes from water anyway!

That's the same quality with mother of pearl, pearl, and abalone.

Mother of pearl is regarded as the epitome of femininity, psychic sensitivity, and intuition. Pearl brings feminine beauty to the wearer while abalone is filled with love and peace, just as the spiritual meaning of water.

I also love the water element crystal selenite and moonstone because both are closely linked to moon energies. Selenite makes you glow like water on a moonlit night, and moonstone awakens your psychic powers.

Chrysocolla is a different type of water element stone famous for being the best stone for learning. It also simplifies complex facts of life, just as water reveals significant life lessons.😚

Chart of water-toxic crystals: Which crystals are unsafe in water?

We already learned a glimpse of toxic crystals in water in the post on how to cleanse crystals. If you haven't read it yet, take a look now!

AragoniteCalcium Carbonate
Blue SapphireAluminum
Boji StonesSulfur
Dalmatian JasperAluminum
DioptaseCopper Cyclosillicate
Gem SilicaCopper
HematiteIron Oxide
Lapis LazuliSulfur
Tiger EyeAsbestos

How to cleanse crystals with water in 7 ways?

I love cleansing crystals with water. That said, all you need to ensure is not to soak healing crystals that may turn toxic in water.

Let's find out what, why, and how to do water cleansing for healing stones.

Tap Water

While tap water is physically less clean than bottled water for drinking, it contains all the natural minerals straight from the earth. I would say it's the best way to cleanse raw crystals as these stones are also untreated like tap water.🌱

To cleanse your raw crystals with tap water, place them in your dominant hand. Next, hold it under the tap water for thirty seconds to a minute while visualizing the negative energies dissipating from it.

If the crystal you have is not toxic in water, you can hold it under tap water (make sure it's not hot) for up to 30 minutes.

Surface Water

This type of water doesn't come from deep under the earth, meaning it's readily available on the surface. They include water bodies like lakes, streams, brooks, rivers, waterfalls, and even mountain water.

Surface water is enriched with nature's nutrients. You can also find sacred lakes, rivers, or water bodies that you identify positively with for cleansing your crystals with it.

I suggest cleansing it directly under the water flow. But you must make sure you don't lose your crystals in the process.

To do so, place the crystals you want to cleanse in a strong mesh bag with large pores. Hold it for a few seconds or minutes under running surface water.

That's it; your crystals are reset to positivity!


The next best thing to cleanse crystals with water is groundwater bodies such as springs and wells.

Groundwater is different from surface water spiritually because well represents oneness and springs rebirth. Moreover, spring water from specific areas is sold as expensive bottled water because they're supercharged with nature's goodness.

You can use both to cleanse your crystals by using the mesh bag technique or collecting it in a bowl and soaking it for a few minutes.


No other water has the same spiritual power as rainwater.🌧️

Whether you're spiritually included or not, it's easy to understand that rainwater blends the goodness of heaven and earth in one. It's doubly-cleaned water with the scent of earth and heaven if you ask me!

Rain makes plants thrive, people smile, and couples snuggle up. It's connected with purification, protection, and healing too.

Instead of going into length about it, why not listen to an expert like Cherise Williams talking about the uses of rainwater:

So, how do you cleanse crystals with rainwater?

I love the mesh bag method because you can leave the crystals out to let the water from the clouds directly touch your crystals. You can also hold it in your palms now under the rain for a few minutes.


Most of us have heard of Himalayan salt lamps and their power to cleanse space.

But do you know saltwater can be just as powerful? It's believed to battle against dark energies that we can't see with our eyes.

That's why saltwater is a great way to cleanse the bad vibes of a crystal too. Even we eject salt when relieving ourselves—through tears. Besides the pain-relieving effects of salt, it can also neutralize euphoria and dysphoria or bring balance to the body.🧐

All you need to do with saltwater for cleansing crystals is place a handful of pink salt or common sea salt in a bowl. Dissolve it in water by stirring continuously. Lastly, place crystals that are safe in saltwater to soak for a few hours. Make sure to throw saltwater left behind through the drain afterward.

It's easier than it sounds, guys!

Holy Water

The next best type of water for cleansing crystals is blessed water. Whether it's water from Holy Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Jordan, or the Nile, they can all remove negativity from healing stones.

Even water blessed by priests, shamans, and padre can be used for cleansing crystals as it's already holy. I believe this type of water will simultaneously charge the crystals when cleansed.

There are many ways to cleanse healing stones with holy water, such as soaking, running, or even sprinkling on top of healing crystals. I suggest you go for what seems the best to you.

Dew Drops  

You might know this already, but dewdrops are called heavenly water and the seed of peace if you don't. That's from the Bible (Zech. 8:12)!

Spiritually, dew stands for truth, perhaps because it's so clean. It's also a microcosm of the world, life, cosmos, and the universe. So when you cleanse your crystals with dewdrops, the entire universe joins you on the endeavor.

So, how to cleanse crystals with dewdrops?

There are two ways:

  • Leave your crystals out overnight (if it's safe to do so).
  • Collect dew drops and then sprinkle them on crystals.

To be honest, dewdrop cleansing is my favorite thing to do!😘

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How to charge healing crystals with water? 7 Ways you’ll love

We learned about getting the negative energies on your healing stones cleaned up. Now let's look at using water to invoke crystal vibrations that can manifest your dreams and thoughts.

Water Sources

Cleansing refers to removing the negativity, and charging amplifies the powers with a targeted manifestation, thought, or idea.🏆

Water can be used for cleansing and charging. It's excellent for charging crystals after cleansing with water sources such as tap water, surface water, groundwater, rainwater, saltwater, holy water, and dew drops.

To charge them, you have to set an intention by saying, visualizing, chanting affirmations, or meditating while cleansing the crystal.

And that's all you have to do for cleansing + charging. You can also run your crystals under any water source again after cleansing to charge separately.

Gem Elixir

Gem water or elixir is water charged directly/indirectly with crystals. It's a great idea to let the gemstone vibrations enter your body from inside for health benefits and detox.

Gemstone elixirs are great for sprinkling around the house, watering your plants, infusing with makeup, and even feng shui.

Follow the steps below for doing this:

  1. Take a glass or jug of drinkable water (not plastic containers).
  2. Place a coaster on top of it.
  3. Now place the crystal on top of the coaster you want to infuse into the water.
  4. Set your intention by meditating or chanting your affirmation.
  5. Leave the setting undisturbed for 12 to 24 hours.
  6. Remove the stone and consume the water within a day or two.

Some people also stick their affirmation, chant or intention on top of a bottle of charged water with crystals to manifest. That's one of the ways Masuru Emoto's followers manifested their wishes!

Gem Bath

Called a healing bath, a gem bath is a technique of infusing the healing vibrations of crystals into your bath water for soaking into them. It's a great way to cleanse your skin, chakras, and body in-depth.

This way, you give a chance for the crystal energies to soak in through the water and into the pores of your skin, unlike via air. It's a win-win if you use water element crystals too!🤩

I specifically suggest brides and grooms do it before the day of their wedding to be supercharged too.

To do so, you need a bathtub/bucket, bath salt, essential oil, and your favorite crystal. I also suggest adding flowers or tea leaves to the water as an optional step for a better detox.

So, this is how to do it:

  1. Fill up your bathtub with warm water.
  2. Remove the petals of the flowers and add them to the bathtub.
  3. Soak water-safe crystals in the bathtub for a few minutes.
  4. Alternatively, you can add gem elixir water for crystals that are toxic in water.
  5. Set your intention.
  6. Add bath salt or bath bombs.
  7. You can also rub the crystals of your choice on your chakras or areas of the body before stepping into the bath.
  8. Now, soak in for 10 to 20 minutes before washing up.

That's it!

Singing Bowl

The next best way to charge water is with singing bowls. It's a traditional way to charge water, but remember that water in metal singing bowls isn't safe to drink.⚠️ Instead, you can drink water charged in crystal or glass bowls this way.

Singing bowl water charging is a great way to program your crystals, water your plans, feng shui, and other non-consumption activities.

This is one way to do it:

  1. Place your singing bowl on a table.
  2. Place your crystals around the bowl.
  3. Fill the sound bowl with water up to half.  
  4. Now take the mallet and strike/play the bowl on its rim.
  5. Chant your intention/affirmation simultaneously.
  6. Do it for a few minutes.

Soak and Meditate

This is a more straightforward way to charge your crystals with water using meditation.

 When you're meditating, your brain enters the theta state, which is a hyper-focused state and considered excellent for amplifying the intentions you want to set.

All you need to do is fill the bath with warm water and sit in, while holding the crystal in your head. Afterward, meditate as you usually do while visualizing or chanting your intention.

The water molecules in the bath will charge up and amplify the manifestation vibrations of the crystal.

Anointing Crystals

The next step to use charged water is by anointing or sprinkling. Biblically, anointing refers to smearing, pouring, or rubbing sacred oils and water. And, you can anoint your crystals while setting the intention to amplify their powers.

I suggest you chant your intention or affirmation while sprinkling charged water from any of the above rituals on top of the crystals. Sounds easy, right? It is!

To enhance the ritual, you can also add essential oils related to the water element like ylang-ylang, cedarwood, yarrow, chamomile, lemon, or eucalyptus.

Full Moon Water Ritual With Crystals

I touched on the connection between the moon and water earlier.

The truth is, most of it has to do with the physical connection between the moon and how it affects the tides on the earth. This is how the moon helps to balance seasons on the earth.

Hence, adding intention of moon energies can amplify healing vibrations, especially during the full moon and new moon.💡

But, what is moon water? It's water that's infused with the energies of moon water. With the moon water ritual, I'll explain ahead, you can attain moon water benefits such as manifestation, calmness, self-power, beauty, and love.

Here's how to do a full moon water ritual:

  1. Fill a bottle or tumbler with water.
  2. Place the water under the moonlit night in the open air or the window sill.
  3. Place the crystal you want to infuse around the tumbler.
  4. Set your intentions.
  5. Keep the arrangement undisturbed overnight during the full moon.

You can also repeat the same during a new moon to make new moon water too!

So, how to use moon water? You can drink it, use it for anointing, feng shui, gardening, gem bath, gem elixir, and everything you use water for!

Read more about moon energies in our article on sun and moon energies next.

Using water to cleanse and charge crystals regularly

As water is so powerful, a minute or two under running water is enough to cleanse any healing crystal. For charging, all you need to do is set the intention alongside.

Whether you're looking into Catholic history, Judaism, Islam, or Hinduism, water is a sacred symbol and tool for purification, protection, and amplifying faith.

Catholics draw a cross with holy water when walking into/out of the church. And Hindus take dips in the Holy River Ganges during every sacred ritual because it's associated with Goddes Ganga. Muslims believe water is the beginning of life itself.

The Qu'ran says, "water is the substance from which God created the human being (25:54). Moreover, according to Islamic beliefs, the throne of God at the time of creation was on top of the water.

That's why spiritually water is considered purifying and amplifying.

You can use it with healing crystals to amplify the power of crystal vibrations to empower your manifestations. But no matter how you use water with crystals, make sure to clean up your crystal with a lint-free microfiber cloth afterward to keep it dry.😀

I love starting my days with a glass of water charged with rose quartz or citrine. It gives me the energy and jazz to power up for the day and radiates positivity. You can also take a dip in a natural water source after setting an intention with the crystal you want.

Here's a bonus tip you can try for charging crystals with water—watsu massage. Make sure to set the intention while holding the crystal before going in for a watsu.

Read this article on how to cleanse crystals in 20 different ways.

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